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  1. Patch 1.6 Feedback
  2. campaign mode get screwed again
  3. Respond plz
  4. Campaign snow maps and sand storm don't look right.
  5. rank
  6. Gun customization problem in future soldier
  7. Patch 1.6 Is Even Worse
  8. Thanks Ubisuck
  9. Unlock fail
  10. Nimble Guardian - COOP DSYNC
  11. Next Ghost Recon game should be done on Far Cry 3's Dunia Engine (or better)
  12. Multiplayer now with more lags after patch 1.6
  13. Game only uses 30% of my GPU!
  14. The game I bought vs the game I got! What does yours look like?
  15. Why Ubisoft?
  16. Our Friends and the Ghost Community
  17. Please revert to 1.5
  18. Ubi monkeys so when will be next patch? After 3-4 months?
  19. review of the patch 1.6
  20. Game gets stuck at loading screen in both campaign and multiplayer.
  21. Technical Support
  22. screen problem
  23. Would like to hear from Arctic Strike DLC owners!
  24. Screen to bright.
  25. Guerrilla Mode Players?
  26. "unable to start the game please check if your game is installed correctly"
  27. Problem in multiplayer after patch 1.6
  28. do i need to patch the game to 1.04 in order to play ghost recon?
  29. Can't use Hardcore mode
  30. Can't select Hardcore mode
  31. Kjpte spille i gr. Fant 1 feil.
  32. End of the tunnel -
  33. Uplay game purchase and download HORRIBLE
  34. Single Player Ghost Recon Future Soldier
  35. suggestion - not a feedback
  36. CD KEY already in use. WHY ??
  37. Raven Strike(dlc2) what time release
  38. Languages so many of them
  39. Missing weapons, need help
  40. fps problem for patch 1.6
  41. Minidump error
  42. Seems like this patch is working
  43. Can't Take Control Of Warhound, No Middle Mouse Button Scroll
  44. Potential of GRFS PC Multiplayer
  45. problem with weapons unlock
  46. Only LMG and PDR weapons type accessiblein the campaign
  47. OMG,used 1.6 patch,i can not play this game.
  48. Help me with patch 1.6
  49. I have give money to buy this game and i cant play online.this is not good for ubisof
  50. I am free!!!! Good riddance Orgin/Ubisoft/EA/GRFS
  51. I Accessories point?It is eaten?
  52. Server lost? try decoy now 2.24 CET in the morning
  53. YETI Fatal Error after 1.6 patch
  54. Ubisoft, can you please release a hotfix to fix the windows 8 problems?
  55. Are you kidding me?!
  56. connection to server lost....
  57. Take care but I've last faith after patch.
  58. abort DLC folder and black screen
  59. Resolution fix?
  60. Joining the group
  61. Host M , Server Lost , Mindump error , etc.. !
  62. Skorpion SMG, GSh-18, Saiga-12
  63. Vanishing Sentry Gun
  64. Did not receive a reward that I unlocked. Need Help ASAP!
  65. Can't get game to start. PC
  66. My friend and the coop or multi!!!
  67. Still no fix
  68. Game crashes at cutscene in Subtle Arrow
  69. hiiiiiiiiii how i can fix the online problem (Connection to server lost ) pls help ?
  70. What I'd like to see in GRFS Multiplayer?
  71. HELP! now multiplayer laggy after update! ffs
  72. Downloading Problems
  73. my friends list is empty,i can`t invite friends in my coop.
  74. Alternate username, same account?
  75. DLC pairing couldn't find one
  76. GRFS Taiwan version can`t play good on 1.6
  77. Game issue / lost connection aaaaarrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  78. Unable to join MP Games with friends
  79. GRFS "Season pass" question
  80. My HEDP Launcher only have one grenade.
  81. Numerous tech issues
  82. Content Error During Coop Join; Identical Copies of the Game
  83. My night playing GRFS multiplayer
  84. What I need to play GRFS MP?
  85. Raven Strike DLC now available for PC
  86. Found on youtube, shot gun ammo and RAUFOSS
  87. Russian version GRFS of the lock area?
  88. [Help] Problem to join Friends Group!
  89. How Can Play Raven Strike DLC In Uplay?
  90. Joining friends fixed
  91. patch 1.6 joining friends fixed
  92. Forum Update?
  93. Raven Strike DLC Hardcore
  94. Future Soldier Game on wrong monitor
  95. Where are the players?
  96. SERIOUS PC performance issues.
  97. Do you guys know what graphics settings equivalents the consoles run this game at?
  98. Problems after DLing Ravent Strike DLC?
  99. Thinking to buy the game...
  100. Only one round grenade in launcher NOW???NEED HELP
  101. Ghost Recon Raven Strike Problems
  102. Can you please open helps for disabled people?
  103. Even after current patch, game randomly crashes to desktop.
  104. GRFS Patch, 1.6 Yeti Dump error, Ubisoft Support let down
  105. Strange problem with game minimizing to desktop after clicking shift+[key]
  106. bought artic dlc
  107. [Offtopic] Just signed up for Warface !
  108. GRFS DLC Question
  109. Annoying in game things
  110. IF someone still play the game, here a fix for Error Code 2 and Ubi Launcher Crash.
  111. Anyone else think that guns do not disappear is actully annoying?
  112. Activation code for Raven Strike already used?
  113. For some of the players
  114. Raven Strike DLC
  115. Ubisoft Paris and Bucharest Do Something!
  116. GR Future Soldier: 4/10 Poor
  117. never played this game in online mode!!
