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  1. health low and staying low spoilers
  2. Please allow single ability removal
  3. Ubi Doooodes thanks for new Walk!!!
  4. Having a feature to find incomplete historical locations
  5. Didn't get From Ashes to Ashes quest
  6. Patch 1.03 Shazzam!
  7. Review copies had far less grind
  8. New update visual issue
  9. Make AC Odyssey run as smooth as possible on your rig with this tips!
  10. Few things I hate about Assassins Creed Odyssey
  11. Patch 1.03 Broke My Game
  12. To Ubisoft Developers in term of DLC ideas
  13. LOST TALES OF GREECE release date
  14. Gotta tweak some animations, my dudes
  15. Unicorn Skin for Phobos
  16. Call to Arms skill
  17. To shed some light on cyclones/storms
  18. 3 days and still no full patchnotes for 1.03 here?
  19. An idea for a redesign of Athenian War Hero
  20. The Arena - the good and the bad
  21. Poll - Temporary XP boost and Drachmae Boost in Olympians Shop
  22. Temporary XP boost and Drachmae Boost in Olympians Shop
  23. Legendary Hades Bow
  24. Combat stats are giving me false readings. Advice?
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  26. Could we please get an option to show HELMET/HOOD/TIARA during cutscenes ?
  27. Can Ubisoft add Chinese subtitles in the game for North America?
  28. 12 Horoscope Signs ?
  29. Help.......Technical Difficulties!! :(
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  31. I just cannot get used to parry
  32. Stentor bug?
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  34. Change armor appearance
  35. Stuck in cult of kosmos disguise (PC)
  36. Collection is growing, and it feels so good! Love the saga!
  37. Three weird glitches I've found so far
  38. Assassins creed Odyssey Language packs
  39. How do I change the avatar?
  40. Permanent XP Boost enable/disable option?
  41. When is the Animus Control Panel coming?
  42. Tamed Beasts not allowed on Mythical Boss fights
  43. legendary duplicate items
  44. Switching from Easy to normal to hard?
  45. More bandit ships please!
  46. One request (2nd melee slot concern)
  47. Love the game, but......
  48. Is u.s version different to EU ?
  49. Kudos to the Ubisoft dev team for making an extremely balanced game
  50. Can the Physics be tweaked/fixed a bit ?
  51. I miss the classic loading screen.
  52. SUGGESTION : Improving stealth
  53. Pet Health Damage Engraving?
  54. Sold/deleted Legendary items
  55. Odyssey - PSN Avatars
  56. 1.03 Patch Took away mid fight Respec
  57. Just noticed yet another little detail missing in Odyssey
  58. Another little detail missing from Odyssey...
  59. Is there a legendary version of this?
  61. AC:O walkthrough book is slightly disapointing
  62. Defeated in conquests when you haven't been killed
  63. Are there some camera tools available?
  64. On a mission for Sparta... but also killing Spartans
  65. Where do I find this piece of gear?
  66. Update The Parkour Back To AC:Unity levels? Or at least try?
  67. Help! can't find cultist
  68. are there any secret event quests or just secret quest in general in game
  69. Please give the option to Unequip bows
  70. Character Leveling
  71. Request: Skins for Ikaros
  72. Request: Earrings
  73. What an Odyssey. Thank you, Ubisoft.
  74. Request: option to disable finishing moves.
  75. Legendary armor
  76. Hoods/Helmets
  77. Enermy level scaling
  78. Odyssey Abilty stops working
  79. I know this is a dumb question but did they keep the blood filter?
  80. Mobile...
  81. Socrates
  82. How do you unlock the “+15% Poison Damage and Buildup” engraving?
  83. Map pack 1,500 Helix Credits
  84. Exactly How To Order Cerebral Boost As Well As Brain Power Up
  85. http://www.goodforfitness.com/spartagen-xt-australia/
  86. Live events reward
  87. Can you implement this? [Let players change look of gear while maintaining its stats]
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  89. catch up ( follow up Mirrin)
  90. Giving credit where it is due...
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  92. Anyone watched angry joes review of oddssey?
  93. Texture issues (Xbox One)
  94. Can we have a Kassandra dynamic wallpaper please (PS4)?
  95. http://www.umbsstudio.com/keto-tone-diet/
  96. Features Request
  97. SUGGESTION: Side Quests need more VARIETY!!
  98. Spartan War Hero Set
  99. Проблемы с Odyssey
  100. In case if anyone don't know (parkour)
  101. توكيل صيانه وايت بوينت 0235695244 اعطال تلاجه واي
  102. Here's an idea for end-game (max level cap)
  103. Playing Odyssey feels way less rewarding after hitting level 50
  104. [Game stability] Multiple freezes
  105. Game unplayable
  106. side mission
  107. Allow our Lieutenants & Ship Crew to do some Tasks (Minigame suggestion)
  108. War Paint
  109. Request: Crew sings custom songs
  110. A few criticisms of the series as a whole.
  111. some clarification ?
