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  1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Demo
  2. TMNT Console
  3. TMNT - Vidz
  4. Why no multiplayer?
  5. TMNT PC Demo weirdness
  6. What the heck / Saitek P990
  7. XBL Gamerpics/Themes?
  8. "Very much a kids' game"?
  9. Help. Is the tmnt psp game gonna be like the ds version
  10. Controls
  11. Italian version
  12. TMNT 1989 Arcade Game for Xbox 360
  13. Mature tmnt game possibly?
  14. Odd crash
  15. TMNT X360, Missing 2 Golden Shells in Level 2?
  16. TMNT Xbox 360: Endfight! How to defeat General Manou?
  17. Game Always Crashes When Autosave Is Selected!!!
  18. How to skip Levels??????
  19. Game in full screen
  20. Problem in the Wii version?
  21. TMNT the game OST
  22. Game crashes, glitches, bugs, etc: come here.
  23. TMNT what would have made this great game even better
  24. I am stuck, please help.
  25. PS3 compatibility
  26. Any plans for an official strategy guide?
  27. How to change graphics option?
  28. TMNT ARCADE: Turtle Soup Achievement
  29. TMNT ARCADE: Achievement Guide
  30. I am stuck on Ninja Tag Time...Please Help
  31. MORE GLITCHES!!!!!!!
  32. Ninja Tag Team Level Trouble
  33. TMNT game passwords?
  34. whats it like?
  35. CRASH XP64 bit
  36. im stuck
  37. Freeing Leonardo PSP
  38. Stuck in Ninjas in crypt
  39. Wii level 10, stuck, can't see behind the wall
  40. TMNT 1989 ARCADE - XBOX 360
  41. TMNT Should have been open world like BG&E!
  42. The Movie
  43. Favorite turtle character of the game/movie/show
  44. No Enemies - Level 1
  45. Playing PC version with 360 Controller Problems?
  46. playstation 2
  47. All is Forgiven: Challenge Map 13 Brothers
  48. Happy holidays to everyone
  49. PS2 Registration
  50. IM stuck in beginning with donnie
  51. 6 year old needs help
  52. Save files
  53. New TMNT game for Wii
  54. Cerebus the Aardvark
  55. TMNT Smash-UP Talk Back
  56. Questions for the Devs?
  57. Anyone reading this, working on Turtles in Time.
  58. TMNT Smash Up gifs
  59. Who is Your Favorite Cowabunga Turtle?
  60. Talk About the Mutants
  61. Discussing the Game Play and Mechanics
  62. Who Would Like to See Some Bonus Gifts Items on Pre-Ordering
  63. Hello from your Community Developer
  64. TMNT: Turtles in Time PC?
  65. TMNT: Smash-Up @E3
  66. Smash up
  67. TMNT: Smash Up and Comic Con (California) 2009
  68. question
  69. What characters are going to be in the game
  70. Today is the start of Comic Con
  71. What Do You Think About Venu de Milo's Chances of Getting In?
  72. Final smashes
  73. New Video
  74. Turtles on 1UP Game Night
  75. Wi-Fi
  76. Gamecube controller support!!!! and wii speak support!!!
  77. Rumors!!!!!!!!
  78. Video for July 3rd
  79. proof of tmnt smash up with rabbids
  80. PlayStation 2 version as well?
  81. Informative Preview from the Escapist
  82. Teams with themes
  83. TMNT Video Drivers
  84. Attention Comic-Con Attendees!
  85. "Versus" Video Poll for San Diego Comic-Con 2009
  86. New trailer new charecters!!!!!!
  87. Tmnt mutant melee and tournament fighters
  88. Would you be willing to accept a delay for them to add the characters you want?
  89. Your favorite character
  90. Who do you think YOUR main will be?
  91. Bebop and Rocksteady
  92. wingnut!!!!! And War!!!!!!
  93. What kind of stages would you like to see?
  94. New video
  95. Just a suggestion
  96. Freind codes go here!!!!
  97. Stage Builder! :D
  98. Alternate Costumes you want to see
  99. Release date in France (europe)?
  100. Can I still use the gamecube controller?
  101. Can you take off the glow?
  102. Rabbid inside this game
  103. Mii character in TMNT Smash Up
  104. comic con for friday!!!!!!
  105. Bringing the rosters back!
  106. So Leatherhead was confirmed?
  107. Do you prefer the turtles with or without pupils?
  108. FUGITOID ARTICLE from Gamespot at Comic Con for July 24th
  109. Comic-Con Updates Go Here
  110. As you already know....
  111. Which Game Level Is Your Favorite So Far?
  112. Who would like a downloadable demo of the game put up on the Wii Shop next month?
  113. main page down for several days now?!
  114. What Stage places Do You want to See?
  115. How will you Shellebrate!
  116. Ubisoft, why is the Smash Up site still down?
  117. Would you like it if there was more Ubisoft related characters?(Besides the Rabbids)
  118. treasure map
  119. tmnt tournament 4 The big brawl
  120. Combos
  121. Interview with Kubuu
  122. I'm Not Seeing Taunts...where's the interaction?
  124. Im gonna do an interview!!!!!!!
  125. 7 Spots left!!!!!!!!
