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  1. [RESOLVED] [Gameplay] Falling Through Map
  2. [Mission] Repeating Daily Hard/Challenging Missions
  3. [RESOLVED] [Skill] Ballistic Shield
  4. [Skill] Mobile Cover status
  5. [RESOLVED] [Talent] Combat Medic
  6. [RESOLVED] [Talent] Combat Medic & Smart Cover/Sticky Bomb
  7. [RESOLVED] [Interface] DZ Rank
  8. [FIXED] Lag / Performance Dark Zone
  9. [Connectivity] ROMEO error on first login
  10. [RESOLVED] [Technical] Missing Characters on PC
  11. [RESOLVED] [Interface] Double UI Overlay
  12. [RESOLVED] [Gameplay] Daily missions missing
  13. [Fixed] [Gameplay] DZ06 teleport
  14. [FIXED] [UI] Mark as Junk not working
  15. [RESOLVED][UI] Items DZ rank requirement change
  16. [Technical] Graphics distortion
  17. [RESOLVED] [Gameplay] No Critical Search & Destroy
  18. [RESOLVED] [Gameplay] Daily High Value Targets reset
  19. [RESOLVED] [Gameplay] Electronics store teleport
  20. [RESOLVED][Gameplay] High Value Targets Farming
  21. [FIXED] [Gameplay] High-End items below level 30
  22. [Gameplay] Tidal waves in Clear Sky
  23. [FIXED] [UI] ISAC audio loop
  24. [RESOLVED] [Technical] Dark Zone stuttering
  25. [RESOLVED] [UI] Map not loading
  26. [RESOLVED] [Item] AlphaBridge gloves
  27. [RESOLVED] [Item] G36 Base Damage
  28. [RESOLVED] [Item] Showstopper + recalibration
  29. [RESOLVED] [Gameplay] Showstopper + Sentry’s call
  30. [RESOLVED] [Item] PP-19 + Recalibration
  31. [RESOLVED] [Gameplay] Blue Division Tech in Dark Zone 201+/231+
  32. [FIXED] [Gameplay] Search & Destroy / High Value Targets – level 30 NPCs
  33. [FIXED] [Gameplay] Underground – Boss drop
  34. [FIXED] [Gameplay] Dragon’s Nest loot
  35. [FIXED] [Gameplay] Pulse scan
  36. [RESOLVED] [Gameplay] Search & Destroy / High Value Targets respawn
  37. [RESOLVED] [Gameplay] AlphaBridge Talent Stacking
  38. [RESOLVED] [Item] Recalibration talent swap
  39. [RESOLVED] [Gameplay] Reclaimer consumables stacking
  40. [RESOLVED] [Gameplay] Missing Agent teleport
  41. [FIXED] [Item] DeadEye Set Bonus
  42. [Loot] Named Weapons from Incursions
  43. [Performance] Xbox Dark Zone Stuttering
  44. [Performance] Sound Issue on PC (Potential Workaround)
  45. [Performance] Low FPS in Stash
  46. [Performance] Movement Sounds Disappearing (Potential Workaround)
  47. [Gameplay] Nimble Talent Not Working
  48. [Item] Restored Talent Still in the Game
  49. [Performance] Performance Issues
  50. [UI] Critical Save
  51. [Gameplay] Skills Stuck on Cooldown
  52. [Gameplay] Survivor Link
  53. [Gameplay] Underground Rank
  54. [Gameplay] Backpack Capacity
  55. [Performance] Brightness Setting on PC
  56. [Performance] 30 FPS Cap on PC
  57. [Gameplay] Larae Barrett Loot Stuck on Balcony
  58. [UI] Quick Navigation not Working
  59. [Performance] Xbox Controller Issues on PC
  60. [Gameplay] Colonel Bliss' Holster
  61. [Gameplay] Scavenger Crate
  62. [Gameplay] Barret's Bulletproof Vest
  63. [Performance] Stuck in Brooklyn
  64. [Gameplay] Vigorous and Support Station
  65. [Gameplay] Interacting with objects when Ballistic Shield is deployed
  66. [Performance] PS4 CE-34878-0 Error
  67. [Performance] Loss of character control
  68. [Gameplay] Audio missing in Russian Consulate
  69. [Gameplay] Uncomplicated with AlphaBridge
  70. [Gameplay] Unable to complete side missions
  71. [Gameplay] Shooting locked after using a skill
  72. [Gameplay] Recovery Link not automatically activating
  73. [Gameplay] Extended Magazine
  74. [Connectivity] Stuck on connecting on PS4
  75. [Gameplay] Base of Operation Supplies
  76. [Gameplay] Adept, Capable, and Competent not working with Turret or Support Station
  77. [Gameplay] Survival Loot
  78. [Gameplay] Blue Division Tech
  79. [Gameplay] 2 Issues Causing Heal Delay
  80. [Performance] PS4 Survival Install
  81. [Item] Triclimate jacket clipping
  82. [Gameplay] First Aid Defibrillator revive
  83. [Gameplay] First Aid Defibrillator quick launch
  84. [Gameplay] Dark Zone Experience
  85. [UI] Rewards Claim Vendor
  86. [Premium Credits] Xbox One Premium Credits
  87. [Gameplay] Survivor Link Speed Bonus
  88. [Gameplay] Multikill bonus
  89. [Gameplay] Shrapnel talent and Predator
  90. [Gameplay] Grenade Stagger
  91. [Gameplay] Triage
  92. [Gameplay] Last Stand respawn loading
  93. [Gameplay] Status Effect when entering aim mode for a skill
  94. [Gameplay] Certain weapon talents do not expire while in mobile cover.
  95. [Gameplay] Incendiary ammo bug
  96. [Gameplay] NinjaBag continues to drop
  97. [Gameplay] Adept talent stacking in mobile cover
  98. [Gameplay] Underground mission rewards missing
  99. [Gameplay] Recovery Link / Auto Revive Cooldown
  100. [Gameplay] Mobile Cover / Throwable Glitch
  101. [Gameplay] Fire Damage with 100% Fire Resistance
  102. [UI] Missing Nomad 4 piece cool-down icon
  103. [Gameplay] Killing rats with shotgun stacks Tactician's 4 piece talent
  104. [Gameplay] Intense talent can put the user on fire
  105. [Missions] Warrengate locked door
  106. [Gameplay] Unable to revive if support station is destroyed
  107. [Missions] Grand Central Station turrets
  108. [Gameplay] Healing neutral agents in DZ
  109. [Gameplay] Hungry Hog glutton talent stacks
  110. [Gameplay] Rolling into Defib / Healing Over Time
  111. [Gameplay] Darkzone Invisibility Glitch
  112. [Gameplay] Sprint Speed Glitch
  113. [Gameplay] Instant Revive / Support Station
  114. [Gameplay] Pakhan Talent Stacks
  115. [Gameplay] Triage Proc in First Aid Range
  116. [Gameplay] Triage Stacks / Overheal
  117. [Gameplay] Soda Skill Haste
  118. [Gameplay] Final Measure Defuses Friendly Grenades
  119. [Gameplay] One Is None / Weapon Stops Working
  120. [Crash] Padded Scarf - Grey
  121. [Gameplay Exploit] RPM Glitch