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  1. Far Cry 5 Multiplayer
  2. Tagging Enemies - Spoiling the surprise
  3. Open world
  4. More Collectibles
  5. Reload Animations... Not A Big Fan Of
  6. Knife Takedowns?
  7. Few questions about game
  8. Difference Between Difficulty Levels
  9. Please, some HUD-free elegance would be nice,
  10. AI in Co-Op ?
  11. Diaries are annoying.
  12. "Run like Usain Bolt"
  13. Cutscenes Seem to be Fading Away
  14. Cover-system improvements..
  15. Meelee fighting - kicking
  16. Wingsuit & Parachute Goodies
  17. The weapon nobody saw in the demos (P220)
  18. Soo Far Cry 5 Multiplayer???
  19. FC5 Multiplayer Modes
  20. Far Cry 5 - Does it have scripted sequences?
  21. Far Cry 5 Idea: General resistance
  22. Please DO NOT let this game be like Wildlands.
  23. Far Cry 5 gameplay idea: Kill or Capture (arrest)
  24. Incidents on roads
  25. Do Cultists fly their flags on their vehicles?
  26. Third Person Driving Mode???
  27. Also, please let this be an Off-Line game.
  28. Prone Position. No prone no purchase!!
  29. Game Idea
  30. The Difference Between Hit or Miss
  31. FAR CRY 5 LIVESTREAM GOES LIVE IN 15 Min ( 08:00 PM )
  32. Can you change the controls
  33. CO-OP Credit
  34. gore & dismemberment?
  35. Will it be possible to play the game entirely without the dog?
  36. NPC Death animation
  37. Far Cry 5 - Destructible environment
  38. HUD interface Customization?
  39. New Multi-player Coop gameplay, new area, friendly bear, etc...
  40. Far Cry 5 Flying/Planes
  41. Weapon Animations
  42. Fortnite style
  43. Mouse enabled steering
  44. Will Survival mode and permadeath return?
  45. Far Cry 5 - Co-Op Explained
  46. Multiplayer 6v6 PvP Mode. How does it work?
  47. I really want my party of 4
  48. Far cry 5 bug
  49. Just a few bugs to report regarding melee on the stress test
  50. The Crosshair
  51. Not able to play any maps on arcade
  52. Advice for Far Cry 5 Stress test
  53. far cry 5
  54. What a joke
  55. Small Maps and Bunny Hopping
  56. arcade...
  57. Licenced music
  58. FC5 stress test blinking
  59. Balance
  60. Kicked Out More Than I Play
  61. FC5 Stress test
  62. New multiplayer gameplay
  63. Another new multiplayer gameplay
  64. Two things im annoyed about!
  65. Uplay and Steam Far cry 5 PC
  66. Are the Guns-for-Hire Going to be a Game Changer In Far Cry 5?
  67. Suggestions/Bugs/Other.
  68. Helicopter Mechanics look horrible. Add advanced flight model. Please!!
  69. Xbox One Bug - When Looking at Inventory / Shop
  70. Season pass
  71. Save on PC, continue on PS4, Possible?
  72. Isn't the game supposed to unlock 0:00 CET?
  73. Far cry primal outfit non existent
  74. Looting - Bug?
  75. Partner driving - add commands
  76. Corpses to loot
  77. I dropped out of map (PC, Video inc.)
  78. The Respawn is real
  79. Farcry 5 side missions question
  80. Multiple Savegames
  81. Boomer’s Quest
  82. Suche Mitspieler
  83. Co-Op Progression?
  84. lord of the wings...how?
