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  5. Great Game!!
  6. How to get a refund on Xbox.
  7. In defense of Blood Dragon (While I wait for the download)
  8. The game is really fun if you give it a chance.
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  22. Tone down the difficulty or some other requirements
  23. what's the point of the thousandths placing on track times?
  24. Mission Ranks don't update on the Mission Select screen.
  25. Full game Speedruns & Ubisoft Servers
  26. Where is the demo?????
  27. Demo bugged?
  28. So, we finished the demo with less than 15 faults , where's our free game?
  29. NOTICE: Technical Issues with the Demo Version
  30. [Spoiler alert]An explanation of why the requirement is too high (bs) for the demo
  31. Demo is bugged ? No full Version ? NO ITS NO BUG UBISOFT just kidding us
  32. Really UPlay? Are you Serious?
  33. I am confused
  34. Has anyone completed the demo yet?
  35. I did it!
  36. What time does the challenge demo end?
  37. The ghost System in TBD - Only Shows each players "Last Run"
  38. NOTICE: Demo extended until Thursday, August 4th
  39. Post here, if you was able to complete the demo challenge!
  40. Hacker #1 On PC leaderboard pls remove
  41. Last two levels
  42. Ridiculous Glitches found on Blood Dragon
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  45. March 19 Scheduled Maintenance - Down Time
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  47. Upcoming TOBD Maintenance - Tuesday, April 10th PS4 -PC-X1
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