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  1. The Trailer
  2. www.ruaumoko.com
  3. This looks real interesting
  4. Finally a Game with some Potential!
  5. I Am Alive E3 Debut Trailer.
  6. Chicago is the setting
  7. A mistake in the Trailer
  8. Release date
  9. Is Jade Raymond not doing AC 2 ?
  10. Jade Raymond is NOT working on this game...
  11. I love the Apocalyptic Survival Theme
  12. Beta
  13. What do you do?
  14. Collapsed building...
  15. What platforms?
  16. tremor?
  17. Creativity Problem
  18. She is working on this after all
  19. What they should do
  20. Got My Attention
  21. Comparisons Comparisons Comparisons
  22. The bad guys
  23. So what genre is this game ?
  24. I Am Alive Future! (Poll)
  25. What Movie Does The Trailer Remind You Of:
  26. Games Keep Destroyin USA.
  27. Ideas for Plotline
  28. Water
  29. the glass in the trailer
  30. Earthquake?
  31. Sandbox Style
  32. A Couple Theories...
  33. Proposed release date?
  34. is it earthquake or some sort of monster
  35. www.ruaumoko.com
  36. Thoughts (come and see)
  37. Everything we know about I Am Alive
  38. What sort of Enemies
  39. Enemy choices
  40. Disaster Report? Raw Danger?
  41. Cold Fear - Is It Any Good? System Specs For I Am Alive?
  42. water and the red tied man
  43. Wallpaper
  44. I think its going to be like i am legend.
  45. Freeroamer or not?
  46. What If...
  47. Phone call
  48. Two theories about the "earthquake"
  49. quality game
  50. The Game
  51. What this new survival genre really is
  52. human : enemy?
  53. I hope you will
  54. Wow i discovered sumthin
  55. Realistic Threats
  56. I hope their will be a new trailer.
  57. i am alive = assassins creed 2 ???
  58. So it begins....
  59. Chicago Does not have new york traffic lights as seen in the trailer
  60. Xbox Live
  61. NEW i am alive infomation DEC O8
  62. Ever notice the messenger bag
  63. First Details on I Am Alive
  64. the web address under the subway?
  65. first or third person?
  66. I Am Alive (What genera??)
  67. I Am Alive in OPM UK
  68. Ubisoft, for the love of God...
  69. February OXM Article (With scans)
  70. Police cars?
  71. NEW information on release date
  72. sounds alot like cloverfield
  73. I Am Alive Manual
  74. I Am Alive delayed
  75. what happens at the end??
  76. Another theory?
  77. Will DLC for I Am Alive be released for console only?
  78. Is the water what the three men really want in the trailer?
  79. Landmarks
  80. New german Preview
  81. little more info and artwork
  82. i am alive is going to rule
  83. Other HD Trailer points
  84. I Am Alive Fan Art
  85. Fallout-Kinda-Style?
  86. I Am Alive link to AC2?
  87. Realism?
  88. i am alive shifts studio
  89. So there are no guns which r loaded
  91. Just Something...
  93. Setting - New York?
  94. I am Alive could be Cloverfield like game?
  95. Pyroclastic cloud/Flow
  96. Rest of the world in a water crisis?
  97. Rumor : I Am Alive Gameplay Video this E3?
  98. People on this forum and zee game
  99. navigation
  100. I Am Alive = Fallout 3 similarity?
  101. A cool thing would be
  102. 2 things(where the game takes place-and somthing cool i found.
  103. Release date?
  104. Come on WTF is up release some info
  105. it should be 1st and 3rd
  106. hitting uk stores
  107. No feature info=over hyped price for steaming pile of dung
  108. The Mysterious Golden Light
  109. So is anyone here a bit angry that
  110. What did you think
  111. Why has there been no new information relating to I Am Alive?
  112. The Thing
  113. medical supplies
  114. I Am No Longer There
  115. Release DATE??
  116. this is stupid
  118. New release date!!! March 2010
  119. "The Colony", Discovery reality series on global urban disaster survival.Link!
  120. A british TV series on global urban disaster survival, Link!
  121. Les Stroud "Survivorman" on urban disaster survival.. Link!
  122. IAA officially delayed.
  123. Defect? somthing maybe or not. I AM ALIVE
  124. "The Colony" Power Struggle.. Episode 2 Link!
  125. New screenshots REAL!!
  126. Will we ever play this game?
  127. ??
