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  1. Suggestion - Complete List of known issues to a pinned thread
  2. the game is ******* slow
  3. No invert y axis...ubi's solution
  4. Laptop will not get a support?
  5. Ubisoft hires NASA to fix invert Y axis in GRFS
  6. ubisoft game launcher.exe dejo de funcionar
  7. GRFS Error Launch with Latest Patch 1.4
  8. Sooo.....when are we getting the DLC?
  9. Dlc coming for pc ??
  10. Steam Version Updated Yet?
  11. Looking for a "Drilling Ship" pre-order-bonus-code
  12. Direct3d 11 Components Missing
  13. Anyone(moderator, manager, developer, whoever) answer me please
  14. Multiplayer doesn't find any online sessions
  15. Looking for people to play with me on GR:FS Campaign Co-Op
  16. The Other Side of the Story: Seeing Ubisoft as a Victim
  17. Thread was locked over Y axis issue by Ubi
  18. hey i need some help with code ..
  19. Coordination System In PC MP?
  20. August 23rd - Servers Maintenance & Respec Tokens
  21. PC DLC going to be free?
  22. OH this is probably the reason why we got this port?
  23. Time has come for some answers, we want them now not next week
  24. Has anyone read this article yet??
  25. This game isnt thaaat bad cmon-
  26. patch 1.5
  27. Query
  28. Geurillia/Coop? (Read if interested)
  29. 3 Maps Ive never played on?
  30. in pc version, how to deploy bipod attachment
  31. MP Questions
  32. Contacted with local Publisher
  33. A Possible Way to Change Your Uplay and Gamer Tag For GRFS Multiplayer?
  34. помогите плиз
  35. Antoine, Mush,Evilpixiegrrr, whoever ???
  36. Lost connection to the server.....
  37. Steam weekend sale.
  38. honestly..
  39. What does running GRFS in Safe Mode do?
  40. The game is getting worst instead of better, WTF?
  41. GRFS vs GRO
  42. Are there any plans for dedicated servers?
  43. My Technical Support Conversation
  44. im confused.... where are the 48 skins the deluxe edition advertised? (i just bought)
  45. fking disconnect
  46. Please help me in stopping other people from buying this game.
  47. Odd crash, anyone else getting this?
  48. PC players are pirats
  49. Ubi confirm yes or no
  50. Complete freeze and crash
  51. Ghost Recon Online Community Stream
  52. What do i have to do to obtain a refund? bought yesterday, broken/lag/matchmaking
  53. Are the servers Down?
  54. I can not remove a friend
  55. 95% of pc gamers are pirates!
  56. before i purchase?
  57. DLC's for PC will fail... if not free or cheap as posible xD
  58. To many Recon players
  59. bugs and bugs
  60. GR:FS Any word on "a complete game fix"
  61. Version 1.4 and Multiplayer is still a horrible experience
  62. Good job, game not working now.
  63. Please help
  64. A word of thanks
  65. Game play laggin very much :(
  66. Server connection error
  67. GRO question.
  68. Valiant Hammer bug!!!
  69. No support for consumers, wake up Ubisoft
  70. PC DLC's - Where in the Jeff Stellings name are they??
  71. Ubisofts blunders
  72. Just my personal opinion.
  73. just a feedback on ghost recon future soldier
  74. Soo.... Is ther anyway to play Guerilla with random people?
  75. Ghost Recon will not initialize.
  76. Uplay behaving Badly!!!
  77. How Ubisoft, how...
  78. problem with some gun unlocks for campeign
  79. hey leute bitte um hilfe!!!!!!
  80. Hallo brauche HILFE!!!!! bitttttte
  81. Hey guys i need help pls!!!!!!
  82. Tiger dust
  83. How do you get first person
  84. 3 additional Respec Tokens
  85. Would you like a free Arctic Strike DLC?
  86. Control and binding problems?
  87. Body vanishing issue and turn off the enemy red frame and teammate blue frame ?
  88. Version of game
  89. magyar játékosokat keresek
  90. multiplayer is deserted?
  91. Infinite searching for game
  92. I wish I hadn't bought this game.
  93. Remove or tone down the autoaim in this game it is Rediculous
  94. Guerilla Players
  95. need 3 3 additional Respec Tokens
  96. Noble Tempest Drone Crosshairs BUG!!
  97. Can i use my ps3 uplay account in my pc?
  98. Once again xBox controls are back......
  99. Problem
  100. i was kicking a--
  101. (Pseudo Speedhack) Introducing a new lag phenomena
  102. 3 additional Respec Tokens
  103. How get Your save File back Ghost Recon Furture Soldier's
  104. Again servers maintenance?
  105. Ghost Recon: Future soldier co-op
  106. Unresolved problems
  107. GRFS PC adversarial and August 23rd maintenance
  108. delay
  109. PLz stop doing uplay updates
  110. выдаёт ошибку - Не удается запустить игру. &am
  111. "Device is removed:Device hung due to badly formed commands" can u help me?
