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  1. [PS4] Chemical Revolution DLC code not ACCEPTED
  2. [PC] Stuck on loading screen
  3. [PC] How to earn the rest 2 points in Cooperative mode
  4. [PS4] Helix Credit Question (Admins please help)
  5. [XBOne] Unity deleted my save...
  6. [PC] AC: Unity does not save progress
  7. [PC] Really bright screen
  8. [PS4] How do I sell items?
  9. [Uplay_Shop] Unite Preorder program issues.
  10. [PC] stuck loading: sequence 2 memory 1 after clicking continue
  11. [Uplay_Shop] Guillotine edition pre order codes
  12. Day 1 patch bricked my game.
  13. [PC] Unity Crash Problem
  14. [PS4] Ac u ... Answers for this or no
  15. [XBOne] error code [0x60000001]
  16. Where is my pre order code?
  17. [PC] Uplay reward does not show up in game?
  18. [PC] Can you enter the two Southeastern districts of Paris? (Pantheon or St-Michel)
  19. [Ubisoft_Account] Cd-Key Activated - No download available
  20. [PS4] How am I a Legend already in AC:U???
  21. [XBOne] Unity save data gone
  22. [XBOne] Sequence 3, Memory 2: Confession
  23. [PC] Fix the bugs plz!!!
  24. Well... pls fix it
  25. Co-op missions waiting: 20.53 how do I stop the waiting!
  26. [PC] Loading takes forever
  27. [PC] high framerate , can't play.
  28. [XBOne] Sequence 7, Part 3 - Confront Bellec campaign stuck
  29. [XBOne] Co-op on Xbox One not working
  30. [XBOne] Major sound
  31. [PS4] Sequence 7 memory 3
  32. [XBOne] Sound
  33. Major sound
  34. major sound
  35. major sound
  36. [XBONE] Can't play with friends
  37. [PC] falling through world
  38. Sequence 1 Memory 3
  39. [PC] Assassin's Creed Unity Cover system bugging out
  40. Major Freeze... each 15 minutes or so.
  41. [XB360] Audio Stutter in AC: Rogue
  42. [PS4] AC Unity is a Game with Horrible Quality Issues
  43. [PS4] This is seriously messed up ubisoft/ultimatum time
  44. [XBOne] Saved game gone
  45. [PS4] Unity Crash PS4PS4
  46. [PS4] why can't I get online...Plz help
  47. [PC] Cant access Majority of the southern part of map without crash/freeze
  48. [PS4] losing my data
  49. [PC] Any fix for the stuttering?
  50. [PC] Online not working at all
  51. [XBOne] Non-Existant Co-op
  52. [PS4] Game unplayable (low framerate, bugs, etc)
  53. Refund
  54. [PS4] error code (0x60000001), and cant connect to co op online (ps4)
  55. Not receiving XP for progress in previous Assassin's Creed titles
  56. [PC] Error Code 0x60000001 Whenever I try to go Co-Op
  57. [PS4] Uplay Rewards not unlocked
  58. I cant get Altairs Robes in Unity
  59. [PC] Unity Club Leader Issue
  60. [XBOne] I just bought helix points and did not get them.
  61. Framerate Drops Causing Headaches
  62. [PC] Clipping
  63. [PC] Unity crashes at the loading screen
  64. [PS4] Urgent..
  65. [PC] Feature transfer error - Assassin's Creed 3
  66. [PS4] Ce-34878
  67. [PS4] Bug: People Dying for no reason
  68. [PC] error 0x70000106
  69. [PS4] Initiate account reset!?!?!
  70. [PS4] Lost Save Data - Urgent
  71. [PC] Having some major framerate issues
  72. [PS4] AC: Unity crashes before the Title screen loads [PS4]
  73. [PS4] cant buy gear with helix credit
  74. [PS4] cant play co op.
  75. [Uplay_Shop] Arno Figure Code
  76. [PC] AC Unity Bugs and Framerate issues, but mostly the Glitches
  77. [XBOne] Memory problems
  78. [PS4] A/C Unity
  79. [PC] All Movement/Animations Stop During 3rd Theater House Missions
  80. [XBOne] Black screen of death on Assassins creed unity
  81. [PC] Character keeps freezing can still move camera
  82. [PC] Menues competely white
  83. [PS4] Thanks for the DUD code Ubisoft
  84. [XBOne] Helix coins not showing up
  85. [PC] Patch 1.1 not downloading (retail disc version)
  86. [XBOne] Co op not working
  87. [XBOne] Save File Corruption.
  88. [XBOne] Lost item(s) from co-op mode.
