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  43. New Task Force Forming UP in the Midwest area! MAD Marauders (MAD) KS, MO, IL, NB, OK
  44. [PS4] (MAD)MAD Marauders Task Force In the Midwest looking for Offices & NCOs!!
  45. Looking for friends
  46. Join The Anti-Social Squad!
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  72. TAW Recruting
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  90. 1st SAS Recruiting
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  98. [XB1] « Royal Marines »
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  104. [XB1] starting my own team/need some ubisoft friends!!
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  108. [PS4] Shady Directive (SHD) Looking For Members
  109. [XB1] Task Force Valor (vVv) - Level 28
  110. [XB1] Extreme Team: Stealth, Tactics and Patience
  111. [XB1] looking for a Tactical Task Force
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  113. [XB1] Teammates with good tactical/teamwork skills needed!
  114. [PS4] INVICTA WARRIORS Portuguese Task Force
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  117. Looking for a stealthy/tactical team
  118. [PC] Reclutamento task force : Italian ghosts
  119. [XB1] Helpful Tips
  120. [PS4] Looking for New, Fun Players!
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  122. [PC] Looking for Partner or Small Group
  123. Wildland knights
  124. [PC] Cześć. Szukam grupy do wspólnej gry w GRW
  125. [PC] 3 Mitspieler für Koop gesucht [PC]
  126. [PC] Newbie looking for some players
  127. [PC] Looking for some players to enjoy the wilderness
  128. [PC] looking for a squad or just single members 1-2-3 w/e US
  129. [PS4] [U.S.] OMGN Gaming Looking For Older Mature Like Minded Peeps
  130. [PC] LFM | [uTXM]
  131. [XB1] Mature gamers and parents wanted!!! Us and uk
  132. [PS4] Mature gamers and parents wanted!!! Us and uk
  133. [PC] Mature Gamers and Parents wanted! US and UK
  134. [PC] Search Mates for Wildlands
  135. [PS4] Looking for a Group
  136. [PC] Looking for a group that can have fun but plays tactical
  137. [PS4] PS4 Xombie Inc looking for taskforce members
  138. [PC] BlackList sucht Member [GERMAN] Clan!!!
  139. [XB1] Agents of Strife Recruitment (Mic required)
  140. [PS4] (MAD)MAD Marauders
  141. [PS4] Scuzz Corps is looking for new members! We play multiple games!
  142. Looking for Tatical Players to play with (Extememe Difficulity),No Hud Exc.
  143. [PC] Tatical Extreme Group LF more Players to Join.
  144. [PC] [DEAD] Dead Ghosts Recruiting | 50+ Members | PC | International
  145. [PC] [GRHS] Ghost Recon Hit Squad Recruitment
  146. [XB1] Legion of Honor Clan is Recruiting
  147. [XB1] Coldwater PMC (Recruiting) (UK)
  148. [PS4] Real military structure task force
  149. Tactical Ghosts: Flight Plan - Ghost Recon Wildlands EXTREME difficulty, NO HUD, CoOp
  150. [XB1] Agents of Strife Recruitment (Mic required)
  151. Calling all DADS to our TASK FORCE on the PS4
  152. [PS4] Ghosts of Damavand - looking for members!
  153. [PC] Newbie looking for same or thereabouts.
  154. [XB1] GTTU Recruiting Now! (Extreme/Ghost/No HUD Mode Only Clan)
  155. [XB1] Looking for people to run with in an hour (630am gmt)
  156. [PC] Поиск Команды, канал Discord
  157. [XB1] DRP Recon Element Yamaduta
  158. [XB1] Looking for New Members to Join Sabre Team 6 (ST-6) to have great time!
  159. [PC] Looking For Tatical Players for Extreme Wildlands?
  160. [PC] Gente para Jugar
  161. [PC] Hell Hounds
  162. [PC] Nueva Squad española Hell Hounds HHs
  163. LOOKING for stealth players for my team
  164. [XB1] xb1 Anti-El Sueno Recruiting Tactical Stealthy players (EXTREME) players
  165. [PC] Search for mates
  166. [PS4] [PS4] Stealthy Helo Pilot looking for Task Force
  167. [PC] Tatical Group Looking for Players.
  168. [XB1] Looking for mature Taskforce
  169. [XB1] Looking For Players For Xbox Club
  170. [PC] Looking For Group
  171. [PC] [PC] Finnish Task Force is recruiting
  172. Wolves task force PS4
  173. [PC] Looking to Group.
  174. [PS4] LFM Eastern Standard Time
  175. [XB1] Drifters are looking for serious task force members!
