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  3. Two days since shipping from Ubisoft and FedEx tracking is still saying "not found"
  4. Steep not shown as Gold Edition in Uplay?
  5. What is the difference between WW and Asia version?
  6. Known Issues
  7. Connection error
  8. NA launch night cannot play the game
  9. Servers go live at 1am EST!
  10. Steep Connection Error - Same as beta
  11. Rider setup deleted after quitting game?
  12. Gold Edition w/ Season Pass
  13. Not Italian dialogue
  14. PS4 Gold Editon - missing code
  15. 1st day
  16. This is just EPIC FAIL!!!
  17. Impossible to change the language
  18. Bug / Glitch : Spawned inside the rock face on the first paragliding challenge
  19. ONLY English available ???
  20. Launching Steep (PC, UK)
  21. How to change the language. I have the game in Chinese
  22. PS4 Moonlight Code not gotten through mail
  23. Game crashes every 15-20 mins
  24. No splash screen argument available?
  25. Out of RAM after 10 min playing
  26. Moonlight Pack
  27. Completed events are still appearing as 'New'
  28. Russian language!
  29. Moonlight Pack Confusion
  30. Can't start Steep (PC)....
  31. Stuck In Tutorial? Check Out Our Guide Here
  32. [Steam] Wrong language [Workaround]
  33. Can't find the game on Thai Playstation Store
  34. Audio Issues & Trick Scores Not Correct
  35. You're ready now Trophy/Uplay Action point
  36. Game Crashes every 15-20 minutes.
  37. Game crashes before even launching
  38. Moonlight pack code not working thru PlayStation store's redeem code
  39. Stuck in tutorial
  40. can't join friends they can't join me ? NE-0002
  41. Creating Custom Challenges Near Mission Start
  42. PS4 EU - Bugs and Issues
  43. Steep will not launch on steam
  44. Randomly ragdolling while wingsuiting, random screen freezes
  45. Can't join my friend
  46. Why does my player custom items reset
  47. SLI wont make the cut huh?
  48. High Scores
  49. Can't start the game with KB and Mouse
  50. Clothing resets when rejoining server.
  51. Stuck at level 1??
  52. "Cheese-Finding"-Mission in Aravis doesnt show hints on low graphic-settings
  53. Can't launch the game
  54. Trick Issues
  55. Steep Connection Error DE-005-02, exactly like in beta
  56. I solved the problem with the Chinese language/Я решил проблему с Китайским
  57. game wont start no replies from ubi for anyone
  58. Connection error in the first mission
  59. Two small bugs.
  60. Join has failed: [NE-0000] - PS4
  61. Challenge Reward Bug
  62. Cliff Drop Space Jump bug
  63. Will be there an option to play in English?
  64. Pre-ordered Gold Edition (PC) I Have 0 of the extra content
  65. 1/3 the Crashes
  66. Draw Distance & Level of Detail
  67. Error de-008-02 ps4
  68. Small Bug, Please fix
  69. [PC]Tabbing out FPS issue
  70. XboxOne DE016-02 Ubisoft WTF!!!???!!!??
  71. came wont launch at all
  72. Bug with spawning on events Specifically bad on Boardsleigh Bone Collector challenge
  73. Should I Buy This? DE-005-02
  74. Profile progress didn't save
  75. Steep crash synchronisation cloud
  76. Freeze when attempt to "group together"
  77. BUG: Player wraps around small hills when just going go go straight over
  78. [PC] Issue: Unable to use mouse in menu with controller plugged in
  79. No upload to social media?
  80. You're Ready Now (trophy/achievement)
  81. Unable to get "You're Ready Now"
  82. Nantillons Exit Point Stuck Binocular
  83. BUG: Player grabs not shown in replay when reversed
  84. [BUG] Barbegazi Ski Orienting missing Objective
  85. Game DVR wont open
  86. Player names
  87. [biggest bug of steep] {since beta no fix ?! Wtf}
  88. Can't join my friends
  89. Steep PC using PS4 controller very unresponsive
  90. Character doesn't save outfit !
  91. Data match with servers, please wait - Crash
  92. bug report (game breaking)
  93. Brake not working in Free Camera mode?
  94. Connection Error DE-008-02 for Steep
  95. Helicopter-ticket mid air
  96. Playstion4 Group join bug
  97. Equipping flares issues
  98. Xbox one s controller button layout changes during the game?
  99. PS4 crashes with error CE-34878-0
  100. I'm Stuck on Loading Screen
  101. Stuck on Loading screen
  102. VRAM maxed 1080 GTX
  103. Please help! Fix this issue!
  104. Game is stuttering
  105. [PC] [Performance] Low fps when stopping and walking
  106. Medal Banner Bugged Since Alpha
  107. [PC] Game keeps crashing at Ubisoft splash screen.
  108. Clothes and accessories are not saving !!!
  109. Character Customization Reset?! WHY!!!!
  110. [PC] [BUG] Drop zone not showing as cleared
  111. season pass not downloading
  112. Game shutting down the network, as it seems
  113. Can't Join Friend's session (Both through Join Game option and accepting Invite)
  114. I don't see content of my season pass!!!
  115. Steep Gold Edition for Xbox One, No code for Moonlight pack
  116. can't finish mountain story! please help!
