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  1. Save your favourite build ?
  2. Striker penalty
  3. [Suggestion] BLIND Set Bonuses
  4. Unlock all safe houses/S&D boards on PTS
  5. Alternative fix for multiple Reclaimers
  6. Suggestion for vendor
  7. Keep the drop rates
  8. World Tier and DZ Bracket
  9. One is none
  10. First Aid - Defib Mod
  11. Idea for handling skill attributes on current gear
  12. Suggestion: Gear mod placement
  13. In world Tier 2+ no drops of purple or worse items
  14. Open world roaming bosses
  15. Notification when picking up new appearences
  16. Skill Animations
  17. Solo-Challenge Mode Difficulty not scaled on Missions?
  18. Update 1.4
  19. Didn't sign up for ETF, but would have if I knew about PTS...
  20. A couple of things...
  21. Can someone stream and give feedback playing with a controller
  22. Skill Scaling
  23. Vendors
  24. Performance Mods
  25. PTS should have all side missions complete - Annoying to try HVT
  26. Grenades feel weak
  27. Rerolling items
  28. Unlimited stash size
  29. Reworking weapon calibration
  30. You asked for feedback here is mine!
  31. Actions performed by the NPC.
  32. GOT PTS and loved it
  33. UI for Performance vs Normal mod slots is kinda confusing
  34. Re-set Encounters and side missions
  35. Possible to play PTS on PC if you own the game on console?
  36. Gear reset - performance mod
  37. Solving stash size problem by having a special stash only usable once per day
  38. All your suggestions!
  39. Agent Brief September 22
  40. My personal feedback
  41. Option to fast travel inside and outside a safehouse
  42. So, I'm downloading an update to the client right now.
  43. [Suggestion] DeadEye Set
  44. Allow us to fast travel inside the BoO
  45. Impressions of the PTS after 11 hours
  46. You wanted feedback, im inclined to give you mine
  47. My Feedback (After playing 4 or 5 hours)
  48. Bleed/Fire/Other Effects Feedback + Rehabilitated Suggested New Purpose
  49. 11 Hours Later in the PTS
  50. Crafting suggestion
  51. Problems with time to kill and character progression
  52. Quick UI suggestion for Gear Score
  53. PTS Suggestion #1: The Intel and the drop
  54. Gear sets
  55. Open World PVE Additions (Maybe not for 1.4, but Future Patches)
  56. PTS positive first quick impression.
  57. Tier Jail
  58. Chealsea Hudsun yard
  59. why is my toughness changing in PTS???????
  60. Don't change the loot drop and that's why!
  61. Dead eye Dead
  62. In 1.4, make sure you remove overlapping enemy placement!!!
  63. Tactician 2-piece bonus should be re-thinked now (PTS Feedback)
  64. Another PTS Comment reg. 1.4
  65. (Dev please read, thx) More survival element 😨
  66. Purchasable 229 Weapon Blueprints
  67. SUGGESTION: movement speed while shooting without aiming related to weapon used
  68. Gear sets and special ammo idea.
  69. Please test... (buyback feature)
  70. PTS feedback (links to reddit)
  71. Constantly changing
  72. LMGs seem to be a little imbalanced
  73. Smart cover
  74. DZ change to make it best place to gear up
  75. suggestions 1.4 FT. Heroic World Tier
  76. Reset recalibration counter
  77. Live Agent not on PTS
  78. My experience with SMGs in PTS - no longer viable at all, please fix :(
  79. A possible solution to the "crafting" problem
  80. Dont nerf, balance
  81. Patch notes
  82. Cover based shooter
  83. turtle bay:mercy drop
  84. Feature request: Loadout Design / Progression Tracking
  85. Armor calculation in dz checkpoint matches world tier, not dz bracket
  86. Feature Request: HVT Matchmaking
  87. Mission "little" caches still giving light green loot?
  88. Dark Zone PvE Yea or Nay
  89. Separate the weekly missions for PVE and DZ Players
  90. PvE scaling issues (HvTs, missions etc)
  91. Weekly Mission Reward is bad and rewards not showing right on map
  92. Light zone Suggestion Named Bosses....
  93. Lighting on the appearance vendor
  94. PvE Activities need checkpoints
  95. Main concerns so far after 2 days of PTS
  96. The Division - Solo player experience and some interesting elements and suggestions
  97. Incoursions reward system.
  98. Aim Down sight toggle that remembers your last shoice
  99. Loot Drop Rate Almost Perfect
  100. Weapon Mods and how i think the current changes are wrong
  101. Why do we still have pistol damage on our gear as a stat ?
  102. Soo...A chunk of feedback!
  103. Two ideas to spice up Free Roaming (maybe in 1.45?)
  104. We need to talk about armor.
  105. The rewards finally feel appropriate for the effort/risk
  106. 15 hours of PTS
  107. my PTS summary
  108. So whats the deal now with the public launch of the PTS?
  109. Underground needs changes
  110. simple QOL to add, current time and ping command.
  111. my thoughts so far
  112. Step in the Right Drection BUT...
  113. Explosions
  114. Final Measure
  115. Smaller PTS download size
  116. The PTS endgame: comprehensive feedback
  117. Level 30 Cache
  118. So what does genorosity mean to Massive?
  119. PTS Suggestion #2: Roaming Bosses, Landmarks and a little touch up.
  120. Sniper damage output nerf TOO MUCH
  121. Not available on Steam??
  122. Suggestions: Load-out presets, inventory management, Loot Bag, etc.
  123. [Talents] Second Self-Preserved/Sustained rebalance pass.
