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  1. Suggestion: Please boost mercenaries' award
  2. Legendary armors should have more unique look!
  3. 140 hours later - AC Odyssey, an unfinished and unpolished masterpiece
  4. suggestions/wishlist
  5. I'm replaying the game from scratch on NIGHTMARE difficulty and loving it
  6. Question regarding the damage output of the assassin's creed odyssey classes.
  7. It"s not challenging - it's stupid...
  8. Legendary dodger of animals
  9. A Suggestion for the Nightmare Difficulty
  10. Why making a new AC game every year instead of upgrading one via the DLCs and content
  11. Unlimited levels is not a problem. and here is the solution.
  12. Are Assassin's Creed games getting to large?
  13. mythical creatures
  14. AC Odyysey Xbox One Elite Controller Profile / Settings
  15. Ubisoft - Let us create armor sets we can equip all at once
  16. So, Critical Damage.........
  17. Fanged Bow....
  18. Do you earn "Always" orichalcum when completing daily/weekly quests?
  19. Odyssey ending credits
  20. NPC I'm supposed to protect always dies
  21. Elysian axe
  22. Something absolutely amazing about the bow I didnt know.
  23. Rub oil on Testikles
  24. Poll : "Unlimited level cap" or "Prestige levels"
  25. Kill captain, loot treasure, rinse and repeat
  26. How to activate xp boost?
  27. Can we get the Sidearm Xiphos scaled down a bit?
  28. Some QOL ideas/Bugs
  29. Epic spartan breast plate
  30. Mentors Guild Community Discussion - The Identity of Assassin's Creed
  31. Tiara instead of helmet?
  32. Please help! Having trouble starting/initiating conquest battles in Odyssey
  33. Whats the point
  34. Full Character Model in Inventory Screen
  35. One Final Try
  36. Daily Orichalcum Quest
  37. Legendary Gear
  38. Portable Player Home & Some QOL improves
  39. Maps of items
  40. Is there an objective, best armour set/combo?
  41. Suggestion
  42. Interesting thing I noticed in Legacy of the First Blade
  43. Epic vs legendary armor.
  44. When are we getting the Animus Control Panel for Odyssey?
  45. How to use Shields..
  46. Tevida http://malemuscletest.com/tevida-reviews/
  47. Why there is a need for the ability to change the appearance of your armor.
  48. Microtransactions in Odyssey
  49. What is the point of conquest-ing any given region?
  50. Uplay says I don't have any games!
  51. Cannot find midas the banker
  52. [Suggestion] MORE HUD OPTIONS!
  53. If this is a thing
  54. Legendaries need to be more unqiue
  55. Assasin creed Odyssey is my dream game. Thanks Ubi!
  56. Where to find war paint hunter armor
  57. How to choose which leutenant will aid you in the battle?
  58. Interesting real world discovery
  59. 1 out of the 6 gear sets in the store has assassination stats.
