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  15. Knox is awesome as is. Please don't change him.
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  27. what does "massive online playground" mean?
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  35. WTF is that, combined races, or only a babysitter? (Meat the game team video)
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  42. TOMORROW Michel will release the first Prototype Gameplay Video!
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  46. Why a good single player campaign with compelling story is important
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  51. How much will we be able to influence the Game-Development?
  52. My One Fear: Cities
  53. Character Language
  54. Corrections in Usages of Indian Culture and Hindi
  55. Online and Offline Campaign Mode
  56. I didn't received the mail about the gameplay demo
  57. Unofficial - Everything we know about the Game! Check by here first!
  58. please BGE2 team, GET THE METRICS RIGHT !!!!!!!
  59. Character Creation - Hybrids (Pick yours)
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  64. To own our own Cities, Colonies and Territories...
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  67. 'Nothing is random. We prefer quality and storytelling over quantity' + 2 screenshots
  68. Character Creation Race Candidate- The Octopus
  69. Music to be inspired by for the bge universe
  70. How to make the space between planets attractive
  71. Customizable ships, upgrades, interior decoration and personal flags
  72. Idea/hope Legacy ships From BGE 1
  73. The Chinese lady is blurred out now???
  74. Kim Hyun-Jun, Underground fight, theme selection music.
  75. Spacemonkey program: gaming platforms: Switch
  76. Will there be full personalization of characters and ships?
  77. Dev commentary on new game +
  78. No Beyond Good and Evil 2 at Gamescom 2017
  79. Your own Quests
  80. IDEAS what to buy with MONEY and how to get MONEY
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  82. SMP logo in ~5k^2 resolution
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  85. Character Focus: Hsing-Hsing (Hybrid Panda)
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  98. BGE2 in Virtual Reality?
  99. Thoughts on Mother ship design
  100. Can we already talk about profitability options?
  101. Who would you play?
  102. What do you think will the first playable version of BGE2 for testers contain?
  103. UNDERGROUND WORLD : Samis, Nenets.... Russian influens
  104. Transgender Representation: Advice and Ideas
  105. Things to Do in Multiplayer
  106. Any way to change beta patform of choice?
  107. "Human-Pig Hybrid Created in the Lab" Nat-geo article... Here we are...
  108. Pirate Lore: Pirate Code, Learning from the Best (I want your ideas/feedback!)
  109. Brothels?
  110. BGE2: On Fair Representation and Sexy Old Lizardwomen
  111. What options do you want in BGE2's character builder?
  112. Name of your character(s)...
  113. why do I feel like this is going to be SC rival game?
  114. Multi lingual game
  115. Hybrids and tails?
  116. My thoughts about the female hybrids...
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  118. How about cannibalism and the factory farming of different races.
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