  118. Ghost Recon Eyefinity Issue
  119. No autosaves in ELITE mode?
  120. Please set Ubi-Mush free
  121. Unable to login GRFS Multiplayer
  122. [LAPTOP] GFS sudden lag before it wasn't what seems to be problem?
  123. Inverted aim with controller
  124. Question for Mods
  125. Update about a week ago !!
  126. did anyone put his issues about faults in the threads that for it ? uplay scrap
  127. Bug: no wapon
  128. Whats up with Patching 1 at a time?
  129. 2 Days....
  130. Waining for theTank to move
  131. Report cheat *edit*
  132. Suggestion: Moscow Suburbs and Drilling Ship maps!
  133. Raven Strike (Can't find it / does not show up in my campaigns)
  134. My virtual live !
  135. ETA for next patch 1.7
  136. Anyone still playing GRFS Multiplayer?
  137. Ubisoft, please fix/add theses in your 1.7 update
  138. Getting bored !
  139. Stealth/cloak not working help
  140. grsf network unlocks doesnt work with patch 1.6!!!
  141. Posible Fixes for Yeti Minidump Error and "Connection to server lost"
  142. Patches not installing
  143. Strange explosions and friendly fire.
  144. Title Update 1.6: Known Issues and Workarounds
  145. Need help
  146. Khyber Strike DLC
  147. 79100 XP in a Game
  148. Steam Overlay chat !
  149. Iv had it! Now a pop up appears in game!!!!!
  150. Play GRFS from Windows 8 USB to go
  151. problme de connections par cble
  152. screen prob.
  153. Problem in the installation patsh 1.4 Ghost Recon: Future Soldier I hope the solution
  154. Problems Multiplayer - lobby
  155. UPLAY account banned for no reaosn. WTF!!!
  156. shattered mountain help
  157. Has the "Yeti" issue been resolved yet or is this Ground Hog Day?
  158. OFFTOPIC - At the 6th I will also be owning this one!
  159. guerrilla mode
  160. Error message: Host is using material that you have not downloaded yet
  161. Ubisoft, Please make all multiplayer maps free
  162. Q key not working!!
  163. Fatal error!
  164. I guess i am fortunate
  165. help
  166. Game freezes on final load. Locks up computer.
  167. Add me if you like playing Guerilla Mode/Co-op
  168. Claymores
  169. codes transferred successfully Ghost Recon
  170. Game freezes 5 seconds every minute!!
  171. Play with less than 4 players
  172. Ghost Recon Patches ON EVERY LOAD UP
  173. Ubisoft's Nutzlose Hilfe
  174. Challanges
  175. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier install error
  176. Thank god for CC Chargeback good job ubi!!
  177. GRFS Yeti and other fatal errors
  178. Sync shot doesnt work
  179. Update 1.7
  181. Ghost Recon Future Soldier - Khyber Strike DLC Trailer
  182. Patch 1.7 Feedback
  183. GRFS System Requirements
  184. Problem starting the game - message SbselectProcedure can't be found
  185. Just got the game
  186. New Error...(drum roll)
  187. unplayable with xbox controller
  188. Runtime Error!
  189. Rodacy pomzcie bo już kur... nie wiem co mam robic.
  190. Patch 1.07 and still only looking for game
  191. Can't play Multiplayer.
  192. Buying Digital Deluxe On GameStop, Can Add To Steam?
  193. Beat my death rate
  194. Valentines Day Special!
  195. Has support for notebook's GPUs finally been added to this game?
  196. "You have been kicked from the session" x1,000,000
  197. Try playing COOP campaign ...
  198. Black up and down side bars ?
  199. Where's Raven Strike DLC?????
  200. Horrible FPS?
  201. I had to post this with Google Chrome, because...
  202. Thinking About Refund
  203. Please Release A Texture Pack And Mod Tools.
  204. Missing Pistols? Apparently Got Some From ghostrecon.com/network But Not There?
  205. launch error
  206. Black screen
  207. Any tips on the end of Shattered Mountain mission?
  208. I have does not work statistics in the game
  209. PC performance still very bad after update.
  210. Master Sniper Bug
  211. Official Complaints Procedure
  212. Loosing on purpose
  213. Weapon customization not working in Solo campaign
  214. What time does the Khyber Strike DLC(pc) released?
  215. fix your *edit* game
  216. Found a fix for FPS but game now crashes with 'Nvidia driver stopped working'
  217. game wont run after new patch
  218. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier - Raven Strike
  219. More people need to play Siege
  220. how to optimize a game that Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
  221. constantly throws in the game from the server what to do?
  222. To be or not to be - xp ??
  223. Hello?!?!?!
  224. Ko-op / Guerilla Mode
  225. How desperate and migrations
  226. To Mr Ubi-Mush or other mods.
  227. I have account buy Icant find DLC pack
  228. Problem with Connection
  229. Lets run the whole campaign
  230. "Ubisoft want to improve their relationship with PC gamers"
  231. Patch Confusion. 1.1-> 1.6??
  232. Problems Installing
  233. Legal cheat that the program is well rewarded
  234. GRFR pc version
  235. Need help
  236. Need help
  237. Corrupt profile
  238. CRC Install Error
  239. Voting To Kick Option
  240. Anyone play multiplayer anymore?
  241. Suggestion for improvement
  242. GRFT Notebook start problem
  243. February is almost done -- Next patch and DLC this week?
  244. Yeti Error, generate mini dump?
  245. Way Off Topic
  246. Unable to start the game. Please check that your game has been installed correctly.
  247. "Khyber Strike" DLC is out!
  248. Disappointment!
  249. Server connection lost
  250. Mod Complaint - Being Fobbed Off and Ignored