  128. This game is no longer on ps3?
  129. Vehicles?
  130. Its a shame
  131. The cell Fone call
  132. Will thishave multiplayer and if so what type would it be and what modes will it have
  133. I am alive characters
  134. Will you get the option of going into third person or first person?
  135. release date IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  136. Demo
  137. release date
  139. How much longer?
  140. I Am Alive vs. Disaster Report
  141. I Am Alive Multiplayer Revealed?
  142. Release Date in the U.S.???
  143. Insanity in I am Alive, idea
  144. Weapons in I am Alive.
  145. What is I Am Alive Really about and What will you do in the game?
  146. Is this game REALLY going to happen?
  147. Character Creation = Personal Feel
  149. 2012=HYPE=GAME THEME
  150. I Am Alive... Delayed. AGAIN.
  151. ARG
  152. what is i am alive all about
  153. Is this a zombie game?
  154. The dev's alive?
  155. Latest New on "I Am Alive"
  156. Multiplayer idea.
  157. is this a good game
  158. 2011? Now that's just great.
  159. Sandbox Style for IAA = URBAN HELL! But then again...
  160. about the theme song
  161. release date confirmed?
  162. I heard potentional name change?
  163. I am alive E3 2010 News!!
  164. Suggestions
  165. Disaster Report 3
  166. The thing that says "I am Alive" on the top of your screen right now.
  167. What will this game be rated?
  168. When the game is coming out and and a new trailer.
  169. First-person or Third-person ?
  170. Date to release 1/09/2010??????????????/
  171. Whats ubisoft like?
  172. Cloverfield?
  173. I Am Alive Fan News Site
  174. Flying Object
  175. First or Third person
  176. Multiplayer?
  177. Why so little infomation [Theory]
  178. release data
  179. Strange thing in the E3 trailer...
  180. Real Cloverfear sequel?
  181. Sticker on Mail box
  182. What would you like to be able to do in i am alive?
  183. I Am Alive Ideas Archive
  184. .. .- -- .- .-.. .. ...- .
  185. Will the graphics be out of date?
  186. Please let there be a 3rd Person View..
  187. Chances on Wii?
  188. Earthquake Confirmed
  189. Shoutbox
  190. Exactly what I would like to see from this game
  191. Leaked pic: New Xbox 360 releases
  192. Third Or First Person??
  193. Will You Be Picking Up I Am Alive?
  194. Multiplayer Poll
  195. I Am Alive E3 2010 Trailer.
  196. Questions
  197. Is I Am alive open-world?
  198. Gameplay
  199. Post-Game Free-Roam/DLC Ideas
  200. New Trailer?!?
  201. What is the release date??
  203. I Am Alive will release this year but digital only
  204. Things the game needs to have or it could fail
  205. I Am Alive is supposed to come out this year!
  206. Project Cancelled
  207. Release Date
  208. Release date???
  209. When is it coming out????????
  210. Japan earthquake...
  211. PC Screenshots
  212. BAD NEWS
  213. Subject 16
  214. New IAA screenshots.
  215. GOOD NEWS: E3 2011
  216. BAD NEWS : E3 2011
  217. Q3/Q4 2011 Release??
  218. Recent News
  219. I Am Alive Suggestions/Ideas
  220. Latest News On E3 2011 Games List
  221. PC POLL
  222. Mod/ add-ons ideas
  223. What do you guys expect from "I Am Alive"
  224. So, is this game cancelled or what?
  225. Boo Freakin Hoo!
  226. I Am Alive rated by Australian board
  227. Gameplay footage
  228. Only For Xbox and PC?
  229. Interesting!! Come on NOW!! New Teaser Gameplay?!
  230. Keeps getting better & better!!! New gameplay screenshots y'all !!
  231. I Am Alive - Teaser Trailer [GamesCom 2011]
  232. My question about the new teaser.
  233. hi
  234. Is this release date for real??
  235. maybe we will die in release date of this game (2012)
  236. I Am Alive Given ERSB Rating!
  237. New Gameplay Trailer!
  238. prince of persia
  239. Who wants I Am Alive for PC; respond here
  240. PC Version CANCELLED!!?? DAMN!
  241. Latest Screenshots
  242. Developer Q&A sessions in Facebook!
  243. What is the real reason for PC Version to be cancelled?
  244. Stanislas Mettra
  245. Ha! You just ensured I will pirate the console version of the game.
  246. Buying it used!
  247. I Am Alive vs The Last Of Us
  248. About the cancellation of IAM ALIVE for pc
  249. Survivors Log
  250. Is this game coming out this winter or not?