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  1. Forum Rules
  2. Really Ubisoft, please patch more Audio options.
  3. Any chance of more cemra options?
  4. Parkour
  5. Nudity
  6. Bluetooth mouse and keyboard controls support for the Watch Dogs 2 PS4
  7. Can you increase the stun effect time on the stun gun?
  8. For the media player thing
  9. Driving issues...
  10. Driving & AI/Game difficulty needs to be separated
  11. Highlight on Cursor Over Car/NPC
  12. 1080p 60fps mode for PS4 Pro
  13. Camera Distance
  14. Remove all micro-agressions and offensive langauge/behavior, make it more inclusive
  15. More Motocross Please!
  16. RC Car and Drone Lacking Features
  17. Suggestion: Audio Sliders
  18. Add volume sliders...
  19. Click-to-Run instead of Hold-to-Run
  20. Multiplayer
  21. Screen Size Problem(XBOX ONE)
  22. Phone /map button mapping
  23. Please add option to remove walking reticle
  24. Police chase
  25. Taunts... Don't.. Really Get The Right Response..
  26. Suggestions for this game
  27. The 3D Printer Weapons Should Be WAY More Customizable
  28. PS4 Dualshock On PC - Kind of answered
  29. Love It! Except...
  30. I found an old bug on ps4. Possible spoilers.
  31. I found an odd bug on ps4. Possible spoilers.
  32. Why are the Main hispanic gang in the game wearing Blue?
  33. Better alternate controlls for running
  34. Parkour!
  35. Mouse and Keyboard support for Watch Dogs 2 PS4
  36. Watchdogs 2 Replay/Redo/LoveofTheGame
  37. W4TCHED questline bugged - Xbox one - Spoilers Ahead
  38. new game plus
  39. List of suggestions [replay missions, new game plus, new races and more!] [Poll]
  40. List of suggestions [replay missions, new game plus, new races and more!]
  41. Bring Back Grenade Hopping!!!
  42. Moral principles and conscience.
  43. Key suggestions from a console gamer
  44. Suggestion: Donate money
  45. My suggestions. What is yours?
  46. Mr.haaree
  47. Maintain waypoint target after fast travelling
  48. untrack mission
  49. Music Filter
  50. WD2 Hacking is a Joke
  51. Feedback re : Multiplayer invasions.
  52. Karl the fog for PS4 and/or PS4 Pro version
  53. mp3 radiostration like GTA
  54. Nethack and Invasions
  55. Stop vehicle control and increase (X) timer
  56. Thruss' Penthouse
  57. Minor Suggestion to Wardrobe
  59. First game was better in every way
  60. the drone race is too hard
  61. About the "Car on Demand" App
  62. Thank you
  63. Bounty Hunt Suggestion
  64. camera position + feedback
  65. Photo Mode / Phone Camera / Screenshots
  66. My Review and Feedback on Watch Dogs 2 (Spoilers)
  67. Need more activies online
  68. You guys need to explicitly detail the Code of conduct
  69. Why is the police loud speaker soooooooooooooooooo loud!!!!!!????
  70. Add more multiplayer mods Ubi! Some suggestion
  71. let me install my physical game ?? that could be good ?
  72. Unlock mission interiors after completion?
  73. No 60 second time to start online hack has killed this game
  74. What would make the game even better
  75. Watch_Dogs 3 Ideas....
  76. Music Store, Force Jump
  77. Hacking Invasion - Too easy for person you are targetting to find you.
  78. Report Players
  79. Suggestion: Sit on benches to fool players
  80. Offline mode Suggestions (needs to be almost)
  81. Offline Only Mode!
  82. Please add an option to disable aim assistance on controllers COMPLETELY
  83. 1000 points for rewards from pre-order from amazon on pc never appeared. I want them