  112. He's airborne lol !
  113. Patch 1.04 for PC............ever?!?!?
  114. Found some kind of artifact in "Wild Bear" location
  115. Suggestion: Can we change the model of spears in future games?
  116. Creep farming big failure
  117. A bigger romance story for Thelatas/Kyra
  118. Taming Animals Idea
  119. Custom Control Scheme
  120. I am a god!
  121. Crashing whenever i use Ikaros
  122. What does this icon mean (Not in map Legend)
  123. Make save slots in the Inventory?
  124. Reduce the Cloud Quality on Consoles !
  125. Can’t call ship from docks
  126. Assassin's Creed Odyssey Animal List
  127. World Map scale: Real life map size versus in-game map size!
  128. The lack of sexy men in the game.
  129. HELP! Heros in Conquest Battles
  130. [WISHLIST] Weapons/Armor
  131. Ubisoft finally changed the level gap in the main quests in 1.03
  132. Idea for wasted XP after 50lv
  133. XP gained after level 50
  134. Archery + Conquest Battles
  135. Heavy Bladed Engraving Bug work around i guess
  136. Gear swaping
  137. Assassin's Creed Odyssey PlayStation Store
  138. BUG - No dialogue sound during cutscenes
  139. Photos On Fast-Travel Icons Make It Unfair For Actual Good Photos
  140. Request . Story mode outfits to wear .
  141. Helmet off during cutscenes
  142. Functionality bug PS4: Tamed alpha animals too weak
  143. Do you HAVE to upgrade the spear to finish the story?
  144. Request - 🗡️ We Need Longer Conquest Battles ⚒️
  145. How do I get this loot?
  146. Upgrade tokens for Helix store.
  147. Game freezes more often after patch 1.03
  148. Abilities wheelbars
  149. Even Better Than a Spartan Kick
  150. What does this icon mean? (check screenshot inside)
  151. Need Help DMG low
  152. Give legendary gear 2 engraving slots
  153. Hand-to-hand combat. Question to devs, CMs. Topic to discuss with community.
  154. Can't complete written in stones mission
  155. Eyes of Kosmos - AC: Odyssey chat group
  156. UI Feedback When Clearing Restricted Areas of Enemies
  157. What i think would make Assassin's Creed a better ASSASSIN'S CREED game
  158. [PC] Warrior/assassin ability slots activation
  159. Planting the seeds for peace...
  160. suggestions for the next assassin.
  161. Bug? Random loss of KB/M control on PC
  162. *** Mod Support - Please! ***
  163. how many hours spent on
  164. Add aim assist to the pile of broken bits...
  165. Upgrading Equipment in rarity?
  166. Main Story Bug
  167. Assassins creed Odyssey
  168. Tasks from the Information Board
  169. Has this been addressed by the community staff or a developer?
  170. Lower Tier mercenaries
  171. My game just unistalled itself.
  172. Acient Stronghold last chest [Spoiler]
  173. Getting abit disappointed with the amount of issues hope there another update soon
  174. We need the "jogging" movement back!!!
  175. Turn off XP Boost function!
  176. [Request] Refunding skills one at a time
  177. My suggestions on how the best Assassin's Creed game and combat should be
  178. One man army conquest battle?! [request]
  179. AI Rebalance: Friendly Fire Issues
  180. Game toolkit How to do progression tips for UB
  182. Walls in Athens
  183. SIDEQUESTS and how to improve them.
  184. Best late game build?
  185. AC:Odyssey is Shockingly&Disappointingly Lazy
  186. What Am I Doing?
  187. Conquest battles request
  188. Conquest battle question
  189. Camera Follow
  190. Using boost from ubisoft club
  191. Thank you for this amazing game!
  192. Some technical improvements I noticed over Origins
  193. Nightmare mode impossible? Help!
  194. Visual imparement issue
  195. A posing after conquest battle
  196. [Spoilers] Endgame glitch. Need help.
  197. Ship Recruiting - knocking out Mercs ? Weakened Leaders?
  198. Odyssey’s Leveling System.. What’s your thoughts?
  199. Favourite Phobos Skin?
  200. Why is attacking innocents/animals so easy and hard?
  201. Socratic Method Quest
  202. How do you get out of the cave of the forgotten isle ?
  203. Somebody Please Confirm "Show Me The Money" Badge
  204. Is enemy fire too OP?
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  208. Nintendo Switch
  209. Should I prefer Poison over Fire, or the other way around?
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  212. Suggestion ancient tablets should be more obtainable throughout the game!!
  213. Halberd and Heavy Club need some improvement
  214. Conquest battles cheeseball?
  215. In game list of all mission
  216. Stats panel please, Ubi <3
  217. What happens after lvl 50?
  218. To Kill or Not to Kill dilemma
  219. ACO Hungaryan subtitles
  220. Arrow Management
  221. Game Feature Suggestion
  222. Equipped Weapons ? Perks ?
  223. Cheaper steel book editions on the future?
  224. Engraving question
  225. [Suggestion] Please make the polemarch quests be one quest with 5 seals
  226. How many Mercenaries are there?
  227. Blacksmith Idea
  228. Tamed pet going hostile on the Adrestia
  229. Daughters of Artemis enemies again.
  230. Photos on map
  231. Employee Working Conditions
  232. REQUEST Fast Travel to Blacksmiths
  233. REQUEST - Buy All button when buying resources from Black Smiths
  234. REQUEST Fast Travel to Docking Points
  235. [Request] horde mode in the arena.
  236. REQUEST - Max Ability Ponits
  237. Main Questline Question - No Spoilers
  238. Unlocking Ubisoft Club rewards?
  239. People / vista watch.
  240. Contract - The Spartan Payback. What is a "Pentercounter"
  241. When does New Game+ come?
  242. Remember the cutscenes on the island of Andros?
  243. Any word on the Legacy outfits?
  244. Island Hopper trophy
  245. HELP - Can't fire Javelins from my ship.
  246. Athens
  247. Thank you Ubi for the game!!
  248. Quest Items Still In Inventory
  249. HUD request - option to move all floating markers to the compass
  250. Phobos is removed from world during cutsense and coversations.