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  3. First impressions ?
  4. The Website is down!
  5. Ubiverse CAMEOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE BLACK FLAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Who is singing the cover of 'Crazy' by Seal in the trailer?
  7. Why can't I sign up for skull and bones beta on Xbox?
  8. OMG! Can't Wait to Preorder!!!!
  9. Will Skull and Bones include avatar combat and land-based exploration?
  10. We wanted Black Flag but without AC holding it back, not a For Honor mp game...
  11. Don't mess this up please!
  12. This game looks cool!
  13. Arcade/realistic sailing option
  14. Skull & Bones playable completely offline ?
  15. Unable to register for Beta.
  16. Completely Hyped by your games !
  17. Full Character Customization?
  18. Ubisoft Devs - Some things you should know
  19. Ideas for the game Ubi may want to pick up.
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  21. Customisation - First mate, crew as well as ship?
  22. Potential PvE encounters
  23. Playing as the Pirate Hunters
  24. Maybe a Twitter ?
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  26. Unofficial: Skull and Bones Discord and Reddit Community
  27. This is what I was looking for...
  28. This is a PIRATE game...
  29. Congrats, First Trailer and You've Lost a Sale
  30. World boss
  31. If this is For honor in water, im out!
  32. Can we leave the helm of our ships and walk on deck? / Can we leave our ships ?
  33. something more of the style of assassins creed black flag.
  34. To make some things clear
  35. Wait sooo I have a question?
  36. A pirate's life for me?
  37. Question about S&B
  38. Teams and team emblems
  39. Single player campaign?
  40. Do not make the PVP P2P
  41. My Ideas, Requests and Offers about the Game
  42. Simple Question: is there melee combat?
  43. Suggestion: Make sea shanties in sync with nearby friendly players
  44. How do we get to the kind of battle/scenario we saw on the gameplay video
  45. Develop a multi-year plan to please all players
  46. Dlc
  47. Trully amazing! Great one guys!
  48. What kind of game do I need ęSkull and BonesĽ?
  49. Campaign Co-Op Confirmed!
  50. Missed the boat on this one
  51. Sea Shanty Wishlist
  52. I'm super excited for a naval combat focused game!
  53. Player Hideouts?
  55. I would love to see an amazing campaign for SB <3 <3
  56. Really Cant wait for this EPIC GAME GG Ubi! <3
  57. PvE to PvP
  58. How long I've waited for this
  59. Will game work on Windows 7?
  60. Dont get fooled! For Honor should teach you all a lesson about Ubi!
  61. What about make ur Island?
  62. MMO health bar and hitmarkers
  63. thoughts on some fun pvp varients
  64. The Portuguese Empire
  65. Info for all Skull & Bones Fans!
  66. Join the Skull & Bones Facebook Group!
  67. why not playable Pirate Hunters ?
  68. " Pirate Hunters " variation " Ghost Ships
  69. game mode suggestion = board the man'o'war scenario
  70. East India Company and Privateer
  71. The Pirate's Cup!
  72. The Chinese name of Skull & Bones
  73. crashing wave derby
  74. Skull and Bones suggestions
  75. Bones
  76. Just Washed up on The Beach
  77. Beta
  78. Change
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  80. online players on one ship
  81. Suggestions from Old Pirate
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  85. 마권판매사이트,인터넷경정 『 SUNs1 . K R 』 인터넷경마
  86. Beta sign-up
  87. Skull and Bones Failure
  88. Did anyone get a questionnaire?
  89. What kind of cosmetics will there be?
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  95. 7 Things We Know About Skull & Bones
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  98. Captain and Crew Customization
  99. Inside Ubisoft Singapore
  100. Czech language
  101. Types of Views in Battle - Ideas and Questions
  102. When beta?
  103. Duplicated thread
  104. Skull and Bones Youtube
  105. PSVR compatible?
  106. Looking Forward to This Game But...
  107. Please Let us Leave the Helm of the Ships
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  110. What is Skull and Bones to you?
  111. any idea how i can register for the beta on both xbox one and pc?