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  1. [PC] Unity - Problem connecting to Uplay Service ?
  2. [XBOne] Unable to do any missions
  3. [PS4] AC Unity Bugs after Patch 1.02 PS4 version
  4. [PC] Co-Op queue taking forever...
  5. [PC] Error 0xc000012f
  6. [PS4] Co op won't work
  7. [PS4] The initiates
  8. [PS4] 2 Helix Credits packs to enhance your skills.
  9. [PC] ACU.exe stopped working...
  10. [iOS] Companion App RESET (Lost all my progress)
  11. [PC] Game Freezes after Saving in Loading Screen - Unable to Launch Session
  12. [PS4] Missing Chest
  13. [PS4] error code 0x60000001
  14. [Ubisoft_Account] Initiates data didn't sync properly! HELP!
  15. [PC] Please wait screen
  16. [XBOne] Assassins Rank glitched back to recruit
  17. [PS4] On Ps4 Only
  18. [Ubisoft_Account] Logging into AC Initiates.
  19. [XBOne] Game will not load sequence 7 memory 1
  20. [PC] i cant play so HELP
  21. [PC] Confused, on mobile but not pc (unity)
  22. [PC] Nvidea Driver
  23. [PC] ACU Patch 1.2.0 Bug/Crash/notes Fixes, solution, and possiable solution.
  24. [PC] Assassins Creed II Wont Let Me Past Uplay
  25. Not receiving things from uplay
  26. [IMPORTANT] Broken... everything!
  27. [IMPORTANT] AC3MP.exe has stopped working
  28. [Ubisoft_Account] AC Initiates account
  29. [PC] The game just crashes whenever i try to play multiplayer.
  30. [Ubisoft_Account] 24 hour addition to jobs on compainion app
  31. [PC] Help plis !
  32. [IMPORTANT] Companion app - no assassins
  33. [PC] my Computer restart when i play ac unity
  34. [XBOne] Controls not responding ingame after game freeze
  35. [PC] game wont run at 1080P
  36. [PC] ACU screen constant flashing
  37. [PC] Help !!!!
  38. [PC] Lost main quest
  39. [PC] Shuttering all the way.
  40. [PC] acu.exe has stopped working
  41. [PC] AC Unity : Slobbering Textures and Crash since the patch.
  42. [PC] ACU.exe cant start
  43. AC unity PC crash
  44. [XBOne] Altair's costume
  45. [PC] Mission "Server-Bridge" does not start
  46. [PS4] Can't start or join coop, stuck on loading screen
  47. [PC] Game crash
  48. [PC] Gamebreaking graphical bug
  49. [PC] Game doesnt work!
  50. [PC] AC Unity Eternal loading after the escape of the bastille
  51. [PC] Sequence 7 Memory 3 stuck on kill bellec.
  52. Xbox One Unity Freezing
  53. [PS4] AC IV Black Flag outfits
  54. [PC] Lighting Flickering
  55. [PC] Can't play since patch 2
  56. [XBOne] AC Unity just lost my 30h save
  57. [XBOne] Game Crash after Sequence 4, Memory 2
  58. [PC] cant redeem AC unite reward
  59. [PS4] Cockades Problem
  60. [PS4] Sequence 1 Not Installing
  61. [PC] White menu and flicker interface in ACU.
  62. [PC] How do you reset the graphics options outside of the game?
  63. [PC] Pierre Bellac hanging in the ground - Please give me a soulution
  64. [PS3] where i can find things bought as DLC [Assasins Creed Rogue]
  65. [PC] Assassins creed unity infinite loading screen after de la serre dies
  66. [PS4] Can't log with friends but i can go random matchmaking
  67. [PS4] Can't download my unlocked DLC???
  68. [PC] game load forever after de la serre dies
  69. [PC] coop mission
  70. [PC] Stutter problem possible solution found for DEVS
  71. [PC] Update
  72. [PC] UK version Coop does not work - no contacts online!
  73. [PC] Game randomly freezes for a few seconds [5-10 seconds]
  74. [PC] I fixed my lag and stutter - shocking solution!
  75. [PS4] 11/14/14 Update Issue PS4 (Unity)
  76. [PC] cannot acces ac unity uplay while playing
  77. [PS4] I still cant play online with any one !!
  78. [PC] [pc]problem with the loading scren mission
  79. [PS4] 2 technicals issues
  80. [PC] I got demoted in rank and lost 70000 creed points?
  81. [PC] Request/Bug Fix: Please add an option for 'Disable Gamepad'
  82. [PS4] Losing Items????
  83. [PC] AC:Unity Companion app Chest problems
  84. [PS4] Error Code 0x6000001 Solution!!!
  85. [PS4] AC Unity, some of my items dissapeared WTF
  86. [PS4] PS4 fan gettin louder when I enter the map and character customization in AC Unity
  87. [PS4] No crowd Events since patch 2 (e.g. stop the thief)
  88. [Ubisoft_Account] NO MAIL with pre-order content.
