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  4. Ar wing not working
  5. Nintendo motion control for aiming
  6. Please allow us to change controls
  7. Im not able to login to my Ubi account
  8. Shaid ship won't scan
  9. Zenith ship
  10. Our Nadir has stopped detecting it's wings.
  11. [RESOLVED] Cryogenic Trophy glitched?
  12. Weapons with lights.
  13. Saving problems on Xbox
  14. missing crashed cargo shuttle on haven
  15. reset
  16. Crusher Physical Weapon Wobbly when attached
  17. Nothing is working!
  18. Game crashes if you have too many mods collected
  19. Any upcoming patches soon?
  20. Stolen Parts (Equinox Upgrade) Doesn't Function
  21. Bug in Nov 20 update makes a Forgotten Legion unobtainable in Collections screen
  22. Physical toys chip connector loose
  23. Customize control layout