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  1. Help with getting Light seeds in Palace Gardens
  2. Problems at the beginning of the Epilogue
  3. Complete Lightseedwalkthrough
  4. how do you sync altair into game?
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  6. The Highest and the Lowest point in the game
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  8. little help plz
  9. stuck after woman in black
  10. Help!
  11. Getting altair
  12. Scattered missing Light seeds help?
  13. Can't Activate the 2nd power plate
  14. Need help in POP - Warrior Within
  15. Art Gallery - Desert and Temple
  16. Improviser Achievement
  17. What happen after defeating the Vizier and Black prince...??
  18. A while back I lost my disk for Sands of Time
  19. Stuck @ " TEMPLE FINALE "
  20. Gripfall problem
  21. P.of P. Rival Swords
  22. Hello, Stuck with 41 seeds and no power!!!
  23. hello
  25. stuck, please help.
  26. End Of Prince Of Persia Series in grand style
  27. NEED Helpppppppp with Light seeds
  28. HELP POP2 dark hands cliff stuck
  29. Sun Temple Light Seeds
  30. Collecting all 170 seeds
  31. two thrones / arena
  32. heeeelp
  33. light seeds
  34. Warrior
  35. Stuck at The Fortress on Rival Swords
  36. Epilogue - stuck in ballroom
  37. Stuck movie at Throne Room
  38. Light seeds(PC)
  39. help me
  40. Warrior Within hint
  41. Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Achievement Trophies [SPOILERS]
  42. POP:Forgottens Sands
  43. Stuck in Tower of Ormazd! Help!
  44. Where are the miscellaneous Secondary weapons in Warrrior within (PC)
  45. Stuck at Gin* Jin?* enterance.
  46. Prince of Persia the Forgotten Sands Walkthrough Sarcophagus Locations Guide
  47. forgotten sands
  48. Solution to the Auto-save Glitch in Prince of Persia Forgotten Sands [SPOILERS]
  49. Forgotten Sands Gameplay TIPS
  50. forgotten sands stuck after defeating first big monster
  51. The Forgotten Sands: Im Trapped in Kings Tower!
  52. Stuck at the Gear part to open or close door for Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sand
  53. warrior within
  54. Forgotten Sand Stuck in the final tower
  55. How do you unlock the dark prince- PoP TFS Wii
  56. HELP! Forgotten Sands (Wii) Forge of the Gods!
  57. i'm stuck on a spiral staircase
  58. downward spiral staircase
  59. Help with red potion
  60. Help with Getting Weapons
  61. Solomon's Tomb
  62. heloou!
  63. I need some help ... Again
  64. The challenge of faith (Wii) +++ Spoiler+++
  65. Please help! * spoilers*
  66. stuck after 3th gin
  67. Wii: Monolith & Cannonball
  68. Forgotten Sands Wii Help
  69. Defeating The Beast for the Last Time
  70. Forgotten sands psp help
  71. Second go around
  72. forgotten sands PS3 - stuck after third gin
  73. Prince of Persia for Wii - The Water Bearer (HELP!)
  74. Warrior within-Stuck in scorpion sword room
  75. The Guardian..STUCK!
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  78. Forgotten sands; Hint fighting specific character
  79. Stuck after fight with Beast on Wii TFS.
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  83. Wii TFS Heroic Challenges
  84. PoP TFS (pc) Stuck: Balcony checkpoint after the first mini-boss
  85. Prince of Persia Forgotten Sands Wii: Weapons
  86. hwo do you get that wrilewind, what is shown
  87. Door Can't open...............!!!!!! H E L P ! ! !
  88. prince of persia tfs door stuck glitch
  89. Prince of Persia Forgotten Sands Skins for Wii
  90. ice blast power
  91. i m stuck
  92. Prince of Persia Forgotten Sands PS3
  93. Prince of persia - forgotten sand - how to load a game!
  94. the forgetten sands terrenece
  95. door problem..
