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  1. Dark Skin Texture in Cutscenes?
  2. elemental resist
  3. First Blade: Hunted - Order of Ancients GUI revealed as Defeated
  4. Horrible weapons glitch with kassandra
  5. ACOD textures bugging
  6. World Texture disappears
  7. please repair Processor
  8. Upgraded my Armour and engraving perk stopped working
  9. pets
  10. BUG: Eagle Figurehead appears to have very low-res textures despite max tex setting
  11. Pc Crashing
  12. Potato Mode for ACO
  13. Game crashes on the splashscreen
  14. Email mess up on ubisoft [Contains Spoiler]
  15. Cant get visuals of Improved Hunter Bow (repaired) from Drucilla and Steropes Bow
  16. Are you going to reimburse the Ability Points for ML over AP cap 207?
  17. Game crashes
  18. Display Game Coordinates?
  19. BUG: Ikaros low-res texture with screenshot evidence
  20. Unlucky bandits quest bug?
  21. Elemental resist... again
  22. I have a few questions if I may
  23. [ PC ] Swap Alexios voice with Kasandra voices
  24. No daily/weekly quest after patch 1.1.4
  25. [PC] Add-on quest : Order of the Storm
  26. Alexios voice bug
  27. Lost ability points in today's patch
  28. Unable to complete "They Just Want Cruelty"
  29. Counting ability points error
  30. Bug Report
  31. Is it intended that higher level items have +17% warrior (rare) / +18% warrior (epic)
  32. Autocenter camera during horseriding is broken
  33. this needs fixed now
  34. Epic Ship Quest missing!
  35. Unable to launch game in offline mode?
  36. Hephaistos discount doesnt apply anymore
  37. Gear missing after NG+ / patch 1.1.4
  38. Problem of Call To Arms
  39. [BUG] PC Tekton still lieutenant still cannot be dismissed ver 1.1.4
  40. [PC] Not receiving 2 epics from conquest battles ver 1.1.4
  41. Can't see daily quests anymore
  42. UPlay Stats Entries for Ori Collected and Abilities Acquired fixed
  43. [BUG] Test of Judgement - Impossible to Complete
  44. Travelers Boots - PC / Glitch
  45. Weird perk interaction after the update (possible bug)
  46. Constant Freeze up since update
  47. After Update 1.1.4 AC:OD many crash
  48. Red in the Wreckage quest not appearing?
  49. [PC] (Post Patch 1.14) 30fps Clothing back? Shadow of Nyx visual appearance changed?
  50. Death Veil Ability - Bodys don't disappear properly
  51. Eternal black loading screen on mission start/cutscene
  52. Visual Bug > Tree Clipping to Rock Face
  53. Gameplay Bug > Unreachable Resource Points > Ogylos Cave
  54. Visual Bug > Lover's Bay > Stretched Texture
  55. Gameplay Bug > Ikaros Tagging > Free Captive Objective
  56. Gameplay Bug > Unreachable Resource Points > Volcanic Islands : Caldera of Fate
  57. UPlay Statistics Entry "Ship Upgrades" turned from 100% into 1%
  58. Stuck on Stirring Darkness
  59. RTX2070 volumetric light problem
  60. AC Odyssey 1.1.4 - what happened to performance???
  61. Ability-Points bug
  62. ACOD Mercenary Tier S4 Bonus Orichalcum bug
  63. Crash(freeze) after 1.1.4 update.
  64. Bug Report - Freeing Prisoners
  65. Side quest bug Report - Shroud of the Bear
  66. Constant stuttering on AC:OD 1.1.4
  67. Alexios has Kassandra's voice in cut scenes, please help
  68. Engravings No Longer Being Awarded For Lvl Up + Solving Ostraka
  69. Illogical turn of events in Mykonos
  70. UPlay Stats (all entries) not updating anymore
  71. PC freezes and crashes 76hrs of gameplay
  72. Cursor not working?
  73. Visual Bug > Floating Rope > Village of Gytheion
  74. Visual Bug > Dioskouroi Peninsula > Tree Clipping to Rock Face
  75. Gameplay Bug > Unreachable Resource Points > Petrified Valley
  76. Gameplay Bug > Unreachable Resource Points > Seaside Cavern
  77. Gameplay Bug > Unclimbable Surface / Object
  78. Gameplay Bug > Unreachable Resource Points > Silver Foothill Trail
  79. После обновления от 05.02.19 исчезла русская оз
  80. DidnŠt know you got a new ability to fly in the dlc...
  81. [PC]Bug Report - Assassin's Creed Odyssey
  82. Gameplay Bug > Unreachable Resource Points >Naxos Island > Zues Cove > Cave of Mt. Za
  83. Gameplay Bug > Unreachable Resource Points > Deathbed of Ariadne
  84. Gameplay Bug > Unreachable Resource Points > Poliochni Ruins
  85. Gameplay Bug > Unreachable Resource Points > Sky Fall Lakes
  86. Level Design Bug > Unreachable Resource Points > Myrina Fort
  87. Gameplay Bug > Slow Time Reactivation / Deactivation
  88. [BUG] Abraxas skin bug still not fixed...
