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  1. Master Mode Encore
  2. Rocksmith Guitar bundle
  3. So Frusterating
  4. New new poll for price of DLC (likely not to be the last....)
  5. O. C. G. D.
  6. Wireless Headsets
  7. A New Poll... Now with Science!!!
  8. Epiphone Ace Frehley Les Paul Budokan
  9. Does anyone know If DLC will be released this week?
  10. wonder if you can play with a keyboard.
  11. Super Scale Duck Runner
  12. Barre Chords question
  13. Good Pickup for a Classical Nylon String Guitar
  14. Video Latency
  15. Rocksmith Xbox UK Release Date
  16. Broken String
  17. reset difficulty ?
  18. Guess DLC for this week!
  19. How do you know which master mode version of the song?
  20. Pick hand. Should I (newbie) anchor it or not?
  21. Save Data Wiped for the 5th Time
  22. Can't believe it!
  23. Rare Pedals
  24. FIX REQUEST for Icky Thump MISSING Guitar Solo
  25. Drop D Tuning Problems
  26. Can't get chords to register.
  27. Fatal flaw of the Leveler
  28. Interesting interview with the Rapscallions
  29. hmmm really? no new DLC this week?
  30. Patch Drops Tomorrow - 2/1/2012
  31. Recording what you play?
  32. Inaccurate charts
  33. My technique with playing or a glitch?
  34. At what hour the patch goes out tomorrow?
  35. Pearl Jam next week
  36. Just downloaded the patch 1.02 YAAAYY!!
  37. Kinect Voice Functionality
  38. NEW PATCH .. 2 player
  39. Locking Strap Nuts
  40. New patch big WOOP!!
  41. crash after first 8 song event with new patch
  42. Spinning Quarter Tone anyone?!
  43. Sony PS3 Official Wireless Stereo Headset and Rocksmith
  44. Ultimate Classic Rock setlist
  45. I wish for... freeform riff repeater/looping.
  46. Fourth string blues
  47. Do yourself a favor when purchasing gear for Rocksmith guitars.
  48. A big thank you for Set Mastery and other patch updates
  49. Idea for the Riff Repeater
  50. When Reporting a Thread needing Moderation
  51. How to Learn Guitar, starting with RS, going beyond with other resources Step by Step
  52. a flatpick excerise with blues scale, i thought of.
  53. Big swing baseball achievement help?
  54. I blame it on Rocksmith.
  55. More than a feeling combo 1 is wrong.
  56. Patch Notes
  57. Official Rocksmith Patch Notes 2/1/2012
  58. Next patch..hard lock level
  59. Song Technique Help Thread
  60. Reset Rocksmith
  61. Am i the only one that...
  62. The just don't get it
  63. Anyone else still having PS3 crashes?
  64. Patch Subtleties
  65. The patch broke master events.
  66. post patch: display lag settings question
  67. The amount of lives that the user has in Riff Repeater has been increased to 30
  68. Sigur Ros - Cool Song but its driving me mental
  69. I'm tired of this
  70. a minor anoyance in mastering repeat sections
  71. New twitter info from nao with photos
  72. Android Apps?
  73. Is (combo) Sunshine of your love broken?
  74. Guitar noob question
  75. Just got my new guitar and I still suck!
  76. The fretboard/tv conundrum
  77. Two suggestions for improving Rocksmith
  78. Game still freezing before playing a master mode song.
  79. chord book
  80. Drop-D
  81. Hard parts made easier by increasing the Mastery Level
  82. Problems with active pickups ?
  83. can we get a stickied "Rocksmith Suggestions" thread?
  84. I need help from square one!
  85. Good song to learn to move hand between chords
  86. Is there and ending
  87. gotta have some ACDC
  88. Attack
  89. My Nemisis
  90. Additonal Song List Filter Needed
  91. Judging from the age poll results.
  92. Master Encore Bug?
  93. Help! Slide hand as a single unit? What does that mean exactly?
  94. Question about US version of the game bought in europe
  95. Having trouble with bending notes registering
  96. Any one use thumb picks
  97. unnatural selection
  98. Father Rock Predicts Pearl Jam DLC
  99. Any news on Rocksmith Bass DLC?
  100. Overall patch impressions
  101. Why Is It So Quiet In Here?
  102. Rocksmith Analog Lag Problems
  103. double encores/unlocking new songs?
