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  1. [PC] [Mac] Configuration Settings file
  2. [XBOne] AC 4 glitches and bugs
  3. [XB360] Damaged saved game after 30+ hours playing (AC BF)
  4. [XBOne] "Destroyer" Achievement not Unlocking (Xbox One)
  5. [PS3] AC4 saved game won't load on PS3?
  6. [PS4] Finished AC4 yesterday, 2/3 trophies not 'popping'.
  7. [PC] Can't download DLC
  8. [PC] Can't Move In Game
  9. [PS4] Pistol Swords refusing to unlock
  10. [XB360] Black flag tablet app
  11. Assassins Creed 3 not got my Uplay units!!!
  12. [WiiU] Is it possible to receive Ezio's costume in the Wii U version of Black Flag?
  13. [PC] Missing DLC features (Battle Hardened DLC for AC3):
  14. [PC] Frame feeze when apporaching forts.
  15. [PC] Yet more DLC problems
  16. Uplay friends don't show up in Kenway's Fleet
  17. [XBOne] Kenway"s Fleet problem
  18. The message 'scene selection has been changed' pop up whenever I turn my ps4 on...?
  19. [PC] Can I transfer my Assassin's Creed 3 to another computer?
  20. [PC] Assasin's Creed 4 single player wont load
  21. [XBOne] Cannot connect to server
  22. [PC] Cannot connect to Ubisoft server.
  23. [PS3] ACR Code not working
  24. [PS4] "Sharing Is Caring" trophy not unlocking.
  25. [PS4] Sharing is Caring Not Popping PS4
  26. [PC] AC3 Benedict Armold missions shows as already 100%, even at Sequence 5..?
  27. [XB360] Community Challenges?
  28. [PC] AC 3 Crash While Loading
  29. [PC] PC AC4 doesnt detect keyboard/mouse
  30. [XB360] Online service not available
  31. Ubisoft servers are unavailable
  32. [PC] BUGs, NO "freezing moment" in combat and QTE
  33. [XB360] ACIV Console freeze after 1-2 minutes of playing
  34. Uplay action not working on AC Black Flag?
  35. [PS4] Assassin's Creed IV Freedom Cry (standalone) stutters problem!
  36. [PC] AC4 will not start, transfers me directly to post-game dialogue window
  37. Problem with the game. Stick on 55% progres
  38. [PC] Problem with keyboard and mouse not working on title screen
  39. [PC] Can't connect to Uplay anymore
  40. [PC] Assassin's creed III unvalid dlc codes.
  41. [XB360] Bugged Great Inagua map/Nassau treasure
  42. [PC] AC4: Black Flag Keyboard and mouse
  43. [PC] Done everything Still NAT strict
  44. [PC] AC 4 saved game file disappear
  45. [PC] Abstergo credits (Wallet Bug)
  46. [PC] AC IV Black Flag Save Manager
  47. [PC] Singelplayer stopped working!!!
  48. [PS4] Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag PS3 to PS4 Code
  49. [PC] Assassins creed 3 not working
  50. [PC] Assassin's Creed II runs extremely slow
  51. [PC] Partial Freezing in Gameplay
  52. [PS4] Season Pass component does not install
  53. [PS4] Redeemable codes not working.
  54. [Uplay_Shop] ACII CD key already in use(same key??)
  55. [PS4] Sequence 8 memory 2 still not fixed
  56. [PC] AC4 start up
  57. [PC] Unable to download patch for Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag in UPlay
  58. [XBOne] Memory Sequence 11 achievement did not unlock
  59. [XB360] AC Revelations sound issue
  60. [PC] AC2 won't install
  61. [PC] AC Black Flag - Randomly crashing everything
  62. [PC] I cannot move in the AC brotherhood with my keyboard on Mac!!
  63. [PC] Assassin's Creed II (Heritage Collection) - Templar Lairs
  64. [PC] Movable screen
  65. [Ubisoft_Account] Assassin's Creed: Unity - UNITE problem
  66. [PS3] Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Season Pass content
  67. [PC] In-game save gone, Uplay progression still intact
  68. [PC] Black Flag control issues.
  69. [PC] AC4BFSP.exe Has failed to respond
  70. [PS3] Invalid Uplay Passport and Benedict Arnold DLC in Assassin's Creed 3
  71. [PC] Graphics glitch in AC3 for PC.
  72. [PS4] Guillotine Prize Drop Not Reloading?
  73. [PC] ACIV finished main story, now musicians are gone?!
  74. [PS4] Social challenges aren't sharing? ACIV
  75. [PC] AC3 Corrupted Save Game, Cloud-Save option not working
  76. [PC] AC3 performance issues.
  77. [PS4] AC4 Installing Saved Game Help PS4
  78. [PC] AC 4 Press any key nothing happens
  79. [PS3] Invalid Codes for Uplay Passport and Benedict Arnold DLC on AC3
  80. [Ubisoft_Account] Kicking people from Unite?
