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  1. Please defend the featured maps.
  2. Animation Points Showcase (Work in Progress)
  3. A simple question for Ubisoft
  4. Adjusting Sound Effects Volume?
  5. If Ubisoft were to keep the rating system, they need to go further in depth with it.
  6. Why could we then, but canít now?
  7. Treasure of the Sea by truesurv1val
  8. This is a gamebreaker - Map picks are being replaced in multiplayer lobby
  9. EASY fix for spawn camping
  10. No Choice in Arcade
  11. Multiplayer map tips
  12. [Map][PC] "Operation Snowflake"
  13. If you could ask one asset from Ubisoft, what would it be?
  14. Game breaking editor bug!
  15. Angel AI is broken.
  16. How to make enemy AI fights each other.
  17. New ASSAULT map: New Heights
  18. Map Editor Mouse + Keyboard Support
  19. Running out of Memory
  20. New map "Heist at Dawn. PS4
  21. Sab's Map Pack Now Published
  22. Is there any sort of logic system?
  23. New TDM map - New Orleans!
  24. Hey Ubisoft; It would be great if you could implement an auto saving feature.
  25. Doors won't open
  26. What is the deal with doors?
  27. PS4 private lobby pass 420
  28. Annoying MP Bug While Aiming
  29. Dominate public lobbie with awesome maps
  30. Skins for AI
  31. Far Cry 5 Map Editor- PS4 - Turn off shadows - Hard to see dark ares?
  32. What's The Point of Spawns?
  33. Between wind and water loadouts as featured map
  34. Are there limits to how many objects you can duplicate at once?
  35. Publish (do you really wanna publish?)
  37. Desert thunder
  38. Small feature requests
  39. [PC] [TDM] FarCreek
  40. Snapping walls/fences, etc?
  41. Redeem Your Sins (Xbox Map)
  42. Map Editor
  43. To remake or not
  44. Map jam is not available in italy?
  45. Please add a Search button in the editor
  46. New animals for Map Editor
  47. Anarchy Bay DM (PS4) by Gutz_Berzerker
  48. MatchMaking Error please fix
  49. Official Complaints Procedure
  50. [KNOWN ISSUES] Updated 29/05
  51. Anarchy Bay TDM by popular demand!
  52. Is that a good map?
  53. Can we get open chat in DM games?
  54. Add fishing to Solo/Coop maps? (Using Control zones)
  55. Fc5 predictions (map making, hosting)
  56. Quick question ls for the experienced peeps
  57. The Fighting Machine
  58. Suggestions for New Control Zone
  59. Treasure of the Z by truesurv1val
  60. I want to say to all the pc-boys who cry about the budget
  61. what happened to bunker doors and locked fences??
  62. Perfect Dark Campaign Series: Carrington Villa and Chicago: Stealth (XB1)
  63. This cant be real
  64. Name a little thing you found in editor that you thought was interesting
  65. Dragons Genesis GREAT PICK!!
  66. Map theft
  67. TheSlimReeper Maps and WIPS (PC)
  68. Reaper #1 now available (XBox One Solo map))
  69. That problem where AI immediately goes aggro on an alarm?
  70. First time I ve seen people vote to replay map, and it happened 4 times in a row!
  71. openable silo door (valve style) gone/patched out?
