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  1. Epic ship unavailable for second character
  2. Running a Glass Canon build against the Arena King. Any1 run something similar?
  3. Mercenary Breastplates.
  4. Hermes' Homie achievement not unlocking!
  5. @Ubi - Completed 100%
  6. Progression and stealth
  7. Engravings questions
  8. Why... why would the Arena Fighter’s Helmet have Assassin Damage?
  9. Please make the mentors guild threads sticky
  10. My take on Odyssey after finishing it
  11. Pronunciation: [SPOILERS]?
  12. Bayek Not Showing Up As Lieutenant
  13. Updated dagger level from 46-50, Assassin Damage... decreased?
  14. Where to find the codex, or the book of achievements ?
  15. Want a matching set of epic (BiS) armor with the best possible engravings?
  16. /!\ No Live Event this week
  17. The Best Looking Gear Combo...In my opinion
  19. Game current status "Bugs Magnet"
  20. Avoid the Underworld character pack
  21. Never ever buyng a game from Ubisoft again, here's why you shouldn't either.
  22. @Ubisoft - RSG + RNG
  23. Live Event cancelled ...again
  24. Orichalcum map filter problem
  25. How to get Bayek at the my ship
  26. Please fix the game, and stop pictures on fast-travel points
  27. Can I get a dev (or anyone with a screenshot) to confirm something simple?
  28. Damais the Indifferent showen up in my game
  29. Suggestion for a new option
  30. This game need a lot of new armors to be added !!!!
  31. The whole Orichalcum system is frustrating
  32. Weekly Reset....what a joke!!
  33. AC Odyssey - List Of Bugs/Gameplay Issues Encountered (152 Hours In)
  34. So I gave the Olympian Gift a try today
  35. More Adrestia Customization Options
  36. Warrior/Assassin Armor Combo Set Idea...
  37. ANY news about new game plus ?
  38. Ardestia Figurehead questions
  39. Steam Store
  40. Suggestions for Odyssey
  41. https://www.supplementgate.com/blue-chew-male-enhancement/
  42. Stuck at 99.11% forever
  43. https://hbmbzone.com/praltrix-male-enhancement/
  44. https://multihealthtips.com/
  45. Please improve engravings
  46. Store Packs: Why the price increases? Or lack of consistency in prices
  47. Underworld Set poor texture/effect quality.
  48. Avenge other players?
  49. Assassin builds are absolutely lethal.
  50. Distant bow kills?
  51. Please can you change the loot setting for stolen items so that we dont accidentally
  52. Please give us a way to spend our Drachmae
  53. Scheduled Maintenance - November 1
  54. Assassin's Creed Odyssey - 1.0.6 Patch Notes
  55. Absolutely insane damage: Warrior Build.
  56. Playing AC: Odyssey disable my HDD ( The disk on which AC is installed)
  57. I just want to know why this happen
  58. Patch Note Question.
  59. Ubisoft needs to give a good reason for no option on or off enemy level scaling
  60. Game very bad ballanced
  61. any other female crewman skin other than the assassins skin?
  62. Help With The First Quest
  63. Weapon modifiers (like +15% Sword Damage) are not stacking.
  64. My Warrior - Critical Glass Cannon
  65. http://www.health4supplement.com/thermo-burn-south-africa/
  66. Kassandra Needs More Original Armor!!!!
  67. Game not updating
  68. Poll : Tone down the too much fantasy armors with some more historical?
  69. Simple solution for level cap
  70. Looking to talk to a community manager
  71. Killing Sokos
  72. Damage multipliers (All builds)
  73. Mythical creature lairs
  74. Patch 1.06 Breaks the game on Xbox
  75. Polemarchs: Odyssey VS. History
  76. The Lost Tales of Greece problem.
  77. Smacked Kallisto the Bear like he was a stuffed animal.
  78. Ubisoft released a non Warrior set
  79. Can we get a non-warrior set?
  80. Patch Detailed Player Stats Page
  81. lol @ "staffs" Ubisoft fail
  82. New achievement called "defeat Lightning Rod"
  83. Black Phobos
  84. A wish I've had (since Origins) and was reminded of again while playing Odyssey!
  85. Season pass question
  86. Live Event Fix upcoming - Compensation?
  87. Capture gallery PS4 still not fixed
  88. AC:O has a lot of love and hate... how many have quit the game or finished the game?
  89. +CRIT Chance...Not while at full or low health
  90. Fast travel to villages?
  91. Animal Behavior [AI] feedback
  92. Missing orichalcum skins...
  93. Store
  94. Patch 1.06 PS4 - Thanks!
  95. The show must go on - where?
  96. [Suggestion] displayed item
  97. Can you get this armor in the game?
  98. The Combat Is So Difficult,Even On Easy
  99. How does legendary weapon with legendary engrave work?
  100. Dear Ubisoft, please add the option to change the color of our equipment
  101. Accessibility, quality of life
  102. Adrenaline cost changed from 3 to 2 to 3
  103. Hippocrates quest not showing up?
  104. Black Winds Event
  105. 1 out of 7 store gear sets is Assassin.
  106. Oikos of the Olympians Shop
  107. Armor Visual Customization 100% Confirmed
  108. New Achievement - Lightning Rod
  109. Spartan Enemies Are Too Weak
  110. Opinion - The Show Must Go On
  111. A Glitch that I actually hope happens/Collecting Friends aboard the Adrestia
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  115. Head gear should stay on...
