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  1. Forum Rules
  2. Feedback Head shot sound
  3. Question Classified Gear Primary stats
  4. Suggestion Reset character
  5. Suggestion Few suggestions
  6. Feedback First Bug "Recalibration"
  7. Feedback Striker with only automatic weapon!
  8. Feedback Animation Broken while opening Encrypted Caches
  9. Question World Tier 10?
  10. Suggestion Add Phoenix Credits in classified gear caches ?
  11. Feedback Ninja backpack / Classifieds
  12. Feedback Commendations ... work as progress ?
  13. Feedback PVP Striker
  14. Feedback Classified gear stats and other ramblings
  15. Suggestion ---> Remove Hip-Fire <---
  16. Feedback Reclaimer 6 piece talent rework
  17. Feedback Time To Kill, Stamina, Hip-Fire, Ninja-Bike, current meta, grenades
  18. Feedback Problems I've encountered so far on PTS
  19. Suggestion Add appearance to loadouts
  20. Suggestion Striker 6 piece talent suggestion
  21. Question Is Coolheaded and Determined is to strong???
  22. Suggestion Improvements on the stamina health scaling
  23. Suggestion Character level boost
  24. Feedback Lag and Stutter
  25. Question Cypher Keys
  26. Feedback Thank You
  27. Question No Free Exotic Cache?
  28. Suggestion Underground Que
  29. Feedback Reduce explosive mine damage? really?
  30. Feedback Seekers Nerfed Way Too Hard, and should be a PVP only change
  31. Suggestion Chat Window
  32. Feedback Seeker Mines - Nerfing gone too far
  33. Suggestion The Crying Game
  34. Feedback Classified Final Measure completely broken too.
  35. Suggestion Warden too slow, cant deflect bash, stamina gone in 5 sec, cant deflect attacks
  36. Suggestion Consider buffing Stamina scaling as an alternative to nerfing skills
  37. Suggestion Suggestion for striker 6 piece bonus
  38. Suggestion Classified items to get unique border.
  39. Suggestion High Ends with the new classified gear sets
  40. Question LoneStar 6 piece?
  41. Suggestion Blueprints
  42. Feedback New Headshot "Sound Effect"
  43. Feedback Solo Player Striker Thoughts.
  44. Suggestion Move striker 6 piece bonus to predators mark
  45. Question Key Fragments
  46. Suggestion Classified Reclaimer rework
  47. Suggestion Remove caches counting as an inventory item.
  48. Suggestion HE build back in line.
  49. Suggestion UI Re-work for Underground stats in HUB
  50. Suggestion Text Notification while changing loadout by key binding
  51. Suggestion Ninja backpack is overpowered for no reason even though there are 5-6 piece gearsets
  52. Suggestion Tracking commendations
  53. Suggestion Uniformed recticle for all weapons.
  54. Feedback Let's talk about the good...
  55. Feedback PTS 1.7 - Day #1 impressions, feedback & testing
  56. Feedback PTS 1 feedback - Gear Sets and Bugs
  57. Suggestion Instead of nerfing the damage of Seeker Airburst
  58. Feedback Casual player thoughts on PTS so far....
  59. Feedback Why increase the intel cap...
  60. Feedback The New Ninjabike
  61. Suggestion Perhaps not NPC accuracy is the problem but time to aim
  62. Suggestion Sticky Bomb "Flash" Buff
  63. Suggestion Indication of the player number of people of the survival.
  64. Suggestion I want DZ chat capability to be usable.
  65. Question "Emote Wheel" Can we get the 8 round emotes this patch?
  66. Suggestion Strikers - DO NOT NERF!!!
  67. Suggestion Idea change to the Classified Reclamer 6.
  68. Feedback The problem with Striker 6 pc in its current state (PvP)
  69. Suggestion Thing that need to be addressed
  70. Suggestion Buff the other Magazine mod
  71. Suggestion Give Exotics classified stats to enable them to compete.
  72. Feedback What's the point of patching
  73. Feedback Sticky EMP needs to be rebalanced.
  74. Feedback PvE: make it harder
  75. Suggestion Remove armor RNG. All gear pieces should come with max armor.
  76. Suggestion UI: Let us move the HUD to the side - don't block the view with menus in DZ fights
  77. Feedback Ubi team pls read..
  78. Suggestion Should the "Flawless" commendation only apply to the player instead of the group?
  79. Suggestion [Controls]Revamping mouse controls and adjusting weapon handling.
  80. Suggestion Do something about exotics. Pleeeease?
  81. Suggestion Console: PTS 10K limit
  82. Suggestion Suggestion for (6-piece) Strike Fix.
  83. Question (devs) When it's fair to one shot people?