  89. Steamstore unavailable since last patch?
  90. legacy III - lost pet
  91. [Bug?]Order of the Dominion: Missing Ancient
  92. [BUG?] Missing Badge Icon
  93. Teleporting Mecenary
  94. uplay launcher showing phantasy XP values
  95. Missing even more AP (4th case)
  96. Badge Reward "DLC: An Acient Weapon" not showing properly
  97. Phila the Tempest - Bugged *Spoilers*
  98. It's been three months since the game could not be verified. What should I do?
  99. Cultist Clue Bugged **Spoilers**
  100. achievements episode 3 DLC
  101. Fury of the Bloodline - 1-hit-assassinates (and gives adrenaline)
  102. Solution High CPU Usage When Streaming and Playing Assassin's Creed Odyssey
  103. Fast Travel don't work
  104. DLC removal.
  105. "Learning the Land" Slightly Bugged
  106. Quest - Red Tears on the Sea - No credit for success
  107. The Hydra Gods of the Aegean Cultist Not Showing on my Map
  108. Main Story Questline Not Showing
  109. Lost Tales of Greece Completely Broken in Game+
  110. Character is Constantly Moving
  111. No daily quest very often
  112. Quest entitled "Savage Requisition"on Naxos is NOT showing up on the map.
  113. Attention PC Users
  114. Silent Kassandra in world
  115. Critical hit chance is not working as intended
  116. crash on sea
  117. Keeps freezing
  118. Cloth physics still locked to 30FPS ?
  119. Legendary Effect Engraving not working.
  120. Store and Uplay region question
  121. PC LMB issue with shooting bow
  122. Huntsman has disappeared
  123. [PC] Arrows not piercing shields
  124. Need help for this week's Palaityros epic ship bount!!!
  125. Perseus Helmet Disappeared from Inventory Plus Game
  126. Helix Store Bug on Different Saves
  127. NG+ Arena quest bug
  128. HELP Escape from Athens Meet Phidias at his workshop wont let me in!!!
  129. Transmog Bug (Steropes Bow)
  130. Is it just my mouse or a in game problem?
  131. Challenges/Rewards Issue
  132. Season pass DLC purchase failed but still been charged
  133. Have the cpu usage problems been "fixed" yet?
  134. All quest Dissapearing
  135. Game freezes upon Win+D or Alt+Tab out of game and re-tabbing into game
  136. Unlootable resource nodes - ore and other loot
  137. Low fps in Conquest Battles
  138. Playing newgame+ and can't beat a mission because of it.
  139. Game Control
  140. Orichalcum map for NG+
  141. PC Sparta Temple Textures Bad
  142. Helix credits bought off steam not showing up.
  143. Bug Report, Minotaur fight, Aiantides the Proud, Summon Lieutenant Ability
  144. Gameplay Bug > Fury of the Bloodline > Ragdolling Enemies
  145. Level Design Bug > T-Posed Soldier in Ground
  146. Upgrades with negative numbers not highlighted
  147. We know when will The Fate of Atlantis DLC be available?
  148. Crash on startup
  149. Game doesnt start
  150. I cannot play my games
  151. Level Design Bug > Floating Resource Point > Hephaistos Islands > Green City
  152. This game makes me sick, no really, I actually had to refund it.
  153. Assassin's creed odyssey crashes after cutscene
  154. Can't start Assassin's Creed Odyssey
  155. Infinite loading screen - Mid quest
  156. Obsidian Nerf in a Single Player Game
  157. AC Odyssey not appearing on my Uplay Library after buying it from the desktop app.
  158. Game Has Been Crashing After Splash Screen
  159. Annoying pet bear bug
  160. Did Any Post-Launch Updates or New Nvidia Drivers Change Performance?
  161. Game BUG with suggestions and feedback or feedback
  162. Disappearing gear and Abstergo Gearpack Unavailable
  163. [1.1.4] Not possible to continue "Odyssey into the Past" - no quest marker
  164. Assassin's Creed Odyssey not working
  165. A problem occurred while trying to communicate with a Ubisoft online service.
  166. Troubles with save games are still going
  167. ng+ memories awoken quest
  168. Kretan Bull Glitch. Unable to collect pelt
  169. Kopis for reward
  170. No Adrenaline Gain on Assassination Kills (intermittant)
