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  1. SKANKHUNT42: Top Clan Seeking Active Players
  2. Mr. Jefferson recruiting
  3. Power-Event-Guild ,German Tools'
  4. Team Recruitment - Cheesy Poofz
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  6. SKANKHUNT42 team recruiting!
  7. Cronenbergworld is Recruiting for Team Wars
  8. COWS 'N' ALIENS - Recruitment
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  10. Letís Do This! Is looking for new players!
  11. Join our new team! Butters'Nutters
  12. Wolf Pack searching for qualifying recruits!
  13. Crab People looking for members
  14. South Park Cows! Moooooo!
  15. Throwdown Guild
  16. Nogoodnamesleft
  17. Nice balls
  18. Remember to join CHEESY POOFZ
  19. Join Koon and friends
  20. Looking for active players.
  21. Come Join One of the Strongest Non-Whale Teams! SodoSopaNinjas =D
  22. "THE GROUNDED" Now accepting new members!
  23. Man Bear Pig is looking for you (to join us)
  24. Serial schtoil wants you
  25. Total Asscheeks.....for real.
  26. Any team want to join forces
  27. Looking for merger
  28. Looking for 5 active people who want to complete events and take 1st in wars
  29. New team dutch killers
  30. New Clan: No Excuses
  31. Mr. Garrisons is looknig for Members!
  32. M3rcaholics is looking to add members
  33. Brothers of poo wants you.
  34. RandyMarshFans: Active Team Seeking New Members
  35. Nagger H8er Klan Wants You!
  36. Team Recruitment: Man Bear Pig
  37. We Fart On Cows
  38. CHEESY POOFZ - team wars domination
  39. Tegridy Donors
  40. Tegridy Donors looking for possible merger!
  41. German SaufPark sucht dich!
  42. Sarcastic Park
  43. 420 Pickle Rick
  44. Looking to merge guilds or have a group separate from a current guild? We want you!
  45. Hungarianviking