  176. [XB1] Agents of Strife Recruitment (Mic required)
  177. [XB1] [WITF] -Whiskey Tango Foxtrot- Recruitment (XBOX ONE)
  178. PS4 Tactical Taskforce looking for members
  179. [PS4] Looking for 2 Extreme mode, no hud, all tactical, NO RUN AND GUN
  180. [PS4] Looking for people to play casually with? Join a task force? We are your group!
  181. Tactical players wanted
  182. [PC] Group/Help/Tactical Play
  183. [XB1] RAtS - Rage Against the System sucht noch taktisch fähige Mitspieler!
  184. [PC] Task Force Milsim-An Immersive Roleplaying Group
  185. [PC] Looking for high quality players, willing to be the driver
  186. [XB1] XB1 Looking for players
  187. [PS4] Einsatzkommando LAWBRINGERS sucht Mitglieder
  188. [PC] Looking for Aus/Nz players to co-op with
  189. [PC] Looking for mature people or group
  190. [XB1] GTTU Still Recruiting!! (Extreme/Ghost Difficulty - No HUD)
  191. [PS4] Looking for like minded gamers
  192. [PS4] Mountain Dew Crew [DEW]
  193. [PC] Casual/Relaxed Task Force - Erebus Battalion
  194. [PC] Looking for tactical stealth Players
  195. [PC] AMGF - American Gunfighters task force Recruitment
  196. [PS4] LFM Ethereal Ravens.(PS4)
  197. DADS Task Force
  198. Add me up soldiers!
  199. [PC] Gunslingers ~ Ghost Recon Wildlands Clan for Adults [PS4,XB1,PC]
  200. [XB1] active task force recruiting advanced n extreme players
  201. [PS4] Looking for People on PS4!
  202. [XB1] HellFire Gaming looking for members
  203. Looking for HARDCORE players [GER]
  204. [PC] To the Mods, Could this be separated ???
  205. [PC] Looking for new members!
  206. [PS4] [PS4] Rangers Tactical Sim
  207. Commication Is Key, Join The Communicated !
  208. [XB1] Communication Is Key , Join The Commuincated!
  209. [PC] Looking for Tactical Player (Extreme, No Minimap, US Late Night, TS required)
  210. [PC] Looking for "HARDCORE" players [GER]: no Markers, no Crosshair, Teamspeak required
  211. [PC] Task Force 88
  212. [PC] Looking to join Group/Task Force
  213. [PC] The Campus is recruiting
  214. [PC] Looking for a PC Task Force...
  215. [PS4] Aussie Ghosts!
  216. [PC] Nightmares is recruiting! All are welcome!
  217. [PC] Looking for a Task Force, Here is a little qbout me:
  218. I need another player
  219. [PS4] Looking for People on PS4!
  220. [PS4] I need another player
  221. [XB1] AES Looking for more members we our 15 strong active members!!
  222. [PC] Task Force El Polakos zaprasza do wspólnej gry!!! GRW Network!!
  223. [PS4] Looking for group or Task force
  224. [PS4] SMU5 (Special Mission Unit Five)
  225. [PC] Looking for some people to play
  226. [PC] Watching out for mates
  227. [PS4] Immer Bereit
  228. Squad Finder Socom U.S. Navy Seals
  229. [PC] Nightmares is recruiting! All are welcome! :D:D:D:D:D
  230. Stealth Community
  231. [XB1] Sabre-Team 6
  232. [XB1] Task Force 141.
  233. [FSB] Alpha-Group, Task Force is recruiting
  234. [XB1] 100% Complete taskforce if you need help join us!!!
  235. [PC] Recherche Binome FR
  236. [PC] Nightmares is recruiting! All are welcome! :D:D:D:D:D
  237. Looking for Squad for Co-op (PS4)
  238. [PC] [FR] Une communauté se crée.. Et nous recrutons !
  239. [PC] (Dark) Nightmares is RECRUITING! We are a open to all PC Community! Just request!
  240. [PS4] We are Recruiting Mature Gamers
  241. [PS4] [TMPG] is looking for adult tactical players!
  242. [XB1] Need someone to help me start Madre Coca story missions! Xbox1
  243. [PS4] Looking for more PS4 Players
  244. [XB1] Where all the real ghost recon players on xbox1 WT*!!!!!
  245. [PS4] TASK FORCE TF45 crew ITA
  246. [PC] (Dark) Nightmares is RECRUITING! We are a open to all PC Community! Just request!
  247. [PC] Independent Merc Party [Imp] Recruiting
  248. [PC] Shooter Clan (TFG) sucht deutschsprachige Mitglieder für Einsatzkomandos
  249. [PS4] Looking for a group
  250. [XB1] [GOHF] Ghosts of Hellfire looking for members.