  81. [Uplay_Shop] AC Brotherhood
  82. Logitech F-170 game-pad not responding well in new games
  83. [PC] Missing funds
  84. [PS3] Glitching into ship's hulls
  85. [PC] AC 4 BF save
  86. [PC] Pre-Order for Unity
  87. Can't sprint in ACIV: Black Flag
  88. [Uplay_Shop] Can't download AC3.
  89. [PS3] buried chest problems
  90. [PC] Can't pick up Leonardo's box in ACII
  91. [Ubisoft_Account] Need old account
  92. [PC] Black Flag savegame problem in "Present day 3" (end of sequence 6)
  93. [PC] AC4 Keyboard/Mouse not responding
  94. [PC] Infinite loading screen on first launch!
  95. [PC] Lost Save
  96. 100% sync bug in AC: Black Flag??? Please help!!!
  97. [PC] Screen freezes, game continues without me
  98. [PC] AC4 Press any key problem
  99. [PC] Camera jumping everywhere whenever I move
  100. [PC] AC4 - possible 5-button mouse bug?
  101. [XB360] Minor bugs preventing 100% Syncro
  102. [XB360] Long bay synchronization bug
  103. [PC] Error 0xc000007b Error Assassin's Creed 4
  104. [PS4] Unity PS4 digital pre-order?
  105. [Ubisoft_Account] Assassin's Creed: Unite Pre-Order Program Issue: Cannot create/join team?
  106. [Ubisoft_Account] Assassin's Creed: Unite Pre-Order Program Issue: Cannot create/join team?
  107. [PC] AC4 crash on launch
  108. Ubisoft support replay was not acceptable at all.
  109. Can't connect to multiplayer - AC Revelations
  110. [XB360] AC4 Black flag wont switch back to main profile's saved game
  111. [Uplay_Shop] Quick question about Uplay and multiple computers
  112. [Ubisoft_Account] AC Unity UNITE Problem/Question
  113. [PS3] Has there been a patch for Naval misson glitching?
  114. [XB360] Where's AC Initiates Forum?
  115. [PC] AC3 Hidden Secrets content not appearing
  116. [PC] D3DOverrider Is Not Working For Me Please Help
  117. [PS3] AC3 saying "Load failed. A required downloadable content is missing."
  118. [PC] What happened to the ACInitiates site?
  119. [PC] AC4MP.exe has stopped working - Stowaway Customization
  120. [PC] Assassin's Creed III Steam DLC
  121. [PC] Crédit abstergo qui disparait
  122. [PC] Consider getting a new translation team when translating games to Norwegian
  123. [PS4] AC IV Black Flag Season Pass
  124. [PC] Do ALL these games have Uplay Achivements?
  125. [PC] AC Brotherhood direct launch
  126. [PC] Change menu language from Japanese to English.
  127. [PS4] I need some help with Sequence 5 Mission The Forts
  128. [PC] Can't log into Assassin's Creed Initiates Site
  129. [PC] ACII Startup issue.
  130. [PC] Lost CD key
  131. [PS3] AC1 - Stuck at end of Block 4 in empty lab
  132. [PC] AC Revelations lost save
  133. [PS4] The Hammer Falls - achivement not giving - help
  134. [PC] AC II white screen then crashes when loading
  135. [PC] AC3 Texture Problems
  136. [PC] AC2 freezes at one specific location
  137. AC Revelation (PS3) Black screen on startup
  138. [PS3] Principe Viewpoints Bug? 1/2
  139. [PC] AC2 game not saving after "Practice Makes Perfect" mission.
  140. [Ubisoft_Account] Can't Access Ubi forum profile
  141. [PC] Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood BUG
  142. [PC] AC Revelations (PC) - Mediterranean Traveler CD Key not working
  143. PS4: Is Aveline DLC Included with Season Pass on PSN?
  144. [PC] AC2 Uplay "Has stopped working"
  145. [PS4] ISSUE - Story related trophies not unlocking
  146. [Ubisoft_Account] Uplay Activation Code
  147. Kenway's Fleet Rollback? Tons of lost progress
  148. [PC] Give me back my saves Ubisoft
  149. [PC] Problem Reading My Assassin'g Creed II CD Key
  150. [PC] (pc)AC4BF ewdards fleet problems
  151. [XB360] Re-Downloading exclusive content?
  152. [XBOne] We Demand a Parlay - optional objective is impossible to complete.
  153. [PS3] ACIII uPlay Passport Question
  154. [PC] AC4 Save Help
  155. [PC] Assassins Creed IV, The Observatory cutscene/cinematic freeze.
  156. [XB360] Need help please!
  157. [PC] Assassin's Creed 2 crashes when I start it
  158. [PC] AC4 Keeps crashing on start up!
  159. [PC] I bought AC Brotherhood at Office Max but there is no cd key
  160. [PC] AC2 and UPlay Points
  161. [PS4] Unable to sprint, can only jog
  162. [PC] Ac2
  163. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood 100% save that isn't linked to a PSN account?
  164. [XB360] Community Chests in AC4??
  165. [PC] Cannot spur horse in AC3
  166. [PS4] Bug when try update my ACIV: Black Flag (NEW)
  167. Assassins Creed Brotherhood issues
  168. [XBOne] We Demand a Parlay
  169. [PC] ACIV: Black Flag single player not working???
