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  1. Hero Strike ability not working as described
  2. Daily quest does not appear in Phokis
  3. Daddy’s Home not working after 1.30 update
  4. Keeper and the kyros still bugged?! (Hermies missing)
  5. Fate of Atlantis episode two not appearing
  6. After 1.30 Fire damage perk on Lieutenants gone.
  7. The Handmaiden's Story bug
  8. Ac Odyssey Quest: A Growing Perception Bug
  9. Warrior damage - wired 30 points difference
  10. Dark Horse bug - game breaking
  11. Cannot finish the atlantis dlc episode 1
  12. Daddy’s Home Update 1.3 Does not progress
  13. Still Cannot finish The Keeper and the Kyros after patch 1.30
  14. Herakles Armor Set Bonus
  15. Can't fast travel
  16. Problemas com algumas missões
  17. What's going on with the Sun Hat?
  18. It's impossible to change language pack
  19. AC Odyssey - A Friend Worth Dying For Quest has Glitched NPCs
  20. How to purchase helix credits when psn account and game in different region?
  21. Cant not progress to fate of atlantis episode 2
  22. The Fate of Atlantis
  23. No new ship design
  24. A Growing Perception does not unlock
  25. To be nobody bug - Cant talk to Polyphemus
  26. Puzzle Bug at Forgotten Sepulchre
  27. Chapter 2 of the Atlantis dlc
  28. No contracts at mission boards
  29. Cannot Find a tracked quest giver.
  30. Daily Quest: I get 11 ore, my friend gets 22
  31. Underworld Ostraka Perk Not Unlocked
  32. Rush Assassination Freeze Bug
  33. Break It Up You Two!
  34. Buy passport online Buy an identity card online Buy driver's license online
  35. Help, no quests available
  36. 200 hours lost. Need help!
  37. 3rd person to 1st person in battle
  38. Can't use Áudio Pack
  39. [PS4] Online Problems with my canadian ACO on french console
  40. [BUG] Xenia's questline - Throw the Dice
  41. The road to symposium quest.
  42. Can't use revelations
  43. Cannot unpublish in story creator mode
  44. Labors of the Keeper - Hades is stuck!
  45. ACOD - PS4 - Wont Start
  46. Having difficulty with level 3 gear master perks
  47. [PS4] Replicatable Hard Crash during Athens's Last Hope
  48. crash after every single creators mode mission
  49. [BUG] No trophies are earned in Atlantis DLC 1 and 2
  50. All quests just vanished and I can't get new ones
  51. Weekly quests disappear after clearing a location
  52. Weekly orichalcum quests disappear after clearing a location
  53. Audio files do not open (laptop of layla hassan)
  54. Probleme accès mode créator
  55. Hero's Sword duplication
  56. Bugged Graphics
  57. cultist did not give fragment to upgrade spear
  58. (Whatsapp:+44 7417 398217)Kaufen Original-Führerschein ID-Karte, paspoort, Visum, Au
  59. Fate of Atlantis Ep 1 Maiden Statues and Keepers Insight
  60. ACOD Cult Of Kosmos Glitch
  61. Main storyline completed but important trophies missing
  62. Missing audio on some cutscenes PS4