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  1. Why canīt i buy a Xbox One Dowload Version in uplay shop?
  2. not recived tracking onfo for game
  3. Deluxe Edition not showing up after i bought gold edition.
  4. Audio Glitch
  5. Various glitches
  6. Failed bundle launch
  7. How much damage?
  8. Deluxe items now showing in Second game?
  9. [Quest Issue] Content not fully Installed (?)
  10. Get pre-order weapons out of inv.
  11. No HDR on xbox one s
  13. Chariot Races are buggy!
  14. Bug Report - Quest Broken - Lady of Slaughter
  15. Visuals are choppy
  16. Game won't let me progress - says content not installed when it is
  17. Lost all Inventory/Gear
  18. Pre-order Bonus Mission Secrets of the First Pyramids
  19. Game will not load
  20. Screen Calibration Problem - Won't Go Small Enough
  21. Damaged Health Bar
  22. I want Japanese audio in xboxone Hongkong version!!!!!!
  23. Assassin's Creed Origins - Twitch Prime Loot can't X1 CLAIM GIFT
  24. Game will not load!!
  25. Akra Garrison Cannot Pick up Chest
  26. Not getting Achievment
  27. Bayek Stuck on Ground After Horse is Killed
  28. A suggestion.
  29. Missing Phylakes' Prey confirm kill.
  30. Freezes to restart issue
  31. Found so many bugs on the Xbox One here are links to the videos. PLEASE FIX
  32. playing with fire side quest
  33. Graphic Glitches with Outfits and Weapons on Back.
  34. share pictures
  35. Whymhty Vault Bug (White Desert Oasis)
  36. Stuck in opening to Ambush at Sea / Talk to Aya
  37. "I can see my house from here" achievement bugged
  38. How to Remove Ubisoft Club Rewards from Inventory
  39. missing subtitles
  40. Glitch! I can't equip the Fire Bombs.
  41. Playing with fire side quest
  42. Stuck in quest Ambush at Sea but objective says talk to Aya for blade of the goddess
  43. Rescue Captives ?
  44. Photo Mode Limitations
  45. Reda not giving new quests
  46. Parkour downgrade?
  47. weapon abilities
  48. Old Habits Achievement is Glitched
  49. Loss of save and freezing issues
  50. No dialogue since patch
  51. Songs
  52. Minor Bug: Bayek aiming bow at enemies randomly during combat.
  53. Loss of Saved Game
  54. Aya Mission - Stuck - no gold marker to continue mission
  55. Bows with On Fire
  56. items missing
  57. Game freeze, camera works
  58. Aya Mission
  59. Difficulty affects game progress ?
  60. Are there any Legendary Tools in the game?
  61. Game breaking bug
  62. Vanishing Quests
  63. Only one full life bar instead of three.
  64. (Xbox) Health bug
  65. Game black screens straight after initial splash screen
  66. Game crashed
  67. Sphinx Secret Passage / Activate Device Glitch
  68. need to add a storage to the game
  69. had multi crashs to dashboard
  70. Showing two bows
  71. Online Service Error
  72. Sound problems
  73. Reporter achievement glitched
  74. No sound
  75. first mission freeze
  76. Ambush At Sea and Roman Centurion Pack
  77. Parkour mechanics
  78. Roman Centurion Pack
  79. Poor graphics/textures after patch 1.03
  80. 4k textures and HDR
  81. His Secret Service Bug
  82. Sobek's Gold side quest
  83. Assassinís creed Origins RB fonction on xbox one
  84. Trials of Anumbis not ending
  85. Roman centurion pack update
  86. The Battle of the Nile glitch
  87. Multiple random crashes and sound loss
  88. Layla's Cave Enter the Animus bug
  89. Bayek floating while riding chariots
  90. I love Assassins Creed Origins
  91. Can't install 'Secrets of the First Pyramids' - Gold Edition
  92. Blade of the Goddess
  93. Game freezes but can still move camera and go to menus.
  94. Multiplayer
  95. [Xbox One X] Game freeze with high pitched noise
  96. Ubisoft Rewards
  97. UI Problems / Switching between Tabs
  98. XboxOneX Texture pop-in and LODs low quality
  99. Photo mode map pics white
  100. Trails of the gods... Not showing up!
  101. Bayek walking as if he is still in water
  102. Trials of Anubis - You Have Survived
  103. His Secret Service bug
  104. Aya location bug
  105. Great Game
  106. Brief freezing during gameplay.
  107. Xbox one X - Issues ingame
  108. please patch Xbox Ac Origin
  109. assassin's creed origins akra garrison fort glitch
  110. Xobx One Low texture quailty and LOD bugs
  111. Battle of the Nile mission broken
  112. Is the "Shadow of Egypt" Achievement glitched?
  113. Big Sound Bug on Xbox One X!
  114. Washed out/foggy image on Xbox One X
  115. 2 of the masked ones suddenly appear as killed? (spoiler alert)
  116. Weapon Upgrade Removed. Hidden One's store gear stuck at lv 39
  117. Game keeps crashing when cursor moves over one part of the map
  118. blade of the goddess
  119. please help , game is bugged , grafix bug everytime
  120. Papyrus location glitched
  121. Taking a screenshot crashes the game.
  122. Senu's perception not working correctly
  123. [Xbox One X] Origins crashes every time I press start
  124. HDR setting
  125. Xbox One: Game wonít load past initial image screen then goes black.
  126. Mature Content question
  127. Game crashed during mission, Stuck in Aya animas, doesnt load.
  128. Weird occurences in Origins.
  129. Request: 1080p at 60fps setting
  130. Achievements not popping up in game
  131. Can't complete 100%
  132. Game saves gone
  133. Black screen bug / loss of save data (spoilers?)
  134. I'm definitely missing the old parkour animations over small walls.
  135. "The Flea of Cyrene" problem
  136. Black Screen before Title Screen, can't play.
  137. Help: HDR setting on xbox one x
  138. aco
  139. Black Hood Outfit Graphic Issue.
  140. Canít pick up papyrus
  141. Conversation scenes in AC Origins
  142. Patch 1.05 question.
  143. Poison darts not working as they should
  144. Stealth kill streak skill almost never works
  145. Ambush at Sea Bug short term solution proposal
  146. A 4 day wait for xbox one patch?
  147. Patch 1.06 will fix LOD bug/texture?
  148. Animus scan for loot
  149. Energy bar of bayek no load after combat
  150. Saved file deleted from Xbox One
  151. Reda's Daily Mission
  152. Ancient Mechanism Bug
  153. Mounts not working
  154. [spoiler] Great Sphinx elevator missing
  155. roman centurion pack
  156. Xbox one X framerate
  157. aya blade of the goddess bug
  158. For those about to die achievement broken
  159. Aya's eyes. [video] BUG
  160. Papyrus Puzzle Bugs
  161. Graphical fault on hud since patch
  162. When does the game become beautiful again?