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  1. Crashing problems ps4
  2. PS4 resolution
  3. Where to redeem code?
  4. can you un-select your second bow?
  5. Can't redeem pre-order bonus
  6. Why no HDR support for PS4 Pro?
  7. Assassins Creed Origins: Secret Of The First Pyramids activivation?
  8. Aco crashed and now no main missions
  9. Question about Season Pass~~~
  10. Bonus content code already in use
  11. Assassins Creed Origins Failed for the PS4 Pro(Proof)
  12. Framerate PS4pro
  13. Display too large for screen
  14. Ubisoft Rewards Redeem Problem
  15. Cannot access the Desert Cobra Pack.
  16. Unable to interact with Siwa Blacksmith
  17. Health never regenerating
  18. audio speech cuts off
  19. Sry... I had found a problems with the "Follow Marker" during riding horse...
  20. Game Breaking Crash During May Amun Walk Beside You
  21. Crash
  22. Audio of general population in slow motion
  23. Tips on screen
  24. Deluxe edition languages packs
  25. Dialogue Audio Bug?
  26. PS4 Pro Issues
  27. Cut Scene Audio - No Voice (possible fix)
  28. Naked people in game
  29. My Collectors edition arrived late, and, wait for this, the box was EMPTY!
  30. [PS4 pro] Glowing white light at the edges of the TV screen
  31. Playing with fire mission objective glitches
  32. No Game
  33. Can't dismantle dlc gear
  34. PS4 Pro Stuttering Issues
  35. Some issues with ACO on ps4
  36. May Amun Walk Beside You - This feature not yet installed
  37. Font size
  38. Rewards
  39. ps4 pro
  40. Help With Season Pass
  41. Unable to find Ezio's outfit in game
  42. crash with fps on ps4
  43. Constant low FPS on PS4 Pro - Please add performance options
  44. PS4 - *Spoiler* Tombs
  45. Italian audio software does not work
  46. [PS4pro] Lack of speech
  47. PS4 AC:O Gold Edition Came Without All Codes
  48. Can i turn off the special effects right before the combat etc..?
  49. Texture Flickering / Bad Rendering Issue
  50. Challenges - XP from other Assassin's Creed games
  51. Nomad's Bazaar broken
  52. Good game but a mess/disappointment on PS4 Pro.
  53. [PS4 PRO] Game crashing upon loading
  54. All my game on black screen and I don't now what to do
  55. Please give us a non generic response to the PS4 Pro issues.
  56. My game all on black screen and i don't now what to do. Ubisoft please help me.....
  57. Quest Fail: Find and Rescue the priests...
  58. day challenge reda
  59. Character missing dialogue audio in cutscene
  60. My first AC purchase regret
  61. Pre-Order Content level
  62. language audio selection problem- can't find German at all
  63. Take over or complete destroy the militäry/bandit bases
  64. Characters and NPCs voice issue
  65. Trade? Pc key for Ps4 key.
  66. additional contents code dose not work
  67. Glitches galore - bugs, bugs, bugs
  68. FPS drops on PS4
  69. Standard Ps4 no pro lag and stuttering
  70. Phylakes not on map anymore
  71. Crashing Problems on Regular Ps4 (Not Ps4 Pro)
  72. A few bugs/glitches
  73. unlocking agular outfit
  74. [Discord] [Dutch] AC Orgins
  75. Nomad's Bazaar and Avenge Activity not show up in the game.
  76. Join this group AC Origins! [Discord]
  77. [BUG REPORT] Missing NPC Spoken Dialogue For Side Quest: The Tax Master
  78. Missing Outfit Reward from Main Quest
  79. Very laggy/draggy controller on PS4 (not pro)
  80. Really Ubi? Ambust at sea critical bug
  81. Feedback (Not about bugs)
  82. Game breeaking crash during "The fall of an empire, the rise of another"