  124. Short feedback after 3 hours playtime
  125. Sound cutting out
  126. Anyone on OSX
  127. Side missions and Encounters..
  128. When installing PTS my graphic got destroyed..
  129. Reward claim vendor: all in the title
  130. Cheaters are back on the PTS.
  131. Server disconnects-Delta
  132. Suggestion for General Assembly 4 High-End drops.
  133. Tiers 1-3 too easy to progress
  134. [Suggestion] Add "Find a more populated server" option.
  135. Loot tables are a bit out of whack, not enough gear and weapon mods.
  136. Lower tier joining upper tier world
  137. To easy ?
  138. gear score numbers need improvement
  139. Skills and signatures difficulty server hop feedback
  140. Shield is still bugged.
  141. Ansel
  142. Revamping the way skills work
  143. Constent CTDs with no error report. Does not occur in non-PTS.
  144. Darkzone and Rogue System idea
  145. The Dark Zone idea.
  146. tech support talent & pulse
  147. First feedback after 4 hrs playtime
  148. PTS Quick Question - I own the game on PS4 but have a PC I could use for the PTS
  149. Dragons Nest "spot"
  150. First few hours
  151. Official PTS Bug Reports and feedback thread. (i think we need one)
  152. Explosive and fire bullets
  153. Underground Failure Parameters
  154. You might not like my feedback for my first and last six hours on the PTS
  155. [Challenging] Queens Tunnel Camp
  156. Solo Underground is much more easier than 4 man Underground
  157. Loving the changes so far
  158. This will be my personal thread to post suggestions and feedback
  159. NPC still look spongy
  160. My feedback after playing 10 hours to the PTS
  161. Feedback on 1.4 as a solo player
  162. Armor system definetly need to be reworked
  163. My feeling about the PTS
  164. Mob Spawn Mechanics & Exploiting Dead Spots
  165. End Game Resource Sink
  166. Other skills randomly locked when Deploying or Sitting in Mobile cover.
  167. Still can't shoot sometimes when using Ballistic Shield.
  168. One easy tweak to improve open world PvE "flow".
  169. [Weapon balance]T821 remains an underperformer.
  170. My PTS Experience: Day 1
  171. Suggestions on DZ bracket and PvE PvP ballance
  172. Open the Underground
  173. Buyback Mods
  174. Loot quantity discussion
  175. three suggestions for the Game
  176. It's about the Marksman rifle
  177. Factions In The Underground
  178. Massive, make Tactician Viable again!
  179. Loot Quality
  180. Ammo Bug Underground
  181. About shadows of the Past and some more suggestions after playin PTS
  182. A bullet point list of feedback, keep it short!!
  183. Suggestion: PvE and PvP gear
  184. Feedback after a couple of hours of game play
  185. This weeks leveling up from tier 1 to 4 isnt set up right Massive.
  186. PTS Queues and poor server connections
  187. Gear Slots
  188. Pst
  189. Shotgunner NPCs a bit too aggressive?
  190. Disable First Aid and Signature skills in the DZ for a week
  191. Character specific storage case in BOOp
  192. You just don't listen, do you?
  193. Respawn/Fast Travel at death location
  194. Put the Headshot damage bonus to SMG instead!!
  195. My PTS experience and some DZ idea
  196. My first 2 hours on the PTS, initial feelings
  197. Tier 2 Search and Destroy Solo
  198. 229 blueprints and Underground rank
  199. My first two hours on the PTS
  200. Opinion about weapon classes in PTS
  201. Some mob types dealing way too much damage.
  202. Waiting ...
  203. Freeroaming world tier 4 isnt fun with normal enemies
  204. Ballistic shield and mobile cover is super awesome now
  205. Incursion Heroic and Challenging Missions Still Too Hard
  206. Division Devs please remember this one thing
  207. Burst Assault Rifle > semi auto Marksman Rifle at medium-long Range
  208. Dps in the UI and headshot damage idea
  209. DZ Credits suggestion
  210. Still Not getting those drops?
  211. Clothing Preview
  212. Impressions, thoughts and suggestions from a 600+ hours players
  213. My 2 cents based on PTS playtime
  214. Not enough loot drops from mobs in missions
  215. I think Incursion loot tables should go back to what they were
  216. Booster Shot - No more DMG
  217. Scavenging bonus in perks
  218. Loving the changes, except...
  219. Feedback after 5 days playing PTS
  220. Test (buyback feature)
  221. Recalibration costs
  222. Field proficiency bar
  223. Where to start with 1.4
  224. NPC Medic Healing Station unbalanced?
  225. Barbie Life - Skins
  226. Stop the Grenade Spam in Missions
  227. Weapon Balancing
  228. First 2 hrs of the pts
  229. 2hr+ PTS version
  230. Incursions--! Sooooo..... Cloudaven aka waraven thoughts....
  231. How to make turret: active sensor useful and counter op seeker mines
  232. GEAR SET WEAPONS.... THOUGHTS by cloudaven
  233. Smart cover nerfed a bit too much perhaps?
  234. Going Rouge
  235. Supply drops daily in the LZ?
  236. Elites, named, and the disorent/burn debuff...
  237. Hard and Challenging story missions
  238. A few hours on PTS.
  239. Add a base critical hit chance.
  240. Economics
  241. PTS as casual Solo Player
  242. Recalibration cost for gear set should be similar to high end
  243. Underground - Protecting JTF-Officer
  244. the server when it disperses loot looks at what you are missing that isn' t ok
  245. Search and Destroy bug
  246. HVT's are way too spongy
  247. Four hours in PTS Tier 1 all solo
  248. PTS 1.4 Div Tech Changes
  249. Please do not limit access to inventory, under any circumstance.
  250. Remove the popup when a marksman rifle has the grey 12x zoom please.