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  1. Classic Assassin outfit?
  2. Just for fun - What is your most embarrassing desynchronization?
  3. So, will players already at level 50 be auto-levelled up with the new level cap?
  6. Am I having a glitch...?
  7. Why you should stop playing at lvl 50.
  8. Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Option to Remove/Hide Bow
  9. Horrible Russian fonts
  10. Requesting the addons.
  11. Question on Engravings
  12. Athenian Pack is now in the Helix Store!!!!
  13. Locations of those statues please
  14. Ability to equip more than 1 Bow
  15. [PC] Live Event (Tyrant Epic Ship) not appearing on any message boards...
  16. Quick Q: Tablets 4 upgrades - Ship only?
  17. Endless side quest
  18. Kind of a request...
  19. Why is there no *hold RB/R1* light attack in Odyssey?
  20. [Request] Skills bar scale
  21. 40% dmg bonus when attacking from behind
  22. Lvl 70 and still only 8 active abilities?
  23. Mercenary Rank 1 Bonus Locked?
  24. The snake situation?
  25. 20% movement speed when crouching (bug?)
  26. Request for NG+ “canon mode”
  27. Equipping full sets at a click of a button?
  28. My two cents.
  29. Champion's Armor set for Kassandra?
  30. I am done with this game
  31. Dear Ubisoft Team
  32. so ..do these tyran events return?
  33. Can we talk about Poison Attacks ?
  34. Helix points?
  35. Things Odyssey Did Right
  36. Snake Handle Sword
  37. JAZWARES Ubisoft Assassin's Creed Happy meal toys? Or action figures? I can't tell.
  38. Guarded NPC fights till he dies
  39. What is your creative assassination?
  40. Paralyzing Arrows Don't!
  41. Will Legendary Armor pieces get a Buff?
  42. Ainigmata Ostrakas
  43. Smooth Operator: Easily obtainable Nightmare Assassin’s Build.
  44. minotaur labyrinth issues PLEASE HELP!!!
  45. Fun with Phobos
  46. Your single, most dramatic screenshot: post it!
  47. Anyone else feel that the tombs are a tedious afterthought in design?
  48. Poll : 10% Health or 30% Armor
  49. Hunting in Odyssey (and why I prefer Origin's system)
  50. Question
  51. Request: enemy bibliography
  52. Conquest Battles Available - didn't do it
  53. How long does it take for Nations to conquer eachother?
  54. Loot Boxes
  55. Likely locations that drop this mask?
  56. Can we get Barnabas to shut up in a future patch? (and other changes)
  57. Why no 1st person when using your bow?
  58. massive nerf of epic gears in-coming?
  59. Feature Request - re-boarding the Adrestia
  60. Upcoming Gear Customization. Good or Bad?
  61. Helix Credit
  62. Unlock the legendary perk when we already have 1 item from the store
  63. Are there any plans to de-aggro the civilian population of Ancient Greece?
  64. Release the Kraken
  65. “Achilles”: Warrior Build (Nightmare Difficulty) Demo.
  66. Cannot upgrade Spear of Leonidas after killing Chimera
  67. What is *****izeXL?
  68. How Soon Should I Get the Results?
  69. Quick switch gear sets?
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  71. اعطال صيانه غسالات اطباق هاير (01014723434) اصلاح هاي
  72. 200% Crit Dmg & 100% Fire Dmg - Best Hunter Builds for Nightmare
  73. Need help with engraving?!?
  74. Have you ever maxed out your bounty level and lived to tell the tale?
  75. Idk why, but this made me LOL.
  76. You favorite location in game: Mine is the Petrified Forest.
  77. Idea for Leftover Ancient Tablets
  78. The Cultist
  79. Best engraving?
  80. Purging Epic Gear
  81. Suggestion improvement of the inventory
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  83. camera distance and zoom level
  84. Pallas the Silencer
  85. Conquest Battles - Defeat
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  87. Can I start a new game?
  88. Game review
  89. Rework of the two separate action bars for melee ablities
  90. More storage space please
  91. child of poseidon trophy problem
  92. Orrichalcum reward for gain experience after level cap.Give purpose to keep playing
  93. Glitch Solving Idea
  94. Island Hopper trophy help
  95. New Game Plus ETA?
  96. And so it begins... My Odyssey will be my ultimate video game experience!!!
  97. Suggestion for mythical creature : Charybdis
  98. Tags flags
  99. Suggestions Thread
  100. Craft our own armor...
  101. Maps that lead to Posiedon's Island??
  102. legacy outfits
  103. Tips to make New Game Plus Better.
  104. Failed Side Quest
  105. You can “pick your song” on the Adtrestia.
  106. Question in regards to kyra and thaletas Romantic
  107. Curious- Was this an ancient game?
  108. Ubisoft, can you PLEASE give us a few more seconds to loot ships we defeat?
  109. Assassin Pandemonium! Clearing a fort with chaos.
  110. Level Up Ship Lieutenants (Ship Stats)
  111. forum error ?
  112. Possible ETA on new content
  113. What a guard is thinking when realizing everyone else in the fort has disappeared...
  114. Ubisoft, fix the world illumination and weather!
  115. Beards/Hair
  116. Assassin's Creed Odyssey of War?
  117. “Critical Assassination”
  118. Helm of the underworld
  119. "Final" Battle question, spoilers maybe.