  72. For all you 420 Blazing hardcore and Noob snipers! "Sniper Fetish" TDM!
  73. Upgraded ubi featured map
  74. CryNight (bounty hunter)
  75. Yellow Grid Square
  76. Featured/Favorite AAA Map Suggestions 05/18
  77. How do you put team specific loadouts?
  78. Invincible ai after setting defend zone
  79. SEWER RATS - TDM Map
  80. Objects with physics budget removed?
  81. Xbox club
  82. For all you 420 Blazing hardcore and Noob snipers! "Sniper Fetish" TDM!(PS4)
  83. How to set and keep time at midnight
  84. New Map MJ4 - Last Day on Earth (Puzzle Parkour - PC)
  85. New Vistas and Skins please
  86. Nothing Under AI Mangement
  87. Ubisoft it is a bad idea about...
  88. Zip line Angle
  89. Volcano scene
  90. Platforming maps suggestion needed!
  91. I Wish There Was An Object Lock
  92. Support ticket No 06311416
  93. Zip Line Ref Tool
  94. AI ambient interaction?
  95. Lighting problem
  96. Club robot contest
  97. Suggestions for mp lobby changes
  98. DM/TDM Level design tips from a pro CoD Level Designer
  99. Can we edit from another PC a published map and upload as update?
  100. Solo maps,opinions please.
  101. DEVILS PLAYGROUND theme park by dav1d5myth
  102. Missing Assets
  103. Terra Six by truesurv1valh
  104. Fc5 $310m first week
  105. Help needed before I publish my first SP map
  106. New TDM Map (PS4) - El Dorado
  107. Turn off physics for individual items
  108. Death Star by Karmaiseva (PC)
  109. LOWER the deathmatch time limits!!!!!
  110. [PS4] [FC5] New Map "American Hell"
  111. Grandview Hotel WIP PS4 TDM/Outpost map
  112. What am I doing wrong...wave spawning and mission objectives.
  113. Will AI shoot through generic glass?
  114. Falling Water DM for PS
  115. Map Requests
  116. about weapons options in the editor...
  117. Are you still mapping?
  118. A new PS4 map, Cry Hard, and a question for you all.
  119. Matchmaking is an ABOMINATION to me
  120. Patch Notes - Title Update 6 - May 24th - ARCADE & EDITOR - EDITED 30/05
  121. Missing object (pc)
  122. Pick A Map being removed.... Ummmm What?!?
  123. Map makers wake up- time to boycot arcade
  124. Pick a map feature being removed, could be the end of Far Cry 5 if not fixed!
  125. Ubisoft please make a poll prior to changing things
  126. SOCOM Frostfire Map PS4
  127. Taking away our option to select our maps in public lobbies - WTF Ubisoft?
  128. Map makers its time to rise up and boikot arcade
  129. Terrain glitches NOT fixed
  130. UBI- Be aware of how you are coming across,
  131. Did Ubisoft just make it impossible to play our multiplayer maps?
  132. Gee, Ubi: Where'd everybody go?
  133. support has ended for mappers
  134. Well.. Itís was meh while it lasted.
  135. AI management questions
  136. Farcry 5 arcade editor
  137. Cheers! Sitcom Map - High Detail Map Progress
  138. Real Time Validation Tool on Map Editor
  139. Suggestion for Ubisoft to improve private lobbies
  140. Get money per like out of Own Created Maps
  141. Missing Weapon Content After Updates
  142. Vietnam item are available in editor, but no more AI?
  143. Hosting Private Matches
  144. We do not need public ... READ this and lets organize !!
  145. Private lobby password
  146. Dedicated map creators
  147. Keep public lobby as is, but fix the private lobby!
  148. Terrain Decal Selection??
  149. Ubisoft responds to removal of map selection
  150. Far Cry 5 - Editor - PS4 - Raise building created with generic pieces?
  151. Before you complain - at least TRY the new public match system
  152. XBOX ONE - Church of Abraham - TDM
  153. Spawn protection too long
  154. UBISOFT - we need post-match options - FAVORITE and KEEP MAP
  155. 420 lobby ps4
  156. Cleaning Map Edges
  157. Results for MJ4? Legal said 25th of May
  158. Hoping theres not some catch to these new lobby server browsers ubisoft speaks of
  159. Vehicle Respawn & Selection Tool
  160. some ideas for making maps ( FC2)
  161. At least the maps have gotten better
  162. import custom objects into Editor
  163. Grandview Hotel TDM PS4
  164. The New Terrain Decals don't appear once published.
  165. 3 maps for you guys !
