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  1. FIXED [PC/PS4/XBONE] Player Vs. AI (Matchmaking: Off) Not Receiving Rewards
  2. FIXED [PC] Brawl in PLAYER VS. AI (Matchmaking: ON) wrongly displays "Max" level
  4. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] Freeze and Black Screen at the end of a round
  6. FIXED [XONE] Group Member Are Joining Different Sessions if group leader leaves
  7. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] Faction War not properly loaded and Elimination is not selectable
  8. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] Blurred UI
  9. FIXED [PS4/XONE] Screen Flickering
  10. FIXED [PC/PS4] 2 PreOrder Paint patterns (Attack & Defence) Are Not Available
  11. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] Unsupported characters can be noticed on Contract Orders
  12. FIXED [pc/xone] crash while playing in czech (locale)
  13. FIXED [PC]Allied Player is displayed as enemy on the minimap When Spectating
  14. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] The Icon (!) displayed even if no new content is available
  15. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] Wrong Description of the Shugoki Emotes
  16. FIXED [PC/STEAM] Some controllers don't work if booted w/ Steam Controller connected
  17. FIXED [PC] Game Microphone Volume settings tied to Windows recording devices volume
  18. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] "A Reservist" & "Active Duty" Achievements are not unlocking
  19. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE]Some Executions are low in volume or only played from the center
  20. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] The sound of the Timer Warning is distorted and echoed.
  21. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] The Ubisoft Club rewards are displayed as locked in the Website
  22. FIXED [pc/ps4/xone] events playlist: Maps are not listed.
  23. FIXED [pc/ps4/xone] event playlist: Error deploying war assets
  24. FIXED [PC/XONE] New Players Matchmaking Issue in Skirmish and Elimination
  25. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] Groups of 4 Cannot Rematch in PvAI No Matchmaking
  26. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] “Dominant” Order Requirement Confusion
  27. FIXED [PC/XONE] Players Following Leaving Leader Get Black Screen
  28. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] Shinobi and Centurion Cannot Complete Class Related Orders
  29. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] Shinobi Ornaments With Misleading Information
  30. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] Centurion Awarded By Completing Campaign on Realistic Locked
  31. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] The "Alkirk" Armor Will Create Minor Graphical Issues
  32. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] The Centurion's Blade Clips Through Large Ornaments
  33. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] Ledge Deaths Can Count As Multiple Deaths
  34. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] The Shinobi Can Get Stuck Into Environment in Citadel Gate
  35. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] Centurion and Shinobi Warriors Can be Guardbroken While Rolling
  36. FIXED [PS4] “Players Met” Feature is Not Functional
  37. FIXED [PC] No Sound
  38. FIXED [PC] Using the Steam Big Picture Overlay Will Create A Blocker
  39. FIXED [PC] Chat Sometimes Not Accessible When Using A Controller
  40. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] shinobi can tackle allies
  41. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] Shinobi Gain 2 Renown For Killing Soldiers
  42. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] Shinobi "Yama Uba" Feat Auto Self Revive
  43. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] Centurion and Shinobi Tick 2 Points While Holding Zone
  44. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] Faction War Display Wrong War Assets Distribution
  45. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] Quick Chat Not Functional on the Forge and Temple Garden.
  46. FIXED [PS4] "For Honor!" Trophy is Inconsistently Awarded
  47. FIXED [PC] Game Run on Secondary Display When Using Multiple Monitors
  48. FIXED [WEBSITE] Players statistics page may freeze
  49. FIXED [PC/XONE/PS4] Match count will not update after a disconnection.
  50. FIXED [PC/XONE/PS4] Tournament progression bar not always display the right info
  51. FIXED [PC/XONE/PS4] Tournament matchmaking parameter will not refresh properly
  52. FIXED [PC/XONE/PS4] The "Waiting for Next Match" menu tab goes missing
  53. FIXED [PC/XONE/PS4] Game may crash when accessing the Emblem Editor from Tournament
  54. FIXED [PC/XONE/PS4] Game may freeze if a player exits during the match face off
  55. FIXED [PC/XONE/PS4] Missing "Tournament Rewards" tab during Tournament end flow
  56. FIXED [PC/XONE/PS4] Wrong Tournament Rewards displayed after a disconnect in playoffs
  57. FIXED [PC/XONE/PS4] An active PVP quitter penalty may refrain Tournament access
  58. FIXED [PC/XONE/PS4] An active Tournament quitter penalty may disable Quickmatch
  59. FIXED [PC/XONE/PS4] Tournament quitter penalty is applied for quitting in end flow
  60. FIXED [PC/XONE/PS4] Using group while in Tournament will cause various issues
  61. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] Strict NAT players cannot play in Duel Tournament
  62. FIXED [PC] Player is unable to switch the display mode after finishing a match
  63. FIXED [PC] The "Create an Emblem" screen remains blank when quickly accessed
  64. FIXED [PC] Refuse revive does not work if the Gamepad Layout is changed while dead
  65. FIXED [PC] If Gamepad Layout is changed while dead, some inputs will not be available
  66. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] The Gladiator Reputation 2 Outfit awards a wrong Symbol
  67. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] Missing sounds on the Season 3 Heroes for "Plasma Shock" effect
  68. NAD [PC/PS4/XONE] The Gladiator “Paddle Your Own Canoe” effects are triggered early
  69. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] The thumbnail for the Kensei’s “Malice” ornament is missing
  70. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] Outfits in Hero customization screen are not in their right tabs
  71. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] Notification "Game found...Missing Players (4)" appears in Duel
  72. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] The activity card Duel and Brawl goes back to default
  73. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] In between 2 matches the Deploy War Assets becomes inaccessible
  74. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] Getting pushed off in Sanctuary Bridge may end in being stuck
  75. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] Kensei can activate Revenge during the Out Of Lock Dodge Roll
  76. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] Centurion moveset says that “Legion Kick” stuns which is false
  77. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] The Brawl Kill vs Dead ratio is not currently displayed
  78. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] The new “Remove all “New” icon”' does not apply until a restart
  79. (FIXED) PLEASE READ! Live Update Error. Error Code 2-00003802
  80. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] Crash occurs when returning to the Execution menu from the [...]
  81. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] Crash occurs Alt-Tabbing or going to the Home Screen while [...]
  82. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] When previewing a bundle, your Hero will not be customized
  83. Loot
  84. Nat type connection stick
  85. language prob
  86. bulk up perk bug need fix
  87. Glitch With New Gear Icon
  88. Ability