  83. Resizing?
  84. Aguilar's Assassin Outfit Twitch Exclusive Is A Slap In The Face.
  85. Old Habits glitch
  86. Why the task can not be reset, the enemy leader can not refresh,
  87. I want Japanese language and voice packs!
  88. Having a serious issue "Old Habits"
  89. Audio bug when performing "Takedown"
  90. Received wrong Dawn of the Creed Edition
  91. Les effets de fumée des armes légendaires
  92. Draw distance problem
  93. Smoke effects on legendary weapons
  94. Issues after Assassin's Creed Origins Update 1.03 on Ps4.
  95. Captains should respawn for the old habits trophy (Camp Shetjeh in Siwa)
  96. More HUD options
  97. Remove Second Bow
  98. AC: Origins Bugs After 1.03 Patch
  99. Any plans to remove yellow from world map?
  100. HDR settings?
  101. UClub sync!
  102. All Gears Disappeared
  103. Flying horse.
  104. Red alert bar at top of screen no longer appears even when in an enemy base.
  105. Free run down
  106. Berserk ammo?
  107. Crocodiles Bug!
  108. Audio disappears and unable to get isu armor!!!! Due to new 1.03 Update
  109. Old Habits
  110. I still have hours left but my daily quest is gone before I complete it.
  111. Does This happen to Any one ?
  112. Can't loot Tomb of Alexander the Great Papyrus Scroll
  113. Shield problems
  114. Not sure if anyone has encountered this..
  115. Can't access the final mission
  116. Ambush at Sea missing from Quest Log
  117. PS4 Pro Controller issue
  118. "His Secret Service" Possible bug.
  119. Having trouble with a location
  120. issues with "overheating" trophy
  121. Draw distance/graphics downgrade since 1.03
  122. Alternate control scheme and closing messages
  123. Tamed animals dissapear
  124. ACO PS4 Pro ugly graphics and horribe draw distance since patch 1.03
  125. ACO PS4 Pro ugly graphics and horribe draw distance since patch 1.03
  126. Tagging of enemies not working
  127. Bayek's Quiver Glitch
  128. Equipped weapon display
  129. Ps4 keeps on F***ING CRASHING!!!!
  130. Rites of Anubis
  131. Assassin's Creed Origins PS4 Update 1.04
  132. Confirmed: old habit trophy glitched
  133. Unable to play game after 1.03 patch
  134. Still No "Interact" Icon in the Sphinx Passageway After Update 1.04!
  135. Problem revisiting Eesfet Oon-m'Aa Poo? (Sphinx)
  136. This Game makes a Really Poor first impression
  137. 1.04 another graphics downgrade
  138. Health not returning
  139. Stuck in opening to Ambush at Sea / Talk to Aya
  140. Improvements (Patch 1.04)
  141. SEASON PASS not appearing as purchase on PSN
  142. From good looking game to bad looking game
  143. Trials of the Gods
  144. Frame Rate Issues on PS4 , Getting stuck In/Between Objects
  145. My camera forces me to look in one direction even though I move R3 button.
  146. Armory location
  147. Fighting Herwrnifer
  148. Lost my gears at Abush at sea mission
  149. Assassin's Creed Origins patch issues
  150. Ambush at Sea Glitch!!! Can't continue with game!!!!!
  151. Ray of Hope (Alexandria) Papyrus Puzzles GLITCH
  152. Standard PS4 Alexandria Frame Rate
  153. The first Trial o the gods doesn't show up on my map.
  154. Audio Easter Egg/Sex sounds
  155. Senu's perception limited since patch v1.04
  156. Glitch with elephant fight
  157. Day/Night-Cycle stopped?
  158. Dialogue is repeating?
  159. Looting Anthilla outpost
  160. Missing content
  161. Ambush at Sea Glitch
  162. [BUG REPORT] Infinite Loading Screen after Activating a Fast Travel Point via SENU