  89. [PC] SE Paris still bugged?
  90. [PS4] Libra Nostradamus Enigma Glitch/bug + bugs at the prison in the beginning of the game
  91. [PC] Arno Freeze.
  92. Rogue Collector's Edition DLC code "invalid"
  93. [PS4] [0x600000001]
  94. [IMPORTANT] No mail with code to pre-order content!!!!!!! Guillotine edition ps4
  95. [XBOne] Issues with game please fix
  96. [XBOne] problems
  97. [PC] ACU.exe VS. [0x70000106]
  98. [PS4] Buggy Banner Bars While Walking Paris
  99. [PC] Invite players button is greyed out. and my friend can't find ME in the game.
  100. [IMPORTANT] Season Pass issue
  101. [PC] Regression Bug: Can't fast travel after 1.2.0 patch
  102. [PC] Installation on several PC
  103. [XBOne] Nothing works!!!
  104. [XBOne] Unity Coop Issue
  105. [XBOne] Assassins creed unity reset
  106. [XBOne] Connection Failed
  107. [PC] Unity Save Game lost following crash at title screen - state of rewards
  108. [PS4] Lost main mission marker of sequence 3 memory 3
  109. [PS4] Legend rank bug
  110. [XBOne] Having problems with Paris Stories
  111. [XBOne] Multiplayer hasnt worked
  112. [IMPORTANT] Lost my saves
  113. [XBOne] [ACU] Do we have an ETA on when we'll be able to play at a playable Framerate?
  114. [PC] After update to 1.2, cannot play.
  115. [IMPORTANT] Psvita AC3: Liberation
  116. [PC] Unplayable... but paid...
  117. [PC] Contant freezing and Crashes
  118. [XBOne] Save File Gone?
  119. [PS4] Nomad Chests failed to open
  120. Uplay and AC Initiates (Xbox One)
  121. [XBOne] Sauvegarde perdue !
  122. [PC] ACUnity.exe stops working before I can even start the game. Every Single Time
  123. [XBOne] Lost saved game
  124. [PC] Annoying stuttering! NEED A ANSWER! NEED THE DEVS TO LISTEN TO THIS!
  125. [XBOne] Freezing/Crashing
  126. [PC] Connection Failure [0x60000001]
  127. [PC] Always Internal Error on MP
  128. [XB360] Assassin's Creed Rogue Invisible Ram [SPOILERS]
  129. [PS4] Assassins creed unity helix points not appearing
  130. Hello my connection problem (pc)
  131. [PS4] Stupid *** game!!!!
  132. [PC] Main mission tracker lost after crashing while jumnping on portal
  133. [PC] Stuck on Logo
  134. [PC] Sequence 2 memory 1 not starting
  135. [XBOne] Unity season pass
  136. [PS4] ERROR! 0x70000094! HELP PLEASE!
  137. [XBOne] Game crashing during gameplay or kicking out during game loading
  138. [PS4] no XP in co-op mission
  139. [PS3] Rogue - Gang Leader Detection - Berserk Darts
  140. [PS4] Missing trophies
  141. [XBOne] Fast travel issue
  142. [PS4] Quest High Society sequence 1 memory 3 bug
  143. [PC] Pre-Order Missions don't show up
  144. FULL refunds? From ubi?
  145. [PS4] Stuck at Sequentie3 memorty3
  146. [XBOne] cant play with friends online?
  147. [PC] Post your ACU.ini please
  148. [PC] my computer turns itself off 3-5 min in assassin creed unity with patch 1.2
  149. [PC] Temp fix for ACU.exe problem
  150. [PC] Combined error codes 0x60000001 and 0x70000106
  151. [PC] Character Customization Flickering Squares?
  152. [PS4] Co-op does not work, stuck at Legend rank
  153. [PC] season pass
  154. [PC] Uninstalled... For now
  155. [PC] Uplay online ACU stopworking . Uplay lost my save 2 time q(' . ' )
  156. [PC] Automatically generate incremental backup saves to avoid losing all your progress!
  157. So if you guys cant fix Unity how about refunds .
  158. [PS4] Can no longer fast travel(please help)
  159. [PS4] Confused. Lots of errors. Need help
  160. [PS4] Murder Mysteries not appearing
  161. [PS4] Trouble with disk launch
  162. [PC] Where do I change the graphic settings for ACU?
  163. [PC] Crashing on Co-Op
  164. [PS4] servers
  165. [PC] Paris story and Helix rift start locations overlapping
  166. [PS4] [PS4] Problema con sistema online de Assassins Creed: Unity
  167. [PS4] multiple glitches
  168. [PS4] Is it possible to start a new singleplayer campaign?
