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  1. [PS4] saint dennis lance and weapon co op not equipable
  2. [Ubisoft_Account] Ticket Still not answered
  3. [XB360] 5 kills with smoke
  4. [PS4] helix credits
  5. [PS4] Gear loadout equipment glitch
  6. [XBOne] AC4 - Controls stopped working in the game.
  7. [XBOne] Stuck in a "press A to continue" screen loop
  8. [PC] AC:Unity-Multiplayer: I am struggling with an issue I see a lot of players are experi
  9. [PC] AC2: Uplay save game files conflict!
  10. [PC] 0x80000025 Server Error
  11. [XBOne] Help
  12. [PS4] 0x80000025 Error Code
  13. [XBOne] Achievements not tracking in AC Unity Dead Kings
  14. [PC] Assassins creed unity sequence 1 memory 1
  15. [XBOne] AC Unity : Connection failed [0xb0050002]
  16. [PC] Dead kings stuck in loading screen bug
  17. [PC] This might help you guys.
  18. [PS4] Trophy for Sequence 7 missing
  19. [PS4] Dead Kings unable to get ammo for guillotine gun
  20. [PS4] Lantern wont relight
  21. [PS4] Did Not finish AC Unity and stuck on AC Unity Dead kings.
  22. [XBOne] Using digital copy, stuck trying to jump off Bastille
  23. [PC] Assassins creed unity crashing
  24. [XBOne] xbox one cannot connect to UBI server
  25. [PS4] You cannot continue your game until the required content is downloaded
  26. [PC] Why the Legendary Sans-Culottes Belt is still locked?
  27. [XBOne] Dead Kings Dlc Co Op Doesnt Work
  28. [PC] AC Unity - Missing Dead Kings DLC
  29. [PS4] Frame rate issue Sequence 2 Memory 2
  30. [XBOne] Error [0x8000002c]
  31. [PS4] Dead Kings problems + Murder Mysteries + Full sync issues.
  32. [PC] small window
  33. ACIV Black Flag pistol holster glitch :(
  34. [PS4] Dead Kings Coop SUCKS!!
  35. [PC] Assassins Creed 3 install problems
  36. [PC] AC Unity: can't play online, error 0x70000092
  37. [PC] Skips game menu when startup
  38. [PS4] Prologue assassin perfect parry animation
  39. [PS4] Sequence 1 Memory 1 Victor going through npc
  40. [PC] Initiates is back online but... still isn't working well
  41. [PS4] AC Unity: Dead Kings Problem
  42. [PC] Assassin's Creed Unity Pierre Fight Glitch
  43. [PC] Assassins Creed Unity - Auto-patching not working, Link to patches?
  44. [PC] several bugs makes game unplayable
  45. [PS4] Stuck in floor
  46. [PC] AC Unity Mouse/camera too sensitive
  47. [PC] Pc cant go online 0x70000053
  48. [XBOne] How long does it take the Support team to respond to an open ticket ?
  49. [IMPORTANT] I don't mean to be that guy but....
  50. [PS4] Unity, unable to play Sequence 7 server bridge
  51. [PC] I Got Skills achievement didn't pop up
  52. [PS4] DEAD KINGS arming weapons or lack there of.
  53. [PS4] Black Flag help
  54. [PC] ACU reacts poorly to SLI
  55. [Ubisoft_Account] Assassin's Creed Initiates not recognizing my Unity data?
  56. [XBOne] AC Unity
  57. [PC] Sync Points awards
  58. [XBOne] Can someone in Support please look at my ticket no 02043876 ??
  59. [PS4] List of problems with this game ! Feel free to add your own bugs/glitches/problems !
  60. [PC] AC UNITY-INSTALLING (black Screen ) and Stick-- HELP !
  61. [XBOne] Ac 4 black flag champions pack
  62. [PC] Assassin's Creed Unity Continuous Flashes
  63. [XBOne] Ac 4 black flag champions pack
  64. [XB360] Rogue: St Anthony Renovation Not Appearing.
  65. [Ubisoft_Account] Season Pass but no free game. Won't even reply to my questions.
  66. [PC] Can't lunch sequence 11 memory 3
  67. [PC] 02008294 - Game Crash: Sequence 12, Memory 2
  68. [XBOne] Artifacts in the rift
  69. [PS3] AC 4 PS3. Long bay bug it says 2/3 viewpoints done while I have done al 3 of them.
  70. [PS4] Can't play
  71. [PS4] The only way to bypass the glitches (mainly weapon glitch)
  72. [PS4] Assassins creed unity Server Error PS4
  73. [PC] Sequence 2 Memory 2
  74. [PC] 3 achievements of ACRevelations are locked again
  75. [XBOne] Helix Rifts Artifacts glitch
  76. [PS4] Dead Kings DLC Diamond Bug
  77. [Ubisoft_Account] AC Initiates - strange collection updates
  78. [PS4] AC UNITY PS4 trophies not unlocking
  79. [XBOne] Assassins Creed Unity
  80. [IMPORTANT] Asc unity clan bug / rank bug?
