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  1. [IMPORTANT] Patching error
  2. [PC] Stuck on the loading screen !
  3. [PS4] Nomad and DLC difficulty
  4. [PC] frame molto lento con nvidia geforce 720m
  5. [IMPORTANT] Help me bug or fail in my profile xbox live Assassins Creed Rogue Xbox 360
  6. [XBOne] Complete Game Failure
  7. [XBOne] Cannot access story missions
  8. [PC] Cant interact with the Aquarius first glyph.
  9. [PS4] Error code CE-34878-0
  10. [PS4] Unable to play sequence 1 memory 3
  11. [PC] After Siefert Assassination- LOADING BLACKSCREEN- What bar fully loaded but spins
  12. [PC] Refund for Helix points after Save Game is Lost
  13. [XB360] Naval Campaign glitch help please
  14. [XBOne] Can't connect to server
  15. [PS4] Error code 0x60000001
  16. [PC] SAVE DATA CRASH OMG... 60€ for what ?
  17. [PS4] Purchased Equipment Not Loading
  18. [IMPORTANT] Massive Update Delay
  19. [PS4] Error Code CE-34878-0
  20. [PS4] Lost items bug
  21. [PC] Errors relating to GFSDK_ShadowLib.win64.dll
  22. [PS4] Arno's master coat
  23. [PS4] Bring back jogging! Patch it in please!
  24. [XBOne] Has Patch 2 been sent out?
  25. [Ubisoft_Account] AC Initiates Issue
  26. [XBOne] Connecting to internet = game freezes/crashes
  27. [XBOne] Still having issue when connected to internet
  28. [PC] Patch corrupting my install - Uplay
  29. [XBOne] xbox one coop lan line over wifi
  30. [PS4] Bug - bot_dont_shoot = 1
  31. [PS4] Season Pass Activation (PS4)
  32. [Android] Assassin's Creed Unity Companion App
  33. [PS4] Co-op connection failure.
  34. [PS4] Bug - Rubber Arms
  35. [PS4] Bug - AI Walk On Water
  36. [XBOne] Game crashes when loading after title screen
  37. [PS4] BUG - Corrupt Names and Corrupts Streaming
  38. [Android] Companion App Issues
  39. [PS4] ACU 0x60000001 issue and opinion
  40. [IMPORTANT] Fixed issue connecting to Assassin Unity Co-Op
  41. [PS4] Club Profile (Online)
  42. [XBOne] Achievement not unlocking
  43. [Android] Companion app requesting 2nd payment for premium content
  44. [XBOne] After patch 2 on xbone I can't join a coop game. It was working fine before!
  45. [PC] the game is simply un-playable for me (FPS drops / camera shoots to random direction)
  46. XBOX, when login to the game, can only control map. Nothing else.
  47. [PS4] Help sequence 7
  48. [XBOne] Xbox one after updates problems
  49. [PC] Can i run this game on the absoulute lowest graphic settings?
  50. [PC] I have 5 nomad chests that I can't open.
  51. [IMPORTANT] Unable to enter game after Patch 3
  52. [PC] Extreme frequents of stutter/hiccups/framedrops on AMD FX-8350
  53. [XBOne] Game controls locked up
  54. [PC] Companion app lost all data
  55. [XBOne] Achievements not popping
  56. [XBOne] Enters game. Connects to Ubisoft ervers. Crashes back to homepage
  57. [PC] ACU.exe has stopped working
  58. [PS4] Broken Co-op, missions keep breaking, and gear keeps being locked again!!! AAGH
  59. [PS4] Unity Initiates Data gone?
  60. [PC] Stop taking camera and avatar control away.
  61. [XBOne] Game no longer works
  62. [XBOne] Took my gear back??
  63. [PS4] Error Code 0x60000001 and Infinite Please Wait...
  64. [XBOne] Patch 2 doesnt download
  65. [PS4] Patch update...unable to climb
  66. Starting a new game
  67. [iOS] Cannot Sync Companion Unity App with XboxOne Game
  68. [XB360] Rogue: Fort de Sable issue
  69. [XBOne] This game *broke* my Xbox One
  70. [XBOne] Deletes saved game data
  71. [PS4] a few issues...
  72. [XBOne] Complaint I would like forwarded to Regional Manager
  73. [WP] No companion app available for Nokia 530 ?
  74. [IMPORTANT] Save Games - Have Ubi even acknowledged the issue?
  75. [PC] I have downloaded ACU through Origin but Uplay doesn't recognize it !!
  76. [PS4] AC Unity Season Pass Issues
  77. [PC] ACU.exe
  78. [PC] ACU.exe stopped working
  79. [PS4] Purchased helix credits 2 days ago and still now show up
  80. [PC] Assasin's Creed Unity Crashing
  81. [PC] Unity Game Save lost!
  82. [PS4] For the love of god.
  83. [XBOne] lost save
  84. [PC] I can't even start the game.
