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  1. Ghost recon wildlands character creation
  2. Wildlands feedback
  3. No storymissions
  4. GR Wildlands Update Wishlist
  5. Known Issues - Updated December 22
  6. PVP Known Issues updated March 29
  7. Error Ribera-1000B
  8. [BUG] Raving Rabbids Patch
  9. Attachments lost after latest update.
  10. Goofy stuff STILL not fixed/416 shame/authenticity gone
  11. Unable to attach supressors
  12. [BUG]suppressor cannot be attached after detached before game loading
  13. Advancing in Tier Mode will not give you 300 Prestige Credits
  14. R6 mission- cant progeess [BUG]
  15. [BUG] Operation Archangel, proxymines blow up near objects etc..
  16. Ghost Mode: Bug. Can't unlock new Weapons in Coop?
  17. [BUG] Major bug found
  18. Rainbow 6 crossover mission broken
  19. Ghost Mode Save Files Deleted :(
  20. Earned Caviera's gloves...didn't carry over to Ghost Mode
  21. Inventory loss bug
  22. Inventory gone AND Rainbow 6 Quest bugged
  23. r6 gloves not working
  24. [BUG] Missing Locations of Weapons and Attachments from Map
  25. Year 2 season pass
  26. Ghostrecon Wildlands Operation Archangel- Completed mission, No Caveira Gloves
  27. Airplane Spawn Bug
  28. error
  29. Ghost modes bugs
  30. Ghost Mode 2 weap Glitch?
  31. [BUG] Dear Ubisoft, please fix variable position NODs and vertical foregrips.
  32. [BUG] Misaligned sights
  33. OK, stop it now!
  34. Searching a dead LT
  35. [SUGGESTION] Lag Switching
  36. Ghost Recon Wildlands Season 6 Week 4 Solo Challenges Languages Problems Again
  37. Weird Bug with Toxic
  38. Connectivity issues
  39. Draw after team kill, Cheat or Bug ?
  40. [BUG] [PC] Kill Counter Not Working
  41. [FEEDBACK] Mines skill glitch
  42. All star legends weeks - task force challenge
  43. Just lost ALL of my saved work.
  44. [BUG] Ghost mode awards not unlocked after game crash
  45. [BUG] Lost Ghost mode rewards
  46. [BUG] Challenges
  47. [BUG] Dear Ubisoft, please fix weaponsmith silhouettes for TAC50 and R93.
  48. Known Issues List Updated 11th December 2018
  49. [Bug] LVOA-C (Customizable)
  50. [BUG] LVOA 30 Rd mag
  51. Weapon Bugs
  52. Minor Weapon Bug / Weapon Suggestions
  53. [BUG] Dear Ubisoft, please fix suppressor of Ultimax 100 from Y2P "Operator" pack.
  54. [BUG] [SUGGESTION] NVG Flip down animation dosen't work with foregrips.
  55. [BUG] [WEAPON] LVOA 30-round Magazine is glitched.
  56. [BUG] Footstep sounds
  57. [BUG] Mispositioning underbarrel attachments and scopes for 416 and LVOA
  58. [TRANSLATION BUG] After TU16, the names of camo patterns changed to English
  59. Game stuck at loading screen every time I try to play
  60. JEEZ, La Plaga is bugged as hell in Mission Replay.
  61. GR Wildlands crashes in inventory menue
  62. Year 2 season pass not working
  63. are the servers hacked today?
  64. [Support][Help] My Tickets are not being resolved
  65. change forum avatar - cannot locate setting
  66. Lag Lag Lag
  67. Prestige Points(?)
  68. [Bug] Five SeveN BL doing no Damage
  69. [BUG] Archangel Incessant Checkpoint Notification Bug
  70. Archangel, the brother is stuck between the 1st and 2nd floors
  71. [BUG]Issues that should have been fixed in the 1 year of release.
  72. [BUG] Horfixed LVOA 30 round magazine is close but still broken.
  73. [BUG] What we have come to expect, errors with [RECENT 16GB HOTFIX]
  74. Random enemy weapons not make any sound after update
  75. LVOA-C still glitched and other weapon issues.
  76. [BUG] New glitches
  77. Glitch: Not getting rewards for completing weekly challenges
  78. [Bug] Ai glitched
  79. [BUG] Mine Issues - Again
  80. [BUG] Echelon GAME BREAKING
  81. [BUG] Map Voting
  82. [BUG][DRONES]Toxic Gas Canister goes through the map
  83. [BUG] Perk resets
  84. [BUG] Auto-Revive [Video]
  85. [BUG] Invisible Mode
  86. [BUG] auto revive 2 (another one for techincal)
  87. Monitor calibration
  88. splinter cell sonar goggles
  89. Clipping issues
  90. [BUG] My rank decreased after winning the ranked match
  91. How to Achieve Perfection In Ghost War?
  92. Ubisoft club rewards unavailible
  93. (bug report) r93 lrs2
  94. [FEEDBACK][BUG] Choppers are buggy and kill you all the time.
  95. This is about the new update's Challenges...
  96. Optical camo can't be applied to first-person perspective and ai teammates
  97. SR-635 not nerffed
  98. [PSA]You Don't Udnlock the new weapons by completing the new mission.
  99. Opti Camo not working
  100. Another Broken Patch
  101. Downed Servers?
  102. [RESOLVED] December 11th, 2018 - Degradation- Ghost Recon Wildlands- PS4, Xbox One
  103. Servers down?
  104. Post here for SO3 bugs/glitches
  105. Future Bug Fixes?
  106. [BUG] Map Vote - Repetitive Maps Back to Back
  107. Credit error
  108. Locked and unlocked weapons
  109. Unable to open any crates
  110. Ghost recon server down
  111. Server down for how long ?
  112. Vanguard & Sharpshooter for free [Bug?]