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  1. Anybody know if there will be a tool Wheel or aimable smoke bombs In AC Odyssey?
  2. AC Odyssey - Country Dedication
  3. ((--------MORE mythology fantasy= BETTER ------------------))
  4. رواد صيانه وستنجهاوس الاصلي &01014723434& شبرا &01225025360& westi
  5. can we freely walk in spartan encampment or military bases without fight
  6. مركز خدمة بيكو مصر الجديده @01225025360@01014723434@0235695244
  7. Some pointers on how to really hit the bullseye with Odyssey
  8. Improving Mounts in AC Odyssey- Suggestions for the Developers
  9. My most anticipated game of 2018
  10. Mentors Guild Community Discussion - Transmedia
  11. Suggestion: In-game Stat-tracking
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  14. The One Thing I Know I'm Going To Hate In Odyssey.
  15. rain and Dynamic weather ?
  16. Kassandra vs preorders
  17. Who will YOU choose?
  18. Assassin's Creed™: History - Socrates
  19. 3 Ways Ubisoft should expand the Franchise to allow us to play as the Templars
  20. Odyssey needs much more challenging gameplay
  21. Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Fan Art Contest [Twitter]
  22. Color Schemes/Combinations
  23. Storyline
  24. Ubisoft at gamescom 2018
  25. Have you been keeping up with JorRaptor's videos? How do you feel about the combat?
  26. Mentors Guild Community Discussion - Social Stealth
  27. New Mission Gameplay
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  29. About the spear ... to the developers
  30. Game informer 107 questions on ACOD director
  31. Optimization for pc
  32. Assassin's Creed Odyssey new symbol (Λ): Do you like it more than the previous one?
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  34. Assassin's Creed Odyssey ESRB Rating *SPOILERS*
  35. Has the parry animation changed?
  36. AC:OD main characters voice acting
  37. New Behind the Odyssey Video - Combat Customization
  38. Ready to war with Gods, Myths and Legends in Assassin's Creed Odyssey?
  39. PC Assassin Creeed Odyssey! (for the Dev)
  40. Framerate CONCERNS
  41. Weapon Types in Odyssey?
  42. AC Odyssey Character Selection Breaks Lore??
  43. رواد صيانه امريكول الاصلي &01014723434& الشيخ زايد &
  44. Enemy Mercs Improved on Phylakes
  45. Speculation- Father of Understanding?
  46. Mentors Guild Community Discussion - Gender Options
  47. صيانه جولدي(التجمع الخامس) 01014723434 goldy01225025360
  48. End game in AC:OD?
  49. About Naval (Video) SPOILER INSIDE!
  50. De-juddering TV settings and Assassin's Creed Games
  51. Do you think we would be able to chose between Assassin and Templar in this game?
  52. @Ubi , That tree..
  53. Ancient Athens is too cool to be true
  54. 300 Dialogue references in Odyssey?
  55. Developer / Game Access ASAP Please! Accessibility Issues!
  56. Would we be able to sit around?
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  60. Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Concept Art Outfits!
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  64. Ashraf Ismail on mission design
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  66. Will ubisoft be at EGX this year?
  67. What's it worth?
  68. Remove the light from the dagger, what kind of kindergarten
  69. How Will Choices Effect Gear Earned
  70. Assassin's Creed Odyssey Gameplay CHOICES HAVE A HUGE IMPACT On The Story
  71. Versus Mode - A Possible Feature in Assassin's Creed Odyssey?
  72. بلاغات اعطال تلاجات فريجيدير & 01014723434 && 01225025360& عين &#
  73. Problems fix from Origins and not repeat in Odissey
  74. Suggestion: GLOWING Spear OPTIONAL?
  75. SUGGESTION: Recruits should be able to die!
  76. On the map there is an island that should not be there
  77. Finisher system rework suggestion
  78. Difficulty settings?
  79. Odyssey system specs
  80. Question about prince of persia and assassin creed?
  81. On the map there is an island that should not be there
  82. Will Odyssey have both invert camera options?
  83. Assassin's Creed Odyssey: Gamescom 2018 A World of Danger Gameplay Trailer
  84. Assassin's creed odyssey
  85. Will I have other chance to get the E3 reward-Mycenaean Dory?
  86. relationships question
  87. Assassin's Creed Lore is NOT broken: Here is why:
  88. New Trailers!
  89. New Gameplay Video - Boss Fighting (Medusa)
  90. Beyond the Odyssey Videos
  91. [Question] I pre order pantheon edition but
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  93. Not a yearly cycle for Assassin's Creed series
  94. Building Your Crew In Assassins Creed Odyssey
  95. Confirmed NO Assassins Creed this year or next year
  96. Welcome back evie frye to world of spartan ac odyssey #ahoy
  97. Passive income in Assassin's Creed Odyssey
  98. Next AC...Sumerians or Norse Mythology?
  99. Disappointed that they removed the in game database from Origins. What about Odyssey?
  100. PATCH to AC UNITY and Black flag 2.0 revival part 1
  101. Will the Official Guide tell you the outcome of your choices?
  102. @Ubi - Legacy Button Layout
  103. Will there be white room confessions?
  104. Malaka word is a fail.....
  105. Coopération?
  106. Thoughts on state of the AC franchise
  107. Some frustrations I had with Origins that I hope don't carry over to Odyssey
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  110. HDR on PC
  111. Assassin's Creed Odyssey Revealed Full Map!
  112. 2019 Supposition
  113. Questions regarding gameplay and pre-order
  114. The Mercenary System Revealed! - JorRaptor Video
  115. Ubisoft CCO Reveals Details About the Assassin’s Creed Franchise
  116. Medusa Revealed To Be Linked To First Civ
  117. How about a new AC-like historical combat-RPG IP that explores the Templar side?
  118. Beard and hairstyle
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  121. Will Odyssey have Steam achievements like Origins did?