  169. [XBOne] Lost profile?
  170. [PC] Co-op just stays at "Please Wait"
  171. [PC] Lost save game
  172. [XBOne] Missing Season Pass content?! (and possible solution)
  173. [IMPORTANT] cant start game after picking save
  174. [PS4] Assassins Creed Unity Crashes
  175. [PC] AC Initiates not updating...
  176. [PS4] Murder mysteries problem Help!!!
  177. [PS4] Missing Pre-order content - Razorhead Spear
  178. [XB360] Cave Paintings Glitched?
  179. [PC] Cloud saves lost?
  180. [PC] Failed to sync to cloud
  181. [PS4] Map is not showing the fast travel icons
  182. [XBOne] Game crashed, lost all save data! 30 hrs of gameplay gone!
  183. [PS4] Can't invite players to game
  184. [PC] Finished ACU, but Prologue achievement still locked.
  185. [XB360] Port La Joye broken.
  186. [PS4] Error (C-34878-0) UNABLE TO PLAY ONLINE
  187. [PS4] Enigma glyph atop Cafe Theatre bug
  188. [PC] Possible fix for corrupt save/can't sync to cloud for PC
  189. [IMPORTANT] Cafe Theater Missions Do Not Appear
  190. [PS3] AC Rogue: NO AUDIO AT ALL
  191. [PC] Infinite fall
  192. [PC] Nostradamus Cancer Enigma Quest BUG - ACU
  193. [XBOne] Crash
  194. [PS4] problem connecting to ubisoft online service. (0x60000001)
  195. [XBOne] Club Tag Not Going Away
  196. [PC] Video card question
  197. [WP] How to Unlock Altair's Outfit?
  198. [PS4] Spanish Game, French PSN Account.
  199. [PS4] Broken Statue
  200. [PS4] Lost Tailored Musketeer Coat
  201. [PS4] multi-bug report, post-patch 1.2
  202. [PC] Problem activating new game
  203. [PS4] [FIX] Unity error code 0x6000001
  204. [PC] [AC: Unity] Player level went down after getting Ranged Weapon skill
  205. [PC] [ACU]The Food Chain co-op mission is broken.
  206. [XBOne] Gamr crash,save file gone
  207. [PC] Unable to run game - Direct X 11
  208. [XBOne] NEW to forums/ Initiate past games not loading
  209. [XBOne] Assassins Creed Unity Companion App (((((Lost Premium)))))
  210. [PS4] ubisoft currently unreachable
  211. [PS4] Please fix the reward system
  212. [XBOne] Account Corruption/Losing Credits
  213. [PC] i cant play with my friend in co-op on PC
  214. [XBOne] Side Quest Blocking Bugs
  215. [PC] ACU.EXE has stopped working
  216. [PS4] Sequence 5 Memory 2 Permanent Game Crash
  217. [PS4] I can't play co op [0x60000001]
  218. [PC] Story Mode Broken
  219. [XBOne] Progress/Save Data Completely Reset
  220. [XBOne] murder mystery not working
  221. [XBOne] Game Crash
  222. [PC] Game was runnung great until......
  223. [PC] PC bug causing the GPU to overload when using the map
  224. [XBOne] Can't get past the checking for additional content screen
  225. [PC] Nostradomus - Mercurius Hint 1 glyph not interactable
  226. [Ubisoft_Account] Not Able To Log Onto acinitiates.com To Unlock Chests In Assassin's Creed Unity
  227. [PS4] Side mission bug!!!! Please fix
  228. [PC] Can't Change Day and Night
  229. [PC] White Circles/squares flickering
  230. [IMPORTANT] [XBOX ONE ONLY] Notes for Patch 2: 11/17/14
  231. [PC] Assassin's Creed Unity item lost
  232. [PC] cant delete ac revations save
  233. [PS4] what you need to fix for ac unity in patch 3
  234. [PS4] ps4 Assassins greed unity
  235. Assassin's Creed Unity game crashes every time it connects to sever. Xbox one
  236. [PC] Assassins Creed Unity - control problems
  237. [PC] Medicine too expensive??
  238. [PS4] [Fix] Error 0x6000001 and Legend rank : DMZ solution
  239. [PC] Ac initiates stuck on level 1
  240. [IMPORTANT] can't continue after sequence 1 memory 3 even though I have installed the game!
  241. [PS4] Game crashing when connected.
  242. [PC] Cant go to start the mission - sequence 8 part 2
  243. [PS4] Can't download Unity from Playstation Store
  244. [PC] Companion Missions - cannot locate
  245. [PC] Club(Clan) totally broken?
  246. [PC] Unite
  247. [PS4] Constant Loading screen when trying to invite players
  248. [PS4] Helix credit missing
  249. [Android] Mobile Companion app\AC initiates dont want to sync\no rewards
  250. [XBOne] Day One Patch issue