  89. [PS4] Assassins Creed Unity won't get passed the "Press X" screen
  90. [XBOne] Guillotine Prize Drop
  91. [PC] Assassin's Creed Unity - Cloud and Local backup corrupt at the same time?
  92. [PS4] 0x00100104 error ps4 uplay
  93. [PS4] Entering Initiates page turns my PS4 into a jet engine
  94. [XBOne] Assassins Creed Unity Companion App bugged.
  95. [PC] Chinese subtitles :(
  96. [XBOne] Error code 0x60000001
  97. [PC] Change game language.
  98. [XBOne] Lost Game data
  99. [PC] Weird issue with textures or effects missing? Different than others have reported
  100. [PC] Random camera jitters and directions
  101. [PC] I will take this to the BBB if unresolved within a day or 2.
  102. [PC] Hack connection failed [0x70000053]
  103. [PS4] No Co-op option in AC Unity?
  104. [PC] [AMD] Totally unplayable
  105. [PS4] Unity- Achievement not unlocking
  106. [PS4] Fan noise when browsing the menu or customization section
  107. How do i redeem codes? Seems not working
  108. [PC] For those who have disabled Intel HD graphics
  109. [PC] game is encrypted
  110. [XBOne] Help Screen is blue
  111. [PC] In AC Black Flag after finishing Sequence 6 I didn't get my 20 uplay points!
  112. [XB360] AC Rogue Uplay isn't working(Actions & points)
  113. [Uplay_Shop] Where is my AC unity code ?
  114. [XBOne] Cant get my rewards!
  115. [Android] Companion app property glitch.
  116. [Uplay_Shop] french cavalry pistol, was sent wrong email
  117. I've lost my initiate chest outfits
  118. [PC] Crashed in Multiplayer , Now can't launch my save file.
  119. [XB360] Issues with Rogue/Ubisoft/Uplay
  120. [PS4] I think its about time that you accpet your responsibility for this.
  121. [PS4] Co op
  122. [Ubisoft_Account] Initiates dont register game progression for any assassins creed games
  123. [PS4] co-op is not working
  124. [PC] Problems formatting the game
  125. [XBOne] Stuck at ''please wait...'' after pressing ''play''..
  126. [PS4] Unable to change account in assassin's creed unity uplay/initiates
  127. [PC] Black screen problem solved
  128. [PS4] AC Unity gear/equipment missing
  129. [PC] Delete Cloud Saves
  130. [PC] Very low framerate and then freeze on main menu
  131. [PC] Game not loading after 1rst gameplay ( introducing arno story )
  132. [PC] Assassins Creed Unity instal. bugg
  133. [PC] Uplay avatar '3D Elise' unlocked but not available
  134. AC: Unity (XBOX ONE) rewards not opening
  135. [PC] Still not received game.
  136. COMPLAINT - Assassin's Creed: Unity not working properly
  137. [PC] Assassin's Creed Unity - strange keyboard bug
  138. Assassin's Creed Unity Companion App Bug
  139. [XBOne] Altaiir outfit will not unlock. Help please.
  140. Can't play, way too low fps
  141. [PC] Crash or permanent loading loop on Graduation mission
  142. [PC] problem with lunching Assassin's creed Unity
  143. [XBOne] 0x70000006
  144. PS4 Framerate Fix
  145. [XBOne] Quick Time Event Auto Fail
  146. [PS4] AC Unity is not showing up on my Uplay library?
  147. [PC] Uplay product key issue
  148. [PS4] Possible Bug/Image stutter
  149. [PS4] Turn off your internet = no frame rate issues.
  150. [XBOne] No option to delete save file
  151. [PC] corrupted file?
  152. help from UBISOFT please!!
  153. [PC] Does my PC support AS Unity?
  154. [PC] Redeeming McFarlane figure codes
  155. [PC] Music
  156. [XBOne] Lost all progress...
  157. [PC] ACU.exe File corrupted
  158. [PS3] "The Uplay service is not available. Please try again later."
  159. [PC] So I booted up Black Flag today and..
  160. [Ubisoft_Account] No joy with Uplay at all
  161. Mission specific bug causes game to crash.
  162. [PC] Within the first 5 seconds of starting campaign, game crashes
  163. Sequence 6 memory 1 GAME BREAKING bug
  164. [PC] GTX690 Requires to disable multi-gpu support otherwise bad stuttering.
  165. [Ubisoft_Account] Connection failed cant connect to ubisoft service???
  166. [PC] Unity can only be "downloaded" even after installation
  167. [PS4] Why canīt i start sequence 1 memory 3?