  112. Coop mode connection issues
  113. PC/Notebook gameing
  114. Ghost Recon Online IGN Review FYI
  115. You can invite friends to the game?
  116. [HELP] Creat my Server
  117. i can't login on grfs
  118. minidump error /solution
  119. Possible fix for Memory!
  120. Ou acheter le dlc article strikel?
  121. hosting a match
  122. Need some help
  123. Enemy freeze in coop misson
  124. retaining exp
  125. Performance very bad
  126. Looking for Friends
  127. Problem z uruchomieniem Multi
  128. Where is the 1.5 Patch????
  129. Game freezed in Coop
  130. Lag on most parts of the MP map Market
  131. New Title Update just dropped for consoles. And they're getting double XP too.
  132. Ubisoft support are awesome !!
  133. searching for friends to play with
  134. No control
  135. Change soldier name
  136. Future Soldier.exe
  137. installed GW2 now game crahes on open threw uplay
  138. CD-Key doesnt work
  140. Problema con l'invito degli amici
  141. When is the Dlc coming for PC
  142. Attention NVIDIA Users! GRFS SLI compatibility thread
  143. !!Alright Guys!!
  144. Looking for skilled Guerilla players
  145. Problems That Need Fixed
  146. how get guns unlock
  147. lag, pin and other cir****ance
  148. Really?
  149. Acers Squad
  150. No Bonus Headgear?
  151. Thanks for BAN ME!
  152. Standard Stock?
  153. Here is what my game looks like in Windows 8 using latest nvidia 306.02 drivers.
  154. petition against UBISH..
  155. This is cheating or this is lagging?
  156. PC users want updates and DLC for...
  157. Friends List errors
  158. Please Help. When pressing play button of GR:FS, not a single thing shows up.
  159. urgent response
  160. Uh oh!
  161. Campaign still not autosaving any progress :0
  162. Question to PC GRFSers
  163. Connection to server lost [ PC in Asia ]
  164. Help me please
  165. Patch up your game!
  166. Windows XP patch
  167. Big Fraps problems
  168. Yeti error
  169. Unable to play multiplayer from 2 pc's in same house!
  170. Ubisoft blames Piracy, but Fraud isn't the solution
  171. help with 1.4 patch
  172. [ solved ] freeze pc
  173. 30% of headshots is not cheating
  174. Funny screenshots
  175. According to CDR, Arctic Strike is confirmed, also there's more DLCs
  176. Forum has gone dead.
  177. Time to pack it in . . .
  178. pc freezing - single player mode only
  179. Dircet3D 11 components not found
  180. 2 ISSUES and 2 WISHES
  181. players for co-op campaign/guerrilla
  182. Uplay Crashing :9
  183. Ghost Recon Online gets new content!
  184. Enough of Ghost Recon Future Soldier for me
  185. Bought the game recently, 1.4 patch updated, but cannot change weapons in Multi Playe
  186. Top 10 Most Pirated Games. SPOILER: No Ubisoft game is in it
  187. Petition against Ubisoft
  188. патч с исправлениями
  189. With next update please allow GRFS to use 4gig+ RAM
  190. problem when playing
  191. A question
  192. Looking for PC players to play with!
  193. Message to the devs and ubisoft, and you had better read this!!!
  194. Need Luncherof ubisoft
  195. No 5.1 surrounding in game
  196. How to setup keybinds while playing campaign
  197. Calling the pc community pirates, seriously Ubisoft?
  198. why does all my icons in xbox style
  199. GRFS with Windows 8
  200. Ubisoft, are you ever going to fix this game?
  201. Please post something about 1.5 already!
  202. Sync shot problem in single player
  203. a few questions about GR:FS (PC)
  204. Creative X-FI XtrGamer sound card.... mic does not work
  205. Every disappointed UbiUser - please read!
  206. The game Ghost recon future solder dosn't unlocked the locked characters.
  207. Read important: They don't give a f*ck about us
  208. Congratz Ubisoft...
  209. Ghost Recon:Future Soldier
  210. Exclusive free content for pc players
  211. Download
  212. Ghost/hologram Soldier that haunts Overpass!
  213. Does Ubisoft think this is good business practice?
  214. The game does not run in full screen mode
  215. why ubi
  216. OK
  217. why did Ubi change the MP server system?
  218. slaughtering noobs
  219. I need hepl!!
  220. DLC Raven Strike!?
  221. neW Driver NVDIA !!!!!
  222. Uplay offile
  223. The New DLC Pack
  224. honestly guys!!!
  225. Campaign - why GRFS is a great game!!!
  226. New PC Ghost Recon Future Soldier Ladder!
  227. graphics glitch
  228. Ubisoft support
  229. How to prevent piracy on your games
  230. Ubisoft Game Launcher: Error Code 1 ??
  231. [Update October 25th] Next Title Updates and Additional Content
  232. To Ubicrap
  233. THank you for the Info
  234. Three months,i can not play online!
  235. What achievements in GRFS do i need to get to use the Ghosts in GRC on facebook?
  236. The single player portion of this game is excellent!
  237. Erro no inicio da segunda fase modo campanha
  238. [Spoiler] Problem/ Possible bug
  239. DXGI.DLL was not found - Unable to Locate Component
  240. I mean...REALLY?
  241. I want replace this laaag game or help me
  242. UBI, can you remember? Dont let GRFS PC die !
  243. Arctic/Raven Strike Dlc for pc
  244. Future Soldier: Mythbusting
  245. Anyone's game look this good? :/
  246. Guerrilla Mode - Searching to play with you guys
  247. Pre ordered
  248. Weapon customizing does not work.
  249. Retail DLC & Hardcore Mode Will End GR:FS (PC)
  250. Загружаемый контект