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  1. The New Characters Thread
  2. Avatar Customization
  3. Unlockable PVP intros
  4. Animated Video Events
  5. Soft launch in the Czech Republic
  6. Missing deckbuilding features
  7. Matchmaking cards lvl
  8. PC Version Maybe Steam?
  9. Free Hat (hat -free)
  10. Multiple Account on One Device
  11. Confirmation box for PvP reset
  12. My 2 cents
  13. Option to sell upgrade iteams
  14. Ideas for New Deck Themes
  15. Deck Builder Improvements
  16. Add text indication when opponet plays spell card
  17. create your own level
  18. High wants
  19. Special Level for each theme
  20. Name change, Daily calendar, Objective, etc.
  21. PVP Stage themes
  22. PVE stage difficulty indicator for farming
  23. Give up button in PVP
  24. Sell cards and items
  25. Delete Deck
  26. Canadian mouth
  27. Pvp
  28. PvP character levels balance
  29. control your army
  30. Pack buy values to what you get seem wrong
  31. Report player button
  32. Fcebook Sync
  33. Subtitles
  34. jersey skin tone
  35. In Demand characters
  36. Features I’d like to see applied
  37. cheaters keep trying to lag me out
  38. Feature: Challenge a Friend!
  39. Remove 2 Theme per deck restriction!
  40. Improvments SPPD
  41. Upgrade streamlining
  42. Mute Button
  43. Memba Berries
  44. Pvp spell balancing and pve reset
  45. PVE card draws
  46. Will it be released to Amazon devices in the future?
  47. Matchmaking based on level and rank
  48. Guild Battles
  49. Team play opportunities
  50. A few ideas from a passionate player
  51. HP and Attack written on cards in inventory
  52. Inventory filtering mechanism
  53. Create a daily objective mechanic that resets every day. i.e. Trials, Gauntlet, etc.
  54. PvP Pack timer accumulation
  55. Avatar Equipment or Skills
  56. FTB Character cards(Superhero)
  57. More events pls
  58. Team based events
  59. Additional card statistics
  60. Transmogrify need to cost 4 ?
  61. General Chat
  62. Fix Deck layout and arranging
  63. Reduce energy cheaters with simple change
  64. Last log in status from Team mates
  65. Last log in status from Team mates
  66. Card and mats trading
  67. Card resetting
  68. Filters
  69. Last login for guild/clan
  70. Delete Decks
  71. Balancing suggestions
  72. Better kid interactions...
  73. PvP Match History
  74. Reduce the loading screen times
  75. Annoying the shopkeepers
  76. Examining offered cards
  77. Dr. Mephesto’s Lab: Card Crafting
  78. Resignation button
  79. PVP safe levels
  80. New Theme Cards (Superheros)
  81. Provide an option to toggle chat
  82. Filter Cards
  83. Release the Cards Physically
  84. Meaningless Card Upgrades and Recommended Fixes.
  85. barter system
  86. Players should could get under rank 35
  87. Ranking system makes your rewards worse
  88. Remove the rank lock !
  89. are you sure option
  90. API to access clan statistics
  91. Legit card crafting.
  92. Material crafting
  93. For the love of ... please, confirmation dialog for the PVP timer override
  94. New taunts
  95. Solution to PvP hack show BOTH players energy?
  96. "Average Weekly Donation" Count Statistic
  97. Clan PVP aka deck testing
  98. Timestamps and post match verification
  99. Spell Suggestion
  100. Get rid of draws 🙃
  101. New Spell/Ability: Charm
  102. Fix DRAW Outcome
  103. "Practice" Level?
  104. Name change
  105. Cards in Cartman packs should increase with New Kid level
  106. List of suggestions
  107. Suggestions on features
  108. Hey devs, how about a material trade store.
  109. Problems I still see in this game
  110. Larger Upgrade Pack(s)
  111. Ideas for new cards & abilities & choosing your own loading screen picture
  112. List of features
  113. API for player and team member statistics
  114. Upgrade Item Exchange
  115. feature to get item back by downgrading characters levels
  116. buddy cards, battle modes/arena, card ideas, custom emotes
  117. More cards stats listed on the cards
  118. SUGGESTION: 'Donation' to 'Trade' feature rework