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  1. Current Known Issues List - *UPDATED* October 16th
  2. [PC/PS4/XONE] Freeze and Black Screen at the end of a round
  3. [PC/PS4/XONE] Blurred UI
  4. [PC/PS4] 2 PreOrder Paint patterns (Attack & Defence) Are Not Available
  5. [PC/STEAM] 3rd party controllers don't work if booted w/ Steam Controller connected
  6. [PC] Game Microphone Volume settings tied to Windows recording devices volume
  7. [PC/PS4/XONE]Some Executions are low in volume or only played from the center channel
  8. [PC/PS4/XONE] The Centurion's Blade Clips Through Large Ornaments
  9. [PS4] “Players Met” Feature is Not Functional
  10. [PC/PS4/XONE] Shinobi Gain 2 Renown For Killing Soldiers
  11. [PC] Game Run on Secondary Display When Using Multiple Monitors
  12. [PC/XONE/PS4] Matches may be Invalidated due to low FPS
  13. [PC/XONE/PS4] Wrong Tournament Rewards displayed after a disconnect during playoffs
  14. [PC/PS4/XONE] Strict NAT players cannot play in Duel Tournament
  15. [PC/PS4/XONE] Unsupported characters may appear in the Orders menu
  16. [PC/PS4/XONE] Outfits in the Hero customization screen are not in their right tabs
  17. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] Notification "Game found...Missing Players (4)" appears in Duel
  18. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] The activity card Duel and Brawl goes back to default
  19. [PC/PS4/XONE] Multiple Heroes using a ladder at the same time may cause issues
  20. [PC/PS4/XONE] “Dashing Thrust” does not connect after a specific move
  21. [PC/PS4/XONE] The Brawl Kill vs Dead ratio is not currently displayed
  22. [PC] Unusually low FPS since V1.15.0
  23. FIXED [PC/PS4/XONE] Crash occurs when returning to the Execution menu from the [...]
  24. [PC/PS4/XONE] Crash occurs when Alt-Tabbing or going to the Home Screen while [...]
  25. [PC/PS4/XONE] When previewing a bundle, your Hero will not be customized
  26. "Live update error" 2-00003801