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  1. 2 new dots
  2. Mercenaries Hitting Massive Fire Damages
  3. Simplest way to kill the Legendary Boar
  4. New level cap needs new skills!
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  6. Old mans hat
  7. Post 1.0.7 pressing issues
  8. 1.0
  9. 1.0.7 patch broke the game
  10. Level cap increase is stupid
  11. Thats normal or is this some graphical artifact or bug?
  12. Buying Materials from Blacksmith (BUY ALL option)
  13. Dead body corpses ,Stays forever?
  14. Nightmare difficulty is too easy
  15. Pets now have resting animations
  16. Patch 1.0.7 downgraded my ship
  17. A temporary fix for inactive lieutenant perks.
  18. 8 ability points only after grinding Xp - update 1.07 ???
  19. Let's talk about Patch 1.07 and Ship Upgrades
  20. My Thoughts & Opinions of Current/Future state of the game and Ubisoft
  21. Musings about Odyssey from 56 yr. old Teacher
  22. Mythical Creature Hard Mode
  23. To Ubisoft...
  24. Assassin's Creed Odyssey: Photo Mode Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]
  25. Mercenary level 70 ?
  26. Level Cap Increase
  27. Tamed Animal sugestion..
  28. vibration in controller in tombs
  29. Swing Across For Ship Boarding
  30. Suggestion based on playing Divine Intervention (quest spoiler, beware)
  31. The Snake sword...
  32. Why Fishing in Assassins Creed Odyssey is Better than Black Flag!!!
  33. So...Assassins Creed Wine
  34. Dorian invasions; Arcadian Greeks;Ionian Greeks; Aetolian
  35. Can we get this mercenary's armor for Kassandra?
  36. In appreciation of Odyssey shield models
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  38. Wish Ubisoft add Cthulhu as Mythical Beast and series protagonist as Mercenaries
  39. Gear presets
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  41. Mystery Bow
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  43. [Offtopic] History channel
  44. Looting epic chests missing item - Patch 1.0.7.
  45. Herodotus is in the way, please move him to the benches in the back.
  46. Does conquering land really do anything?
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  49. Keeping track.
  50. Legacy of the first blade (more information released)
  51. Magestic game but a few more features is nice.
  52. Ship lieutenant stats after cap increase
  53. Anyone else having Borderlands flashbacks?
  54. Paying back Alexios for being a snozy smart @$$ during cutscenes (MINOR SPOILERS)
  55. Legendary isn't legendary?
  56. abomination armor
  57. OMG let me tell you what happened
  58. Video - Upcoming Additions Coming!
  59. You Screenshot With The Most Likes
  60. 60 Facts You May Not Know About AC Odyssey (Video)
  61. "Farming for Leather"
  62. Is it Really that Much to Upgrade A Legendary Waist or is it A Bug ?!
  63. How to get those appearances ?
  64. Help i cant defeat the boetian people at the conqueror quest
  65. Viewpoints
  66. Run/Ride speed?!?!?!?
  67. Does olympian gift chance reset when you exit the game?
  68. Just wondering...
  69. Iobates (Culists) level 51 and level 51 reward?
  70. Armor Penetration, Crit chance, and Elemental Damage
  71. Smithy issue
  72. Can't be a Spartan without a Hoplon
  73. How childish and immature!
  74. Congratulations Ubisoft. Odissey is nearly a masterpiece.
  75. Higher res texture pack
  76. Add the ability to lock or hide gear/weapons
  77. New Athenian soldier?
  78. Straw hat in customization menu
  79. I feel cheated
  80. Please award us our pre 1.0.7 XP
  81. Hope the Ubi peeps see this
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  83. Difficulty assembling the Kassandra statue
  84. Difficulty suggestions
  85. The Odysseus Pack
  86. next assassin creed game
  87. Why Devs?
  88. after level 70
  89. Ubisoft Club App
  90. Reached a point where I may have to stop playing due to Engraving Bugs :(
  91. Any word on a fix for the engraving bug introduced in 1.07?
  92. One last chest in Foundry of Hepaistos
  93. Daily oricalcum quest questions.
  94. Epic ships & couple of questions..
  95. All Damage becomes Fire/Poison damage - should it be changed to become universal?
  96. Awesome!!!!
  97. Alexios Beard option
  98. Rod Of Asklepios Rework
  99. Mercenarys not showing abilitys at level 70
  100. Online Co-op Mode
  101. First expansion
  102. Bounty system is so bugged!
  103. ubi ? any news... ??