  60. The Black Wind - Weekly Live Event - Epic Ship
  61. Why is the Project Stream version of Odyssey ahead of the PC/console versions?
  62. After 200+ hours on one run through.
  63. A love letter to all involved in Assassin's Creed Odyssey
  64. Bayek available in the store as a Lieutenant
  65. Question for native Greek speakers regarding the Greek in Assassin's Creed Odyssey
  66. Inventory Problems...
  67. Please, please, please Ubisoft, while you're working on fixing the remaining bugs...
  68. Odyssey OST CD
  69. Finally hit level 50
  70. great soundtrack
  71. Is there any desert in Odyssey
  72. Evie and Bayek not appearing
  73. Non-gamebreaking things I do not I like
  74. Hero Sword
  75. Can’t find the ship/mission
  76. Xenia's treasure hunt
  77. Some ideas to improve the game.
  78. Rules to leveling a weapon type imprint (Mastery of....)
  79. Ac odyssey skill list on ps4?
  80. Live Event, Orichalcum mission does not appear after the reset.
  81. Attacking Lieutenants (issue)
  82. Dismissing lieutenants
  83. AC Odyssey Side Quests
  84. Please, please, please Ubisoft. Cult Of Cosmos Outfit
  85. Epic-quality equipment should NOT in be in the loot table of the Olympian Gifts.
  86. Can we please have the Creed back?
  87. Please Ubisoft can you clarify?? (NOT BUG OR SUGGESTION RELATED)
  88. Item stats
  89. [Suggestion] Tweak jumping bow shots
  90. http://www.supplementhealthexpert.com/hyaluronic-plus-serum/
  91. Image of the day. Paintings?
  92. Event epic ship gone after accepting quest?
  93. Live events (current and future ones) bug or intended?
  94. Health Bsr deissapearing
  95. NPCs Becoming Scared of You After Cutscenes
  96. Why don't enemies upscale to my level on every Difficulty?
  97. I'm REALLY bad at naval combat. Any tips? Or a guide somewhere?
  98. Is land based orichalcum one and done?
  99. Fashion Creed - Post the look of your Eagle Bearer
  100. legendary gear - hide / delete
  101. What little things did you find/ like?
  102. Game lacks detail compared to Origins, Birds, Art etc
  103. Pixelated Fire Textures?
  104. worst running motion
  105. (Request) Raise save games numbers!
  106. Name of Weekly Orichalcum Quest?
  107. The future of Assassins Creed titles
  108. Level Armor and Arms
  109. The Epic Ship; Missing?
  110. Merchant restock?
  111. Orcilium Vendor Restock is Garbage!
  112. Any AC art collectors here, such as signed limited editions from Titan Books?
  113. Secondary quest disappeared
  114. Taming animals request
  115. Target Lock & Takedown for Civilians
  116. Don't get why people say this game's grindy
  117. We need an option to change a full set equipment
  118. A Word On Difficulty...
  119. Game is much better than expected and I was not going to get it due to the no shield
  120. What do you with extra “Ancient Tablets”
  121. [Bug] [Spoiler] [Immersion break] Hunters of Artemis questline
  122. What's the deal with the 'fork in the road' quests?
  123. [GUIDE] Improving performance without quality loss
  124. No More Red Question.
  125. Did not Receive Bayek Lieutenant in My Game PS4
  126. Why is the damage output garbage?
  127. Elemental buildup
  128. Is pure stealth a viable option on Nightmare?
  129. Ghost Arrows broken?
  130. I randomly got 2 Xenia maps before even starting the treasure hunt?
  131. destroying silos
  132. Engravings
  133. Ubisoft Legacy Gameplay Mechanics
  134. No clothes for Kassandra
  135. Assassin's Creed® Odyssey: Additional Feats
  136. Feedbacks / suggestions regarding the in-game feature
  137. Save file naming
  138. Can someone please address this?
  139. Ships battle problem
  140. AC: Odyssey and Club Points balance (Bayek = 40 points?)
  141. Does difficulty have any impact on enemy AI?
  142. Play after 50
  143. So is there unlimited number of mercenaries or they just "run out" after time?
  144. Shark Tips
  145. Is boarding supposed to be like this?
  146. Guide location Tombs and ancient Stele - Assassins Creed Odyssey
  147. 100% Map completion
  148. Scared Mercenaries?
  149. Live Event problem
  150. Can't kill medusa on ps4
  151. How does Odyssey compares to Origins
  152. Can I please un-equip my bow?
  153. Ring of Chaos Tips
  154. suggestion: would be great to have customizable gear
  155. Enemies are way to overpowered.
  156. Weekly quest
  157. I Love this Game So Mutch
  158. How to beat every enemy in the game on easy with almost no challenge.
  159. Broken mission board
  160. Shroud of the Bear GLITCH
  161. Stats glitch??
  162. Need Help! Bug in mission
  163. Choices and Consequences
  164. Questions about engravings and builds
  165. 'flaming attacks' ability vs 'weapon damage becomes fire damage' engraving
  166. "You need to be anonymous" -- Why? How?
