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  2. Known Issues
  3. Daily Login.
  4. Daily log in and wrong name
  5. Sam
  6. Changing the tts
  7. Ubisoft club really slow
  8. Keep conversation around
  9. Same should see stats in Rainbow Six Siege
  10. Sam Bugs
  11. Sam dont answer
  12. Sticky sam
  13. SAM does nothing but meme
  14. TTS definitely needs improving, maybe voice detection too.
  15. My account can't receive Rainbow Six Siege Daily Login
  16. Some suggestions and reports
  17. No daily logins - No E3 rewards unlocked - Sam not working.
  18. Unable to claim e3 rewards. Sam is not working
  19. Reward issue
  20. Message is hide after a long chat.
  21. Sam's suggestions for new questions to ask
  22. E3 online rewards is locked
  23. Sam doesn’t call me by my username
  24. Sam repeats questions over and over
  25. Doesn't do what it says it does
  26. SAM voice broken
  27. Wrong character
  28. Really?
  29. Weird Spelling
  30. Broken Sam when asking for Level in R6 on platform.
  31. I just want to check my hours
  32. Sam Bug
  33. Sam take too long
  34. Speech to text won’t work
  35. Sam cant say droning
  36. Speech to Text doesn't Work
  37. Sam's Hiccups
  38. Fortune cookie
  39. Please keep Sam’s speech impediment
  40. Sam says wrong rank
  41. Sam don't respond my question with the answer
  42. My sam sound wak
  43. Fotos assassins creed odyssey
  44. Sam cant figure out when i type "rainbow 6 siege valkyrie"
  45. R6db
  46. Irrelevant Answer, Assassin's Creed Odyssey
  47. Orichalcum bug
  48. Stats failure
  49. Rayman
  50. Xp reset
  51. I can't get muy reward forma using Sam
  52. Daily login
  53. Sam spoiling Assassin's Creed Odyssey missions.
  54. Purchased operators not showing up
  55. Sam do not know about kills in Odyssey
  56. Animaux légendaires
  57. Voice
  58. Sam isn’t giving rewards
  59. Stats for Assassins Creed Odyssey
  60. Sam does not understand.
  61. adrasteia stats reset after re-entering the menu
  62. Sam not responding
  63. Far Cry 1
  64. Other Languages?
  65. Mascota Assassin odyssey
  66. Weird Spelling and Krampas Tales
  67. Advent calendar
  68. cannot use bows; I am lvl 3 and have gotten 2 bows so far
  69. Sam's Axe Won't Unlock - Assassins Creed Odyssey
  70. Daily login
  71. Creedmas Glitch
  72. Sam wrong answer
  73. disappeared main character
  74. Rainbow six siege store
  75. Daily login
  76. Sam message and app error
  77. Spelling/Grammar mistakes.