  84. Lack of blood
  85. Driving is f@#%ing horrendous!
  86. General Sounds, Car Sounds, Boat Impact on waves, controller vibration,
  87. Watch Dogs 3?
  88. Driving immersion (suggestions) and YES! to the cockpit view!!
  89. Degrees Celsuis and 24-hour clock
  90. Turn down cops volume
  91. Suggestion: Mission replay
  92. Suggestion: More sound options
  93. Celsius temperature choice
  94. Mouse and Keyboard controller support for Watch Dogs 2 PS4
  95. Battle logging
  96. Sniper range! Think about it...
  97. Screwed again by Ubisoft, never again
  98. PS4: NPCs jerking out of the way well before I'm near them.
  99. a harsh judgment
  100. Suggestion: Online decryption or something similar
  101. sooo many bugs
  102. more interactivity with environement
  103. Srsly... No audio options?
  104. Ability to remove glasses
  105. Let more than one friend join session please!
  106. Steering Vehicles
  107. My suggestions and what are yours?
  108. Most hates game
  109. Good Job
  110. Multi/Co-op player mode, and vehicle on demand
  111. Shutter/Freezing/crash
  112. X-ray vision: why, why, why?!?
  113. Suggestion - Make it so when you spawn in bounty hunter/invasion you have your most
  114. Social network
  115. Just some feedback. And suggestion.
  116. Nice beaches but no Swimmers?
  117. Please let us disable this reticle/cursor/crosshair thing!!
  118. Steering part 2
  119. A few bug reports
  120. Suggestion: Trepassing warning from NPC before being shot
  121. Pistol default when shooting from vehicle
  122. Key Data near Lombard Street can't be reached
  123. Map Reveal Unlock
  124. Add mouse and keyboard controls support for Watch_Dogs_2 ps4
  125. Car on Demand cars being so far away!
  126. Save current outfit
  127. Invaded being able to detect and track invader way before hacking is initiated
  128. Remove EasyAntiCheat for single-player and co-op modes
  129. Car Glitches - Could this be fixed/changed?
  130. Drones should be hackable in multiplayer.
  131. Drone Range - please upgrade it
  132. Urban terror: Robot Spider Edition
  133. Can't hack drivers after researching vehicle directional hack
  134. Pedestrians mouth both sides of the conversation on cell phone
  135. [idea] Territory control
  136. U100 Incorrect Fire Sound
  137. New Multiplayer Modes and Progression (This game can't die) [PLEASE SEE IT UBI]
  138. Congrats and suggestion
  139. A DLC Focusing on Making the City More Dense
  140. Fix Bounty Hunts plz
  141. Stand back. I have to do this one on my own.
  142. Can't be online with friends
  143. More Fashion Choices
  144. Reinforcements
  145. Custom keyboard controls reset
  146. Uplay Add-in: Time Saver Pack for collectibles, place on map
  147. Where are the random crime events (from Watch Dogs)?
  148. General Single Player Review
  149. Skateboards!
  150. A phone app to listen or watch news reports
  151. Club Action 'That's All Folks!' not unlocking and other Club challenges
  152. Watch dogs 2 pt-pt
  153. (PC) Silenced pistol not silent
  154. I love the game but I think these issues should be addressed
  155. More clothes,please
  156. Restricted Areas = everyone hates you
  157. Very Loud Background Noise
  158. Feedback - Invasions are a huge step back from Watchdogs 1
  159. Steam Controller Support
  160. I dont know about you guys but I am not enjoying this game as much as first one.
  161. Sutter/FPS drop when driving
  162. Non-lethal Melee Option
  163. multiplayer solo option that works please
  164. Lets make a social interactive city.
  165. Regarding Bounty ( Can bounty hunters get something similar like Jam Communication )
  166. Loss of fps after patch
  167. Add in a way to quit missions on the phone.
  168. Picking up phone from NPCs
  169. One neat trick to dramtically increase your followers!
  170. Bounty hunt fix plz
  171. With the added new Features in 1.08 can we expect a custom music playlist soon?
  172. Hacking players cars after patch 1.08
  173. Gun shooting - collision - cops reactions - mouse vehicle camera - truck exit issue
  174. Sound bugs
  175. the cool thing list of wd and not in wd2
  176. People glicthing
  177. Please, for the love of God ubi, allow us to switch hacking targets (dpad)
  178. Game looks like total garbage on a 4k tv
  179. Suggestion for music player
  180. Change character on Sitara and Wrench:)
  181. For a game full of WTF glitches and subpar performance, here's me being nice.
  182. Hi, about the future of the game...
  183. Not enough research points
  184. Questions
  185. 3 or 4 player co-op?
  186. Superguards or armoured guards are superhumans
  187. Meine Ideenliste
  188. Balancing Proposal: YourBoySerge Rifle
  189. Thank You UBISOFT - JOSH ( For Touching Aspergers. )
  190. Online Hacking Invasions - Pls Read Ubi
  191. New To Watch Dogs 2 on PC
  192. Requests
  193. Watch_Dogs 2 (what it requires and lacks)
  194. Shadows of Aiden
  195. Ubi, Let's fix the car-on-demand spawning issue!
  196. Racing issues that should be corrected
  197. Watch Dogs 2 Campaign
  198. (RU) Localization bug: Dialog between Rench and waiter in cafe
  199. Add awesome more Feature:
  200. Animal masks or fursuit into the single and multiplayer
  201. Some cool requests
  202. What's wrong with Bounty Hunting
  203. The most patient civilians in the world??
  204. All DLC clothes available in Season Pass
  205. Multiple Saves/Backing Up Saves on Console
  206. Drone race cam
  207. Traffic density is too low
  208. Camera auto-center in first person mode
  209. Fix CTRL for slow walking even if pressed before moving.
  210. Idea to fix this ******ed BOUNTY HUNTER mode
  211. Buses need passengers
  212. To all the UbiMods...
  213. Gallery is Full?
  214. [2] Watch_Dogs 2 (what it requires and lacks)
  215. Add support for steam controller
  216. 6 Digit license plates are inaccurate
  217. Multiplayer
  218. Suggestion for hacking events.
  219. Please fix the weapon selection
  220. Spawn ordered car close for crying out loud
  221. Multiplayer mode suggestions?
  222. Feedback regarding an incorrect classical tune on songsneak app...
  223. Online invasion and other suggestions
  224. Car on demand. If u cant fix it why don't make Fast Travel to car possible.
  225. More than 2 in an online session!
  226. Suggestion: When you hide in cars...
  227. Online hacking 1vs1
  228. co-op matching system for play style.
  229. Bringing Players Together! (PC/PS4/Xbox One)
  230. Self radio. Ubisoft please.
  231. Features/Polish Stripped Out
  232. Please Ubisoft
  233. Some observations (and recommendations) on WD characters
  234. Car on demand cosmetic errors
  235. Fix The Protocol Pistol (Root Access Bundle)
  236. Animation when screenshotting
  237. Some more ideas
  238. Pros and Cons
  239. Bringing Players Together!
  240. Car Damage - Can This Be Patched?
  241. Let friends play together
  242. how to cusstomize a car?
  243. Disappearing Enemies in Restricted Areas
  244. Separate Volume Slider for Music
  245. Parkour racing..?
  246. A simple enhancement : GPS coordinates
  247. Paint Job - as a game mode
  248. Street Racing...? Need more use for the cars
  249. New hacking challenges on multiplayer with lots more people
  250. Online invasion : calling the police no more available