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  1. I Tried,But It Didnt Work
  2. After 2de DLC install my fans blow as crazy
  3. Loading screen - DLC The Curse of the Pharaohs
  4. My season pass for has completely disappeared.
  5. Pocket Fire Uplay Action
  6. Curse of the Pharaoh DLC shown as Owned, but I installed it and still says owned..
  7. AC Origins won't start! - "Uplay has detected an error it can't recover from..."
  8. DLC wont load
  9. Assassin's creed not adding right
  10. The achievement of DLC Curse of the Pharaohs are all missing in my Uplay
  11. BUG: NO SOUND through HDMI ( with Sony ST500)
  12. Keyboard and Mouse not responding on startup, can't open game
  13. Twitch drop 14/03/18 Still technical problems?
  14. Nesesito ayuda
  15. Game Keeps Crashing My PC
  16. Assassin's Creed Origins Crash
  17. Red screen crash
  18. Uplay stuck in endless LOCATE INSTALLED GAME loop
  19. Update bug-possibly
  20. Lag introduced by 1.4.1 patch?
  21. Club challenges cannot correctly completed
  22. game crashes after the last update.
  23. Crash on loading save? Update drivers, clear Temp
  24. Unable to start the game
  25. Assassin's creed Texture Problem
  26. unplayble
  27. Curse of the Pharaohs - Pharaoh Shadows strange behavior
  28. Ramesses' Legendary Heavy Blunt's perk not working
  29. Curse of the Pharaohs took all my classic challenges and Club Rewards off my list
  30. Verification of ownership error; no authentication key from steam
  31. Can't diasable HDR on PC
  32. Sting in the tale achievement unable to unlock
  33. Meshes not connected on castle wall.
  34. Reda in Siwa talks but then doesn't give quest
  35. audio problem after update
  36. Game locks to 50 hz after last expansion
  37. 'The Curse of the Pharaohs" not listed as owned DLC in Uplay
  38. Can't open a Ticket
  39. Investigate Isadora's Quarters - I can't
  40. How do you quit a main mission?
  41. ACO Framerate Issues - Please help!
  42. No more quests from Reda since 6 days ago!
  43. Game freezes for 10 seconds every 30-40 seconds. Unplayable.
  44. Curse of the Pharaohs End quests BUG?
  45. Tehemet Glitch
  46. Scam
  47. Assassin's Creed Pixellated and Blurry After Patch
  48. Discovery Tour Standalone - 1.0.1 Patch Notes
  49. Eternal Maw not available to purchase
  50. Pile of spears - bug or mission ?
  51. Keyboard bug ACO
  52. Community Challenges and Rewards
  53. Reda's Mission bug in afterlife
  54. Random crashes
  55. AC Origins Afterlife take damage climbing on-board a ship?
  56. I think we can all agree on this. Ubisoft please make it happen
  57. optimization problem
  58. How to chenge cloud saves to local
  59. ACO Crashes after choosing save file
  60. Unable to access Arena/Hypodrome Activities.
  61. FPS drop when there is fire on screen (mainly in Alexandria)
  62. ACO crashes after 10 minutes play
  63. Bought Curse of the Ph. won't appear in my games menu.
  64. Never Seen A Community Challenge Take This Long To Complete
  65. aco.exe won´t launch
  66. Origins crashes on launch
  67. This is ridiculous. As a consumer I feel cheated. CONSTANT CRASHES
  68. Is There A Reward
  69. Assassin's creed not launching
  70. From uplay to steam. AC origins DLC download problem.
  71. Nvidia Highlights
  72. Bought Seasonpass but can't install it.
  73. Graphics Glitch
  74. Multiple post-patch glitches!
  75. Nvidia Ansel Support?
  76. Strange mouse lag (but not FPS drop) at Pissa Oros Citadel
  77. A Hole In A Wall (Missing Texture)
  78. Assassin Creed Crashes/No Response from Support