  85. [PS4] My AC Unity issues.
  86. [XBOne] The game does not load the save game
  87. [PC] Acu.exe
  88. [XBOne] save
  89. [XBOne] lost save game
  90. [XB360] Assassin's Creed Rogue Dekanawida View Point
  91. [PS4] Ubisoft servers
  92. [PS4] Co-op
  93. [Ubisoft_Account] No Syncronisation in AC INITIATES
  94. [PS4] Got fewer Helix Credits than advertised.
  95. [XBOne] Create a Club error code 0x8000002c
  96. [Uplay_Shop] I can't download ACU
  97. [Ubisoft_Account] Initiates data is back... kinda
  98. [XBOne] Please Reset and/ or Fix All of the Assassins Creed Unity "Alternate Costumes"
  99. [XBOne] game save lost
  100. [IMPORTANT] Next Update
  101. [XBOne] My Save game has gone
  102. [PC] My activation key is "region locked"
  103. [PC] Error code [0x60000001]
  104. [PC] no walls o.O
  105. [PC] CPU Temperature reaching 75-80 degrees after 10-15 minutes
  106. [PC] I can't do this anymore
  107. [PC] Game Crash End of Sequence 9
  108. [PS4] Not eligible
  109. [PC] Can only play on offline mode
  110. [PS4] Cant Play CoOP
  111. [PC] I purchased Helix Credits, but I have not received
  112. [PS4] Notre Dame DLC
  113. [PS3] Assassins Creed Rogue : Twin Snake Path Viewpoint Sync Glitch
  114. [XBOne] my saved game gone
  115. [PS4] I want my money back. the helixcredits dont work
  116. [Android] Assassins in a mission but all missions are ready..
  117. [PC] End of Sequence 9 Bug
  118. [PS4] initiates
  119. [XB360] AC rogue possible map icon glitch
  120. [PC] Glitch in Sequence 1 memory 1
  121. [PC] AC: black flag, unplayable graphics glitch.
  122. [PC] Flashing Blue Fog
  123. [PS4] Enemy bug
  124. [Uplay_Shop] Game ordered but not received - DHL to recall all products for Switzerland
  125. [XBOne] my saved game gone!!!!!
  126. [PS3] Still no Legacy(Altair...) Outfits for AC ROGUE
  127. [XBOne] How to know if Unity Patch 2 actually installed?
  128. [PC] Lags after cutscene /unity
  129. [PC] A theory on the frame rate issue
  130. [PS4] Servers
  131. [PC] Assassin's Creed Unity progress reset
  132. [PS4] Help!!! What should i do????
  133. [PC] My saved game has gone
  134. [PS4] all my saved data gone on PS4
  135. [PC] je n'ai plus aucun jeu
  136. [PC] Game data corrupt after servers came back online, nice job ubisoft
  137. [PC] Game crahsed after the sequence 7
  138. [PC] Assassin's Creed Unity - Direct X failed install
  139. [PC] Cant join or invite friends to co-op. Joining with randoms work fine.
  140. [PC] problems with performance
  141. [Ubisoft_Account] Assassins creed unity save file gone after downtime
  142. [Ubisoft_Account] Uplay, companion app and game not working.
  143. [XBOne] save lost!!!!!!
  144. [PC] Assassin's Creed Unity Gold Edition without Season Pass How?
  145. [PC] AC Unity -- Data corrupted
  146. [PC] Game still doesn't work.
  147. [XBOne] Problem with gameplay
  148. [PC] Anyone else running the game on an Nvidia 4GB GTX 690?
  149. [PS4] Cafe theatre mission
  150. [PC] Startup crash - AC:Unity
  151. [IMPORTANT] claiming prizes
  152. [PC] problem with ACU
  153. [Android] Lost all AC companion progress
  154. [PC] Crash after first "bishop" cutscene
  155. [Android] Companion App Progress Recovery
  156. [PC] ACU.exe Has Stopped Working?!!
  157. [PC] Can't see everthing is black
  158. [Ubisoft_Account] Error in displayed game progress on Initiates website
  159. [PS4] Initiates is not registering xp
  160. [PS4] Error code CE-33878-0
  161. [PS4] unlocks gone
  162. [Ubisoft_Account] Can't link my gamertag/games I played/unlockables/
  163. [PS4] Side Mission Issues
  164. [PS4] Still cant connect to co-op.. this sucks..
  165. [XBOne] Severe Frame drop after patch 2
  166. [Android] Companion App Reset
  167. [PS4] cannot connect online
  168. [Ubisoft_Account] ACU.exe stop working.
  169. [PC] Item Unlock Resets
  170. [PC] Can’t launch the game – ACU.exe not working
  171. [XBOne] Flamel's Secret Glitch?
  172. [Ubisoft_Account] Assassin's Creed Unity
  173. [PC] !!GAME WONT START!!- downloaded everything
  174. [Uplay_Shop] Are there anyone ACU boxes could not pass customs?
