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  1. cannot dismantle blue or pink playing PC
  2. not rewarded with orichalcum for daily missions + can't cycle the hints patch 1.0.3
  3. The Pig is stuck between a rock and a hard place
  4. AC Odyssey - Evie is unlockable
  5. Missing invitation (spoiler inside)
  6. Cannot pick up Orichalcum Ore in central Bay of Xerxes
  7. Fast travel bug xbox one
  8. Language issue
  9. Notoriety stays after paying bounty
  10. [Bug] Legendary engraving not working. (40% damage with bows when above target)
  11. game crash after death now I can't get into my recent saves
  12. Penelope’s Shroud - cannot loot/interact with the objects
  13. Epic Mercenary Disappeared Xone
  14. Phobos Abraxas skin not earned after beating a certain cultist
  15. http://supplementexamine.com/apex-booty-pop/
  16. BUG? King of Lakonia trapped in building
  17. Bug - Battle Audio (Possible Spoiler)
  18. Final CUltist Mission Issue : Spoliers Inside
  19. Level Scaling Option
  20. Followers of Ares (Male) & The Adrestia Have Wrong Portraits
  21. "Clothes Make Daughters" Quest BUG
  22. Graphics are completely washed out after patches.
  23. Ubisoft Club Challenge Glitch (Window Shopping)
  24. Quest "By the Fates" bugged and disappeared before it began
  25. Is it possible to win the War for one Side ?
  26. Armor effects Damage with Swords/Swords and Daggers don't seem to apply correctly
  27. game saves lost
  28. The fall of Deianeira bugged
  29. Bounty System BUG
  30. Land where lawlessness reigns ( No quest )
  31. Problem with We Will Rise Quest
  32. When a solution for "Venomous Encounter" quest ?
  33. Cannot pick up Orchalcum Ore
  34. Discrepancy between mail and Club stats
  35. Main Quest Glitch Can’t Continue Story
  36. split second freezes - anyone else? could it be the game or console?
  37. I dont have the Update
  38. Check +20% Adrenaline per CRIT with Sword
  39. Game breaking bug is going unnoticed
  40. Constant Lock Ups after latest patch
  41. sluggish bug, graphics having trouble, part of one outlined enemy gets stuck - PS4
  42. Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Patch 1.0.5
  43. [BUG] Can’t escort prisoner in A Small Odyssey
  44. Random Game Crashes
  45. Blunt and heavy bladed weapons - Bug
  46. Is it chance for Discovery Tour DLC ?
  47. [Bug Report] Top Right Cultist Branch
  48. Cant attack with ship. Crew wont throw spears/shoot arrows.
  49. Finished main story stuck on 98% ??
  50. Daughters of Artemis attack despite being their leader.
  51. Finished main story stuck on 98% ??
  52. Patch 1.05
  53. Chios Huntress Village Hostile
  54. Patch
  55. The Krokottas Hyena reward glitch?
  56. Mercenary BUG - Please take note and fix ASAP
  57. Call to Arms quest - Can’t talk to Roxana.
  58. How to REMOVE the XP Booster?
  59. [PC] So when are PC issues going to be addressed?
  60. Legendary talents not working properly?
  61. Phoebe is dead in Perikles's Symposium
  62. Minotaur Quest problems
  63. Minotaur's Labrys Heavy Blade kills.
  64. Perikles Symposium - Venomous Encounter missing, Patch 1.05 did not fix it.
  65. Is there always an announcement before a patch is released?
  66. this engraving works?