  79. Falling and after a while dienig when getting off a chariot on stairs
  80. No reward for "Trial of the Gods" challenge
  81. Modification of outfit modeling is required. Please!!!
  82. Blue screen of death and still not playable (Assassin's Creed Origins)
  83. Special effects on Anubis outfits
  84. ACO Not Starting Solution Apple, Bootcamp & PC
  85. My keyboard wont respond but my mouse is just fin
  86. The origin of my Assassin's creed was purchased in the steam platform, DLC was purcha
  87. Trial of anubis and trial of sobek on my list of quest. Lv 9
  88. Discoloration on Assassins's Creed Origins.
  89. Mission "Love or Duty" Issue
  90. optimization problem
  91. Movement Speed Bug
  92. Is ACO going on sale anytime soon?
  93. ACO Black Screen on startup
  94. Next Patch
  95. game crashes at the same spot everytime
  96. Game frequently crashes when first time in a session loading into Curse
  97. How to end The Curse of the Pharaohs?
  98. No rewards from defeating gods, neither in-game nor via weekly challenge!
  99. Help installing/activating DLC
  100. Serqet location trophy glitch AC Origins
  101. 'The Final Weighing' chronic and unresolvable bug - PLEASE HELP!!
  102. Can I get back weapon when I spread it?
  103. Aya: Blade of the Goddess Aya/Bayek Character model swap bug.
  104. Uplay: "Failed to synchronize cloud saves"
  105. THO Achievements Still Buggy
  106. Assassin's Creed: Origins - 1.5.0 Patch Notes [PC only]
  107. Ubisoft support no answer after more than 1 month
  108. Patch 1.50
  109. Latest PC Update Crashes .... a lot
  110. Random game freeze for 5~10 seconds
  111. Shift+F won't bring up the menu, so I can't use Animas control
  112. Daily quest from Reda disappeared?
  113. Club challenges bug always 0/50,000 after update patch v 1.50
  114. dlc corupt
  115. Uplay event rewards not transferring to preferred save file
  116. disable fullscreen optimizations not working, face to alexandria city still fps drop
  117. [1.42_PC_Gold_Edition] HUGE texture glitch in Euhemeria
  118. bug report when escorting Taharqa
  119. Random crashes
  120. ACO.exe crash
  121. Animus control panel bug
  122. Assassin's Creed Origins glitch near Lake Mareotis
  123. HDR problem in Assassin's Creed Origins
  124. I can play Far Cry 5 at 4k 60FPS but Origins is unplayable...
  125. Camera "cutting" tall grass TANKS my FPS
  126. [bug] floating rocks
  127. (Glitch) Assassins Creed Origins - Fall of an Empire, Rise of another.
  128. AC origin crashing
  129. Ubi,Please Listen To Us PC Players
  130. Bug Report: enemy not registered as alive in Hacked Animus
  131. Origins only launching on (C:) Windows drive.
  132. Any news on updated patch?
  133. SMT Ryzen
  134. Crash Fix (MAYBE)
  135. Game doenst start
  136. Killed Anubis 5 times, Sekhmet 3 times, Sobek 2 times. No Anubis outfit?
  137. Trial of Anubis not showing up
  138. Language issue. Layla Hassan audio logs in Portuguese, not Spanish!
  139. Camera control goes haywire during a specific fight/quest in Curse o/t Pharaohs
  140. Game keeps crashing randomly since a few months
  141. fx 8370 is clocking down
  142. Video Driver Error Message
  143. Probleme Clavier
  144. keyboard stops working
  145. Keyboard Stop Working
  146. Keyboard problem help please.. !
  147. Game won't start
  148. Discovery Tour - Standalone Patch 1.0.2
  149. ACO will not launch!
  150. Patch 1.51
  151. Patch 1.51 noticeable LOD pop-in even on ultra settings
  152. Can't get stable framerate
  153. Atem crashes after mid-May update
  154. UPlay - Game Progression stays at 99%
  155. is this game ever going to be fixed?