  85. Some things I hope Ubisoft will address/fix
  86. Funny play through episode 1
  87. Difficulty (manageable but wow)
  88. Co-op DLC
  89. Team Finding Discord
  90. Playstation
  91. Silo Texture bug no silo
  92. Game breaking bug wingman mission
  93. Cult Locations Question
  94. No way to force ai to drive atv's unless there already driving
  95. Problem Launching Arcade maps
  96. Bow shots consume multiple arrows in co-op
  97. Doomsday Prepper Pre-Order Bonus
  98. Who is on my team!?!
  99. Inability to save a game SUCKS
  100. Cars not working.
  101. Guns for Hire
  102. Purchased weapon disappears
  103. Respawn/Fast Travel Bug
  104. Slow Game Play
  105. Picked up weapons in co-op inventory
  106. Bug: Driving/Steering problems when starting the engine
  107. How to defeat arrest team at Nick Rye's house?
  108. Remake the game, it is NOT working properly!!!
  109. Не поворачивают машины и лодки
  110. Shared game progression in Co-op
  111. Viewmodel FOV
  112. Let us loot enemies after outpost secured
  113. Skip intro video
  114. Broken parts of game. How can I fix this?
  115. Careful with last bossfight!
  116. Dead Bodies Vanish After Outpost Capture
  117. John Seed Quest Bugged
  118. Why on Earth do I need other people to host a private multiplayer map?
  119. Mission "Wrath", shooting down John Seed's plane... impossible?
  120. Light ‘Em Up - Bugged
  121. Red Screen Effect(getting hit effect) Doesnt Dissapear When Respawned in COOP(guest)
  122. FC5 AI went to the Far Cry Primal school of acting...
  123. Holland Valley missions - stops at 49 of 52
  124. Funny Playthrough Episode 2 Liberating Dutch’s Island
  125. Lost Boomer?
  126. Anyone else feel disappointed in PC Gameplay?
  127. Red blinking lights glitch [BUG REPORT]
  128. Can't quit spray and pray
  129. Take Back Fall's End Mission Auto Completes
  130. FC 5 night time and tone
  131. Holland Valley Missing Mission?
  132. Regenerating Health?!
  133. Lack of SMG ammo drops
  134. Aim Assist on PC with Gamepad in Arcade PvP?
  135. Duck icon on map
  136. Weapon FOV
  137. Invert Horizontal Look / Invert X-Axis
  138. Aim Assist Arcade PC
  139. Mouse Problem
  140. Sparkled on screen goes into survival runs (Shoot and escapes before time expires)
  141. How/When to play Three DLC Expansion Packs??
  142. Side Quest "Eco-Warriors" bugged
  143. Free roam after last mission
  144. most frustrating game
  145. Grace’s Emblem
  146. Two Gameplay Requests and One Video Request
  147. Only two player coop?
  148. Accelerated look/aim movement - please add an options to disable this
  149. Companion is missing?
  150. Fangs for Hire - Why can't they get in cars?
  151. Dont buy the game for co op!!!!
  152. Continueing after finishing the game?
  153. [FR] Hiérarchie dans les actions de la touche "interagir" [E]
  154. Revolver Variety
  155. Boomer The Dog
  156. Can't freeroam after ending
  157. Coop needs help
  158. Widowmaker truck crawls at painfully slow pace
  159. 40\41 quest's in Jacob's Region (Whitetail Mountains)
  160. How the heck do you control the wingsuit?
  161. [Bug] Collectible maps (PC)
  162. no stealth
  163. Ubi. Please acknowledge that your game sucks!
  164. Uhm... what's wrong with cars?
  165. Gameplay Feedback
  166. Melee overpowered in arcade!!!!!!
  167. Game Breaking Bug? DeathWish Quest (Xbox One)
  168. cant return too open world after completing the game on pc
  169. Full Far Cry 5 campaign missions parts
  170. idea for completing game
  171. [FEEDBACK] Driving cars
  172. [feedback]Bullet velocity low across the board
  173. Far Cry 5, Grenade/explosive use.
  174. Far Cry 5 Wish List
  175. Shoot animals disappear
  176. Bullet velocity is same across all weapons has anyone else noticed this???
  177. Vehicals Vannish?
  178. [BUG] Mission "Wingman" can't be completed
  179. Silver Bars Locations - 40 Silver Bars Each
  180. Terrorist Turkeys - Far Cry 5 Co-Op Gameplay
  181. Arcade rewards NOT working!..
  182. Was stuck in mission - Shooting Gallery
  183. [BUG] Coop, PC: Vehicles / Weapons / loot despawn / Waypoints not visible
  184. Forced dreamsequence crap breaks immersion. Breaks it hard.
  185. FAO Ubisoft:important feedback from a Fly Fisherman
  186. Can an Ubi employee give us an answer on co-op progression
  187. I’d like to sell things
  188. Can i play without the dog?
  189. Stuck in "Wrath" mission
  190. Boomer in the Vehicle
  191. Far Cry 5 Walkthrough Part 2
  192. The Admiral
  193. What happened to the skill tree
  194. Far Cry 5 Campaign First Look Gameplay!
  195. Co-op
  196. The Quality Of Mercy
  197. Arcade Challenges are NOT progressing...
  198. Contunue Game?
  199. Concepts that need to be added!
  200. How do I hide the screen from displaying the list of achievements in the bottom right
  201. Ubisoft you are having a laugh.
  202. Outpost Master full enemy reset.
  203. Are Silencers Pointless?
  204. Far cry 5: Multiplayer fixes
  205. Equipping bait on Far Cry 5
  206. I got PUNISHED for advancing too far too fast!
  207. missions
  208. Mission: Flavor Country - antlered roadkill
  209. Distracting healthbar in Arcade mode
  210. Sick to death of being captured
  211. 6 Far Cry Games and E is still swapping with enemy . . .
  212. Resistence levels???
  213. Can't Use Planes for Co-op Air Support - And Other Complaints
  214. Sexual Healing baby!!
  215. I want my mini-map back
  216. Annoying planes spawn over my head all the time
  217. Use of "owned" weapons ?
  218. Worst ending ever - can not continue once finished the game! Only start all overagain
  219. No multiple saved games???? didn't UBISOFT listen to their customers after FarCry 4??
  220. Spawn rates have issues - and other questions
  221. Far Cry 5 Story Gameplay part 3 - JOHN SEED
  222. Suggetion: Adding New Game Plus Option (Please)
  223. Machete in the game config file O_O?!
  224. Death from below takedown
  225. Is Peaches ignoring targets intentional :/?
  226. I can't set priority to high?
  227. Map stuck on Dutch's Region
  228. [BUG] 4 billion+ animal skins
  229. Planes are near pointless and handle terribly
  230. Loving it
  231. Harder difficulty?
  232. [F.Arcade] Please ubisoft, remove headshot /one kill
  233. Replay value in the game
  234. Side Mission bugged : Valley Armed Convoy
  235. Why do you put a snorkel exhaust on the kimberlite 4wd xl when it cant go in water
  236. **** single save slot!!!
  237. Dynamite not working during Fire in the Hole stash quest? Patch needed.
  238. Too Short and Way To Easy
  239. Game Stuck On Night Cycle
  240. Cannot kill John Seed as my planes are destroyed before leaving ground.
  241. The STUPID Capture Parties!!!
  242. Bugged Comic Books 10/12
  243. Can't zoom in with my binoculars
  244. Game automatically change your equiped weapon
  245. I miss the looting, gathering and skinning animations
  246. Ai None responsive at Outpost
  247. Suggestions to vastly improve planes as a playstyle
  248. Will My Weapons And vehicle progress carry over to my friends game?
  249. NG+
  250. Gameplay improvement?