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  1. Please allow PVE only Dark Zone
  2. Mod survival in The division 2
  3. The Division 2 Preorder Question
  4. Ability to upgrade The Division 2 Edition
  5. Clans coming to Division- [ROE] Ronin Elite checking in
  6. Forum Rules
  7. Dutch Gaming Network
  8. Do you get to invite your friends to the Private Beta aswell?
  9. Changing Beta Access
  10. Refer a friend
  11. Beta PS4 code
  12. Read Only Access on Private Beta Forum / Asked for a key to the game
  13. Friends Invite Feedback
  14. PSA: Highlights of the State of the Game Special Report!
  15. Cancel and Friend Invite for the beta
  16. Cancel and Friend Invite for the beta
  17. To Uplay employee -> Can we swap beta codes for different platform???
  18. Entrance to the white house lawn bug
  19. Double clicks (on PC) suck!
  20. Agent backup request
  21. Game sofar
  22. Save Problem
  23. Crash to Desktop (repeatedly)
  24. Chinese language in beta test
  25. When Rebinding Movement Keys, UI Keys Get Absolutely Wrecked (PC)
  26. Missing Private BETA confirmation
  27. M16a2
  28. In game male voice in menu
  29. Looting icon size
  30. Some things that i dont like so far.
  31. Double clicks (on PC) suck!
  32. Sound Probleme
  33. Progress Halted by NPC blocking doorway.
  34. White menus
  35. Holy Crap This is Good!!!
  36. Side mission MLK Library Community bug
  37. Character selection
  38. Character selection
  39. PS4 Beta - Unable to deploy
  40. Menus
  41. Feedback: Text Size
  42. Game crashed, but me start over and not give me access in south lawn
  43. Option to "Opt out" of the call for help notifications.
  44. helping low level friends sucks please fix the levels of enemys
  45. [Feedback] UI complaints
  46. UI is very hard to read on PS4
  47. Healing Drone quite OP
  48. Pess "O" for Social/Group Menu
  49. A few suggestion
  50. Weapon DPS
  51. Erhm
  52. Xbox One X - Private Beta - Menu structure and colours
  53. Delta-03
  54. Lighting still too dark places
  55. Key Binding Defaults
  56. Visual Glitches
  57. NPC animations broken
  58. My Findings
  59. Interaction bugs
  60. Fire rate not capped
  61. Nice there are no "type of weapon" exclusive perks
  62. UI very hard to read on PS4
  63. White loading screen is a bit much especially when it flashes in...
  64. Bug or defective by design? Objective change for no reason in the first mission
  65. My Guy runs like a...
  66. Bugs and Feedback from start to end of first settlement mission
  67. General Gripe
  68. Rogue Status needs to be changed
  69. This game runs like a nightmare.
  70. My Beta Experience
  71. [Feedback] Camera movement and stability
  72. Lag making unplayable!
  73. Reassigning "F" key makes menus unsuable
  74. Agent rotating while opened menu
  75. Crying Guy, T-Pose and Grunt Face!
  76. HUGE Accessibility Problem
  77. Transfer settings from TD1, PC
  78. Delta 03 is back
  79. Kuni's Beta Feedback
  80. BETA Feedback - Bug Reports
  81. Corsair Keyboard K70 LUX rgb switches off when running the game
  82. Sound issue
  83. can't craft (PC)
  84. My own encounters and feedback
  85. Dx12 vs dx11
  86. Beta likes and needs fixing
  87. in game menu's
  88. Dx12 vs dx11
  89. Dx12 vs dx11
  90. Lighting in places like elevators or lifts is broken
  91. In-game menus don't work with rebound keys
  92. Lighting in places like elevators or lifts is broken
  93. Pls let us turn of the automatic running around ojects
  94. Corsair Keyboard K70 LUX rgb switches off when running the game
  95. Gripes with the game so far and Enemie ai way too aggressive
  96. Fence - Drone interaction bug
  97. First Feedback
  98. Enemy behaviour is off
  99. screenshake when running
  100. hardcoded menu keys on PC
  101. Нестабильность игры
  102. Disappointing Exploration
  103. Quick feedback
  104. Black Screen
  105. Delta-03
  106. Little suggestion regarding Main Menu UI Settings
  107. Delta Error
  108. white house layout and icons make me crazy
  109. Minor html tag issue in Push-to-Talk Options
  110. First bugs I found, pros, cons I experienced
  111. Level 1 agents can enter DZ on friend
  112. Fence - Drone interaction bug
  113. Few bugs and issues first play
  114. Menu Option highlighting bug?
  115. in game menu's
  116. Mouse wheel item rotation backwards
  117. Camera rotation Issues
  118. No voices
  119. Destruction is Lacking
  120. stuck at before whitehouse
  121. Backup requests not on map/Agent backup request not joinable
  122. Dear devs. My experience so far...
  123. Skills overhaul
  124. Stuck in someone else's map. No way out.
  125. Here follows my experiences during the Private Beta
  126. Dx12 vs dx11
  127. Private Beta Review!
  128. First 7 hours of beta feedback
  129. FBI HQ window bug
  130. Will continue to update as beta goes on
  131. minimap arrow ratio
  132. Feedback regarding certain skills, bugs, and miscellaneous other things.
  133. My 2 cents
  134. Run into some invisible walls and such
  135. is it a bug?