  170. [XB360] Black Flag: Videos in communicator files won't play
  171. [PC] Black Flag missing treasure maps
  172. [PC] Assassin's Creed 1 Sound Problem For Win 8
  173. Is upgrading the RAM useful?
  174. [PC] Connor's gear?
  175. [PC] Is PC-XBOX1 cross-platform single-player possible?
  176. [PC] Uplay Actions not unlocking in Assassin's Creed II
  177. [PS4] AC4 PS4 online acess code say no longer valid !!!
  178. [PC] Problem Unlocking Exclusive Comic Con Hood
  179. Turkısh Subtitle!!
  180. [XBOne] Black Flag, can not access fleet and black screen for multiplayer
  181. [XBOne] ACIV Social Treasure Issue
  182. ACIV: Black Flag, PS4, FPS concern
  183. [Uplay_Shop] Pre-order AC Unity Server Error
  184. [Ubisoft_Account] How do I access the Legend of Edward Kenway outfit?
  185. [PC] AC Initiates dont work.
  186. [Ubisoft_Account] Non functioning of uplay account
  187. [PC] AC2 monitor shaking
  188. [XBOne] AC4: Unable to Reach Xbox Live Services & Multiplayer Freezes
  189. Spin To Win Game Just a Black Screen with Spin Now Button
  190. [PC] [AC2] Bug: Colors messed up. Can't fix.
  191. [PC] AC4 partially freezing
  192. [XBOne] AC4: Freedom Cry His Word Was "Perhaps" Bug
  193. [PS4] AC Unity Best Buy Pre Order issue
  194. [PS3] Ezio's trilogy: AC Brotherhood install error
  195. [PC] ACIV: Black Flag loading screen problem
  196. [PC] Default AC3 key bindings for Xbox wireless controller (key bindings gone crazy)
  197. Can't go Online!
  198. [PS4] Trophy unlock issue - new info
  199. [PC] Completed AC2 final act and no reward/points
  200. [Ubisoft_Account] Spin to win game not visable
  201. [PC] Cannot play Assassins Creed IV Black Flag´s Single Player Mode
  202. [XB360] Red Bar/Green bar connections and lag
  203. [PC] Use Ubisoft to transfer old saved games after new installation.
  204. [PS3] PS3 Assassins's Creed Brotherhood and AC Revelations 100% PS3 saves?
  205. [PS3] Can you re-continue community challenges for assassins creed black flag?
  206. [WiiU] Can't hunt monkeys
  207. [PC] AC4:Black Flag - Conttoyer Fortress Battle Crashes Game
  208. [PC] Can't use M&C or controller for AC3?
  209. [PC] AC4 Black Flag keyboard + mouse
  210. [PC] Can't connect to Ubisoft server in AC4
  211. [PS4] Freedom Cry PS4 download loop
  212. [PC] Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag: shaking screen issue
  213. [WiiU] AC4 hunt sea animals achievement mishap
  214. [XBOne] Cannot run in Black flag
  215. [PC] ACIV: Black Flag
  216. [XBOne] Ambergris key contract target never appears
  217. [PC] I've got a problem in the game AC4
  218. [PS4] AC Unity Unite pre-order program (help please :-) )
  219. [PS4] Error every time...
  220. [PC] Digital Gold Edition Bonuses Problem
  221. [XBOne] ACIV: Black Flag Achievements not unlocking??
  222. [PC] AC Unity Beta?
  223. [Ubisoft_Account] Using my Account on a PS4
  224. [XB360] AC2 Problem - "Load failed. A required downloadable content is missing."
  225. [PC] AC Revelations: Den Bug
  226. [PC] After the udpate the game freezes
  227. [XBOne] How is it possible to play online?!
  228. [XB360] AC4 hasn't downloaded the February Update
  229. [PC] Assassin's Creed IV save problem
  230. [XBOne] Cant unlock "Committed to the cause" achievement
  231. [PC] Missing 2nd templar key
  232. [PS3] Assassin's Creed 3 problems
  233. [PC] AC II Shipwreck mission Glitch; can't get past door
  234. [PS4] ACIV: Black Flag help!
  235. [PC] No Animations in Assassin's Creed 4
  236. [PC] Re installed game recently on a new drive, no save game folder.
  237. How do I get to the spin to win wheel?
  238. [PS4] Freedom Cry PS4 Standalone Freezing/Unplayable.
  239. [PC] ACIV issue with smoke bombs, darts, and other things.
  240. [XB360] Can't connect to Ubisoft server to access Kenway's Fleet
  241. [PC] Uplay won't run AC4
  242. Xbox live download missing Kenway's Fleet
  243. [XB360] Warehouses
  244. [PC] Instructions for Assassin's Creed 3 Season Pass Installation
  245. [PC] AC4:BF Problem
  246. Help!!!
  247. [PC] Another Save File Problem
  248. [Ubisoft_Account] Spin to Win Delivery of Physical Prize
  249. [XBOne] Joining Creeds
  250. [PS3] ACIV: Black Flag community chests / royal fleet