  81. Assassins creed unity
  82. [PS3] Help Assassin's Creed Liberation HD
  83. [PS4] Detection is horible
  84. [PC] Unity access to initiates
  85. [PS4] Cant equip
  86. [PC] Did someone work at Ubisoft ?
  87. [XB360] Assassin Creed Rogue
  88. [PC] ac initiates for 2 Accounts, possible?
  89. [PC] Assassins Creed Sequence 7 Effiel Tower Mission Stuck
  90. [PC] AC Initiates don't recognise AC Unity
  91. [PC] Assassin's Creed Unity
  92. [PS4] Assassins Creed PS4 online not working
  93. [IMPORTANT] [IMPORTANT] WE WANT THE TRUTH ABOUT Revolutionary Armaments Pack DLC !!!
  94. [XBOne] Unreal
  95. [IMPORTANT] Patch 5 Release Notes [Updated]
  96. [PC] Uninstall Assassins Creed etc
  97. [PC] I have a problem with loading game Assassin's Creed Unity
  98. [IMPORTANT] initiates
  99. [XBOne] digital version of 40.3 GB installed AND a 39.3 GB version ready to install
  100. [PC] AC Initiates. My One Qualm.
  101. [XB360] Initiates say AC3 is at 99% Sync but its WRONG
  102. [PS4] Will there be a patch 6 that fixes mission progression?
  103. [XBOne] lost progress
  104. [PC] Helix Rifts
  105. [PC] Assassin's Creed: Unity - Missing chests, single player missions, napoleon bicorns
  106. [PC] unity not opening
  107. [Ubisoft_Account] My menu map looks really pixleated...help please
  108. [PC] Problem with synchronization and backup question
  109. [PC] AC Unity sound freezing
  110. immediate close up
  111. [Ubisoft_Account] Uplay not working
  112. [XBOne] ACIV BF Spanish Plague bug
  113. [Bug] Broken Nomad Chest
  114. [PC] Club Competition not unlocking items?
  115. [PC] Backing up saved games
  116. [PC] AC Revelation Multiplayer.
  117. [PC] PC patch 5
  118. [PC] AC Unity Unite - Question
  119. [XBOne] Unity Not saving past prison escape
  120. [XBOne] After update: LOST Fast Travel, no access to Dead Kings or Travel to Versailles?
  121. [XBOne] Assassins creed unity co-op wont work for me with 2 open nats.
  122. [PS4] Question Is patch 5 really fixed all weapon glitches?
  123. [XBOne] Eagle of Suger - Can't pick it up? :I
  124. [PS4] Unity patch 5 - Sync points stuck at 0% completion
  125. [PC] PC - Loading freezes after S8 M1 cutscene
  126. [PC] how to fix ACU.exe has stopped working
  127. [PS3] PS3: AC Rogue Unstable graphics
  128. [PC] Unable to launch the game since Patch 5
  129. [PS4] Dead kings download bar stuck
  130. [PS4] Master Architect Trophy won't appear
  131. [PS4] Black loading screen when I want to play game
  132. [PS4] Dead Kings Audio issue
  133. [PC] help please
  134. [XBOne] Return of the Crimson Rose
  135. [XBOne] Murder Mysteries GLITCH!! Very Important!!
  136. [PS4] Stuck on so many things
  137. [Ubisoft_Account] McFarlane Figures and Initiates
  138. [XBOne] Please Help With Game Crashes, Lost of All Save Data, Server Failing, And More
  139. [PS4] Experiencing problems with mementos,rewards from CC,initiates and gear !
  140. [XBOne] Do you want to start a new save? You will lose all content
  141. [XBOne] Online Down??
  142. [IMPORTANT] Assassinīs Creed Unity- Next patch (the must haves) Mod attention is recommended
  143. [PS3] Issue with Initiates progression
  144. [PC] Hilfe !!!
  145. [PC] ASSASIN`S Creed Black Flag low FPS on high end gaming pc
  146. [XBOne] Turning off Gore
  147. [PS4] Ac unity chemcical revolution error
  148. [PS4] You should feel embarrassed by your customer care Ubisoft!!!
  149. [PC] Unrelenting Ending of Brotherhood
  150. [PC] Fix for graphics card crashing when fast travelling (Nvidia 900 series)
  151. [PS4] "i got skills" trophy won't unlock :(
  152. [XBOne] Need Help with connecting my initiates profile to my xbox account. Error: 0xffffffff
  153. [PC] Can we now get a Black Flag Patch ?
  154. [XBOne] Online Connection Problems.
  155. [PC] AC4BFSP.exe not working.... UPlay and Game installed in a different drive from OS
  156. [PC] Bellec Fight Glitch
  157. [PC] Unity Trying to Update even though the game files are there
  158. [PS3] Quest bug Assassin's Creed Black Flag
  159. [PS4] i need help asap
  160. [XBOne] game won't launch past 'checking for additional content'
  161. How do i change assassin's creed unity to english!!!
  162. [XBOne] cant play with other people in ac unity
  163. [PC] Bug Perfect Parry Expert
  164. CD Key
  165. [PC] Assassin's Creed Unity SweetFX (radeonpro) turns off everytime
  166. [Uplay_Shop] AC Rogue PC preorder cancelled :(
  167. [XBOne] The book thief bugged
  168. [PC] Failed to download
  169. [IMPORTANT] Will there ever be a Patch 6 for ACU ?!?