  84. Feedback pleaase massive tweak this weekly assign in 1.7 already !
  85. Feedback Couple things...
  86. Feedback Encrypted caches...................
  87. Suggestion Stamina Scaling Should Remain As Is (Also Striker 6 Piece needs a rework/nerf)
  88. Suggestion Current stat scaling to large for classified gear, will kill diversity unless....
  89. Suggestion Season Pass Supply Drops
  90. Question lfg pts 1.7
  91. Feedback Not being invited to 1.7 PTS on console....
  92. Feedback My impression of 1.7 PTS - if I'm wrong somebody, anybody, please correct me.
  93. Suggestion We need to be fair.
  94. Feedback Encrypted Caches -
  95. Suggestion Barrets Bulletproof vest
  96. Suggestion deadeye nerfing has gone to far
  97. Question Accomplishment Question
  98. Suggestion lower sticky bomb timer for PVP and remove it entirely for PVE
  99. Question 10k consol pts, Playtime needed on PS4
  100. Feedback Staggered release (classifieds) worries me more all the time.
  101. Suggestion If the survival mode is changed like this~I'll be addicted to it。
  102. Suggestion Customisation room
  103. Suggestion IMO: Clasified gear
  104. My Feedback for PTS Week 1
  105. Suggestion Change weapon skins all at one time
  106. Suggestion BUFF LMGs
  107. Question XBOX ONE PTS (invitations)
  108. Suggestion Nerf Adept
  109. Suggestion Cap Self Preserved to a min of 800 HP restored.
  110. Suggestion Can we get an Open All button for caches in inventory?
  111. Feedback Classified Sets & Ninja Bike.
  112. Suggestion Remove crit chance when hip firing.
  113. Feedback My Feedback to PTS week 1.
  114. Question Lone Star 6 Piece
  115. Question Do they know it's PTS time at all?
  116. Feedback Commendations - Careful on the grind !
  117. Suggestion Here's a suggestion to players...
  118. Question pts week 2 ... 41gb ?
  119. Feedback PTS2 - Medkit three-second invulnerability needs to be added to Snack bars
  120. Feedback New Rick Valassi on Radio
  121. Suggestion Suggestion for Global event
  122. Question Last PTS You Said Seekers Were Fine, What Happened?
  123. Question Some questions for the devs
  124. Suggestion New Reclaimer Idea
  125. Suggestion Put a cool down on sprinting
  126. Suggestion Heals
  127. Feedback Striker is broken. Also sprint suggestion.
  128. Feedback Global Event Outbreak with Threats / Missions, Incursions, Legendary (1.7 pts2)
  129. Suggestion Special symbol for reclaimer box
  130. Feedback Sentry Classified Lexi Challenge Run - Way Over Powered (video)
  131. Suggestion Exotic Gear Badly needs Stats Upgrade
  132. Feedback Striker was not broken and did not need to be nerfed
  133. Feedback matchmaking threat levels
  134. Feedback Lone Stars 6 piece sucks, needs to be changed.
  135. Suggestion Classified Gear set drop rate
  136. Suggestion 6 piece Striker suggestion
  137. Suggestion Last Stand Maximum Points checker
  138. NPCs can hit multiple targets with meele attacks and have a huge range
  139. Question Classified Gear - What about the rest???
  140. Feedback Headshot sound
  141. Suggestion Gear Set Patches
  142. Feedback Classified gear droprates are stupid low - why massive why????
  143. Feedback 1.7 week 2 pts and you still haven't made weapon dmg on gloves poucentage based...
  144. Suggestion Add Proficiency Caches for DZ
  145. Suggestion Ideas for Classified gear
  146. Suggestion Shade Tech, a new look at classified equipment
  147. Feedback Pls dont forget underground! or let it RIP :)
  148. Feedback DLC Undergound PTS 1.7.2
  149. Outbreak feedback & issues
  150. Question Classified recal
  151. Massive ... i am out of credits
  152. Question Global event tokens spent for worn or standard gear?
  153. Feedback Contamination - Outbreak - Level 1 A bitt too storng
  154. Suggestion Global Events should affect the Underground too.
  155. Question How am I supposed to test my live game builds in 1.7?
  156. Feedback Infected Cleaners
  157. Feedback Global currency/classifieds discussion Author: Ex mad
  158. Feedback Give the airburst the ability to friendly fire kill
  159. Suggestion Ninja Bike bags already owned should not be usable in 1.7
  160. Question Please explain Global Events modifiers inside the DZ???
  161. Feedback soloing hudson threat 1 is OK / Legendary Napalm with threat 2 is too easy
  162. Feedback The salt is getting too deep
  163. Feedback striker needs nerfing and sprint suggestion.
