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  5. PC Version
  6. Game Designer - Hardcore Starfox Fan - What the game needs to get 9/10 or 10/10
  7. Digital Version of the Game and Extras
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  9. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Usability?
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  11. E3 2018 - "Starlink: Battle for Atlas brings toys back to life" IGN Article
  12. Is it possible to cross-platform?
  13. Questions
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  16. Here's How Much It Costs To Purchase Everything In Starlink: Battle For Atlas
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  43. Can you unlock items in-game?
  44. Local Wireless & Online Multiplayer
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  49. Why no word on Startail pre-order bonus for North America? Europe/Australia only?
  50. Store exclusives inquiry?
  51. Review Copies?
  52. Digital Discount? Or better yet, unlock stuff in game?
  53. How does digital combined with physical ships and add-ons work?
  54. Cerberus Ship Availability UK?
  55. Can we earn weapons and ships in game or do we HAVE to buy them.
  56. Loads of information about Starlink: Battle for Atlas
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  58. Does Starlink support Switch motion control?
  59. Can potential allies be wiped out before you ever have a chance to meet/save them?
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  61. Getting Praltrix Male Enhancement
  62. Do Pilots, and Ships, get pairing bonuses?
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  64. The Starlink Starship Builder Thread - Share your ships!
  65. Spoilers shall not pass! - Spoilers Warning Rules
  66. StarShips Exclusive Toys questions:
  67. Star Fox: The Pilot Left Behind
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  69. Arwing question
  70. Game seems overly expensive in UK
  71. A request/suggestion for a future pilot pack - Switch/Nintendo
  72. About the digital version : why such a discrepancy in price between us / world?
  73. Will the figurines be made safe for human/pet contact?
  74. The Box Game or the digital download?
  75. Two co-op achievements requiring a second controller? Come on Ubi, you know better.
  76. Backordered, huh..
  77. Concerned about the quality of the figurines
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  79. As a Switch owner, how can we get the Zenith ship toy ?
  80. For how long physical toy are unlocked in game when playing with them?
  81. Endgame for Starlink
  82. Nadir vs. Lance stats
  83. StarTail disappearing from cart on Ubistore
  84. Starlink: Battle for Atlas Launch Times!
  85. Order messed up
  86. Compra tus drivers-licencia, pasaportes, Visa, SSN IELTS online ALTA resolución.
  87. Suggestion: Customizable Control Scheme
  88. How can you repair/rebuild an observatory?
  89. Weapon Pack Crusher/Shredder MK.2, Black
  90. Changing controller layout
  91. Hyper Drive feels way too slow.
  92. Why isnt there an Invert X option
  93. Request: Being able to merge digital + physical toys.
  94. How use digital weapons?
  95. Physical Vs digital
  96. Feedback on what to improve.
  97. Things to consider to add
  98. Future Ship Packs
  99. So how is it?
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  101. Dual wield when playing digitally
  102. Gripe: Digital game purchasers are hosed regarding "retailer exclusive" ships.
  103. Crossplay
  104. Starlink BfA for PC
  105. Starlink: Battle for Lylat - potential sequel idea
  106. Can we flip the weapons on the go?
  107. Do the missions we cancel appear again?
  108. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller - Any chance Ubisoft will make a ship mount?
  109. The Benfits Of Using Cerisea Medica
  110. What Is Patroxidan Supplement?
  111. Share your physical Starlink collection
  112. Starter packs for 80 cad at walmart
  113. Effects of pilot level.
  114. Merchandise for Starlink
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  116. Wreckages resetting?
  117. Does Imploder light up?
  118. Final Words About Praltrix
  119. Will TreVulan Muscle Mass Make The Distinction For YOUR Gains?
  120. Making lots of nova fast
  121. Recommend for NS physical product to unlock more time
  122. Use Y button to go down (NS version)
  123. “Legion Master Mode” need your opinion!
  124. Suggestions
  125. A cockpit view could be neat!
  126. Questions about pilot levels and difficulty levels.
  127. Starlink saves and when it autosaves?
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  130. Every Planets Hidden Secret Treasure ?
  131. Physical edition was a huge mistake.
  132. Ship stand UK availability
  133. News, Update, and/or future DLC
  134. Physical starter pack switch dowload inquiry
  135. Controls while flying...
  136. Physical ships starlink switch
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  139. Starlink: two years too late?
  140. Well done! Ubisoft!!
  141. Neptune ship or Lance ship
  142. Love Problem Solution In United Kingdom | +91-7508576634 - Astrologer
  143. Please no more ship/pilot exclusivities :(
  144. Digital & Digital Deluxe editions 25% off Black Friday Playstation store
  145. @Ubi, and update on alternate controls?
  146. Xbox one X enancements
  147. Cool controller/controller add-on idea Starlink
  148. Getting excited about getting Starlink tomorrow(Nov,22,18).
  149. Starlink game ships
  150. Satellites array, wreckages, and space debris
  151. Ship stats off the scale
  152. Can i mix digital and physical elements?
  153. Weapons Packs physical
  154. Ship Shaders?
  155. Starlink Academy - Ship Building Tutorial
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  157. Why can't I remap controls on Switch?
  158. What kind of new content is being announced this month?
  159. starlink: star map
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  161. Ranchi Escorts
  162. Your StarLink Builds
  163. starlink Expedition Ships
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  166. Questions regarding buying a second Zenith
  167. Samus Aran in starlink
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  170. Starlink Photo Mode FAQ
  171. Invert x axis in latest patch?
  172. How would switch players feel about a Wolf pilot/ship?
  173. What does Support Ammo's "Projectile Bounce" effect actually do?
  174. A big list of recommendations on balance changes and new stuff
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  176. I recently noticed issues with physical Razor Lemay
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  179. New to Starlink, completely overwhelmed
  180. What happens on ship destruction?
  181. Enable Y button to descend ship (Switch version)
  182. Games as art.
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  184. I'd Like a Way to "Turn Off" Endgame
  185. A suggestion for a new space-based enemy type: Corvettes
  186. Legion Primes should be able to attack and destroy outposts
  187. The space-based wonders should give Relic-level mods, not just Tier 4's
  188. Armories are too difficult for the Legion to deal with
  189. Atlas Discoveries list 100%?
  190. When do allies fight alongside you?
  191. Post your ideas for starlink here-
  192. The future of Atlas
  193. Suggestion - Random Mods
  194. What if the Legion could have multiple Primes on a planet at once?
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  198. Some ideas for new weapons
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  202. A suggestion and a few questions
  203. What are your guys thoughts on the recent announcement for Nintendo Switch version
  204. Button remapping and x-axis inversion
  205. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Ship Mount Possibility
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  211. Do you think the game will be supported for long ?
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