  120. Compare item to secondary weapon?
  121. Meme Thread
  122. New Barbarian Crew Theme - yesterday
  123. Popularly Requested Features/Suggestion: Poll
  124. Can we get a Myrmidon Crew theme?!
  125. So no level cap increase and customized gear skins this week?
  126. Live events are a mess
  127. Mentors Guild Community Discussion - Your Ideal AC
  128. Balanced Warrior Build: Video
  129. New Features?
  130. Steropes's Bow New Legendary weapon
  131. Ship skin problem?
  132. Sterope drops no Abomination Set piece on Nightmare
  133. Has anyone started over since doing a Weekly Epic Ship?
  134. New Bow and ship cosmetic.....
  135. This week’s legendary item in Oikos of the Olympians
  136. Steropes - Mythical Creature Takedown on Nightmare (Need Replayable Option)
  137. Warrior Build hits for 1.98 Million Damage.
  138. Xenia Pan's flute (possible spoiler)
  139. UBISOFT - Can you give advice
  140. Mythical Creature Hard Mode
  141. Everyone Needs to Relax about the Nov updates
  142. When does Revelation Level 2 Unlock?
  143. Defeating Steropes with 3 mil plus damage on first hit
  144. Progress Stats
  145. Legendary Achilles Bow/Hero the Marksman Merc where?
  146. Update Today? (Nov. 13th, 2018)
  147. should i spend the 1 million + drachmas that i cummulate during.the game
  148. Climbing Puzzles/Challenges
  149. Dev is Busy Updating Assassin's Creed Odyssey Mobile
  150. 30 Athenian soldiers for the weekly contract
  151. Stats?
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  153. A Brief Introduction – Praltrix Male Enhancement
  154. Where To Buy* Praltrix South Africa (ZA)- Male Enhancement Reviews!
  155. New legendary bow bug?
  156. Sudden random motion dizziness?
  157. Game Award!
  158. Engraving Question
  159. Boss fights - so old hat :-(
  160. Looking for Assassins Creed Decals
  161. XP Boost
  162. Can we stop with the rampant animal spawning on roads and in forts please?
  163. Hey Ubisoft can you fix this it drives me Crazy 99.99999% Orichalcum
  164. Thank you Dev team and Ubisift
  165. Epic ship Shadowed Nymph problem
  166. FINDING Cultists !
  167. Soundtrack / Music Issue?
  168. Assassin's Creed Odyssey - 1.0.7 Patch Notes
  169. Little thing that bugs the hell out of me
  170. Visual Customization will arrive this week
  171. Female Fanatic Leaders?
  172. I wish AC: Odyssey had a gear forging and/or “re-forging” system
  173. Are legendary Leutenant's golden perks unique?
  174. Scheduled Maintenance - November 15
  175. Ubi please clarify how you plan to handle total ability points after lvl cap increase
  176. after Update 1.07 the dilemma, my 2 drachmae
  177. Fashion Creed Odyssey
  178. Human sacrifice in temple of Hades
  179. Smart Loot System
  180. Best News Ever
  181. Yesterday’s screenshot of the day
  182. Medusa, Minotaur and others - only one time?
  183. Ubi-doodes..done it again!
  184. Permanent Aggression in Athens
  185. Level Cap Increase Concern
  186. Anyone else has this Uplay update & cloud sync problem? (PC)
  187. Add some "middle speed" for horse and character
  188. Legendary Spartan crew theme?
  189. Would be possible to choose the shirt color?
  190. Daughters of Artemis Figurehead and Adrestia Theme
  191. Lieutenants stats not saving
  192. Musings at the Ancient Forge
  193. Add Fishing?
  194. maintenance start
  195. Update 1.0.7
  196. question on the upcoming smart loot system
  197. your hardest mercenary fight?? share!:)
  198. looks like next patch 1.0.7 is out on PS4
  199. Thank you for listening...
  200. Question
  201. Question about Cyclop and The lost tales
  202. what level do you unlock transmog?
  203. Can you reset the cyclops boss?
  204. Maj 1.07 patchs
  205. Maj 1.07 patchs
  206. PC 1.0.7 is there already?
  207. Where epic mercenary ?
  208. Transmog is awesome! Works great, (XB1) Thanks Ubi!
  209. Achievement question
  210. What is your best conquest battle result?
  211. Polemarchs seals
  212. Added Levels for Engravings
  213. Rare Visual Appearance of the Imperial Helmet? Wearable?
  214. Suggestions to make transmogrification even better
  215. New XP Cap, is it really worth it ?
  216. Leveling Up and Epic Gear Farming
  217. Transmog not working for one save, but working for the other
  218. Explanation Pleas!
  219. Show us your “new” gear!
  220. UBISOFT!!...You Forgot About the Quivers!!
  221. Epic Weapons are now better than Legendary weapons
  222. Ship progression reset
  223. Thank you Ubisoft for Visual Customization
  224. Naked Kassandra after custom gear
  225. Slight disappointment with transmog
  226. Skillpoint Dump?
  227. Pimp your current favorite build
  228. Ubisoft Cheaters
  229. New appearance customization is great! Now lets do the same for Adrestia!!!
  230. New hull Types available!?
  231. Critical & fire damage modifiers calculated wrong in 1.0.7?
  232. engraving scaling
  233. Lost Tale of Greece – A Divine Intervention - where is this mission?
  234. How much XP and how many ability points did you get?
  235. What are the best places to play online?
  236. Best patch so far!
  237. Helix Store
  238. From Reddit... You still get points after Level 70
  239. Glow artifact bug on pc
  240. Lost the blind king mission after patch
  241. For people asking about the level cap
  242. Nice job Ubisoft
  243. ALPHA ships?
  244. Thunderstorms... thank you Ubi.
  245. Where did all my XP go?
  246. Level 70 Virtually Impossible Post-Late Game
  247. Ubi-doodes! Slight clipping issue..
  248. Using the visual customization
  249. Mercenaries harder to kill after 1.0.7 patch?
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