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  1. FIXED [PC/PS4/XBONE] Player Vs. AI (Matchmaking: Off) Not Receiving Rewards
  2. FIXED [PC] Brawl in PLAYER VS. AI (Matchmaking: ON) wrongly displays "Max" level
  5. FIXED [XONE] Group Member Are Joining Different Sessions if group leader leaves
  6. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] Faction War not properly loaded and Elimination is not selectable
  7. FIXED [PS4/XONE] Screen Flickering
  8. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] Unsupported characters can be noticed on Contract Orders
  9. FIXED [pc/xone] crash while playing in czech (locale)
  10. FIXED [PC]Allied Player is displayed as enemy on the minimap When Spectating
  11. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] The Icon (!) displayed even if no new content is available
  12. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] Wrong Description of the Shugoki Emotes
  13. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] "A Reservist" & "Active Duty" Achievements are not unlocking
  14. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] The sound of the Timer Warning is distorted and echoed.
  15. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] The Ubisoft Club rewards are displayed as locked in the Website
  16. FIXED [pc/ps4/xone] events playlist: Maps are not listed.
  17. FIXED [pc/ps4/xone] event playlist: Error deploying war assets
  18. FIXED [PC/XONE] New Players Matchmaking Issue in Skirmish and Elimination
  19. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] Groups of 4 Cannot Rematch in PvAI No Matchmaking
  20. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] “Dominant” Order Requirement Confusion
  21. FIXED [PC/XONE] Players Following Leaving Leader Get Black Screen
  22. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] Shinobi and Centurion Cannot Complete Class Related Orders
  23. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] Shinobi Ornaments With Misleading Information
  24. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] Centurion Awarded By Completing Campaign on Realistic Locked
  25. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] The "Alkirk" Armor Will Create Minor Graphical Issues
  26. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] Ledge Deaths Can Count As Multiple Deaths
  27. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] The Shinobi Can Get Stuck Into Environment in Citadel Gate
  28. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] Centurion and Shinobi Warriors Can be Guardbroken While Rolling
  29. FIXED [PC] No Sound
  30. FIXED [PC] Using the Steam Big Picture Overlay Will Create A Blocker
  31. FIXED [PC] Chat Sometimes Not Accessible When Using A Controller
  32. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] shinobi can tackle allies
  33. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] Shinobi "Yama Uba" Feat Auto Self Revive
  34. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] Centurion and Shinobi Tick 2 Points While Holding Zone
  35. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] Faction War Display Wrong War Assets Distribution
  36. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] Quick Chat Not Functional on the Forge and Temple Garden.
  37. FIXED [PS4] "For Honor!" Trophy is Inconsistently Awarded
  38. FIXED [WEBSITE] Players statistics page may freeze
  39. FIXED [PC/XONE/PS4] Match count will not update after a disconnection.
  40. FIXED [PC/XONE/PS4] Tournament progression bar not always display the right info
  41. FIXED [PC/XONE/PS4] Tournament matchmaking parameter will not refresh properly
  42. FIXED [PC/XONE/PS4] The "Waiting for Next Match" menu tab goes missing
  43. FIXED [PC/XONE/PS4] Game may crash when accessing the Emblem Editor from Tournament
  44. FIXED [PC/XONE/PS4] Game may freeze if a player exits during the match face off
  45. FIXED [PC/XONE/PS4] Missing "Tournament Rewards" tab during Tournament end flow
  46. FIXED [PC/XONE/PS4] An active PVP quitter penalty may refrain Tournament access
  47. FIXED [PC/XONE/PS4] An active Tournament quitter penalty may disable Quickmatch
  48. FIXED [PC/XONE/PS4] Tournament quitter penalty is applied for quitting in end flow
  49. FIXED [PC/XONE/PS4] Using group while in Tournament will cause various issues
  50. FIXED [PC] Player is unable to switch the display mode after finishing a match
  51. FIXED [PC] The "Create an Emblem" screen remains blank when quickly accessed
  52. FIXED [PC] Refuse revive does not work if the Gamepad Layout is changed while dead
  53. FIXED [PC] If Gamepad Layout is changed while dead, some inputs will not be available
  54. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] The Gladiator Reputation 2 Outfit awards a wrong Symbol
  55. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] Missing sounds on the Season 3 Heroes for "Plasma Shock" effect
  56. NAD [PC/PS4/XONE] The Gladiator “Paddle Your Own Canoe” effects are triggered early
  57. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] The thumbnail for the Kensei’s “Malice” ornament is missing
  58. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] In between 2 matches the Deploy War Assets becomes inaccessible
  59. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] Getting pushed off in Sanctuary Bridge may end in being stuck
  60. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] Kensei can activate Revenge during the Out Of Lock Dodge Roll
  61. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] Centurion moveset says that “Legion Kick” stuns which is false
  62. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] The new “Remove all “New” icon”' does not apply until a restart
  63. (FIXED) PLEASE READ! Live Update Error. Error Code 2-00003802
  64. please delete this
  65. Loot
  66. Nat type connection stick
  67. language prob