  156. Can't start the game
  157. Blue Yeti Promo Code Dosent work
  158. i have big ban
  159. assassin's creed origins not launching
  160. assassin's creed origins not process
  161. Can somebody explain me this?!
  162. ACO crashed after NVIDIA latest update?
  163. Originis keeps crashing!!!!
  164. Need help to improve fps
  165. Nvidia Surround Won't Extend - Dual Monitor Setup
  166. HDR not working after update
  167. Game randomly crashing
  168. Can't download additional language packs
  169. ACO can't equip multiple items
  170. Current CPU optimization
  171. Assassin's Creed Origins, need help
  172. PC game crashing constantly
  173. floating object
  174. ACO Crashing every few minutes, what worked for me
  175. "Press any key" prompt remains visible
  176. Horrible performance after latest patch
  177. Game crashes
  178. My game kept crashing - this was my fix
  179. Keyboard requires pressing two keys before proper action (e.g. W then S to move)
  180. Playing with ReShade? Trouble starting?
  181. Sse 4.1 really!!!
  182. Cursed Weapon with Non-Cursed replacement becoming cursed.
  183. I'm definitely not buying Oddessy after the abysmal PC support for ACO.
  184. Can't Access the Trial of Sekhmet
  185. Just got the game, can't run it
  186. Save game problem
  187. Bought the Season Pass, but nothing changed
  188. Game never Opens.
  189. NEW GAME + Restore abilities?
  190. Knockdown bug? I couldn't get up
  191. trial of the gods issue
  192. Purchased DLC Error
  193. My DLC for Assassins Creed Origins doesn't work
  194. Option to toggle weapons/shields FX
  195. ACO getting thrown out of the game randomly and what seems to work for me (so far)
  196. Stop complaining, and just get a console version.
  197. FPS jumping between 60 and 30 in some instances?
  198. Photo Mode Filters Missing
  199. ACO Freezes and Crashes Ramdonly
  200. I'm trying to download the game :(
  201. AC Origins Constant Crash Randomly,Tried many options but nothing worked.
  202. AC:O locks PC up
  203. Constantly BSOD's while trying to start AC:O
  204. DLC Price Shop Bug
  205. Will Odissey be the same crap of Origins technically?
  206. Death outside the Animus is possible from "character falling" animation on terrain.
  207. Ac origins pc hdr not working
  208. Can't open the chest
  209. Random CRASH while playing AC:Origins
  210. Asking for CD Key
  211. ACO won't launch from HDDs/SSDs that have 4K native sector size
  212. AC: Origins won't even start!
  213. Why assassin’s creed origins suddenly not support my spec ?
  214. Poor performance after patch 1.51 on high end system
  215. The Discovery Tour Standalone will not launch
  216. Can't play the game thanks to DLC
  217. Origins runs at 30 FPS randomly even at low settings, brand new PC
  218. SLI Bug
  219. bought DLCs, now downloads 20 GB
  220. New Recruits and Surgical Strikes Achievements Not Triggering
  221. Assassin's Creed™: History - Timeline (2007-2018)
  223. Hang on launch - fixed, stuttering to load resources every 10 seconds - fixed
  224. AC Origins Crashing
  225. BSODs with AC:O
  226. Did I lose my progress?
  227. Terrible saving system
  228. Issue with the basic interaction
  229. Crash with Event ID 10016
  230. Unable to close first pop up
  231. Origins crashing without errorcode
  232. Cant play AC: Origins offline
  233. Game does not respond to keyboard input
  234. after click the Play button ACO won't start the game
  235. DLC "Curse" don´t start (installing)
  236. Stuck in infinite loading screen
  237. Crashes ac origins
  238. I just bought Hidden ones from UPlay I have the receipt I can see it in PayPal
  239. AC Origins FPS problems
  240. [RESOLVED] Keyboard does not work inside game
  241. 99%
  242. Herwennefer instadeath
  243. [RESOLVED] game constantly crashes. cant play it...
  244. [RESOLVED] My keyboard doesn't work in Assassin's Creed: Origins
  245. Fullscreen checkerboard graphical glitch randomly appearing
  246. Rudiarius - Classic Club Challenge
  247. DLC Curse of the Pharaohs won't install
  248. keyboard doesn't work.
  249. Aco not launching on pc anymore
  250. ACP doesn't unlock achievments?