  104. A few suggestions
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  106. Odysseus Pack
  107. Update on XP transfer to Ability Points & Upgrades after Level 50
  108. Beautiful detail - Sisyphus/Diolkos
  109. One extra thing I feel visual customization needs.
  110. Need some info please
  111. great post ubi . about how broke this game is
  112. I guess the Engravings bug might be a blessing in disguise.....
  113. Question regarding engravings bug (possible fix?)
  114. Please let me tame chickens
  115. Next AC game should NOT be a loot based RPG
  116. Article on Greek Archery
  117. Ubisoft...lets talk about Oikos of Olympians
  118. Call of nature contract on my last nerve
  119. suggestion First Eye View Camera Like MGS3 Snake Eater
  120. Is there an Isu / First Civilisation Outfit in Odyssey?
  121. Suggestion/Feedback on the placement of sheathed spears and bigger weapons
  122. Bloody Feast mission, maxed out bounty not going away after completing the mission.
  123. Help With Contract
  124. Two's company.. show the love for the fur
  125. Loadouts
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  127. Ac odyssey should add more options to visual customization
  128. Ac odyssey unequip the bow
  129. Let us assign melee abilities on L2
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  132. Suggestions for Odyssey
  133. Does Ubisoft have a snake fetish?
  134. QUIZZZ question for fun: Where was this picture taken ...
  135. May you have...
  136. Whats would be your loadout?
  137. Fire and Poison Stats
  138. QoL Suggestions
  139. Unequip Bow/spear
  140. Glitched trophies
  141. Statistics.
  142. Message in game about defeating something in hard for gear?
  143. Next Title Needs Improved Urban Environments
  144. Should your XP get multiplier from a higher difficulties ?
  145. The new “epic” mercenary... really?
  146. Please, let us “Customize” our Ships crew. Hear me out.
  147. Back seat Driver
  148. UBI Request to Keep Engravings when starting a new game.
  149. fun with Kassandra!
  150. Epic Mercenary
  151. Idea for a colloseum in multiplayer or with bots
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  153. Serious, game stopping problems!
  154. Mercenaries
  155. Benefits Of Using Praltrix
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  157. Ainigmata Ostraka
  158. Concerns regarding upcoming DLC
  159. Ubisoft add replay memory
  160. Horse skins customization?
  161. Sharks will clean up the aftermath of a bloody ship battle! (Video)
  162. Anyone else not getting gears from conquest battles
  163. Few questions about the epic Mercenary hunt
  164. Just a suggestion for future game series....
  165. FINALLY i got the hard shot :D
  166. Wish: different campaigns for Alexios and Kassandra.
  167. Nominate your games on Steam!
  168. Working of Keto Ultra Diet
  169. Praltrix Australia-AU Reviews : "Customer Opinion" Legit or Scam?
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  171. Xenia Treasure quest Side mission help? <Spoller?>
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  173. Assassins Creed Odyssey IS Amazing
  174. Ok, this really bugs me.
  175. World map size
  176. Tamed animals, legendary armor and flying enemies - suggestions and questions
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  178. It must be a Bug
  179. Leonidas' armor for Kassandra/Alexios
  180. Interesting observation regarding damage inflicted
  181. Finally After 175 hours
  182. Can’t re-enter the Arena
  183. They're Awesome games...but Somethings Missing
  184. Ikaros glitch?
  185. Suggestion
  186. Real Reason why Faux of Olympos is the best engraving.
  187. Announcing the AC Forums Photo Mode Contest!
  188. Weapons
  189. Ideas for another Assassin's creed game
  190. xp after lv 70
  191. Question and Advice
  192. Level cap increase and all the fuss we made
  193. Trouble differentiating between enemy types
  194. Bearings to Start with Rose Diamond Beauty!
  195. What Should You Know Before Using Praltrix Male Enhancement?
  196. Just found Illyrian Helmet. Thank you UBI team.
  197. How Does Keto Burn Work?
  198. BUG: Stats from regular (non-epic) engravings not stacking
  199. Tomb key
  200. Assassin's Creed Odyssey is my top AC game few reasons
  201. Odyssey animal tracker...
  202. Origins VS Odyssey
  203. Assassin's Creed is Dead.
  204. Ship question
  205. Is any gear currently safe to upgrade from 50+ to 70?
  206. Odyssey: Photo Contest
  207. Video of a shark swimming on the grass!
  208. Something strange
  209. Is it possible to fail the cultists quest?
  210. How many mercenaries are there?
  211. Manual vs quick vs autosave: Confusion!!!
  212. Why the new Master Perk will prob break the game
  213. Feature request : a feature to freeze time
  214. An overview of to players- after 5ish months
  215. Things I want for the Photo Mode website...
  216. Ikaros feedback/feature request
  217. day/night differences
  218. to Ubisoft
  219. Missing abilities
  220. A taste of what being a Templar probably feels like
  221. 10 AC Odyssey's things/features to improve and keep for DLC and future AC games
  222. 50% Elemental Buildup with Warrior Abilities
  223. Why modern world owns to greek world a lot
  224. Request - Loadouts comparable to Tom Clancy's The Division
  225. Pure Destruction: Insane Damage Warrior Build (Video)
  226. Full sail option instead of travel speed.
  227. Mystery in Pephka
  228. New Ship Lieutenant Perk?
  229. Ac odyssey sucks big time because of auto scaling
  230. Question related to the Quest Lines and the 'War'
  231. Predator Arrow Photo Opportunity Please.
  232. Anyone else who has a slight bias towards supporting Athenians over Spartans
  233. Feature request: Mining Arrows!
  234. Season pass and Kassandra.
  235. request - lieutenant models in lieutenant menu
  236. Where is the Hearts of War Quest?
  237. Client Reviews - Does Vasoplexx Have Any Side Effects?
  238. Praltrix: Work, Ingredients, Benefits, Reviews and Side-impact
  239. Anyone else really enjoy the synchronizations?
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  243. Mastering Naval Conflict, Nightmare Difficulty (Video)
  244. Pirate Ships... weekend warriors only?
  245. Odyssey - ‘Game of the Year’ & 4K Textures...
  246. Why not make Fire/Poison Ability permanently on but toggle-able on/off at Level 3?
  247. Future content : Epeiros, Thessaly, Macedonia (state), Thrace, Rhodes and more...
  248. few ideas on future assassin's creed game plot
  249. Merchants : Buying ten pieces of any material using up/down arrow on D-pad.
  250. Why Lie in Odyssey Startup Picture?