  171. [BUG] NPC doesn't move during the quest "Seventh Story of The Lost Tales Of Greece"
  172. Broken game. No help from Devs. Looking for a community fix.
  173. How do i loot the following chest?
  174. It doesn't start ACOD
  175. I can't get the updates !!!! HELP !!!!
  176. completly stupid reward i stop buy your games !!!!!!!!!!!!
  177. ACOD still not working
  178. Peloponnesian League Cult Clue Glitch
  179. My Game Is Broken
  180. Crashes, Weird Freezes, Cloud Sync all not working!
  181. Can't buy Helix credits
  182. For those having PC problems
  183. [PC] Bug with quest "Shadow from the East"
  184. Lost Save after Change Windows 10
  185. Solution for AC: Odyssey being stuck on splash screen when installed on external HDD.
  186. Tamed animal went missing, no option to tame another.
  187. The user cannot complete the "Olos Camp" because the War Supplies are missing.
  188. Cant access Legacy of the first blade mission
  189. Weekly Quest counter not working. Torch kills
  190. Other characters accidentally catching fire
  191. Bug - Leda model missing.
  192. Cannot get over 30 fps on PC
  193. All my AC can not launch
  194. Weekly quest disappeared after the update !!
  195. Stuttering below 60fps
  196. HUD bugged after 1.2 patch
  197. Project Stream Save Data
  198. Bug with medusa boss
  199. Mercenary in Oropos Heights (Orion's Symbol)
  200. bug spawn wolves look video
  201. Game crashes after the new update
  202. Assassin's Creed Odyssey
  203. Assassin's Creed Odyssey
  204. Is there a way to to revert the update?
  205. When is fire light/Dynamic lighting issue going to be fixed???
  206. Bug with Exekias the Legend
  207. Tips on getting better performance in AC Odyssey?
  208. Bug: i can't learn Call To Arms ability again after latest update
  209. Downloaded/installed Patch 1.2.0. on PC, now game crashes/won't load
  210. "Normal" power plan makes Vsync looks like it's disabled
  211. Desync when defeating tier 1 Merc
  212. Missing gear and mount after latest update
  213. Severe mouse lag after 1.2 Update
  214. I lost my save file after the lastest patch. Help?
  215. Fancy Guests - Bug - NPC Stuck in wall
  216. Your So-called Stability Update
  217. Last patch performance dropped -alot-
  218. Down FPS with 1050 Ti
  219. Bug with the artifacts to seal Atlantis
  220. Unable to loot capital chests or confirm kills
  221. [PC] Graphical and physics glitch near or on the ocean.
  222. Level scaling up bug
  223. Is there a way to sync achievements with Uplay if you always play with uplay closed?
  224. Please help the game wont start hangs at splash screen
  225. Bug in the legacy mission
  226. Weekly naval orichalcum mission vanished.
  227. Lieutenants perma dead/not showing up
  228. Eurylochus doesn`t leave the Adrestia after completing the mission
  229. Game drops to consistent 6 fps after running fine for weeks in the 55+ FPS range
  230. Bought AC Odyssey through steam, cant locate local game files to play Season Pass
  231. Will I lose my progress going from the Standard to Ultimate Edition Odyessey?
  232. Random Crash 30/45 min gaming - ACOD PC
  233. I need assassin creed odyssey for %100 save files !
  234. Calling Adrestia FPS drops
  235. UI issue - abilities overlap
  236. Asterion's spring missing texture/invisible structure
  237. Torch & Fire Weapon Performance Drop
  238. I can not start the game
  239. Achievements problem once more - Steam/Uplay differences
  240. Game+ DLC Bug Report
  241. Bought Legacy of the first blade on steam, then Fate of Atlantis on Uplay.
  242. Fate of Atlantis on Steam
  243. Another Game+ Bug in 3rd DLC
  244. Last fight against Immortals boss glitched
  245. UBISOFT HELP!!! Atlantis DLC episode1 critical bug!
  246. DLC The Fate of Atlantis Season Pass
  247. Fate of Atlantis is extremely buggy
  248. Atlantis DLC Item Inconsistency, Possible Bug
  249. Fate of Atlantis DLC: can not complete main quest bug
  250. Can we get some SLI support??