  67. Olympians need be fixed
  68. Prince of Persia loot bugged
  69. Let The Bodies Hit The Floor - Dumping Bodies
  70. Poisoned boar???
  71. Ps4 bug - loaded into fort even tho last save was in a city
  72. Movement speed while crouching engraving not working.
  73. Myrrine doesn’t move
  74. Quest spoilers in the Odyssey quest description [episode 7]
  75. Armor not upgrade-able
  76. Ubisoft Club Challenge Glitch (Window Shopping)
  77. Region control - Bug or Feature
  78. Patch For PC??
  79. [Issue]Tamed animals disappear after Fast Travel or Cutscene or Save/Load
  80. Game crashes on game load
  81. @Ubi - Bounty Hunters Not Spawning
  82. Dormant Soldiers
  83. Assassin's creed odyssey stuck at checking for additional content
  84. Burn Death = No XP
  85. Line of Sight Broken (With Video)
  86. Waiting on the right patch
  87. Unable to change equipment
  88. Driver update and other problems with game and quest!!!
  89. Unmarked POI
  90. Ps4 stuck in for samikon
  91. Disable Time Savers?
  92. دليل مراكز غسالات وايت بوينت امبابه 01225025360 &01014723434 &#
  93. Stuck in the arena after accepting mercenary challenge.
  94. [Bug Report] Quest: "A God Among Men"
  95. Abilities statistics broken
  96. Recover old save files
  97. Help with CPU Intel Pentium G4560 in game
  98. Legendary Perk not working
  99. [PC] This game is an embarrassment on PC.
  100. Helix Credit problem !
  101. I report a glitch and no response.
  102. Finding great results with this performance solution.
  103. ac Odyssey skips as i travel throughout the maps
  104. An Actor's Life for me (Glitched)
  105. the arena
  106. 'First Do No Harm' Mission Bug
  107. Good news on the Perikles' Symposium bug - might contain some minor spoilers
  108. They should be ashamed
  109. Ps4 stuck in fort samikon has asked for help 4 times no reply
  110. Why is ubisoft not answering?
  111. Steam version of Odyssey with Uplay season pass?
  112. Episode 8 bugged ?
  113. Episode 8 bugged ?
  114. [BUG REPORT] Melee weapon kill counter - engravings
  115. ps4 controller + ds4
  116. Stuttering on X is Well Known. Add to List!
  117. Prince of Persia quest uncompletable
  118. Orichalcum disappeared/ can't access ingame store - server problems?
  119. Game saves keep failing
  120. Switching to different arrow types PC
  121. Home sweet home quest.
  122. what is really going on with Odyssey ?
  123. Cannot unassign lieutenants for my ship :o
  124. Option to Lock Epic Gear Item Needed.
  125. "Catching Up" quest glitch
  126. Tamed beast not there when loading up a save.
  127. The Krokottas Hyena bugged for melee
  128. [PC] Temporal AA causing EXTREMELY low resource utilization in Athens
  129. Orichalcum bug - Fort of Arkas, western border of Arkadia
  130. Ubisoft you need to get your priorities straight
  131. I cant get help from UBISOFT
  132. Mercenary Bug Still No Update
  133. not rewarded with orichalcum for daily Quests + weekly Quests (I'm Done/ frustrated)!
