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  1. Why no tracking number
  2. Still no updates for Spartan Edition
  3. No trackingnumber
  4. No Tracking ####
  5. Wanted gold edition
  6. Odyssey Glitches
  7. Pre-Order not downloading
  8. Spiel stürtzt ab auf ps4
  9. Unlocked trophies do not appear in recent activity
  10. Stuck in mountain
  11. Cannot play!
  12. Fancy Guests Glitch
  13. Delivery
  14. Questbug "Kriegsbeute"
  15. various bugs
  16. Empty Chests
  17. Pre-order content missing
  18. No way to Buy Helix point because of region lock?
  19. Missing content
  20. Loading times. Especially Ikaros
  21. Content from origins showing up in odyssey's dlc tab
  22. Missing gold edition items.
  23. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey glitching
  24. Few bugs
  25. Major stuttering issue
  26. Questbug "the serpents lair"
  27. Snake in the Grass - Elpenor glitch
  28. Bug with screenshot mode
  29. bugs/performance issues
  30. Ps4 pro - AC Odyssey locks after debt collector mission
  31. Eye of Kosmos quarry owner issue
  32. Orichalcum Ore not picking up
  33. PS4 Gold Edition - Pre Order Bonuses missing
  34. Can not reload "A Ship Came Sailing" mission
  35. Transparent
  36. Missing items
  37. PS4 Pro stuttering
  38. Missing Deluxe Edition content and AC3 access
  39. Gold Edition Language
  40. Missing Black Unicorn
  41. Orichalcum Ore
  42. Redeem content codes.
  43. Accessibility tweak to Ikaros’ flight controls
  44. Region Conquest progress doesn't save
  45. The Blind King mission bug
  46. Merciful Gods quest bugged?
  47. Spent $30, no Helix Credits
  48. Screen region options
  49. Bugs I have faced in first 20 hours
  50. [BUG] Game breaking Stuttering PS4 Pro
  51. General frame drops in cutsenes and gameplay
  52. Ubisoft helpppppppppppp
  53. Online Service Error [0x70000002]
  54. [DLC] The Blind King DLC install padlocked // Temp XP/Drachmas Boosts Expired?
  55. Blind king waiting for email
  56. Can I have my Blind king mission please
  57. Mercenary Kills disappearing - BUG?
  58. Orichalcum Bugged Spots [Warning Map Spoilers]
  59. No game on release day!
  60. Constant freeze in Desphina Fort
  61. PS4 - Bug blocking story quest "Memories Awoken"
  62. Suddenly can't fast travel, from anywhere.
  63. The fall of Deianeira quest does NOT WORK
  64. Ps4: game fully loaded but cannot leave Khephallonia
  65. Ikaros inverted y axis not working
  66. Lumbering Along Side Quest Problem
  67. Gd news about assassin creed Odyssey store ubisoft
  68. Dialogue Bug
  69. Quest reward bug
  70. Unable to Complete "Fancy Guests" Odyssey Quests
  71. Hiding helmet bug
  72. Horse disappears after talking to someone
  73. (PS4) Unable to View Screenshot on PS4 Capture Gallery
  74. Wanted/bounty level bug
  75. Not receiving A Venomous Encounter quest bug?
  76. Removing dlc gear
  77. Didn't see a tech support area, but i'm having an odd issue
  78. Dissapointed
  79. And the streets run red bug.
  80. Only two versions of language?
  81. ps4 : Game stops working during leonidas cinematic
  82. I have not received my athenian weapons pack!!!!
  83. [Spoiler] Bug at Naxos
  84. Photo mode capture bug
  85. no other choices of subtitle language
  86. Black Unicorn tied to Ubisoft Account
  87. Didnt receive my free 200 helix credits thanks to the server downtime
  88. Unable to leave island (Khephallonia)
  89. Whistle is not working effectively
  90. Bronze armor appearing black
  91. Not been given Pre order mission
  92. Main Quest Missing?
  93. Framerate bug, suggestions...
  94. Zoisme broken?
  95. Still missing blind king mission
  96. Still no codes
  97. Games refuses to load after meeting Deimos
  98. Equal Opportunity Recuitment Program trouble. Please help.
  99. The game stutters + hardware specs.
  100. The Serpents Lair Main Quest Bug
  101. Capture Gallery not working because of Odyssey
  102. [bug-report]Broken Challenges
  103. Never received 200 helix credits.
  104. Unobtainable Orichalcum Fragment
  105. ALL quests are missing
  106. Ubisoft error code 0x70000052
  107. PS4 Pro - continuous random blocks
  108. The game freezes when I load up my current save file
  109. A Family Ordeal quest bug
  110. Audio from English to german (German)
  111. Torch not illuminating, no flame on stick. (PS4)
  112. Screen freezes bounty Nyx
  113. Can't loot orichalcum fragments.
  114. Helix Credits dlc issue
  115. game lags and freeze
  116. Unable to dismiss Tekton in lieutenant menu from A Pirate’s Life quest
  117. PS4 Share Play blocked
  118. Phokis Conquest Bug/Glitch - Game Breaking
  119. Are we able to look up old quests?
  120. Mail quetes "le roi aveugle" non reçu.
  121. Inheritance Insurance in Boeotia (Spoiler)
  122. “Hull, yeah!” quest bug
  123. Wrong platform
  124. Day 7 and still nothing
  125. I can't take off my Cult of Kosmos dress
  126. So It Begins: Can’t Equip Gear
  127. Cant get aphrodite embrace trophy
  128. Assassin's Creed Ultimate Edition , Deal with the thugs ( The beginning ) not working
  129. missing digital content.