  104. Undocumented new patch feature
  105. Holding One's Instrument
  106. I guess I've been lucky with no crashing.
  107. How come UBI didn't make something to adjust for audio lag.
  108. Did they make a change in the Songs menu?
  109. Custom tones
  110. QUIT LEVELING ME UP!!! (and other frustrations) help?
  111. Feature Request for Dawn of The Chordead
  112. Rocksmith DLC for europe
  113. Wow!
  114. Songs we need!
  115. Sunshine of Your Love
  116. CHORD BOOK - changes needed
  117. Riff Repeater patch question
  118. The Next big patch..
  119. Need sticky thread - Report Song TAB errors.
  120. Using a loopstation to cheat ??
  121. What Happened to new DLC every 2 weeks? B.S.
  122. Under Cover of Darkness
  123. No signal from my guitar after patch? PS3
  124. problem with master mode
  125. Tremolo = Points
  126. How accurate are these songs to the originals? i.e Deep Purple "Smoke on the Water".
  127. Opening Guitar riff in RS question?
  128. Tremolo Picking
  129. downloading music
  130. Sure its been asked before.....missed notes...
  131. real footswitchs or pedals
  132. Opinions on using the (Advanced) Tuner and the point of tune...
  133. Release Date for the rest of the known world?
  134. Problem with Tuner after Patch 1.02?
  135. Riff Repeater Leveler Post Update question
  136. Patch Encore Change?? Please help
  137. Discovering New Kinds of Music
  138. Vote for Your Ideal Pearl Jam DLC
  139. Does the game on Xbox crash or not at the end of event or its only ps3?
  140. Single note to power chord
  141. Multiplayer worth the extra $30.00?
  142. So, being brutally honest. Does this game teach you guitar?
  143. The rocksmith method
  144. How do I know which finger(s) to use?
  145. playing with volume all th way off on guitar
  146. Forum Log In Issue?
  147. Why no Update on Peal Jam Tracks?
  148. dumb guitar question: what's the toggle switch for?
  149. The Tuesday After Next
  150. Bonus Songs
  151. Scales Tabs (ish)
  152. What Rocksmith means to me
  153. Gradual master mode
  154. String gauge, RS-ers what do you prefer?
  155. Pearl Jam Tracks Listed!
  156. Guitar & Game Volume
  157. Strange Feedback when muting strings?
  158. Pedal effects & tone review?
  159. Scale runner question?
  160. ps3 post patch... still jacked...
  161. XboxLIVE/PSN Multiplayer?
  162. Thanks for the help!
  163. When oh When are we getting this in the UK ?
  164. Rolling Stone Top 500 - 2010 - RS here's a clue for DLC's!
  165. Next Week DLC, Will there be 4 song? or it'll be in 2 week?
  166. I think the magic is operating ...
  167. Going Backwards
  168. Semi-Mastered - Worth considering in Rehearsal mode?
  169. Nao Higo quote on why only 2 PJ tracks for weekly DLC
  170. different artists
  171. Bummer
  172. Method of determining interest in future DLC/Feature Suggestions
  173. How do you unlock the 8 bit pedal?
  174. Blink 182
  175. Speaking of Smoke on the Water...
  176. What are the big purple notes in I Want Some More?
  177. I See Stars
  178. PSN store updated
  179. Jeremy Technique
  180. New player with a really stupid question
  181. My ONE major complaint...
  182. PS3 Update Fixes Sony Wireless Headset!
  183. Rocksmith and hot pickups
  184. Well This Sucks
  185. Harmonic woes
  186. A special post for us PC gamers
  187. Fingers turn black after playing 2+ hours - is that normal? lol...
  188. Forgetting mastered songs
  189. Going Completely Wireless
  190. Buying a new guitar, need some recommendations
  191. What do the virtual guitars do?
  192. Cant get no satisfaction
  193. Canadian Megadeath Contest
  194. Difficulty post patch
  195. Just had the dreaded Tom Petty "Good Enough" crash
  196. DLC Song Samples
  197. Difficulty Levels
  198. Chicks dig me!!!
  199. Can you set the game up just to play freestyle?
  200. Pearl Jam Black learning tip
  201. Easieat songs for stone cold beginners?
  202. Ducks Question
  203. much love for the patch
  204. Public Math
  205. My journey to play this game... +not ended yet +brazilian gamer
  206. Group of RS players if your looking for a good board and community
  207. Why 30 lives sometimes is worse than 5 - more improvement needed
  208. Fun Request
  209. Business 101 If your product is selling out...make more.
  210. Muting strings for power chords
  211. Mastermode Encores
  212. I'd like to make a request.
  213. Reset High Scores
  214. Rocksmith Giveaway.
  215. Rocksmith Icons/Symbols reference
  216. Pearl Jam "Black" - Mastering chord version too easy???
  217. i bet u dont need bands for dlc
  218. Using an amp and effects board after the game is off
  219. DLC pricing
  220. POLL : Anyone planning on buying Rocksmith for Xbox/PS3 and PC?
  221. How do you get the Rocksmith patch for Xbox360?
  222. new guitar
  223. suggestion for rocksmith 2 - arpeggio challenge
  224. Surf Hell: master mode FINALLY! (woo hoo)
  225. Inner Workings of the New Fail ****on
  226. Rocksmith DLC Songs
  227. Rocksmith dual player people finder idea.
  228. Congrats: I think we are finally getting a community going here!
  229. Intermediate/Advanced Guitar Player Question
  230. Hidden Songs
  231. Cleaning an Epi Dot Studio
  232. Update for Bass Guitar
  233. PS3 - Multiple save on the same console
  234. Is the cable really that faulty?
  235. question about rocksmith and my guitar
  236. Which song could you do without?
  237. Bass Guitar
  238. What pick do you use?
  239. Download problem?
  240. Oooh, Shiny!
  241. A Nice Rocksmith Moment
  242. Help with hitting the notes right
  243. Two double shots will get it done!!!
  244. Minigame DLC - more lessons like scale runner?
  245. I got a problem with Rocksmith! Help please!
  246. Space Ostrich
  247. A Promise to My Fans
  248. Bends
  249. just have to say .....
  250. Epiphone Les Paul