  122. What Assassin's Creed Odyssey Learned From Witcher 3
  123. Helmets/Headgear for Dialogs & Cutscense
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  126. Assassin's Creed rewards requests
  127. Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Alexios Figurine [Unboxing]
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  131. The Past and Future State of The Present Day
  132. Odyssey: 99% History - 1% Mythology
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  135. When they install a new elevator in your building...
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  137. Question about versions
  138. Question about world map
  139. Unable to play before time.
  140. Assassin's Creed Odyssey Gameplay First Look At Max Level Stealth Abilities
  141. Investigations - Will They Return
  142. I would like to express a concern, if I may, with the skill tree
  143. Would love to see....
  144. Sony Store Pre-order
  145. Demo?
  146. Is the Spear of Leonidas bound to the Misthios?
  147. Mentors Guild Community Discussion - The First Civilization
  148. Please don't auto-level enemies
  149. Forum - Oct. 2nd pre-release of OD - Spoilers
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  152. Adding AC Odyssey Pre-order from steam to Ubisoft
  153. AC:Odyssey has the Biggest map of all AC games even Black Flag
  154. Upgrading from Gold to Ultimate?
  155. Shields
  156. ACOD's release potential compare to other 2018 games.
  157. Why Choice Makes Sense In Assassin's Creed Odyssey
  158. Going to be a great game
  159. Gods and Myths?
  160. will i be able to run this game? high/max settings
  161. Pieces of Eden in Assassin's Creed Odyssey
  162. will deluxe edition content be released on uplay later?
  163. Assassin's Creed Odyssey - the last Assassin's Creed ???
  164. ACOD tools
  165. Any news on the legacy outfits?
  166. Assassin's Creed Odyssey PC Specs and System Requirements Revealed
  167. Assassin's Creed Odyssey Gameplay Shows BRAND NEW SYSTEM Engraving
  168. No Mandatory gear on back please!
  169. Gigs on console
  170. navel combat
  171. Spartan pack - 2nd and 3rd item
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  173. Sparta or Athens?
  174. Dolby Atmos, RayTracing?
  175. Mentors Guild Community Discussion - What Defines Assassin's Creed?
  176. Video mode
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  178. [SPOILER] Assassin's Creed Odyssey Gameplay FROM 1ST HOURS, New Story Details & More
  179. Will There Be A Hideout?
  180. Additional rewards like Monster Energy promotion?
  181. Missions and more
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  183. Some suggestions and you could add some of yours too
  184. 20$ for Digital Deluxe is absurd
  185. time to speak out
  186. Question About Conquest Battles
  187. No Racing or Other Distractions
  188. plz remove auto zoom out
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  190. Thoughts about Difficulty and Random missions and side missions.
  191. Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Season Pass and Post-Launch Content
  192. So there are Assassin's and hidden blades but we don't get one?!
  193. When DLC is more interesting than the base game(CORE AC FANS, LET'S TALK ABOUT IT)
  194. Rant: No shields? Are you F'ing serious? No really? HOW can you do this? Downgrading?
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  196. Question about season pass/gold edition before I pre-order
  197. Option to show HELMET/HOOD/TIARA during cutscenes ??
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  199. Tweaks
  200. Question about Buy on Steam
  201. Please stop with the stupid special editions
  202. AC Odyssey: NG+ Important Questions for Completionists.
  203. How many times do i have to ask about HDR on PC?
  204. Wrong City in Kefalonia
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  207. Idea. Helmet of gladiator
  208. Alternative Controller-Belegung
  209. When Will The Uplay Rewards Be Released?
  210. Assassin Creator
  211. What is this new ****
  212. Realistic Difficulty
  213. AC Odyssey pre download up now on XB1!!
  214. Spartan edition
  215. . . is anyone taking Work off to play on Release day? :)
  216. Interview with Odyssey producer Marc-Alexis Côté
  217. Greek Mythological Creatures...
  218. Season Pass after Pre-Order
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  220. Questions & Concerns about NG+ for AC Odyssey
  221. Special Edition Question
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  223. Nvidia SLI and AMD Crossfire support
  224. Eagle Kopis - Exclusive Reward earned by participating in selected Community Contests
  225. PC specs
  226. Will AC Odyssey have HDR support on PC?
  227. Fact-Checking the Series: From AC1-ORIGINS, in preparation for Odyssey SPOILERS
  228. Just join here today
  229. A mistake in Figurines ?
  230. AC Odyssey pre-order (Polish subtitles?)
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  232. Nightmare mode or similar?
  233. Assassin's Creed Odyssey Idea - Baby Elephant Mount
  234. To Ubisoft: Please get Darius' ethnicity right
  235. Trying to understand the full implications of Odyssey's vision
  236. PC Specs
  237. Ac3 remastered
  238. Ryse: Son of Greece is lookin good, but what about brothers of Greece?
  239. Assassins creed gear tracking app
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  245. When will the game be available on Oct 2nd?
  246. About early access
  247. AC Odyssey Editions Question
  248. Two questions regarding gameplay
  249. Hood/Helmet In Cut scenes
  250. Odyssey will be awesome