  164. Suggestion Idea for how Classifieds should be Obtained
  165. Some feedback and tests in PTS week 2.
  166. Feedback Reclaimer/sentry
  167. Suggestion Look over shoulder while running
  168. Suggestion change 6x lonestar
  169. Feedback Feedback on 1.7 PTS
  170. Suggestion general balance ideas to test (not 1.7 "content" related)
  171. Suggestion World Tier 6
  172. Question Simple yes or no answer needed to two questions
  173. Suggestion How to make underpowered guns viable with out boosting them.
  174. Suggestion Classified gear suggestion
  175. Suggestion Legendary difficulty in the Dark zone
  176. Question Encryption Keys
  177. Feedback Will classified out class everything else?
  178. Suggestion About the equipment of the player who starts from now
  179. Feedback Would you like Global Events more if they were like this?
  180. Suggestion Incursion with Hunter!!
  181. Suggestion Please change the Global Event vendor items to something like this
  182. Feedback Buying empty encrypted caches...
  183. Suggestion Global event mission assignment
  184. Suggestion Questions and suggestions
  185. Suggestion Future drops/rates
  186. Suggestion Why doesn't Broadway Emporium have Threat Levels?
  187. Suggestion Commendation Suggestions
  188. Suggestion damage too/ damage protection from/NPC HE mods
  189. Feedback Loved the threat level 2 team play
  190. Suggestion Lone Star 6 piece.
  191. Question Potential problems when the changes hit.
  192. Question Classified vs non classified Strikers
  193. Feedback i can't redeem the pts code
  194. Question PTS invitation console platform selected incorrectly.
  195. Feedback How has the renovation of redundant, useless and subpar HE talents one unnoticed?
  196. Question Got invitation but not eligible to take part in the PTS.
  197. Question PS4 PTS Access?
  198. Feedback Still got no invite and have 3368 hrs played on ps4 !
  199. Feedback Bugged Talent
  200. Question PTS Overwrites Bought Division Game
  201. Suggestion UG Global Event
  202. Question help me. change PTS platform form xbox to PS4
  203. Feedback HE Gear Talents; RE: Sandpants
  204. Suggestion Classified gears should be put in the game economy
  205. Question PTS Invitation incorrect platform
  206. Question PS4 host PTS Invitation question
  207. Question How do I activate my code?
  208. Suggestion striker is to strong and sprint suggestion.
  209. Question Is the PTS Broken ? I Can't Roll my Gear!!
  210. Suggestion Nerf modded controllers PS4
  211. Question What time do the console PTS servers go live?
  212. Suggestion Questions and Suggestions 2
  213. Feedback PTS for Xbox One
  214. Feedback Open the pts bug reports sub forums for PS and X1
  215. Feedback Recalibration on PS4 PTS with Classified gear isn't working.
  216. Suggestion Encrypted Cache Drop change proposal, I think players and devs both will like this
  217. Suggestion PSA To Aussie PS4 PTS testers
  218. Feedback Global Events Bug
  219. Question Encrypted Caches
  220. Feedback Recalibration
  221. PTS First Thoughts
  222. Duplicates of Premium vanity items from opening encrypted caches.
  223. Feedback This is starting to be a waist of time..... PTS is not functional
  224. Suggestion High End / Exotic
  225. Feedback Striker Set
  226. Suggestion Sentry set
  227. Sentry - PvP
  228. Striker's Battlegear Stacks
  229. Suggestion Weapons that need buffing
  230. Feedback My Feedback PTS week 2
  231. Feedback Classified Reclaimer is great but..
  232. Strikers and Shotguns are back
  233. Suggestion Recalibration of classified gear
  234. Feedback Last Stand PS4 broken
  235. Nerf shotguns
  236. Suggestion classified Lonestar idea
  237. Feedback PS4 PTS day 1
  238. Feedback Last stand caches
  239. Suggestion for the future pts
  240. Suggestion DZ Zone pvp
  241. Suggestion Grenade cache in DZ vendor
  242. Feedback P.T.S feedback
  243. Feedback Recalibration on Xbox One PTS with High-End gear isn't working
  244. Feedback Changes are needed for shotguns on consoles for better gameplay
  245. Feedback Upgrade marking system + add an options to be able to see players build
  246. Suggestion Lone star 6pc
  247. Feedback Dead Eye
  248. Feedback Rainbow 6 Slots (Commendation)
  249. Suggestion Seeker mines players will be leaving the game please dont treat us so badly
  250. Suggestion Suggestion: Change the movement- / speed! PS4