  116. Step by step instructions to Get Your Bottle of IntenseX Pills
  117. Precautionary measures to utilize Praltrix Male Enhancement ?
  118. Online Features STILL inconsistent after 1.0.6
  119. Question - Can you recruit people in conquest battle
  120. Has anyone bothered tapping the X button on PS4 or the A button on Xbox while running
  121. Buying armor and weapons from store.
  122. NPC's help you fight too :D
  123. Save transfer Ultimate STEAM to Standard UPLAY
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  125. Photo Mode Webpage Not Working
  126. Bounty question
  127. Critical Knockout
  128. AI in the game needs to be addressed
  129. Trouble In Paradice Quest
  130. Pegasus Armour Annoyance
  131. Sea Shanties
  132. Please make her stop singing... Please...
  133. New Game Plus ?
  134. The Misthios chiton and casual wear
  135. Event rewards
  136. Summon help ? plz help explain the skill
  137. another new trophy just showed up
  138. Dynamic events, live events, long-term goals
  139. Need option buy Orichalcum Ore.
  140. Most OP skill in the entire game
  141. Customizable Gear
  142. Items for secondary quests
  143. Please fix Light Aim Assist
  144. (Request for Devs) Can we get a customization submenu on Adrestia Upgrades
  145. Ezio family overplay
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  148. Assassin's creed is gone...
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  150. Orichalcum
  151. Wny not the real odyssey
  152. I don't like Assassin's Creed Dark Souls...
  153. Update on the Mercenary Live Events
  154. Request: allow combat finishers to trigger on all kills instead of last kill only
  155. Why is there a pop-up about buying drachma etc in the uplay launcher?
  156. walk speed for horse and player
  157. Suggestion: Add an option to allow people the choice to either kill off or recruit
  158. Ideas on New Features for Futures updates
  159. How does armor work
  160. How to ever beat Deianeira? (The Fall of Deianeira)
  161. New Idea for Naval Customization. Lets talk.
  162. Game is unplayable
  163. The new trophies/achievements
  164. Favorite Side Quests in the game
  165. cant weaken an area for conquest battle
  166. Some Game Improvement Thoughts
  167. Previous mercenary tiers
  168. Don't no anymore what's coming
  169. On fire, please help! (Devs, maybe nerf fire damage, at least on "easy")
  170. Post your tips for new players please
  171. More xp for taking down culists.
  172. Post your Build in action here ! [Media Thread]
  173. Video on some upcoming changes in Odyssey
  174. Combat finishers should be more frequent!
  175. Amazing Post Launch Game Support
  176. Suggestion:Loadouts
  177. Question for developers
  178. Trophy for Spartan kick
  179. Damage
  180. Cannot fast travel, icon is dimmed
  181. Any Cheats?
  182. I have managed to randomly tour the world by sea - very immersive and calm
  183. Mythical creatures
  184. Expansion dates correct?
  185. just looking for some info and clarification :)
  186. Duplicate gear
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  189. Cant to complete Hippokrates "Inheritance Insurance" quests
  190. Best place to find wood in tha game!
  191. Legendary & Mythical Creature - Make them Re-playable
  192. Photomode needs improvements
  193. Assassins creed Odyssey - Suggestion
  194. Epirus Bow from the movie Immortals!!! PLEASE UBISOFT
  195. Server down?
  196. What's the better game: Odyssey or Origins?
  197. Too Many Question Marks
  198. Community Endgame Challenge: Conquest Battles
  199. Nightmare difficulty
  200. New Quest update
  201. Ideas for new legendary items.
  202. Hold Left directional pad to equip fists
  203. When do you plan to fix the crappy legendary sets Ubisoft?
  204. Conquest battle pile-on
  205. Assassin Kitten!
  206. faux of olympus
  207. X2 XP Boost Toggle On/Off, What's with the level cap!
  208. Quiver look dastrically changed
  209. Question on Purchasing Gear
  210. Missed The Black Wind
  211. Sea Battles: Whom should I attack?
  212. Help with uplay achievements
  213. https://hbmbzone.com/test-troxin-ca/
  214. Remove Blood from a Tamed Animal?
  215. Wishful thinking: I wish we could switch between Kassandra and Alexios.
  216. @UBI: Thanks for the new pet system!
  217. The gear levels don't really feel that useful for bonouses
  218. Favorite Ship?
  219. Cult of Kosmos Problems -- Help
  220. This weeks legendary item at Oikos's shop
  221. My feelings following my first playthrough of Odyssey
  222. Event clarification
  223. New video uploaded on November content.
  224. Phobos Speed Limit
  225. Question about weekly quest
  226. @ubi . Is the PS4 capture gallery going to be fixed ?
  227. Deluxe pack with season pass?
  228. Cool Mechanic: Shoot an arrow throw a torch
  229. Hades Mythical Set Bonus need attention to shine.
  230. Odysseus Pack
  231. Is it okay to explore?
  232. Skill Tier Increase with level cap increase
  233. Was Naval Warfare nerfed?
  234. Epic item quality
  235. ship crew
  236. Question for the devs (on new trailer)
  237. Get store gear at Oikos
  238. Ship Storage
  239. Should i buy it
  240. Can we please not have morphing armor/weapons done through the inventory !?
  241. Please add a 2D map toggle option and high contrast icons
  242. New game +?
  243. The Problem with the "Legendary Hunt" quest line. WARNING! SPOILERS!
  244. https://supplementsultra.com/
  245. Red Dead Redemption 2 vs Assassin's Creed: Odyssey | Direct Comparison
  246. Epic ship's bow
  247. CAN WE DO A MAYAN Civilization before we do a Chinese one?
  248. Request: improvement legendary items by adding second engraving.
  249. chest?
  250. This Month in Assassin’s Creed® Odyssey – November 2018