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  1. Assassin's Creed Odyssey Actors Answer Your BURNING QUESTIONS In Character
  2. Bounty Hunters in Attika .....
  3. Finished the game - some thoughts (very minor spoilers.)
  4. List Of Completed Quests
  5. Online arena mode
  6. Enough with the “this game sucks because there’s no level scaling” crap...
  7. What could we suggest to ACTUALLY increase combat difficulties?
  8. Gates of Fire - a great read - Battle of Thermoplyae
  9. Why Was The Snake Kopis Removed?
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  11. straw hat hard to find...
  12. Something cute or funny (picture/video) forum
  13. Field of View
  14. I can't reveal a cultist.
  15. Legacy of the First Blade Trailer
  16. Mentors Guild Community Discussion - Mobile Games
  17. Mastery Levels announced.
  18. Why you make me kill my sisters?!
  19. Darksiders 3 makes me appriciate Odyssey More
  20. Customisable Birds
  21. Medusa boss fight glitch
  22. Introducing the Mastery Levels System
  23. Ubisoft club rewards question
  24. Can someone confirm if Legacy Of Blade will force players to do naval battles?
  25. Please make respec-ing ability choosing faster!
  26. Scheduled Maintenance - November 29
  27. Assassin's Creed Odyssey - 1.1.0-1.1.1 Patch Notes
  28. New Patch - Conquest Battles no longer scale to
  29. Still so many unanswered questions even with Detailed Stats screen added
  30. Photo Mode Request: Saving adjustment sliders as Custom Presets
  31. Frozen XP and Advancement Bug
  32. Quicker Stealth Kill Animations, please?
  33. Samaria gorge
  34. Is it normal for merchants to always have same wares at max level?
  35. My Thoughts on an Ideal AC
  36. My hopes for the The Legacy of the First Blade DLC
  37. Hair disappears with hoods
  38. No Orichalcum Mission X 2 days now
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  40. Props to Ubisoft on a fine game
  41. Shield / horse / gear-skills / crew / ship - fleet
  42. The Battle of One Thousand Hands! LOVE IT!
  43. Ubi profile question
  44. Ac odyssey time frame??
  45. Leveling up is slowing down game progression
  46. My Legendary Gear Got Nerfed....
  47. Request to the devs... please forward :D
  48. Thank you Ubi for listening
  49. First Impressions of Masterey Perk System
  50. Share your photo gallery
  51. Questions about game's mechanics
  52. Petititon... Black Wind!
  53. About shields/level scaling ...
  54. XP after level 70
  55. Can we all agree 25 mil is too much Xp at 70
  56. 25 millions Xp? Really?
  57. Question - Was the Lieutenats' Perks level increased with the latest update?
  58. Ubisoft just keep moving forward...
  59. Possible New Mythical Creature? [SPOILER]
  60. Please read guys and gals
  61. Pro Tip: Get the Prilgrim set...its kinda OP.
  62. What should carry over?
  63. Ubisoft epic
  64. I Can’t Gain Any Ability Points!!!! Ubisoft Help!!!!
  65. Unique play styles
  66. statue of main character?
  67. Excellent Just Excellent
  68. Suggestion after 1.1.1 patch
  69. Request: Quick-Change Inventory Wheel for Weapons and Armor Sets?
  70. A bit confused about today's patch (1.1.0/1.1.1)
  71. It's interesting to see the conflict between epic and legendary armor expectations.
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  73. Assassins creed Odyssey is awesome
  74. Abilities
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  76. SHIELDS ! add them, Ubisoft !
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  78. I still got it :(
  79. My List of Suggestions for AC Odyssey
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  81. Is there a way to 'pin' Xenia's maps...
  82. 4 Basic Engraving Q's =)
  83. Free to unlock Epsilon Blade
  84. 2 Things Sabotaging the Mastery System
  85. Please add an option to turn off level scaling in game.
  86. Self-inflicted Fire Damage
  87. Minimal HUD Gameplay
  88. Suggestion Assassin's Creed: New Mastery Level System
  89. Scheduled Maintenance - December 3
  90. Photo mode contest winners!
  91. Creatures you would like to see added... (just humor me please)
  92. Mount abilities
  93. Ship Perk from 'Abia the Shaded' Health on Marines?
  94. So After 172 Hours...
  95. Upgrade Lieutenants?
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  97. How does Keto Fit Premium function?
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  99. Looting the large stacks of leather
  100. New undiscovered location
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  102. Phalanx battles? Shields?
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  106. My list of 5 things to improve for DLC and after Odyssey, and other feedback
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  108. Spartan nation chest quest
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  110. Why?
  111. How does the game select which photos to show me on the map?
  112. Today Is My Birthday 1st December , I'm Very Thankful to Assassins Creed and Ubisoft
  113. Small suggestions that would be appreciated but are not neccesarily important
  114. Pallas the Silencer
  115. Animus Control Panel for Odyssey?
  116. Naval Combat Footage
  117. Ubisoft Club rewards
  118. Possible Hidden blade ability in DLC (video)
  119. Feature Request
  120. New game plus
  121. Satyros the Irrelevant
  122. الفرع الرئيسي لصيانه اريستون 0235695244 اصلاح غسا&
  123. Are You Not Entertained? I Said; Are You Not Entertained?
  124. The game is too hard man...
  125. The Image of Faith quest giver
  126. Thanks For Adjustable Walk Speed... But There's One Thing You Forgot
  127. Crit Damage does not apply to Headshots
  128. Conquest Battle issues on Hephaistos Islands
  129. To the Developers / Publisher: Why i feel this is not an Assassin's Creed game
  130. Scheduled Maintenance on 3rd Dec. Could a new patch be coming?
  131. Digital copy for spartan edition for consoles
  132. I Want My Sparta Kick Back Against Bosses
  133. The Underworld Armor and other MTX
  134. Go Slay That Dragon
  135. Female Region Leaders?
  136. If I don’t have the DLC and get it later, what am I losing out on specifically ?
  137. Build Questions / Discussion
  138. -25% Cooldown duration for all abilities
  139. Sargon weekly item list
  140. Helmet of Ares
  141. Fighter's Chest Plate
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  143. What did you do today in Assassins Creed Odyssey ?