  175. [PS4] Here are my list of glitches ALL ON PS4 Of AC Unity.
  176. [IMPORTANT] Annoying Collectible trophies/achievements.
  177. [PC] Multiplayer doesn't work through Uplay?
  178. [PC] game stuck on ACU logo
  179. [PC] Possbile fix for [PC] Error code 0x60000001
  180. Helix Credits
  181. [XBOne] lost progress!!!lost save!!!lost money!!!!
  182. [PS4] mcfarlane toy DLC code not working
  183. [PC] companion app not syncing with uplay or at least not anymore
  184. [PC] Unity Companion has deleted everything
  185. [PC] ACU crashes when you try to continue your game
  186. [PC] Cannot play with friend
  187. [PS4] Is AC initiates still unavailable?
  188. [XBOne] Season Pass
  189. [PS4] Assassin rank decreased & reward for co-op mission lost...
  190. [PC] 6 items pack included in Season Pass?
  191. [IMPORTANT] Missing Season Pass Content (please acknowledge)
  192. [CONSOLE] Patched game
  193. [WiiU] initiates synching
  194. [Ubisoft_Account] My Account is not syncing correctly.
  195. [PC] Black Flag Kingston Viewpoint/Assassinations Bug
  196. [PC] Rank Trainee to Legend?
  197. [PS4] Suggestions
  198. [IMPORTANT] Season Pass / Pre Order DLC
  199. [PS4] 0x60000001 fix
  200. [IMPORTANT] Lost 32 hours of data!
  201. [PC] GTX570 50% usage on low and high settings WITH 15FPS !!!!what a hell!
  202. [PC] You *******S! I've played the 0-25% progression painstakingly thrice now!
  203. [PS4] unable to play or see any online futures / ranking
  204. [XBOne] Initiate lvl probleme ?
  205. [XBOne] No mini-map or weapons bar in game
  206. [PS4] Nostradamus Enigma Bug - Interact not available - Unable to Complete
  207. [PC] Error 0x6000001
  208. [PS4] Campaign Stuck in first Village (Download incorrect)
  209. [PS4] Incomplete Download?
  210. [PC] Cannot update patch1
  211. [PS3] Rogue missing sound on PS3 digital output
  212. [PC] Lost Save Game + Crashes
  213. [PC] 0x0000009c bsod
  214. [PS4] Companion App
  215. [XBOne] Pure shadow color outfit not unlocking after collecting 100 cockades
  216. [PC] Sauvegarde
  217. [Uplay_Shop] No game delivered inside the Assassin's Creed Unity Guillotine Edition, please help
  218. [XBOne] Says "local" instead of displaying my GT
  219. [IMPORTANT] Initiates says I don't own Unity.
  220. [PC] HELP with mouse camera view when walking
  221. [PC] ACU.exe stopped working bought the game from steam
  222. [PC] Game freeze on loading screen
  223. [PC] Savegame corrupt/all savegame progress lost...
  224. [XB360] Assassin's Creed Rogue Bug, no dialog (speaking) in Cutscene for "No Laws but Our Own
  225. [PC] Sequence 7 server bridge infinite loading screen (Again)
  226. [PS4] Iniitiate and all nomad things
  227. [XBOne] Game save corrupted. Seq12 mem3
  228. [PS4] Initiates not syncing?
  229. [PC] error [0x60000001] can't play online!
  230. [XBOne] lost progress!lost save!lost money!lost time!
  231. [IMPORTANT] Where TF is Patch 3? Pathetic, Ubisoft. I challenge you to READ THIS
  232. [PS3] Problems with audio on Rogue: no dialogue for several characters
  233. [PC] >>>>>>> Game Loading Bar Freezes On 3rd Mission! PLEASE FIX! <<<<<<<<<
  234. [XBOne] May ahve found the freezing issue
  235. [PC] issue with multiple monitors
  236. [PC] Ports Assassins creed unity
  237. [PC] ACU.exe stopped working bought the game from steam
  238. [PC] ACU.exe stopped working bought the game from steam
  239. [PS4] Landmark Bug? Anyone Else Experiencing This One?
  240. [PC] Connection Error 0x60000001, my brotherhood + multiplayer not working, the rest does.
  241. [PS4] AC Unity - PS4 - Online Features in game all "erroring"
  242. [PS4] Ransacking Versailles trophy didn't pop
  243. [iOS] Lost progression on app
  244. [PC] Slow Handclap for the Ubi Team
  245. [PC] Season Pass (Gold Edition)
  246. [PC] Assassin's Creed Unity quests are bugged :(
  247. [PS4] assassin's creed play together it's not working
  248. [PC] Cockades incorrectly registered as collected [ACU]
  249. [PS4] Helix packs- season pass
  250. [PC] AC 4 Black Flag My Mouse and keyboard don't respond