  130. Olympian Gifts Lost
  131. Spoilers: Streets Run Red - Can't continue.
  132. Error CE 34878-0
  133. ACOD Photo mode pictures freezes ps4
  134. evie not showing up
  135. Expired Contracts?
  136. How long does Ubisoft Support take?
  137. Unobtainable Orichalcum fragments
  138. Spartan kicking
  139. Permanent 3 Star wanted/Bounty level in Arkadia
  140. Bugs I've encountered so far
  141. Croatian Bull quest- missing health bar
  142. -1 Adrenaline Cost for Overpower Abilities engraving issue?
  143. Snake in the grass - bug
  144. Oikos of the Olympians Broken
  145. Portion Control Bug
  146. Outpost and Camp Issues
  147. Visual bug on Euboea
  148. Day 8 and nothing
  149. Game freeze in offline bug / 1.02
  150. PS4 Bug : Stink Eye trophy glitched
  151. Upgrade the spear quest
  152. 100% map unveiled but 99% in the stat and no trophy
  153. HDR bug and other isssues
  154. Mercenaries Bug
  155. The Gates of Atlantis
  156. [BUG] Assassin's Creed Odyssey PS4
  157. A Ship Came Sailing Quest Bug
  158. No Season Pass key in my Medusa Edition box
  159. Multipe Bugs, both seem to crash the game.
  160. Quarry Quandary NPC STUCK
  161. Evie frye not appearing in game
  162. Anyone know when Amusing quest happens, only Cults person i dont have is Rhesenor
  163. Athenian Pack DLC (Not working)
  164. Patch 1.06 aesthetic vs. quality of life.
  165. My camera moves to the left on its own
  166. Bug? Questgiver fear
  167. Bug with upgrade the spear quest
  168. Fix a snake in the grass ubisoft!!!!!!!!
  169. Autolveling enemies - no way to turn it off
  170. Bottomless Lake bug?
  171. Main Quest Not Appearing For Perikles’s Symposium
  172. Daily Quest Bug - Expired Glitch
  173. Lost Weekly Quest - Out for Blood
  174. Day 9 and nothing
  175. Duplicate legendary items
  176. Dismiss liuetenants BUG
  177. Deimos carries in head - Freezes When Trying to Skip Scene
  178. Initiate's pouch
  179. The Handmaiden's Story bug
  180. Stuck Inside Ship Bug
  181. Nemean lion didn't give me the pelt
  182. Big bugs!
  183. Disappeared main/odyssey quest reappeared!
  184. Optional Level Scaling?
  185. Fast travel
  186. All Orichalcum fragment disappear
  187. Can I use Korean subtitles if I purchase a North American version of the package?
  188. Twitch Prime loot does not appear on PS4
  189. .5fps drop
  190. Sound quality?
  191. Bugs with Photo Mode and Silent Kassandra on Ship
  192. Naval conquest bug
  193. Weekly Orichalcum quest disappeared
  194. Cannot leave the island bug
  195. Hide Gear
  196. Side Quest - Across the border
  198. What is this?Is someone know?
  199. No blood effects/textures on player character
  200. free Helix point problem
  201. Feature request: Restart quest/current objective
  202. Treasure maps
  203. Fix Ability To Purchase Helix Credits
  204. Stuttering at various places.
  205. Assassins creed Odyssey Language packs available on hard copy
  206. Kodros the Bull bugged
  207. Family Legacy - Open the Door impossible
  208. Cant reveale sage of pelopenosian league
  209. Problem in Chain of missions of Xenia and Artemis?
  210. no longer playing
  211. The dunce Conundrum mission item bug
  212. 3D Audio in-game?
  213. Assassin's Creed Odyssey PlayStation Store
  214. Bugs encountered so far post 1.04 patch
  215. Game Freezing When Going to PS4 Dashboard During Dialogue Choice
  216. Kythera Island idiot hunt side quest
  217. Ship doesn't fast travel with you?
  218. Life worth living - bug ?
  219. Dismantling Legendary Items!
  220. Dialogue in the open world particularly the sea when you go to andros
  221. Bad wine mission bug on kos island
  222. [Bug Report] Herakles' Bow and Mace Engraving
  223. "Pericles symposium" glitch
  224. [bug report]
  225. Podarkes no clue
  226. Minor bug - possible Blood Fever spoilers
  227. Can No Longer Sneak
  228. Bug - Hermes Homies Trophy
  229. [Bug Report] Sparring with Roxana
  230. Major game breaking quest bug. Please help!
  231. Bug- Nemean Lion
  232. Pericles Symposium Horotodos Bug
  233. Open Icarus and game shuts down completely back to PS4 main menu
  234. Currupt data message, have delete and reinstall
  235. Penelope shroud quest bugged
  236. Dismiss Ships crew - Glitch!
  237. [Bug Report] Heavy Blunt Kills No Longer Registering
  238. [Glitch, PS4 Pro] Fire effects after 1.04 patch.
  239. Multiple mercenary bugs found, confirmed and tested you need to pass this on EASY FIX
  240. Anyone else annoyed we don't have the option to turn of enemy auto scale?
  241. Dagger in the heart- bugged
  242. Swordfish quest
  243. Bug Update Histoy
  244. [Bug Report] "To kill or not to kill" Main Story Mission
  245. No Main Odyssey Quest after the secret cultist meeting
  246. Quest "learning the ropes" is not being triggered
  247. Literally fix your game for the sake of Ubisoft
  248. Crashing constantly
  249. [Bug] Gold editions trophy bug
  250. Red in the Wreckage glitch?