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  1. My characters are from the last PTS, not from the current live game.
  2. Not Synchronized.
  3. Survival Instadeath not fixed when freezing
  4. Survival only -3'C in the DZ
  5. switching loadouts do not clear buffs
  6. Free caches?
  7. Warrengate wall texture missing
  8. Lexington Mission - still in combat at completion
  9. Filter Failure When No contaminated Event Is Active...
  10. Inventory bugs
  11. Consumable wheel STILL consumes when nothing selected
  12. Low aim sensitivity while reloading
  13. Signature Resource Gain bugged in 1.6.1?
  14. Last stand not filling up
  15. Items in stash, being bound to other charachters loadout.
  16. Defibrillator Revive Bug
  17. Survivior Link is Still Broken! So is Triage!
  18. "V Mark as junk" not working when selling at vendors [PC]
  19. Unable to look around with mouse.
  20. DZ - Contamination Event & Landmark Completion
  21. Load Bug or needs tweaking
  22. Silencer bug
  23. Cannot turn bug in last Stand.
  24. Create lvl 1 character and start from the start?
  25. underground wall texter/ vender exit button
  26. Final Measure Still Defuses Friendly Grenades
  27. Bug Graphic
  28. Wrong electronics calculation
  29. BUG WITH THE M249 SAW on the Recalibration Station
  30. Switching loadouts keeps buffs if done before combat
  31. NPC not leaving cover or attacking bug.
  32. Removing Debuffs (energy bar, recovery link) is innefective
  33. Says I already have it but where?
  34. Russian Consulate: Hornet shoots from outside playable area
  35. New stairs (ladder removal) slightly bugged
  36. Marking items junk not happening and unassigned talents in loadouts
  37. Trapping spot in cover in Survival
  38. Can you guys remove the broken M249 Saw?
  39. NPC Bugs And Problems
  40. Mission Collision Problems
  41. Survivor Link / Mobile Cover Bugs
  42. The Convert Adjudicator Shoes Are Invisible
  43. Seeker Mine has no rolling sound anymore
  44. Support Station "Life support" No longer Proc's Battle Buddy
  45. Striker bug. Debuff's where not intended.
  46. Loadout Bug
  47. I can jam any gun. (Unable to shoot or reload until weapon is swapped)
  48. I can make fireworks (Shoot an infinite amount of flares at extraction).
  49. Thank you for making aimbot available for all players.
  50. Working as intended? (Status effects change your keybinds)
  51. The Div. PTS Bug? Changing loot values...
  52. Visual Bug/healing station bug
  53. Old Level 34 Extend mags with 120%+ Capacity
  54. Loadout - hot-switching loadouts with different skills, "duplicates" skills
  55. Massive Seeker Mine Damage Variance - PVE
  56. Backpack Skin! Same Name but with Slightly Different Design
  57. Pts-21-04-17
  58. Bugs and Stuff
  59. Nibble Self Res Bug is potentially back!
  60. Capable Weapon Talent Not Working
  61. Some DZ landmarks don't have enemies
  62. Banshee 4 piece damage bug
  63. 65% Skill Haste with Rapid Chest Piece
  64. Historian and Disciplined not working
  65. Loadout not working as intended?
  66. Animation Bug - Restock DZ Safe Rooms
  67. Extra experience after Last Stand level 40 doesn't go towards the cache
  68. Resupply on Skill Kill not workiing
  69. Weekly Assignment Explosives Kills Bug
  70. Defibrillator Heal Gun - Last Stand Bug
  71. Equipment cant roll all atributtes
  72. Last Stand Matchmaking
  73. Landmark DZ8 : The Boiler bug
  74. Crash when restore game in DX12.
  75. Graphics bug: Charcoal surfaces on certain cover and player models
  76. Combat roll broken?
  77. Loadout items stuck in inventory, unable to stash