  96. flight attack - pc version (forgotten sands)
  97. PoP TFS Wii: What constitutes a death?
  98. A door
  99. ***SPOILERS*** Questions on Wii life upgrades and creation powers
  100. Forgotten Sands Wii Achievements Guide found online!
  101. Prince of Persia - Warrior Within
  102. Got Walkthrough? Achievement (TFS Xbox 360)
  103. IMPORTANT! Please Help ASAP !
  104. Can't seem to find the registration code?
  105. If you want to find all weapons in forgotten sands wii*SPOILERS* read this!!!
  106. TFS: Stuck at Astro Label
  107. prince of persia pc
  108. Prince of persia/ ds version
  109. Stuck after the first boss.
  110. Prince Of Persia 1 - Canyon Mission
  111. Disc does not work
  112. principe of persi for nintendo ds
  113. can't open the door
  114. Doors in "The Palace"
  115. I need help ps3 prince of persia
  116. prince of persia Warrio Within PC help
  117. regarding the two throne
  118. prince of persia-the sands of time help
  119. Prince of Persia Warrior Within question...
  120. forgotten sands jail problem
  121. Question regarding unlocks in forgotten sands
  122. Battle with Ahriman
  123. Forgotton sands: stuck after first mini boss
  124. Create a blue path
  125. Why cant I upgrade my powers in the upgrade menu?
  126. Forgotten Sands - Erase upgrades
  127. The Prince of Persia stuck here "The Fortress Courtyard"
  128. POP - FS - I always die BUG
  129. problème de porte
  130. Prince of persia trilogy
  131. 3 queries
  132. How do I sever the monsters head please?
  133. Arena Zone - Two Thrones
  134. forgotten sand PS3
  135. DS PoP- The forgotten Sands.. I am stuck
  136. stuck in canyon
  137. TFS dead point
  139. help with POP.
  140. forgotten sands for pc i am stuck need help
  141. Prince of persia the forgotten sand code
  142. the water bearer
  143. need help
  145. challenge of virtue (wii)
  146. wii prince of persia, the forgotten sands
  147. Martyrs Tower Light Seeds!
  148. I need savegame for POP forgotten sands
  149. prince of persia 2008
  150. Help with closing fortress gates
  151. Car'nt strike Ratash 2nd time (Throne room)???
  152. Some questions after beating POP:TFS for psp
  153. prince of persia 2008
  154. prince of persia-warrior within
  155. how to open the gate to pass the prison
  156. first level HELP!!!!! p.o.p rival swords.
  157. problem with a door
  159. HELP, I'm stuck
  160. Need help
  161. rival swords
  162. I m stuck in a place wer there r three red dressed enemies who create sand army_hlp
  163. Label 5
  164. The charger boss
  165. After the first monster dead? How i get out of there?
  166. Haha. Exploring unmapped areas in Warrior Within [PC]
  167. help with sands of time
  168. Improviser Achievement trouble
  169. Please join me in welcoming our newest moderator
  170. mega jump to boss key ?
  171. stuck @ the fotress wall
  172. are there cheats fore prins of persia rival swords?
  173. I hate libraries!
  174. need help, urgently !!
  175. cant install pop sot
  176. Help with Terrace
  177. The two Thrones
  178. It helps with the chests in the prince of persia revelations
  179. help me please
  180. error the game ends
  181. Forum Rules
  182. room of Salomo
  183. Stuck on the very first level!! Woooohooooo!!!
  184. Prince of Persia The Two Thrones killing third boss
  185. Forum Rules
  186. Please Help me kinda stuck
  187. Prince of Persia: Warrior Within ~ Achievement/Trophy Guide & Roadmap
  188. Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones ~ Trophy Guide & Roadmap
  189. cant install prince of persia the sands of time plz help answear me all
  190. POP - Warrior Within (I want that chest!)
  191. Warrior Within Force Close
  192. Cheat codes for Sands of Time?
  193. HELP Username and password
  194. Stuck in The King's Tower - is it a bug?
  195. Prince of Persia: Shadow and the Flame iOS/Android - Power Nap Achievement Guide
  196. help with "flight boost" power-up
  197. Full screen problem
  198. how do you defeat mahasti
  199. Hidden achievement in Prince of Persia Classic IOS
  200. 2 Thrones Speed Kill & Combat Help
  201. Two Thrones hint
  202. Camera control in Forgotten Sands
  203. POP2WW-Return to sacrificial chamber from Central hall
  204. Prince of Persia: Forgotton Sand