  167. Is the "xx% Crit damage at LOW health" engraving permanently active if...
  168. 99% Progression
  169. Game-breaking bug
  170. Question for those with hunter builds
  171. Add ability to buy Olympian Gifts with drachma
  172. Will the “Athenian Pack” eventually be available in US?
  173. Nightmare Naval Combat: How I take it on. (Video)
  174. AC Odissey Hungaryan subtitles
  175. Is it possible that odyssey will perform 60 fps on ps4 pro in the future?
  176. Rush Assassination as a Warrior ability while in combat.
  177. Destroying Mercenary Ships on Nightmare: my approach.
  178. How do I change my characters hairstyle ?
  179. From Odyssey to Black Flag II
  180. The worst character movement of any RPG I've played
  181. Player home and a non-combat minigames
  182. Current state of the AC series and future recommendations
  183. No loot at all on the battlefield after Conquest Battles.
  184. Concerning Legendary Armor
  185. Crit and Headshots
  186. Staff of Hermes trismegistus
  187. Can you make Lamia a "friendly " village ?
  188. Petition to reduce upgrade cost
  189. Live event quests and rewards across different playthroughs
  190. http://www.health4supplement.com/body-fit-keto/
  191. Dismissing Lieutenants >.<
  192. What the point to have dificulty in AC:O?
  193. Lookin for pointers: Nightmare Conquest Battles.
  194. Civilians attacking me....annoying and pointless?
  195. Can you add back the leveling Origins had?
  196. Live Event still not working..
  197. AC Odyssey DLC
  198. odyssey stealth issue or so
  199. Question regarding the two new trophies.
  200. My Kassandra
  201. I was sure I paid for a fully functioning game.
  202. Can we please have the option dye our gear or change its look? Epic gear is a mess
  203. My Nightmare skill choices and playstyle. A short “how to”.
  204. Animal taming
  205. Please create a completed quest checklist menu
  206. Different Versions?
  207. Buy at UPLAY but buy season pass on STEAM?
  208. Change map names please
  209. ship weapons mechanics infuriating
  210. Do you ever re-play AC games? How? and Why?
  211. Erymanthian Bore
  212. Toggle Visual Changes from Upgrades on Adrestia
  213. This Game Should Be Online
  214. The Lost Tales of Greece - When Can We Hear More?
  215. How come majority of helix credits sets boost warrior skills?
  216. Blind king mission
  217. Is the blind king going to be fixed ??
  218. Where's all legendary mercenaries gone ?
  219. CALL TO ARMS should not be only for stealth..
  221. New Game Plus?
  222. No More Red - Weekly Orichalcum Contract - Naval
  223. Dead bodies falling out of enemies
  224. Level 61 (raised level cap)
  225. Underwater!
  226. How do you get the Adrestia close to your location?
  227. 토토제작/토토솔루션/ 텔레그램 iaansoft2013 / 24시친절상담 ^^
  228. Why is there is armor that we can't have ?
  229. I dont get how the "finding the side quest(yellow ones)" system works
  230. I went back to Origins for a bit and...
  231. Character cannot move
  232. Oikos Of the Olympians Vendor Idea
  233. Skills help
  234. Idea to help finding good epic gear
  235. A Nightmare Warrior build that I like to call “Chaos”.
  236. Oikos Of the Olympians Vendor(S)
  237. Does Anyone Else Have Trouble Picking This Orichalcum Up?
  238. Did anyone find this armor in the game?
  239. Interesting video from GDC about AC series development
  240. A couple of suggestions.
  241. Chests I can't Open?
  242. Question on Removing the Helmet
  243. Misthios more like Hitmanthios...
  244. Immortal set should Display a 2 Minute Timer
  245. Piri Reis you cad!
  246. What are your highest damage headshots with what build? (3 mil dmg)
  247. Ancient Greeks must have all been bats**t crazy
  248. Legendary Armor should be able to take two engravings.
  249. Quest Givers should not be killed by animals / NPCs
  250. Restored Mycenean Armor just EPIC? disappointing quest reward