  168. [PC] ACU app arror
  169. [PS4] Online multiplayer issues and co op
  170. [Ubisoft_Account] uPlay actions not unlocking
  171. [PC] Uplay wont accept DvD installation
  172. [PS4] AC: Unity - Lost all Progress!!!
  173. [PC] AC Unity Crashing to Desktop when entering southern half of Paris
  174. [PS4] assassin's creed unity digital copy locked
  175. [PS4] Framerate fix
  176. [Ubisoft_Account] Uplay dont give me any action points
  177. [Uplay_Shop] Hex store purchase
  178. [Ubisoft_Account] Order in process
  179. [PC] That's all I can take. Requested REFUND
  180. [Ubisoft_Account] assassins creed unity
  181. [PC] BAD Textures
  182. [Ubisoft_Account] uplay
  183. [PC] Seeing everything double when playing AC Unity
  184. [PC] camera always on top
  185. [PC] S2m1 bug
  186. [XBOne] lockpicking is broken
  187. Cafe de Bievre Crash !!!
  188. [PS4] communication failure
  189. [PS4] squence 10 memory 2?
  190. [PS4] No 'Play together' in the menu on PS4
  191. [PC] Crash at loading screen after the evasion
  192. [XBOne] Can't access server bridge after sequence 3 memory 2
  193. [Ubisoft_Account] assassins creed wont activate from preorder for 13/11/2014
  194. [PS4] Connection failed??
  195. [PC] Lost Single Player Main Mission
  196. [PC] Unity PC Download UK?
  197. [XBOne] Need help
  198. [PC] Possible bug at the menu
  199. [PC] ACU:Well That was a waste of Time and Money
  200. [PC] Assasins Creed Unity - FPS DROPS
  201. [PC] How do I start a new game on Unity?
  202. Assassin's Creed Rogue Uplay Rewards Not Appearing In-Game
  203. Stuck on initial loading screen ac unity xboxone
  204. [XBOne] Connection Failed error code 0x70000001
  205. [Ubisoft_Account] Assassin's Creed Unity Companion App fixes inbound
  206. [XBOne] No Cafe Theatre missions.
  207. [XBOne] connection server problems
  208. [PS4] Co-op. connection issues when joining friends
  209. [Uplay_Shop] Uplay not loading correctly in game?
  210. [PS4] Error Code 0xb0050002
  211. [XBOne] error code [0x60000001]
  212. [PS4] error 0xb0050002 and 0x60000001, anyone have a fix?
  213. [PC] 20 FPS? R9 280X and FX8350.
  214. [XBOne] Controller not fully responding
  215. [PS4] Assassins Creed Unity Profile Save Gome
  216. [PS3] freezing on AC Rogue
  217. [PS4] Error code [0x6000001] can't play online and say I'm a legend??
  218. [XBOne] Disk read issues
  219. [PC] AC Unity wont start
  220. [PC] [PC] Bugs iīve found.
  221. [PS4] How do you leave searching for Co-op??? PS4 Cant play
  222. [PS4] Error ce-34878-0
  223. [PC] May cause epileptic trouble - An important bug...
  224. [PS4] Got My Co-op to work let me tell you how
  225. UPLAY & Assassin's Creed Initiates Are Not Linking
  226. Need help with the Unity companion app!
  227. [PC] Server Bridge loading does not end!
  228. cant play with friends online?
  229. Playing Experience...
  230. [PC] Temporary fix Frame Rate issue !
  231. [PC] No game after redeeming it!
  232. PS4 framerate "fix"
  233. [PS4] PS4 Error 0x70000101
  234. [PC] AC Unity Club Issues
  235. [PS4] Assassin's Creed Unity
  236. [PS3] AC Rogue ViewPoint not Sync'ing at Marais Rocheux
  237. [Ubisoft_Account] "Link this game to your Uplay account"
  238. [PC] Freezes and launch and will not run.
  239. [XBOne] I unlocked the Improved Phantom Belt on Assassin's Creed Unity and now...
  240. [PC] Crash after sequence 1 memory 3
  241. [IMPORTANT] AC Unity Day 1 Patch Notes
  242. No Postage tracking number provided for my Guillotine Edition
  243. [PC] We are sick of all the constent problem we have with Ubisoft game and game in general
  244. [XBOne] AC Unity RSVP bonus never came???
  245. [PC] Assassin's Creed Unity Crashed after Main Menu
  246. [PS3] Uplay Actions & Rewards - Assassin's Creed: Rogue
  247. [PC] Impossible to reach sync point
  248. All Platforms - AC Unity CURRENT KNOWN ISSUES
  249. [PC] AC Unity - White Fog Indoors
  250. [XBOne] It won't let me connect to ibis oft online service