  136. Corsair Mouse & Keyboard Lights not working in
  137. Audio logs playback continues in cutscenes
  138. Double Tap for Reload??
  139. Solo friendly beta?
  140. crash too much
  141. Corsair iCUE software
  142. First Contact - Last Contact ?
  143. HUD Adjustment?
  144. Suggestion for guides
  145. Movement speed
  146. Make parkour mode less sensitive
  147. Crash to Desktop -- Washington hotel
  148. Agent in need of assistance
  149. Still No FOV?
  150. Freeze
  151. Confirm to open Field Proficiency caches, and marking as junk is annoying.
  152. Need more clarity on the button prompts
  153. Frame degration over course of time
  154. Need more clarity on the button prompts
  155. Fram rate crashes and massive lag spikes to a slow crawl
  156. Visuals: Disrupt effect when entering Inventory menu.
  157. Unable to complete event due to door not opening
  158. Grouping with Friends who are high/low level
  159. Opening of loot contianers
  160. Sweetfx and Reshade not working
  161. Draw Distance
  162. Stuck
  163. Game Needs to be more optimized
  164. 100% CPU usage during loading the game
  165. Performance Mode Suggestion - PS4 Pro & Xbox One X
  166. Very slow Texture Load
  167. Lag and frame rate is killing me
  168. Fps
  169. Dark Zone is laggy af
  170. Inverted Y Axis but not in the Map View
  171. Menu issue from D1 beta is still present in D2 beta.
  172. Time to kill/damage (u die to quick), heal
  173. Brightness of menu screens
  174. XBOne Issues
  175. Suggestions/Feedback on White House
  176. Frame degration over course of time
  177. Weapon/Animation glitches.
  178. First stpry mission boss glitch
  179. Map progression is not shared?
  180. Some cover objects not working as intend
  181. Make Agent Backup Requests Simpler
  182. Bugs and Experience before Patch
  183. Disconnects
  184. Issues I've seen
  185. corsair k70 rapid fire keyboard
  186. An Option for call for backup
  187. PvP/PvE Feedback thus far.
  188. black screen in hotel mission (saving the girl)
  189. Territory mission bug
  190. Please let us turn off backup request notifications
  191. Reduce/Remove Screen Shake while running
  192. Allow crouch or prone
  193. Thoughts on Beta.
  194. rescue daughter ( hotel mission)
  195. pre-patch
  196. Ubisoft/Massive please give JTF/Friendly Cives some gear.
  197. Crashes
  198. Objective markers
  199. Feedback on accessibility
  200. Quartermaster menu bug - stuck with Skill Variant Helper Popup
  201. We need an FOV slider...
  202. this is a q call for Error code DELTA -3
  203. Start Screen Missing Information and Assets
  204. Seeker mine feedback for division 2
  205. Cheating enemy AI
  206. PvP/PvE Feedback thus far.
  207. Shadow Striping is pretty bad
  208. Map bug
  209. Could you please fix the preorder "first responder" set? Actual DCFD insight!
  210. Bugs needed to be fixed
  211. Not bad so far. But some problems.
  212. Bugs and overall experience
  213. Shadow Striping is pretty bad
  214. Map bug
  215. pvp cpnflict feedback
  216. Dark Zone
  217. this movements please don't leave it like this
  218. Windows Sonic Causes distortion and Crackling on Steelseries Arctis 7
  219. Feedback from 1st Beta run
  220. Few Points and/or Tweaks
  221. Could you please fix the preorder "first responder" set? Actual DCFD insight!
  222. Open world npc population
  223. Agent asking for assistance...
  224. A few thoughts on the beta so far
  225. Pros and cons...
  226. Is the running speed slower than division 1?
  227. Day one feedback
  228. [Massive] Please Consider Custom Controls Or 'Flip L1/R1' For Consoles
  229. Just Some Notes
  230. Server disconect every few minutes
  231. White screen dark room hurts eyes
  232. Pretty got so far, but a few problems.
  233. All the bug the first game had
  234. Buglist on Day 1
  235. Toon fx
  236. Crazy Lag on PS4
  237. Some things ive notised
  238. Feedback/Bug reporting
  239. Delta-03 Error caused South Lawn of White House to be unreachable
  240. Grafik glitch
  241. Two things on PC that need to be fixed.
  242. White screen dark room hurts eyes
  243. Bring back Logitech
  244. Some early feedback
  245. Bug making The Division 2 unplayable
  246. wrong side overlay CTRL for use cover
  247. Side Mission: Department of Justice - Unable to complete (PS4)
  248. [Mega thread] Feedback for UI issues
  249. (PS4) National Archives frame rate drop, mission unplayable
  250. Skills that don't work quite as well as they could.