  170. [PC] Infinite loading at 'Checking additional content'
  171. [PC] Download Failed problem, Help
  172. [PC] I can't play Assassin's Creed Unity Online
  173. [PC] Ac unity: withe dots and lines while playing
  174. [PC] AC Unity - Framerate issues
  175. [PC] Eagle Vision Duration
  176. [PS3] Brotherhood: Load failed. A required downloadable content is missing?
  177. [PC] AC Unity Part 6 white screen
  178. [PS4] Initiates accomplishments not syncing!!!
  179. [PC] How to restart the game as if I were playing for the first time?
  180. [PC] AC Unity doesent start up
  181. [PC] Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag Season Pass localization
  182. [XBOne] Phantom Blade Replica French Cavalry pistol code
  183. [XBOne] Player level decreased!!!
  184. [PS3] AC Rogue: Permanently Stuck on Boat and Can't Control it
  185. [PC] Controller only?
  186. [PC] Assassins Creed Unity screen squished
  187. [PC] Items do not get unlocked despite meeting the requirements for them to unlock.
  188. [PC] AC III | No Key Provided
  189. [IMPORTANT] Free Offer From UBISoft Regarding Assassin's Creed Unity Experience
  190. [PS4] Won't Connect To Ubisoft Servers 0xb0050002
  191. [PC] Assasins Creed Unity Sequence 10 memory 1 crash
  192. [XBOne] Sequence 5 Memory 3
  193. [XB360] Assassin's Creed III Stuck Loading
  195. [PS4] Master architect trophy not popping
  196. [PS4] No Ubisoft Server or Club competition
  197. [XBOne] AC Unity - Game stuck on 'checking for additional content'
  198. [PC] Wiped drive reinstalled Uplay, profile messed up.
  199. [PS4] Unable to find and start Sequence 7, Memory 4 (The Resistance)
  200. [PC] AC Unity Periodic FPS drop
  201. [PS4] Assassin's Creed Unity Prussian Pack in EU
  202. [PS4] AC Unity: Dead Kings Installation
  203. [PS4] Replay FULL Dead Kings story
  204. [Ubisoft_Account] Figure not showing up in collections on Initiates
  205. [PC] Time of Day wont change.
  206. [PC] Can't re-enter game after toggled out
  208. [PS4] dead kings and chemical revolution issue
  209. [PC] Uplay Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag Crash. GPU driver fix
  210. [PS4] Assassins Creed Unity Memory Issue
  211. [PC] how to enable chat in AC unity
  212. [PC] UBI support not answering tickets
  213. [Ubisoft_Account] Assassin's Creed Initiates Story Status = Started?
  214. [PS3] AC Rogue naval campaign bug, please help!
  215. [XBOne] Edward Outfit Blade Bug
  216. [PC] AC2 not saving
  217. [PC] Assassin's Creed Unity Won't Launch
  218. [PC] Upgraded GPU from 640 to 960, still stuttering horribly
  219. [PC] Unity - equipment meter no longer legendary
  220. [PS3] Blades of toledo pack
  221. [PS3] HELP! Playstation 4 version of ACU not downloading normally!
  222. [XBOne] Stuck after Sequence 3 Memory 2 (Server Bridge)
  223. [PC] Assassin's Creed 1 Crashes at launch
  224. [PS3] POW Ships don't appear!!
  225. [PC] Assassins Creed Unity Problems
  226. [PS4] Cant throw bombs while playing unity on vita remote play
  227. [Uplay_Shop] Discount code for uPlay units
  228. [PS4] Help
  229. [PC] BlackFlag - movements - killing the captain
  230. [PS4] No help from Ubisoft Tech Support?? HELP!
  231. [PC] Assassins creed Unity and controller devices, and why it needs to change
  232. [XBOne] Map Issue: Chests, Cockades, Artifacts
  233. [PC] AC Rogue Preload Unavailable?!
  234. [PC] [ACU] Dual Screen and TV
  235. [XBOne] Update for free pack avilable.
  236. [PC] AC 2: Startingup game issues
  237. [PC] Assassin's Creed Rogue - Doesn't Work on Multiple Monitors!
  238. [Ubisoft_Account] AC Liberation HD for PC not unlocking actions/rewards on uplay
  239. [PC] AC Rogue, crash and savegame died
  240. [PC] Rogue? Cut scene sound
  241. [PC] Black Screen on AC Rogue
  242. [PC] AC: Unity graphics issue
  243. Ac Rogue lag..please
  244. [PC] Assasin's Creed: Rogue Default Input
  245. [PC] Languages problem in AC Rogue
  246. [PC] Assassin's Creed Rogue Error ( bug / glitches )
  247. [XBOne] Ac Unity missing objectives
  248. [PS4] help with dead kings
  249. [PC] Rogue will not start! Please help
  250. [PC] Uplay AC Rogue rewards/actions language