  163. Who provides support
  164. Old habits trophy
  165. Life tiles turn red and won't fill up
  166. Outfit/shield clipping
  167. Tired of all the bugs in this game
  168. Crash during "The fall of an empire, the rise of another"
  169. Trials of the gods
  170. ANUBIS Evento não vejo no mapa
  171. Glares of pink light in HDR mode after update 1.04
  172. What happened to 4K support for PS4 Pro
  173. Total mess after 1.04 patch
  174. Quick, Frequent, Black Flickers ALL the Time
  175. Photo Mode
  176. Graphics distortion
  177. Reinstalling and Season pass
  178. Aya: Blade og the Goddess BUG
  179. Trial of anubis
  180. Need a statement from ubisoft about downgrade or bug.
  181. Akra Garrison - Alexandria missing Loot Treasure
  182. Target Lock for Combat
  183. Won't install
  184. Fresh sample of the 'stunning' graphics after patch (Ps4 pro)
  185. Lighting downgrade & One X situation
  186. Can't retrieve New Centurion add-on pack
  187. 2nd and 3rd save slot DOES NOT WORK
  188. Assassin creed Origins cant get platium because of Aya bug
  189. Tamed animals attack me
  190. It seems Aya is going to take down Ubisoft
  191. No XP added while discover new Nome or new place or new question mark point.
  192. Cannot complete location because of Aya
  193. Neith Bow
  194. Tablet of Knowledge broken?
  195. PS4Pro - after dream meating with the son
  196. Missing content from deluxe edition
  197. hepfezas fire sword missing
  198. The Weapons System....
  199. Cannot Re-enter Eesfet Oon-m'Aa Poo
  200. Cannot Progress The Battle of the Nile Mission
  201. 1.05 news
  202. Master Warrior Trait broken?[PS4]
  203. Stuck at the end of Blade of the Goddess mission
  204. Patch 1.04 Gameplay & Good News
  205. The character's life does not fill anymore.
  206. Patch 1.04 PS4 Pro Framerates still an issue
  207. Missing captain - Camp Tamaris
  208. Circle of Life Trophy not unlocking
  209. Photos active?
  210. Tired of hearing same voices and sentences of NPCs
  211. Blade of the Goddess mission objective won't start
  212. Add a way to return/waste/donate drakhma.
  213. Daily Mission Disappering So Annoying !! FIX IT Please PS4
  214. Hippodrome races
  215. 1.05 and graphical downgrade still the same.
  216. Foliage flickers with patch 1.05
  217. Still no Old habits trophy or Platinum trophy
  218. clipping issues horse and carts
  219. Lost the Anubis Gear Item?!
  220. [BUG Report - Sidequest A Good Roman - Playing With Fire]
  221. More Challenge
  222. Compensation for lost gear and items due to Ambush at Sea Fiasco
  223. 1.05 does seem to stabilize the gameplay
  224. Two Bayeks Bug during Aya: Blade of the Goddess mission
  225. Can’t get “For Those About To Die” trophy (Krokodopolis arena completion)
  226. Objects appearing and disappearing starting in 1.04 not fixed in 1.05
  227. Ray of Hope treasure GLITCH
  228. Application Corrupted
  229. Online service error after 1.05
  230. Way of the Gabiniani -- Objectives do not update after killing the infiltrator
  231. patch 1.06, 1.07, 108 . . . .
  232. The Flea If Cyrene - Speak to Esio Bug
  233. Bathhouse towel glitch
  234. Mysterious Papyrus [possible spoilers]
  235. Installing 1.05 from scratch improves the graphic??????
  236. REQUEST: Can we please SELL Legendary Weapons!
  237. ACO wont let me progress out of Siwa
  238. Pre order level not available
  239. PS4 Pro, Photos taken are very dark with HDR Enabled?
  240. 1.05 fix does not restore lost gear
  241. Old habits issue
  242. Health Bar
  243. Family reunion audio bug
  244. Returning to Hippodrome : First cup unlimited loading screen
  245. Return to Hippodrome: First Cup unlimited loading glitch
  246. Can’t get the crocodile jaws trophy and the siege trophy
  247. Stuck in Layla’s Cave
  248. Demons in the Desert Quest Infinite Loading Screen
  249. Missing One Phylakes
  250. Unable to obtain Quest from Nomad's Bazaar