  126. Tenor335's TMNTSU FAQ ver 1.2
  127. For Mr. QuidProKuo, got some questions
  128. San Diego Comic-Con Videos Are Up
  129. We ARE GETTING MORE Matchups!
  130. Who do these levels hint to?
  131. does anybody else dislike the new cover design for smash up?
  132. Ubisoft, It's My Birthday. I want...
  133. TMNT comic covers (spoilers maybe)
  134. Check out the video I posted o Youtube
  135. I fight for ... guess what. (A game)
  136. you can host your own tournies online??? O_o
  137. I keep having better fellings about this game...
  138. Developer Q&A #1
  139. Why no more TMNT on Wii Shopping Channel?
  140. TMNT: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled Reviewed!
  141. please help me to get sound file in this exciting game
  142. 10 times worse then on snes. *Spoilers*
  143. News?
  144. Any codes?
  145. TMNT: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled is out!
  146. Please Ubisoft, release another version of Turtles in Time, Re-shelled is horrible
  147. Utrominator a updated Krang?
  148. There is no "L" in Utrominator
  149. Gamespot TMNT Franchise Article
  150. TMNT Smash Up swag
  151. Thank you, Ubisoft.
  153. TMNT Reshelled Comparison Review to original Arcade
  154. QuidProKuo, the news secton on the website needs to be fixed
  155. Any hope for a PC release?
  156. Rocksteady confirmed...?
  157. AČNation Presents a TMNT Smash-Up Division
  158. NAME
  159. ARCHIE
  160. female characters
  161. Sequel?
  162. New Character Update Coming (I Guess)?
  163. Smash Up Blog #1
  164. Your first memories with the TMNT
  165. Official TMNT: Smash-Up Blogs
  166. An honest hardcore fan's approach to TMNT Turltes in Time Re-Shelled:
  167. 4Chan likes tmnt, too :P
  168. The Characters That Are Left
  169. Petition for TMNT NES/SNES games on Wii Virtual Console
  170. Is TMNT Smash Up Going to be at Gamescon?
  171. Would you pay for SNES content as DLC in Re-Shelled?
  172. Re-Shelled Character Design Art?
  173. Please get rid of the Rabbids.......
  174. Favorite Turtle? and Why?....
  175. A question for QuidProKuo!!!
  176. new trailer!!!!!!
  177. Release Date
  178. The Smash Up Pun and Fun Chat thread
  179. Ubisoft deserves a huge thank you !!!
  180. How many diffrent costumes are there?
  181. new stuff?
  182. i have a question for the game developers...
  183. With this game coming out in 3-5 weeks i have some ?'s
  184. "Versus" Video Pt. 2 Poll - PAX
  185. release date has changed...
  186. Speculation: The Next Three New Characters
  187. Turtle Dojo
  188. Alternate costumes confirmed?
  189. Now that you've seen Utrominator in combat...
  190. Torture is NOT COOL ( a civil rant)
  191. Enter: Cyber Shredder
  192. Concept art
  193. Idea
  194. Time
  195. Last 7 character clues
  196. Developer Q&A #2
  197. Amazon preorder gifts
  198. It's So Quiet in Here!
  199. Pre-Order TMNT: Smash-Up at GameCrazy, Get a... Thermos?
  200. New Developer Diary Video with Online Discussion (Aug. 27th)
  201. TMNT: Arcade Attack?
  202. Will there be picture snapshot and replay record options?
  203. Anyone Attending PAX?
  204. dumpster level!!!
  205. Turtles in Time Contest!
  206. Win TMNT: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled on XBLA
  207. Turtles in Time Contest Question #2
  208. Alex offermaan interview!!!!!
  209. Tmnt poster that may have clues???
  210. Turtles in Time Contest Question #3
  211. Marketing, Public Buzz, and a little Nostalgia
  212. DS TMNT Arcade Attack
  213. To QuidProQuo and the Development Staff
  214. Turtles in Time Contest Question #4
  215. I love the mix of new with old....
  216. Early Release Date?
  217. Turtles in Time Final Question!
  218. Last 7 characters......
  219. Here's hoping they announce something on the final day at PAX
  220. How Soon Before the PAX Vids Go Up?
  221. No new info yet? Hmm?
  222. Smash-Up 2 idea: Turtles Forever
  223. 10 DAYS and Counting...
  224. ideas for new stages tmnt smash up
  225. New Commercial
  226. Zog confirmed???
  227. TMNT: 2 Arcade Remade
  228. Rayman in smash up
  229. Dear Ubisoft (Once More)
  230. Strategy Guide........
  231. wwe promoting tmnt smash up!!!
  232. Notes from the writer of the Strategy Guide
  233. will smash-up be coming out for ps3!?
  234. TMNT 2007. 13th level
  235. Less than a week left!
  236. New Info
  237. Turtles in Time Re-Shelled in WiiWare
  238. Guide???
  239. Versus Video 2 is on!
  240. Charecter trailer #3
  241. Turtles Double Damage Minigame
  242. Rant
  243. Dear Ubisoft..
  244. Hey Ubisoft...
  245. Ok, ubisoft...
  246. The REAL question, the REAL problem
  247. Reshelled Multiplayer save problems
  248. CALM DOWN!!!!
  249. Attention QuidProKuo I'm calling you out
  250. give another opportunity to TMNT smash up