  117. [PC] [BUG] New friends don't show up mid game
  118. Game stops in the middle of a challenge pc
  119. i want my money back
  120. 1080 poor perform. *VRAM glitch!* SLI nonexistent *
  121. (BUG) Barbegazi Ski Orientation
  122. I cant go shop , buying stuff, or join friends.
  123. Points of Interest Points away....
  124. way harder than expected
  125. Nightpack DLC Content bug.
  126. Pc crashing every 5 to 10 min.
  127. Score not being registered in challenge
  128. Game Freezes every now and then, then resumes gameplay like nothing happened
  129. Mountain Story Mission Glitched.?
  130. Adding and TRYING to join friends is stupid buggy
  131. [Xbox] No Sound In Game - Menu Music Looping
  132. PC: won't launch due to: Error at hooking API "LoadStringA"
  133. Xbox-Steep link seems to be a bit broken [Missing DLC, not unlocking Achievements]
  134. [Visual Bug] Snow Ramp is just black
  135. No text - almost every text are not displayed
  136. Lost ability to walk, paraglide or glide
  137. [Xbox] No announcer voice glitch in game
  138. [PC] [BUG] Point of interest not being saved
  139. Frames per second performance is broken and 4k is not optimized/Texture Popping
  140. PC Issues
  141. exitpoint dropzone Nantillons aiguilles isseu
  142. xp and player level 25 and stock
  143. Horrible Performance[SLI poor/pops n' stutters/blips n' dips]
  144. gold edition incl season pass extremepack slee missing
  145. Can't connect to Servers
  146. L'audio (Music and voices)
  147. Two things- No preorder code and you're ready now trophy
  148. Game crash on loading screen
  149. Memory Leak found
  150. Cant load parachute
  151. Field of View Adjustment
  152. Game crashes when using wifi adapter connected to a USB hub.
  153. MSAA Settings revert to "None"
  154. Under map
  155. How do I change music in game, like, play, stop, next or shuffle or make my playlist?
  156. Beta Sticker Problems...
  157. Nantillons exit point drop zone wont unlock.
  158. Multiple Bugs for xbox one
  159. Major audio bug near Theodule's Snowpark
  160. PS4 Preordered No Code for Moonlight pack
  161. Next Title Update? - Xbox One Unable to Join Issue
  162. Pop stutters when people join your area
  163. Game issue
  164. [PS4]Items Missing, Beta Rewards Revoked
  165. [PC] Keep getting disconnected from servers/ Can't group with friend
  166. Error at hooking API "LoadStringA"
  167. Change language
  168. Game keeps Crashing to Desktop
  169. Can't play online
  170. Problem to unlock a drop zone in the Aiguilles
  171. Moonlight pack Pre order DLC
  172. Challenges not appearing after game crashes
  173. Moonlight Challenges not showing with Gold edition pre-order
  174. My Season Pass won´t activate ingame
  175. Steep crashing to desktop
  176. PS4 Gold Edition Digital Download - PS Store
  177. XBOX ONE - Game Crashes & Not Loading.
  178. Rider Setup
  179. Can't join my dear friend (PC)
  180. Game crashes at loading screen on USB3.0 HDD
  181. Season Pass access
  182. Major bug with custom challenges!
  183. Micro and makro freezes
  184. Bug with a zone/challenge unlock @ Say Hi
  185. Still no pre order/gold edition content.
  186. Full Custom keyboard Please
  187. Steep crashes every 15 minutes
  188. Game crashes on loading (3/3)
  189. PS4: Controller vibration settings are not saved
  190. Ubisoft Replay Feature Request
  191. Stuck level 1
  192. Stuck on "press X to start" screen
  193. Pre Order content
  194. They took my Money and i got nothing in return
  195. Mountain story not completing?
  196. Steep - how to change Language from Russian to English ?
  197. Steep real life
  198. Laptop Video Card Problem
  199. My pre oder bonus cant work!
  200. I'm on Steam, cannot play with friends using Uplay..
  201. The game will not start
  202. Character Loadout Disappears
  203. Game isn't saving properly
  204. Cant play with my friend
  205. Clipping issues
  206. probleme configuration de pavé pro gamer (command-unit ) PC
  207. I feel like I'm beta testing a game...
  208. Stuck on tutorial!
  209. Spawning inside the mountains at some of the challenges Respawn points
  210. Crashing when loading in...
  211. [issue] Snowboards are able to move forward uphill, while skis cannot
  212. Reset game data for a fresh start!?
  213. [PC] [BUG] Multiple replay related bugs and issues
  214. Game Crashes on Loading (1/3)
  215. Xbox One Bugs and Wish-List After Countless Hours Playing This Awesome Game
  216. STEEP crashes in startup at step 1/3
  217. motion blur / depth of field
  218. Final Solution for Start-Up Problems
  219. disconnects & losing outfits/progress
  220. stuck mountain story after legends
  221. A Ubisoft service is not available at the moment.
  222. Xbox one bugs
  223. [XBONE+OTHERS?][BUG] Time of day setting has not appeared since day one
  224. This game is broken
  225. glitchy, patchy and lagging
  226. Stutters and game freezes
  227. Crossfire / SLI
  228. Crossfire / SLI
  229. Going infinite on Creative Line Challenges - Please Fix
  230. PS4: ce 34878-0 crash
  231. Graphic problems
  232. Progress reseted back to an earlier stage
  233. Still havent played since launch de-008-02
  234. [PC] Some settings not saving after game reload
  235. Problems with trophies and more!
  236. Why is the Support not responding?
  237. Numerous crashes and some other technical problems
  238. Why game freezing for few seconds every 10 minutes or so?
  239. [BUG] character loadout not saved, reset after game restart.
  240. Xbox one cannot connect to server!
  241. Can't stop or brake very well on skis
  242. Problems with controller on pc
  243. No narrator audio
  244. Rewind bug?
  245. PS4 Issues
  246. [Bug] [Audio] - No Rider-"KO"-Audio with White or Orange Glow-Wingsuit equipped
  247. Loop
  248. Who else is having connection issues xbox one!?
  249. Points of Interest Not Saving
  250. Unable to play with a friend. ne-0000