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  1. Beta registrations are open! Get in on the orena fun!
  2. Orbital arenas: Organic belt
  3. Character Preview: Buzzzkill
  4. Weapon preview: Sunblaster
  5. Weapon preview: Slingshot
  6. Character Preview: Subaru
  7. Character Preview: Shellshock
  8. Adrian Lacey: VR, the final frontier
  9. Space Junkies - Beta Video Review
  10. Server opening times?
  11. Suggestion: Hand interactions between players, we need high fives :)
  12. Windows Mixed Reality Headset Support
  13. Can't connect to the ubisoft servers
  14. My Thoughts So Far...
  15. Suggestion: To hold the guns press grip button only once and release
  16. Bug: Sunblaster in the "spawn tunnel" should not replace the holstered one
  17. I cant see my chaperone
  18. Space Junkies Bots
  19. Some generic feedback
  20. Will Space Junkies support the Steam Knuckles controllers when they are released?
  21. My Review (20+ hours of beta gameplay)
  22. Release Date?
  23. Feedback from a new player
  24. Avis aprčs 3h de jeu