  134. just hit level 50 and still cant get past Perikle's Symposium
  135. my game no longer creates new save files
  136. Bug report - Mother doesn't recognize me
  137. Not received yet pre order mission
  138. Romancing The Stone Garden Bug
  139. Black Screen with white box on launch
  140. Tips no longer cycling/ White flash on loading screen/ Custom marker issues
  141. How to get the right version of Assassins creed odyssey with french audio ?
  142. Secondary quest disappeared
  143. ordered helix 10/10, charged for it, never delivered- bank dispute
  144. Amazon Tassets from Kokytos the Great did not drop for me
  145. Critical assatination bug
  146. Patch coming out tomorrow with an Epic Mercenary?
  147. Dear Ubisoft: Option to turn off IKAROS notification
  148. [Bug quest] Clothes make the daughter
  149. Unlootable piece of Orichalcum
  150. Main Mission Glitch - Help!
  151. Mercenary Bug!
  152. Game bug - Follow Kyra (Trouble In Paradise)
  153. Dear Ubisoft Wasted EXP after reaching Level 50
  154. Having trouble starting AC Odyssey
  155. Lieutenant Bug - Zetes the Retired
  156. Pilgrim gear Crash the game!!
  157. Bare It All quest in Messara [BUG]
  158. Zoisme Bug
  159. The PC version is an unpolished mess
  160. Cannot Dismantle or Sell Blue Rusty Mycenaean Helmet
  161. Disappeared Assassin's Creed Odyssey
  162. Mercenary bug !!!!!
  163. Ashes to Ashes not triggering? (Potential Spoilers)
  164. Please tell us...
  165. Caves - fps drop up to 50%
  166. Online services not working after 1.0.5 update
  167. Can't trigger Nikolaos Scene in Paint in Red Chapter
  168. Great 1.0.5 patch
  169. 1.0.5 PC udate fixed nothing
  170. Club reward Bayek missing
  171. Are you guys having server issues ?
  172. Not receiving the "Venomous Encouter" quest remains unsolved
  173. No Bayek no Evie
  174. Ultrawide issues since last patch - come on guys :/
  175. Oikos of the Olympians didn't refresh his inventory this week
  176. No mission for the epic ship live event
  177. Warning - Weekly Epic Ship Quest can Bug out
  178. Everybody else is doing it
  179. Quest bug [Xbox One]
  180. Does the kalydonian Boar loot bug is listed in the known issues?
  181. Bayek of Siwa Not Received
  182. Uplay Achievements Auto-Save Pictures Missing or Not Working
  183. Epic Ship Skin - Spoiler in Description?
  184. Quest: Delivering a Champion. gamebreaking bug
  185. Quest Broken - Find Themistokle's Treasure
  186. Escort Service (Kleio bug)
  187. First Do no Harm Quest Bug
  188. Bug Drinker of Light
  189. Evie and Bayek After receiving,They could not be found in the ship option.
  190. The Black Wind legendary ship quest disappeared
  191. A few branch tasks cannot be completed.
  192. AC Odyssey Uplay completion at 98%, any suggestions?
  193. Weekly Bounties gone
  194. Uprising quest line glitched
  195. If your having crashing issue or did!
  196. Arena dont start
  197. How long does support take?
  198. Image and text don't correlate
  199. story mission home sweet home, clothes make the daughter and prince of persia bug
  200. Underwater breathing bugged ?
  201. BUG Call to Arms quest
  202. Loot Level Scaling?
  203. Xenia - Birds of a Feather Quest Bug (PS4)
  204. I, Diona won’t advance
  205. Game breaking bug during "The Doctor Will See You Now" mission
  206. ikaros scanning distance bug?
  207. (Major spoilers!) Dead character still accessible (PC)
  208. Bulcrap Known Issues...Game is buggy as hell
  209. Can i remove Ubisoft Club Rewards from my account?
  210. Can I refund my purchase for the xp and drachmae boost?
  211. Routsouna Waterfall mission bug
  212. Helix credit disappeared
  213. I think the Daughters of Artemis faction is bugged.
  214. D Pad Not Working, Can't Use Torch?!
  215. Quality of Life Suggestions/Requests regarding Armor and Weapons
  216. Street performers seem to always play the same song
  217. Gold edition says includes season pass?
  218. Lieutenant Bayek
  219. Orcichalcum used but no gear.
  220. major visual bugs when putting shadows on very high
  221. Chimaira under the map. Game breaking bug?
  222. Complete list of unobtainable orichaclum
  223. Update on Next TU (Title Update)
  224. Sphinx Quest Bug
  225. The total number of "Legendary Items"
  226. are there really 3 seperate story's ?
  227. (report bug?)
  228. [BUG] Quest: Call to arms
  229. The Hind of Keryneia (missing pelt) [BUG]
  230. Daily quests problem
  231. Daily Quest disapears
  232. Lagos Quest Bug...Can't Spare him even if Monger was killed in cave
  233. Assasins Creed Odyssey's fast travel is not working
  234. Severe bug in "A Mother's Prayers" quest
  235. Bug regarding “Trouble in Paradise” mission
  236. "By the Fates" quest bugged.
  237. Equip Your Gear (help needed)
  238. Assassin's Creed Odyssey New Glitches/bugs.
  239. Wild Boar (pig) hitbox issues - ranged dmg doesn't register
  240. trouble with saving - keep overwriting saved games
  241. can we switch between Kassandra and Alexios during the game?
  242. Can't pick up arrows from dead bodies anymore
  243. Evie from CLub Reward not showing ingame
  244. "Call to Arms" Roxana bug.
  245. PC Bug - Keos island saps strength to 25%
  246. Problem with Bayek's showing
  247. Aphrodite’s Embrace trophy is missing for ARAB REGION
  248. Questing bug
  249. Happily Ever After? Quest Bug
  250. Stat Track Bug: BEST MERCENARY RANK