  144. Quick question....
  145. I have some questions...
  146. Re-fight mythical creatures
  147. ***SPOILER ALERT*** Ship hulls, figureheads and crew locations ***SPOILER ALERT***
  148. The Problems with Conquest Battles
  149. Death Veil ability revealed
  150. AC Collection: real life weapons and concept Art Books, you know whats missing tho...
  151. 25% capped health question.
  152. How varied do you find the locations in Odyssey?
  153. Strange Mercenary Behavior
  154. Legacy of the First Blade DLC - what hour tomorrow it will show up on platforms?
  155. Afraid about the future episode of the firdt DLC; no new maps/regions???
  156. Legendary Gear, why....
  157. New game plus
  158. We get the Dagger Of Time from Prince of Persia!!!
  159. Recruiting mercenaries in arena?
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  161. Segmented DLC will frustrate
  162. Lost main quest in Assassins Creed Oddysey
  163. Skills reworking and ostraka removal for future
  164. Can someone confirm if Legacy Of Blade will be available standalone and price?
  165. New AC set in the Roman empire fighting fiercely barbarians?
  166. lieutenants upgrade
  167. A five word Assassin's Creed Odyssey story.
  168. I Hope you farmed up your Orichalcum Ore this week
  169. New location on map
  170. Cannot find wood or any one selling arrows...PLEASE HELP!!!
  171. How bout that story arc 1 video? Can anyone watch it or is it just banned in the US?
  172. Orichalcum Ore and merchant need to rework. Megathread.
  173. How do you start the DLC /Steam
  174. My Worst Legendary Olympic Gift Drop Rate Yet
  175. Planning to sell Leveled Characters?
  176. Transmog system idea
  177. Season Pass,
  178. Hmm, what's weekly Oricalcum quest....
  179. Again Ubisoft WILL rip us OFF!!!
  180. Transmog Ideas
  181. SPOLIER Legacy of the First blade BUG
  182. How to control my spear's overpowered attack?
  183. Smart Loot System
  184. For Ps4 Players
  185. Let us change the color of tunic
  186. A Few Ideas For Simple But Effective Fixes
  187. Leveling up after lvl 70
  188. Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Useful Links & Information
  189. Only One Epic Reward for winning Invading Conquest battle?
  190. Cant find chrysis
  191. assassin's creed odyssey the lost tales of greece
  192. Post 1st DLC pressing issues
  193. Feature Request: Level 50 characters & SEPARATE save files for Alexios and Kassandra
  194. DLC new armor and wep bug
  195. PSA: Seriously, My fellow Misthios and Ubisoft, Please Read this before anything
  196. Ummm...soooo....is it iover?
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  198. autoscaling is making the game too easy and destroys experience!!!
  199. Bug or not? How can i solve this problem?
  200. Helix Store
  201. Ship Storage Chest - capacity and arranged suggestion
  202. Revive Keto Review:-Ultimate Diet Plan Of 2018-2019
  203. Image of the Ancients
  204. Challenges for people playing DLC with Steam
  205. Weekly Ori Mission - how do you kill targets with a torch?
  206. Really no new zone/region in the DLC????
  207. This Month in Odyssey Update?
  208. All characters and voice actors (or almost all of them?)
  209. Saved Skill / Gear Load Outs?
  210. One thing that seriously bugged me about the Cult of Kosmos...
  211. It's time to finally allow us to engrave tier 6 and 7.
  212. Repeatable Loot after the "Smart" Loot System!!!
  213. Good news?
  214. Scheduled Maintenance - December 6
  215. release date of episode 2?
  216. The quest is complete and the Challenge is not complete.
  217. Horse and Engravings still broken
  218. Assassin's Creed Odyssey Quest Record
  219. Thank you Ubisoft for the DLC
  220. Need help defeating Medusa
  221. Weapon diversity
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  223. High Level Bounty Missions
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  225. New DLC content - too easy?
  226. So how's the romance in Assassin's Creed Odyssey?
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  228. Ostrakas engravings not evolving after lvl 50, bug or intended?
  229. the achievements is not complete. (Uplay achievements update today (feat. steam))
  230. A system to upgrade Lietenants
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  232. Mercenary Tier 1 help!
  233. Swords/ daggers seems to be way more good than heavy!?!?!
  234. Option to Adjust the Rainfall Frequency
  235. Immunity to fire when u use flaming attacks?
  236. custumization bug with bow/quiver
  237. Oikos
  238. Game difficulty: Just the story?
  239. Knocked out enemy issues
  240. Spear of Leonidas constantly glowing while sheathed on back?
  241. [Suggestion] Facial Expressions in Photo Mode
  242. Live event's gears and skins rewards: Put them in the store!
  243. This Month in Assassin’s Creed® Odyssey – December 2018
  244. Patch 1.2.0 Rumoured for Jan 2019...?
  245. Difficulty level change
  246. Food for thought.
  247. Am I just imagining this (chicken related)
  248. Keto Diet For Athletes
  249. both: Hammer of jason and typhon's mace make no sense
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