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  1. Fear and hope: update
  2. What is this?!
  3. The New Challenge!
  4. Issue with Voice Commands
  5. A no VR version is here
  6. What are the requirements for the new graphics in VR?
  7. Possible new content on the way..
  8. MAJOR issues with your new patch that allegedly 'Fixes minor bugs'
  9. Stop messing around with the Enterprise model!
  10. Where to buy the NON - VR Version?
  11. Bridge crew performance findings:
  12. Cannot find games to join
  13. Are the system requirements reduced if you are not using VR?
  14. New Player
  15. This game needs a free-roam exploration mode
  16. Voice commands working in bathroom
  17. This game so needs PvP! Also, hello!
  18. Ps4 non-Vr mic doesn't work
  19. In lieu of Ubisoft Community Managers doing their jobs... Here's an update.
  20. PLEASE HELP! Not working for people who bought it on Humble Bundle!
  21. Voice commands and disabled persons
  22. Hey DEVS - can you answer this?
  23. 'Futur new content' - Anything but just a new skin plz!
  24. How us Brits play Bridge Crew...
  25. Stbc lagging issue
  26. Some Quality of Life improvments
  27. Lagging and background noise (echo) issue
  28. Avoid Gravitational Mines
  29. Will we get news about the Update at EGX Rezzed this weekend?..
  30. Please LCARS?! Next gen skins?! RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!
  31. One year anniversary announcment?
  32. Star Trek: Bridge Crew |EP:1| "I've giv'n her all she's got captain"
  33. IT HAS ARRIVED!!! Engage:)
  34. Feedback on DLC
  35. Questions about the new DLC
  36. Calling all Star Trek Bridge Crew Fans!
  37. 1.9GB Update today, whats in it?
  38. Bridge Crew Dev FAQ - The Next Generation DLC
  39. Bug fixes? You're kidding.
  40. Kobayashi Maru Leaderboard: New & Updated for DLC
  41. Latest Patch
  42. Question about the DLC for PC
  43. Message from the Ubi support staff
  44. Bridge Crew Dev FAQ #2 - The Next Generation DLC
  45. Female TOS uniforms
  46. Video of 63 bugs in STBC 1.05.
  47. Request Ubisoft Response: Is the Loss of unique identifiers intentional? Or a bug?
  48. How to buy the dlc?
  49. Voice commands not working on Enterprise D?
  50. TNG DLC Not Found
  51. DLC Now Live on NA Playstation Store
  52. Enterprise-D Hardpoints
  53. Good game, but it could use some improvement in 4 areas.
  54. next-generation single player
  55. RESISTANCE: Borg Mission Leaderboard
  56. TNG DLC: OPS Station Tutorial
  57. TNG DLC QA / Bug Video - 21 new bugs to squish!
  58. Star Trek: Bridge Crew KNOWN ISSUES - Updated 8/1/18
  59. star trek bridge crew TNG
  60. Crazy long shot...
  61. Planet killer question
  62. The next DLC
  63. User Generated Content
  64. star trek bridge crew TNG voice commands
  65. How do you go full reverse?
  66. Star Trek: Bridge Crew PATCH NOTES Title Update 6 - June 26, 2018
  67. Question for UbiGabe!
  68. [COLOR="#0000CD"][SIZE=3]Changes implementation STBC - How to make the game better?[/
  69. DevBlog - Star Trek: Bridge Crew and Watson
  70. Request : Ship Wallpapers Request
  71. TNG DLC - PC - When is it released?
  72. TNG DLC No Tutorial? How do I repair my ship? Don't know how to play.....!
  73. How to hunt cloaked ships
  74. DLC On going missions (or whatever they may be called now)
  75. Content Ideas
  76. The TNG DLC could use some more reviews!
  77. DEVS read this please.
  78. Poll: Should the developers remove the objective markers from the helm's display?
  79. How do you get Enterprise in Kobayashi Maru
  80. Streamers!
  81. bridge photos
  82. I can't pause the game and can't resume when I put my PS4 into Rest Mode
  83. You need checkpoints in the missions so it save at that point.
  84. Patrol/Resistance modes
  85. star treck
  86. Holy nanites batman
  87. Is the game still in active development?
  88. Offline mode
  89. Are you serious?
  90. NEW Assessment Rubrics for STBC in the Classroom