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  1. Welcome to the South Park: Phone Destroyer forums!
  2. Soft Launch FAQ, and upcoming iOS availability info
  3. Regarding Cheaters...
  4. Hotfix incoming!
  5. Say hello the the first Phone Destroyer balance update!
  6. Introducing the Season Reset! 🏆
  7. Double PvP ticket weekend!
  8. The Big Softlaunch Update is Coming Next Week!
  9. Say "Hello" to our new Community Manager, Amanda!
  10. The Big Softlaunch Update Notes - Volume 2!
  11. Season Reset 2 (and new rewards) coming Thursday! 🏆
  12. Rank Down and Winstreaks Explained
  13. Here comes a hotfix!
  14. Upcoming Maintenance: 27.09.2017
  15. Hotfix: 28.09.2017
  16. Introducing the Thursday Stream!
  17. Phone Destroyer will be testing an ad-free experience
  18. In 45 minutes, we'll go live with the weekly Phone Destroyer stream!
  19. A Brief Update On Our Progress
  20. Get Ready! The Worldwide Release Build is coming to Soft Launch Territories tomorrow!
  21. Minor Issues with 25-10-2017 Update Rollout
  22. The 25-10-2017 Update is Back on Track! Important info inside.
  23. Ad Testing Has Resumed
  24. A BIG Balance Update Drops Tomorrow!
  25. Incoming 1-11-2017 Update!
  26. Minor update just went live.
  27. Version 2.0.2 just dropped for iOS Devices
  28. South Park: Phone Destroyer has released worldwide!
  29. Regarding A Few Known Issues
  31. Hotfix: Android Device Compatibility Fixes Incoming!
  32. iOS Maintenance
  33. Behold! A mighty update approaches! 😍
  34. Android Update Is Live! Important Details Inside
  35. Trollsbane is now online!
  36. The 30/11/2017 Update is rolling out now!
  37. Buttons doesn’t work in iPhone X,6s,7
  38. Developer Update: 07/12/2017
  39. Developer Update: 13/12/2017 - Next Week's Patch Notes Revealed!
  40. Service Outage for iOS Devices
  41. Server-side Hotfix ongoing: "Invalid Battle Result" bug
  42. Developer Update 04/01/2018
  43. Developer Update: Legendary Season Rewards, Improved Matchmaking, and Improving PvP
  44. Developer Update: Legendary Rank Season Prizes, Balance Update, Friendly Matches
  45. Developer Update: 24/01/2018
  46. A Whale's Perspective (A Message to the Developers)
  47. Developer Update: 31/01/2018 - You PC, bro?
  48. Legendary Rank Reward Issues
  49. Developer Update: A Minor Update Has Just Gone Live
  50. "Waiting for Opponent" and Mind Control bug hotfix rolling out now
  51. Energy Hackers Gone Mad!!!!!!
  52. Add support for more android devices
  53. Does PHONE DESTROYER deserves to spend 1 cent?
  54. Offer Issue - "I Need More Love"
  55. It is unbelievable
  56. Developer Update: A Legendary Balance Change, and Some Other Cool Stuff! (16/02/2018)
  57. Developer Update: On Balance Changes & BFUs
  58. Best idea EVER!!!
  59. Developer Update: The Big Feature Update has begun rolling out!
  60. Your device needs at least 1501MB space for additional downloads
  61. What in the ****ing **** is the wifi symbol that robs me of energy and cards???
  62. Hotfixes for BFU related bugs are currently underway
  63. Latest event - what's up with the dearth of crates?
  64. issues on the PvP servers?
  65. New bugs fixed!
  66. Developer Update: Monday Edition!
  67. Developer Update: Legendary Season Ending and Maintenance Incoming
  68. Developer Update: Hotfix in Validation
  69. New Event...
  70. Dear devs, some statistics please?
  71. Wao Robot Bebe!!!
  72. Developer Update: Team Events, Hotfix and Robo Bebe
  73. how cheating works steve
  74. working hacks, always updated. do something devs!
  75. Add Star Streak on 45+ rank
  76. The game is down again...
  77. New Group “Swap Shop”
  78. Developer Update: 22/03/2018
  79. Some Suggestions
  80. Double pvp event
  81. What the hell happened to the hyperdrive fix?
  82. Recruitment Resume
  83. Summer time Europe
  84. Developer Update: Friendly Fights are here!
  85. Is there anyway to find free games whcih we can play
  86. 'THEDIRTYBASTIDS' group Recruiting new members
  87. report system really works????
  88. Developer Update: Season Reset and Balance Changes!
  89. Looking for the best members around
  90. Say "Hello, eh!" to Ubi-Toller, our new Community Manager!
  91. Developer Update: New Card This Weekend + Update Incoming!
  92. Events and packs
  93. Team vs Team Battle Ideas
  94. Some idea's
  95. Developer Update: Update Progress and Team Vs Team Discussions
  96. Team Vs Team Mega-Thread
  97. If would like to apply to help out, I make content on YouTube and twitch
  98. Recruiting Strong Players and Friends For Discord
  99. Developer Update: Mr. Hankey and Next Update
  100. Balance the game maybe?
  101. Developer Update: Incan Craig is here and Update Tomorrow!
  102. Update delay on IOS
  103. Thedirtybastids team recruiting new members 47/50
  104. Developer Update: Bounty Hunter Kyle Incoming+A new hope (for a hotfix)
  105. I hope I'm wrong; You're about to break the game
  106. Server Update Incoming
  107. Stop the Cheaters
  108. What ?? New bug??
  109. Developer Update: Season 3 Legendary Season End + Balance Change Notes
  110. Such good matchmaking...
  111. So what do we do about...
  112. 14 matches in a row against higher-ranked players
  113. Developer Update: Holy $hit it's REAL!!
  114. Mind Control bug
  115. About the essense of Legendary Larderboard and win-trading
  116. Team FREEPACK looking for members
  117. event rewards
  118. Developer Update: Bug Fixes Incoming!
  119. Developer Update: Children of the Blood
  120. Fantasy Theme
  121. This new bebe....
  122. Developer Update: Space Warriors and Balance Changes (EDIT JUNE 28TH)
  123. http://advancemenpower.com/dxn-code-strike/
  124. http://advancemenpower.com/dxn-code-strike/
  125. No more locker limit!
  126. Monday Mini-Update
  127. Thank You Redlynx
  128. Developer Update: Fourth of July Festivities
  129. Lvl 4 NK in high silver shields
  130. Potential Fix for Game Center Error
  131. What to do after a nerf???
  132. Coinless Events are disappointing
  133. Kupa Keep needs a SERIOUS revamp
  134. Shaman Token’s purifying?
  135. Developer Update: Girl Power Edition
  136. Lets keep it simple and positive
  137. Bug report
  138. Developer Update: Blame Canada
  139. Limited Server Outage
  140. Keep getting No network connection, retry
  141. Friday Update: Comic-Con Surprise
  142. Kick the baby!