  166. If you shoot spawn shield should drop.
  167. Your number one fix of the editor.
  168. Base maps to edit/customise rather than start from scratch
  169. Smooth tool is too slow!
  170. Arcade Editor commercial license question
  171. Ubi reps: What's the policy on map...uh, I want to say theft?
  172. We can no longer change the glass texture after the update (((
  173. Ubisoft, please add these textures and decals
  174. Forest Holidays xbox one map
  175. Spawning Order between Waves is Inconsistent
  176. Grandview Hotel Bounty Hunt
  177. WIP Map - Fortified Village (FC5)
  178. Diorama creation
  179. Please give us FC3 assets
  180. Daytime lighting
  181. (PC WIP DM map) Airplane Chaos
  182. Patch notes UPDATED 30th
  183. Editor Custom Texture Mod - looking for help
  184. Map Editor Bumpy Road Issues after Update 1.06
  185. Replace replay w/ top rated slot and include 3 stars pretty please!
  186. Dust finally on featured
  187. Thanks whoever made battle plains
  188. Halo's BLOOD GULTCH (Halo 2 Coagulation)
  189. Search function please!?!?
  190. Map picking is back in 'suggested map' playlist
  191. Rats and Roaches Rat Map Xbox
  192. Hole In One Mini Golf Rat Map Xbox
  193. Grapple mechanics are different for keyboard/mouse and controller. Mapmakers beware!
  194. 80+ Hours Making This...
  195. John Wick Ultima part 2 - The museum
  196. OFFSHORE TIBERIUM - New Bounty Hunt - Available NOW!
  197. How many maps have been ruined by 7-second spawn protection?
  198. Textures went to the pub...
  199. Anyone knows how to do sequential explosions?
  200. There is no way to update snapshot/thumbnail for your map.
  201. The hole tool is completely broken post TU6 update on PS4
  202. Broken editor, concerns and complaints. Please help.
  203. Enjoy your crappy CoD remake ubi Iím done.
  204. [TDM][PC] Total War by Slartubartfast
  205. FC5 editor forums are deserted
  206. Map Editor Memory bug???
  207. Crossroads New TDM Map for PS4
  208. Complicated Terrain prevents map upload. (xbox one)
  209. FarCry5 Water
  210. Hours of darkness NPC arcade assets
  211. Map makers
  212. New tools
  213. Track Day *Coming Soon*
  214. First FC5 map! Film Noir TDM (XB1)
  215. You Probably compromised the Longevity of this Game
  216. @Ubi Suggestion for DLC for mapmakers
  217. Map Maker Bugs
  218. Journey map - A soul for a soul
  219. Generic Shapes
  220. Is it possible to add companions/fighters?
  221. Accidentally found secret dropdown in editor for AI then it disappaered!
  222. New tdm wip
  223. "Hole Tool" gamebreaking bug
  224. Open beta test thread / lets talk fcv shop ")
  225. Vote to save the hole tool from annihilation!
  226. New Predator Map - PS4
  227. Useful technique for moving stuff around (PC)
  228. Streaming editor creation, come say hi!
  229. COD plague
  230. Fix for hole bug.
  231. Best to take a break
  232. Thoughts on Hunter Abilities
  233. Animals and bait not working in MP?
  234. Farcry 5 hole and paint bug
  235. Have I Broken My Map?
  236. Is it possible?
  237. XBOX vs PC map editor ... how different are they?
  238. After Die Hard, I went back to XBOX for new one: "Dante's Fuel". Feedback pretty plz?
  239. Lookout tower brown typo
  240. Cannot publish (map name contains offensive text)
  241. Zoo tdm pc
  242. Helicopters rotate and steer the NPC
  243. Residential flower pots being replaced on save
  244. Missing objects in Explorer
  245. My new Low Gravity space themed map.
  246. Tip for console mappers
  247. Why aren't dlc weapons available to use in the editor?
  248. Mad Max Racing - Wasteland Solo Journey (PC)
  249. We need more generic shapes
  250. Battlemap.net goodbye